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Tuesday, 28 December 2021

The New Witch (Covid) Prickers Cry - 'Hunt the unvaccinated and brand them UNCLEAN’!

Radical authorities posing under the guise of caring governments are very shrewd. They know that they can and will get their own way, when it comes to targeting minorities. 

History testifies to this fact so well. Making an unpopular minority even more despised is helpful to a despotic authority that demands total obedience. 

Historically, bully-boy authorities were quick to manipulate public hate against Witches, Gypsies, Jews, Satanists, etc. Now it seems that the UNVAXED are set to get the same rough treatment, thanks to officially-promoted and engineered panic. 

Australia: now a tyrannical system - getting more and more out of control every day! 

Australia seems to be returning to its Prison Colony origins as it becomes an appalling, fear-based, POLICE STATE. 

Human rights are being thrown out of the door. Censorship, overt surveillance and wholesale discrimination are now rife. Police have also fired rubber bullets and tear gas at anti-lockdown protesters, including children and arrested pregnant women. 

The Nazis overcame resistance through legal actions, fear, and coercion. Propaganda and social control kept the population in line. The same formula is in operation today and it's getting worse, everywhere! 

Catholic  priest bans the unvaccinated from his church. Love thy neighbour - so long as they have been jabbed enough...

Father Edward Beck, a religious commentator for CNN, said during a segment of the network's New Day, that all churches should require proof of vaccination. 

Is the Church's latest clarion call to be:  'Hunt down the unvaccinated and let them be branded ‘UNCLEAN’!' 

What raving hypocrisy from a pious church that swept thousands of heinous child abuse cases under the carpet - and secretly moved its vile priests from parish to rarish, rather than contacting the law. 

Beck is no stranger to controversy. 

A shocking report out of Australia suggested that ending mandatory celibacy for Catholic priests could help protect children from sexual abuse. The study claimed tens of thousands of children in Catholic churches, schools, orphanages and sports clubs have endured sexual abuse over the recent decades, and draws a connection between celibacy and paedophilia. Father Beck however argued that the report's findings were.  "nonsensical."

A bang on your door from the Vax Squad! 

Once again, we are hearing of Covid door-to-doors jab units being mobilised to browbeat the unvaxed into governmental - pushed, health fascism type of compliance. 

The Metro news outlet reported: One Cabinet Minister told the Mail on Sunday: ‘I think anything that encourages the vaccine-hesitant is sensible. ‘The mood in the country is hardening against people who refuse to be vaccinated.’ 

The Mirror also also alleged that an unnamed minister said: "I am all in favour of free choice but there comes a point when you cannot lock up 90 per cent of the country who are vaccinated for the ten per cent who refuse to be."

Well now, that sounds very much like a veiled yet highly discriminatory and wholly unfounded threat. If this is genuine news data (and not just fanciful press spin) then the sanctimonious little clown who stated these absurd comments should be named as a dangerous rabble-rouser. Apparently, this anonymous fool is also against equality and the true spirit of a democracy.  

Such inflammatory quips from a nameless UK minister would seem more appropriate coming out of the mouth of Nazi Minister for Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, rather than from a British official. 

Are these bloody idiots in Westminster trying to create civil unrest and persecution? How evil can these people really be? What will they suggest next - burning torches and pitchforks for the screaming mobs to raid the houses of the unvaxed? 

It's all getting decidedly like the 17th century when puritan witch prickers would travel from town to town, seeking out  helpless women to accuse of being in league with Satan. 

Media is now effectively doing the Government's dirty work and actively supporting appalling discrimination against innocent people who decide against vaccination. Are there no sincerely caring people left in the UK media? Are they all puppets for the political clowns, who are supposed to be in charge? 

And the Christian fundamentalist aspect is starting to surface in official places, as it always does. 

The New Salvation...The good, all-knowing Reverend Bojo is apparently now on a pious religious crusade...But are we sure it's not really about 'divide' our neighbours?

Germany segregates the 'Unclean', again!

History appears to be repeating itself in Germany, too. 

The creeping virus of officially - sanctioned segregation and blind intolerance smoulders away quietly, before it becomes a raging inferno. This deadly infection is primarily created and then justified, as it always is historically, by corrupt governments with pleasant words of social concern from a surfeit of alleged experts (i.e. tame, government-controlled  puppets) that are frequently endorsed by well-indoctrinated swaths of the ever-trusting populace.

You really thought we had left all that sinister prejudice behind after the last world war? Think again! Intolerance comes in all forms and trusting public conformity to state-run decree often fuels the fires of hate so well. 

The ongoing government-incited discrimination against people who choose not to be vaccinated is an ominous return to the darker aspects of tribalism.  

This is exactly the kind of lethal fundamentalist behaviour that created the Nazi Holocaust and centuries before that, the horrific Witch Burning times. 

Not being Nazi enough; not being Christian enough and now – not being vaccinated enough is enough to get one classed as being ‘unclean’!  

Contemporary political despots who effectively promote Covid vaccination - related discrimination are in fact a new breed of Witch Prickers. 

They are quite happy to light the fires of public hatred, via reams of questionable politico/medical propaganda against the unvaccinated and then look the other way when all hell breaks loose! 

Today, bewilderingly stupid world governments appear to have learned nothing from past errors. 

Their constant fearmongering and increasingly oppressive regimes (supported by a sensation – seeking, profit-driven, mass media) are creating a terrifying new reality of repression, evidenced by numerous international pro-freedom public protests against restrictions. 

The reckless actions of governments may well have devastating ramifications for mankind; far worse than any medical disease ever could. These unwise actions are sowing the seeds of dissent. 

Nevertheless, the most amazing thing is that substantial amounts of the populace seem to be blissfully unaware that their governments now possess the ability to take away public freedom - at will. The analogy between a farmer and his sheep may be old and outmoded, yet it does ring true here.

Like the well-trained puppet media, the public is largely in favour of what their governments do - thus in some ways they are aiding and abetting their own incarceration. Their human rights may seem trivial to them yet when certain restrictions that they dislike are make compulsory it will be a different matter entirely. 

Relentless government propaganda, supported so well by the tame media, has done a wonderful job of manipulating gullible public minds into utter compliance. You may truly think you have liberty, but this is a carefully crafted illusion. The same may be said for basic justice. That too is in many ways illusionary. 

This is all so unworthy in any truly democratic society. Moreover, it matters not one iota if we are vaccinated or not because loss of liberty will eventually affect both groups.

At the time of writing authorities are strongly peddling a third booster jab for a person to be seen as  holding the elitist, 'fully vaccinated' status. 

How long will it be before that sacred vax requirement rises up to four, six, ten, twenty jabs?  Are we to become walking chemical bins/pin cushions before the despots say we have shed the dreaded 'unclean' label? It's like a dog chasing its own tail. In other words, a situation without any logical conclusion! 

Naturally, Big Pharma knows that Mother Nature's precious natural immunity does not inflate their bank accounts. Therefore, it has a critical, profit-related, vested interest in keeping the jabs coming into eager arms, thick and fact! This is worth bearing in mind when faced with a sea of cherry-picked, scientific propaganda, in the sensation-seeking media, or plastered to a billboard in your town! 

The media has now even reported that the initial two jabs (that authorities promised would free everyone from restrictions) were not enough to provide protection from new variants!  

"The evidence is clear," said NHS national medical director Professor Stephen Powis. "One or two jabs can help but they do not provide the protection we all need against Omicron.

It's convenient too how these experts forget that their overseer, SAGE, warned that high levels of vaccination create the right conditions for variants to emerge! 

I personally know of individuals that have had one or two jabs and suffered very nasty side effects that they do not wish to experience again. 

Naturally, in the eyes of the mind - controllers only two jabs will not be enough to gain the clean title. So tough luck if you suffered side effects, you will still have to get more jabs or risk being demoted and subsequently doomed to the same 'unclean' status as those terrible unvaccinated creatures that you so despise! 

The entire situation is becoming preposterous and socially - disruptive!

And what about the cost of the never-ending sea of jabs...? 

The Daily Mail reported: 'One of the Government's own advisers warned it would be impossible to 'defeat' Covid with vaccines if everyone needed a top-up every three months. It would see the NHS have to dish out the equivalent of up to 50million jabs every 90 days, or around 550,000 every day. This would put the cost of an annual vaccination drive in the region of £4billion, based on one jab being priced at around £20 per dose — similar to Pfizer.'

We are all too familiar with smug politicians telling us to protect the NHS. However, surely NHS staff have got better (and far more urgent) things to do than spend their time jabbing people on such a massive and regular scale. 

A flood of turmoil in medical and political circles has, I fear, been conveniently plastered over with a glut of tyrannical propaganda. People all over the globe are challenging the entire situation that others astonishingly accept, without question. However, I do not think we shall see the full implications for some years of all this unending government – induced panic. 

How public fear and panic are created - almost one in three in hospital with the Covid-19 were admitted for unrelated reasons.   

A dispute flared up (end of December 2021) over the UK Tory Government’s Covid figures, as it was revealed that almost one in three hospitalised patients with the virus were admitted for unconnected reasons. NHS statistics showed the percentage of so-called incidental’ coronavirus admissions had risen to a record 29 per cent – sparking claims that official figures were deceptive.

These cases are from patients taken to hospital for an unconnected reason, such as an accident, fall or fracture, who just happen to then discover they also have the virus. This indicates that thousands of people who are being erroneously counted as severe Covid admissions are not actually suffering seriously with the virus at all. 

Many patients only tested positive when arriving at hospital and most likely had only caught the virus while there. Many were wholly unaware they even had it. 

Concerns have therefore been raised that the fear-inducing headline statistics – which are habitually pushing knee-jerk Government decisions on restrictions and lockdowns are grossly miscalculating how many people are gravely ill with Covid.

Far away from usual spin questions are being asked…

Brave NHS Doctor challenges despotic plans to enforce jabs on staff

NHS doctor tells Health Secretary he won't get jabbed

Dr Steve James told the bewildered Heath Secretary: 'I have not had a vaccination, I do not want to have a vaccination. The vaccines are reducing transmission only for about eight weeks for Delta, with Omicron it's probably less. And for that, I would be dismissed if I don't have a vaccine? The science isn't strong enough.'

Screwing about with millions of years of amazing human immunity evolution

Scientists indicating that they know better than Mother Nature’s sacred plan.
It's getting a little more like medieval witch – hunting logic each week. Soon, the fourth vaccination shot recipients will be smugly blaming those who've only had the third jab for the outbreak of a new escape variant that will then demand a fifth shot and so forth. 

One shot or just two shot recipients will be treated with the same contempt as the unvaccinated and so the mind screw rolls on. 

SAGE advised last year that high levels of vaccination lead to the right conditions for new variants to escape, so why are the elitist vaccinated now acting as if they have the moral high ground? By SAGE’s own logic, the mega - jab fan club are the ones who are in fact encouraging new variants. 

Autoimmune disease apparently affects 23.5 million Americans and nearly 80 percent of those are women. Scientists still struggle to fully understand many conditions are that linked to the complexities of the immune system. 

With the current medical trend of pumping booster shoots onto millions of willing arms, I sincerely believe we shall see a tidal wave of health - related problems linked to this ongoing situation, farther down the road. However, like thousands of adverse reactions to vaccination, a great deal of such an event will be kept very quiet by the scientific/political mind controllers who play Big Pharma's mega  profit driven game. 

The more generalised natural immune response or the specific restricted synthetic one 

Some free-thinking experts (not yet censored) conclude that highly – specialised synthetic vaccines are often devised to deal with one distinct virus. These lab-designed concoctions may however impede the body's, naturally occurring, more generalised immune response. 

This happens when synthetically - produced concoctions meet a new variant that's not been properly identified. This unnaturally produced action may prove problematic or even deadly to the vaccinated person. If the virus that one has been jabbed against drastically deviates into a new variant, then the specific adaptive antibodies generated to fit that virus by the vaccine may not identify it as well as before. This in turn may lead to failure to counteract it. 

In addition, the wider innate reaction, that may have been easily able to 'naturally' combat the mutated virus, is now outnumbered/pushed out by the adaptive response, leaving you susceptible to major contamination. 

History continually teaches us that mankind messes with Mother Nature's plan at its peril! 

We give totalitarian, anti-freedom, regimes too much power at our peril! We should all support each other - not give in to the pernicious and socially - destructive  divisions that the double - dealing politicians are clandestinely creating. 

Protect your freedom now -  or it will eventually vanish! 

Wake up, before it’s too late.

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