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Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Ainsdale Tory Councillor: vents spleen against UK Prime Minister


Ainsdale’s long – standing Conservative Councillor, Terry Jones, has roundly attacked Tory policies and Boris Johnson, his own elected Prime Minister. 

Jones has publicly let rip with several colourful rants on Facebook, calling Boris Johnson a “tosser” amongst other things. 

In a controversial diatribe against the Prime Minister’ s Covid – 19 advice, Terry Jones wrote:

 “The tosser said all this last time, get jabbed to protect our way of life, how many tines do we have to listen to this crap.”

NB. By ‘tines’, one presumes Cllr Jones meant to write ‘times’. 

Seemingly feeling annoyed after the recent LibDem success in North Shropshire, Cllr Jones stated: 

"The lib dems won because bumbling Boris has turned the Conservatives into non Conservatives." 

Highlighting what he saw as a "smoke screen", Jones went on to emphasise the Prime Minister’s “failures” and “disasters”, presumably surrounding the latest Omicron issue. 

It therefore appears that this particular Conservative councillor will not be recommending any constituents to observe his own Tory Party leadership’s ongoing advice. Moreover, many people would understandably now expect to witness growing in-fighting within Tory ranks, following these revelations. 

Nevertheless, censorship is sadly alive and well today. People should be able to sincerely partake in open debate but this most basic human right is dying fast, largely due to ongoing public apathy along with disconcerting political oppression and over-zealous social media censorship.  

Moreover, although it is quite refreshing to hear elected political representatives speak from the heart, rather than bleating out hollow yet typical party spin, the confusion created for loyal Conservative voters in Ainsdale, and elsewhere, must now be quite significant. 

The grass-root voters of course voted in a councillor who is now attacking his own leader and his government's policies. This naturally begs the question about political loyalties, or lack of them. 

Above: Southport's MP, Damien Moore (left) with Cllr Terry Jones. 

Does Cllr Jones speak out against Conservative Party policies with the blessing of  Southport's MP, Damien Moore, or is he just speaking for himself?  

After all, he was happy to leave such inflammatory remarks 'openly' on social media. Therefore, logic dictates that voters have a right to know what, or who, they have voted for! 

Perhaps in fairness, Cllr Jones would be wise to clarify his position in an explanatory statement?


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