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Monday, 23 May 2022

Southport’s Lost Maternity and Children’s A & E Hospital Services


Lest we Forget!

It is quite surprising that so many local folks these days have no idea whatsoever about how hard some of us fought to try and save our children’s A & E and maternity hospital services back in 2003.

CARES relentlessly created many events, including organising many meetings, a protest march in Southport with an estimated 4,000 people and one in Formby and also raised a massive petition of almost 20, 000 signatures against NHS plans to remove the services.

Above: Just one of many meetings that CARES attended in the fight for Southport’s stolen maternity and children’s emergency services.

So much happened back in those turbulent times and CARES retain all the archives.


Sunday, 22 May 2022

Black Swans of the Marine Lake


A rare pair of Black Swans has been seen on the Marine Lake in Southport.

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust have recorded a maximum of nine breeding pairs in the UK in 2001, with an estimate of 43 feral birds in 2003–2004.

The first specimen was brought to the UK in 1791. They are regularly seen in wildlife parks in the UK, but  rarely spotted in the wild.

Black Swans are a native Australian species, notably in Western Australia where they are the state bird.

OTS News have reported sightings of this species in the area before: 


Thursday, 19 May 2022

Alan Watts opens up about Religion - yet misses the main point!

No! Nothing is new under the Sun. Blind religious faith ultimately results in delusional psychosis and avid fundamentalism is the greatest evil. 

The entire manmade annual schedule of Jesus Christ (i.e., the latest mythical invention of a redeemer/saviour figure) is transparently based on the far earlier Pagan agricultural calendar of the year.

The power-hungry Church simply hijacked earlier Pagan feast days, traditions and native customs and made them its own. The wholesome revelations of the natural cycles of the year have been corrupted by self-righteous, monotheistic, mind-manipulators in dog collars! 

Some of us have seen through this ancient ruse but millions still remain in the darkness of indoctrinated trust, fear, and ignorance. Alan Watts appears to have completely lost the ploy here.

Earlier spiritual paths were not ‘lost’ as he claims but subjected, on a global scale, to the iron fist of Church suppression! 

Can anyone be so blind!

Friday, 13 May 2022

Dignified Withdrawal or Rats and Sinking Ships?


Two discontented Southport councillors leave the Tory Party. 

OTS News has today (13/5.2022)  reported that Ainsdale’s Terry Jones and Cambridge’s Sinclair D’Albuquerque will form what they are calling “The Southport Councillor Group”.

Full story on OTS News... 

I have no dealings with Sinclair D’Albuquerque but Cllr Jones is a person who has crossed my path before.

Terry Jones, has previously roundly attacked Tory policies and Boris Johnson, his own elected Prime Minister. Jones has publicly let rip with several colourful rants on Facebook, calling Boris Johnson a “tosser” amongst other things. 

In a controversial diatribe against the Prime Minister’ s Covid – 19 advice, Terry Jones wrote:

 “The tosser said all this last time, get jabbed to protect our way of life, how many tines do we have to listen to this crap.” 


Questions about possible resignation have been fielded before. The following link gives the sorry tale of what happened in 2016...

It may be amusing to see any lame excuses fielded by Cllr Jones for leaving the Conservative Party. However, one does not need to be genius to recognise the  true situation at hand.

Ainsdale Tories have been noticeable by their famous invisibility, for quite some time.

Moreover, Cllr Jones does likes to make threats against local families as we all know. He however does not like it when others react to his bizarre threats. 

If anyone has the audacity to threaten a family then they should at least have the courage to carry it though! 

It will be interesting to see if this new, two-man, political, life raft offers greater opportunities for disgruntled ex-Tories to escapee the shackles of their well-known invisibility. 

Our local Tories do have a proven track record, which is well documented. 

Monday, 2 May 2022

Extinction level event close - thanks to mankind’s stupidity?


How far away is an extinction level event - thanks to mankind’s constant stupidity?

So, is this how far the trusted experts in the respected fields of science and politics have got us? Is this what they call progress?

The war-mongering buffoons in power everywhere will destroy us and the rest of this wonderful planet! The public en-masse should rise up and say ‘No – enough is enough’!

It’s a no-win scenario that may lead to extinction of species on a massive scale and take us back to the Stone Age! 

Political and religious fundamentalism simply equates with hate, bigotry, blind allegiance to psychological control, inner fear implanted by shrewder mind manipulators and overbearing obliviousness toward the worldview of others who fail to share in the deluded doctrine of one’s fundamentalism!

The so-called world leaders (i.e., self-seeking gangsters) have been handed far too much power by the people, and the fact that we now stand on the brink of disaster proves that this is a huge mistake.

Our leaders have been carefully cultivating a divisive ‘us against them’ conflict situation based on giving us a version of national identity. This of course keeps us in our place and ensures that we are happy to walk slowly into machine gun fire, (recall WW1) when told to do so.

However, the end game is afoot. We are all now waiting for these well-respected leaders to push the Armageddon button, on our behalf.

We wait for the destruction of life on earth as we know it, largely because we put these bloody idiots into power!

We must ditch the various identity labels we have been indoctrinated with. Only one label matters and that is the one which highlights that we are all the same – we are all HUMAN BEINGS!

The people need to say ‘No’ to this worsening madness, before it’s too late! The real battle everywhere is on the Home Front! 

Saturday, 30 April 2022

Strange Black line in the sky over Ainsdale Nature Reserve


So, are we under military attack or is it an alien invasion? Sorry, the explanation is not quite so dramatic.

This bizarre phenomenon is caused by aircraft condensation trails, some 30 000 feet above densities of stratocumulus cloud, casting a shadow on the cloud layer below.

Friday, 29 April 2022

The Golden Salmon Days


I was out fly fishing for trout on a Lancashire lake recently when I was approached by an old fishing buddy.

I had not seen him for years. Nevertheless, it was amazing that we could both today reminisce about one special October afternoon on the River Hodder, back in 2008.

I had taken a photo of him with his salmon and also caught a small one of 6 lbs myself. Later on, he went home, so I had the river all to myself.

Before long, I was into a lovely salmon of 15 lbs and after a good fight I had it on the shingle. I was only sorry that my companion could not have seen this lovely fish.

I also had some nice sea trout. 

However, I was surprised that today we can both recall that grand afternoon like it was yesterday.

The river flow on and changes very little over the years and over the centuries. 

Monday, 25 April 2022

DWP officialised extremism forcing vulnerable disabled into desperation


NATIONAL DISGRACE courtesy of the Tory Government...

Heartless government officialdom at war with the most vulnerable in our society

The work coach, who has asked not to be identified*, has told Disability News Service (DNS) that she and her colleagues are being “bullied and harassed” into forcing claimants with significant mental distress into attending work-related meetings. Many of them have been waiting months for a work capability assessment (WCA) and will eventually be found not fit for work and placed in universal credit’s limited capability for work-related activity (LCWRA) group. But until that happens, and despite significant mental distress, they are still being forced to make weekly trips to the jobcentre, purely so that work coaches can meet their targets for face-to-face appointments.

The work coach, Jane**, says DWP managers are telling work coaches that they should not have any “white spaces” in their diaries, and so should tell claimants waiting for their WCA to come into the jobcentre even if they know they will eventually be placed in the LCWRA group.


What are our political representatives going to do about this outrageous situation? 


Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Blazing torches and pitchforks coming out for Bozo…


Well, one minute he’s playing up to the Christian crowd with cordial Easter pleasantries and the next they want his skin. 

The Church of England’s top brass has charged Boris Johnson with a "disgraceful slur" against the Archbishop of Canterbury, after his criticism of the government's immigration policy. Johnson claimed at a private meeting of Tory MPs on Tuesday afternoon that the clergy had been less outspoken on the Russian invasion of Ukraine than on his plan to deport refugees to Rwanda. 

But on Tuesday evening Lambeth Palace’s junta hit back at the PM’s apparent attempt to delegitimise the Archbishop's Easter Sunday condemnation of the government.

Oh dear - that one fell like a lead balloon for Bozo's spin camp!

In order to avoid doing the RIGHT thing (i.e. packing his bags and leaving No. 10) over his party games old Bozo must try far harder than just  rattling war drums abroad and being nice to the Church! 

Politics is the dirtiest business and always has been... 

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Where does Southport MP Damien Moore stand on the PM’s fine


Boris Johnson’s rule – breaking and subsequent fine over the Partygate fiasco has understandably created heated debate.

Johnson has breached his own lockdown regulations and thus fallen foul of the law.

Sir Roger Gale, a strong critic of Johnson, said it would be a “gross self-indulgence” to try to unseat the Prime Minister when the UK was involved in the defence of Ukraine against Russian aggression.

Meanwhile the former Conservative minister Edwina Currie has arrogantly told the press that she did not care if Boris Johnson broke the ministerial code by knowingly misleading parliament about the No 10 parties.

However, one Tory MP has broken ranks and called for the PM to step down.

The MP for Amber Valley, Nigel Mills, stated: “I don’t think the PM can survive or should survive breaking the rules he put in place…we have to have higher standards than that of people at the top. He’s been fined, I don’t think his position is tenable.”

So where does Southport’s MP, Damien Moore, stand on this latest humiliation to the Tory Party – is he right behind blundering Boris, sitting on the fence, or will he demand the PM’s resignation? 

Damien Moore’s office has recently defended the disclosure that he has the second-highest expenses of the UK’s 650 MPs.

How low can standards get in the UK before politicians do the right and honourable thing in such instances? 

UK Standards at an all-time low as Boris clings to power


Yes folks, with smug Tory apologists popping up everywhere since Johnson broke the law - they are now openly laughing at YOU!

The former Conservative minister Edwina Currie has told the press that she did not care if Boris Johnson broke the ministerial code by knowingly misleading parliament about the No 10 parties.

What does this tell us about standards of decency in the UK?

The self seeking ones in grey suits who tell us how to be good responsible adults are laughing all the way to the bank and laughing at YOU - the UK voter!


Sunday, 10 April 2022

Satan Hunter Wilfred Wong – 'MUST SEE' SAFF information


The leading SAFF links that you need to see about the antics of this, now jailed, Christian Fundamentalist. 

NB: The above links have been added here to bypass oppressive media censorship. 


What makes a fundamentalist tick? 

Religious fundamentalism = hate, bigotry, blind allegiance to psychological control, inner fear implanted by shrewder mind manipulators and overbearing obliviousness toward the worldview of others who fail to share in the deluded doctrine of one’s fundamentalism!

Friday, 1 April 2022

In Pictures: Mega Storm system over Ainsdale


Dramatic skies developed this week over the Ainsdale sand dunes.

The storm was seen moving in along the beach from the north. 

Before long the system had reached the old Toad Hall area. 

The dark ominous clouds moved over the hills towards Formby.  

 Toad Hall standing out against the dark skies. 


April Pagan Origins


The month of April gains its name for the Roman word 'Aprilis', this comes from the word 'Aperire' meaning, ‘to open.’  This is because April is the time when birds hatch their chicks, animals join in the eternal mating cycles, buds swell into young leaves and new life opens-up on all natural fronts.

The first day of the month is of course well known as April Fool's Day. 

In France a gullible person caught by a prankster's trick was called un poisson d' Avril (an April Fish.) It is interesting to note here that the ancients held this day (the Veneralia) sacred to Venus, a celebrated deity of love. During her feast, adherents would completely wash the statue of this goddess and hang beautiful flowers around it. Tricks were also played on the unwary in veneration of her. 

Venus was originally a patron of seeds, flowers and spring. Her later association with love occurred around 217BC when she was equated with the Greek Aphrodite. 

As water is necessary to make the seeds become flowers Venus held the fish as a holy symbol. Modern Pagans smile when they see a Christian owned vehicle displaying the old fish sign as is now the popular fashion. The Christian taboo of not eating fish on a Friday is also adopted from much older Pagan traditions sacred to Venus.

The Northern equivalent of Venus is Frejya/Freya, who gives her name to Friday. This was of course the day for abstaining from devouring the sacred food of Venus.

History testifies that the early Christian Church subverted then adopted virtually every Pagan tradition, custom and holy-day to make them its own. The sacred traditions of the great Goddess are no exception to this sad rule! 

On Saint George's Day we see another adoption of Pagan tradition, blatantly inserted with the intention of winning converts for the new monotheistic religion.

There is a slight gap in the calendar between them but St. George's Day (on the 23rd April) lands at the same period as the Parilia (21st April.) 

The Parilia (or Palilia) was sacred to Pales, a renowned goddess (regarded as a god by some authorities) of shepherds and herders. 

During the feast farmers would drive their flocks and herds between blazing fires and subject them to fumes of rosemary, laurel and sulphur in a rite of purification to ensure strong future offspring. The participants would also leap over small fires of straw and dance around fires throughout the night, making merry all the while. 

Offerings to Pales consisted of milk and millet wafers were given in the hope of keeping dangerous wolves away from the flocks and the avert disease.

 The ancient Pagan tradition of fire-festivals, involving blazing beacons is still deeply rooted in human consciousness. This fact is clear when we remember the recent nationwide hill fires, prior to the countryside march protest against MP Michael Foster's anti-hunt bill.

The new fire of spring light which will give us summer's growth, is something primordial yet essential.

Man, from the earliest times in our pre-history, has always sought to link up with the awesome, natural, psychic energies present here, for the benefit of all on a deeply spiritual level. The actual day which marks the Palilia is also the day when Romulus (the legendary, son of Mars,) first built his great city of Rome.

It is interesting to note here that Romulus observed Tuscany to discover what sort of ceremonies he should use for his new city. Thus Romulus gained vital ritual knowledge from the older peoples of that place which they had in turn received from Janus, the great god of new beginnings. 

The first wine of the new season was always offered to Janus. Venus shared a feast on two separate days with Jupiter called the Vinalia. Her day occurred on the same date originally as the later St. George's Day, Jupiter's took place in August.

During these events wine was freely distributed to the local people from the temple of the deities in question. Prior to this rite, a wine libation was given to the earth in honour of Venus. 

Contemporary Pagans/Witches still give sincere veneration to the God and Goddess (the Lord and Lady) by remembering this ancient libation first to the old gods during their celebrations.

Venus was also offered expensive gifts of roses, myrtle and sweet scented incense at the Vinalia. This goddess was perceived as travelling in an ivory chariot drawn by swans. 

Swans are often associated with love deities such as in Angus (the Celtic god of love) who once turned into a this proud creature. The gentle dove too is another sacred symbol of the great Goddess that has since been insidiously adopted the early church and made into its own. 

The beautiful April festivals of the Love Goddess, in all her many forms, gives us a rare insight into the depth of spiritual wisdom held by our antediluvian Pagan Forefathers.

Each celebration whether Norse, Saxon, Roman, Celtic or otherwise always parallels with the wholesome destructive and creative seasonal forces of nature that impinge upon our being.


Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Around the Marine Lake in March


Crowds around the Marine Lake this weekend enjoyed the unseasonably temperate sunshine.

The warm temperatures this March in the UK have been welcome and reportedly higher than some foreign holiday resorts.

Nevertheless, the Met Office is predicting snow in some parts of the UK. They say: It's a notable change from warm to colder weather, with Tuesday's cold front bringing the risk of hill snow before wintry showers follow.”

Much of the UK is expected to freeze into April. Temperatures are anticipated to nosedive to minus 4C in the north.

Wednesday, 9 March 2022

BORIS - Political reinvention urgently needed

 Political reinvention urgently needed as Boris Johnson in CHAOS after 75% of Voters Say He ‘Must Quit’

One said: 'We will fight them in the sea, air, forests, fields and streets... we will not surrender'

Another said: ‘We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.’

And yet another is desperately seeking to reinvent himself into one on the above.

No prizes for guessing which one! 

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Ash Wednesday and its psychotic biblical links


There is no mention of ‘Ash Wednesday’ in the Bible. Moreover, even Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer, tossed the ritual out in the 16th century because it was not biblically based.

Incidentally, the purportedly saintly Martin Luther's biased doctrines were later to become a step towards the Nazi’s Final Solution.

The apostles never observed ‘Ash Wednesday’. Hardline evangelical Christians are quick to remind all lesser mortals that Christians are not commanded to keep it. It was not even officially practiced until many years after Christ's alleged resurrection.

Ash Wednesday is also identified as the 'Day of Ashes'. It is understood to have first been observed during the papacy of Gregory the Great (590-604) and it denotes the first day of Lent.

Get marked or you will be slaughtered!

Ash Wednesday is however associated with a terrifying and murderously psychotic biblical decree to the faithful. Christian’s, who are devout adherents, believe the Bible to be the unalterable Word of God. Therefore, the following quotes from Ezekiel 9:4-6 (KJV) are especially disturbing. 

The last monstrous paragraph would even suit Dr Hannibal Lecter so well. 

     4 And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.

    5 And to the others he said in mine hearing, Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity:

    6 Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house.

The strange ash ritual herein can be seen herein as a way to avoid being slaughtered. The alleged Lord’s murderous pronouncement is very clear; i.e. put a mark on your forehead, because if you are a man, women (or even a child) who fails to do so - you will be killed!

So much for a 'loving' god! In view of the above, somewhat comically, Christian's are said to deem this day as a time of repentance and prayer. 

Regardless of the usual excuses and wacky false-biblical justification behind this religious eccentricity, the next time you see a pious ash marked devotee just mention the name Ezekiel. 

Like so many other non-biblical Christian customs, Ash Wednesday has Pagan connections.

In ancient Norse mythology, the great World Tree is a giant ash tree called Yggdrasill, which supports the universe.

Odin, the principal god of the Vikings, hung himself on Yggdrasil as a sacrificial ordeal. Therein he lost an eye to ravens. He was nevertheless rewarded with insights and greater knowledge, notably understanding of the runes.

The Vikings were also described to as the ‘Aescling’ meaning 'Men of Ash'. Ash is used to attract the forces needed for protection, health and good fortune as well as having links to the sea. Ash is strong and was used for weapon shafts. Thus, it was important to the Norsemen.

Wednesday is named after Woden/Wodan, the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of the Norse all father god, Odin. In English, the name is derived from Old English Wōdnesdæg and Middle English Wednesdei, 'Day of Woden'. This may naturally reflect early Anglo-Saxon spirituality.

 So, ‘Ash Wednesday’ – is anyone getting the drift yet?

Like the Vikings, the ancient Gaelic peoples also thought of the ash tree as being protective.

Furthermore, the ash appears as Nion in the Celtic Ogham alphabet. This is a system also used for prediction. Ash is one of three trees which were sacred to the Druids and connects the inner self to the outer worlds.

Ash trees hold countless associations with the gods, such as:  Odin, Uranus, Poseidon, Thor, Oceanus, Nemesis, Mars, and Gwydion, etc.

Our ancient native Pagan folklore surrounding the ash is immense. The fact that it links to Woden’s Day is of no coincidence!

See also

March & Easter: What they ‘don’t’ tell you about this festival! 

Thursday, 24 February 2022

Invasion (and Crusade) - do we never learn?

Here we go, AGAIN. Nothing every really changes EXCEPT the uniforms.

If only mankind could bloody well grow up and ditch all these acrimonious identity labels.

We only need ONE label, which is called humanity.

All the rest of the divisive political, nationalistic, and religious labels are discordant, need dumping fast and basically divide us all via perpetually fuelling hate.

I reiterate, we only need ONE label, which is called HUMANITY. 

As soon as we draw lines in the sand and cling onto old ideas of identity (which the mind-controllers in politics and religion, etc, have carefully crafted for us), we are ultimately doomed. That is why WW3 is now a distinct possibility. Identity breeds blind conformity and anyone who fails to share the same identity is deemed an enemy. 

Do you see how they have controlled you since time immemorial? It has taken us many thousands of years to get to this lethal situation of  SELF-DESTRUCTION.

The power struggles are of course nothing new. The world's dictatorships create for us a false sense that we are in control, when the reverse is in fact the opposite. The last two years of  medical fascism have shown many of us how easily governments can all pull our strings and wreck our lives, when it suits their hidden, double-dealing, agendas.

Look far into history and you will see that nothing ever changes that much. In many ways Rome used to see itself as a partially Global Policeman. It had it ups and downs yet in the end and after many highly questionable dictators and savage wars, it also failed. 

History keeps repeating itself because people have not yet figured out that the whole system based on identity is flawed.  

Do we never learn from the horrific errors of the past?

Meanwhile, the EU appear to be slightly concerned at this invasion... 

Rather than evolve in a positive spiritual way that helps our species and the rest of our wonderful planet, humanity today seems to be on a nose dive into oblivion. 

The rise of the Orthodox Church in Russia is disconcerting. Christian nationalistic tendencies run high and so do the hates and bias that link closely with the biblical doctrine.

The close regard that Putin and this Christian church’s spiritual leader, Patriarch Kirill, have for each other is no secret. Hate for gay people is all a part of the deal too. The Patriarch said “so-called homosexual marriages” were a threat to families and added that “when laws are detached from morality they cease being laws people can accept.” This he said was similar to the laws in Nazi Germany. 

Putin said same-sex marriage "will not happen" as long as he's in the Kremlin. Putin now portrays himself as the true defender of Christians throughout the world, the leader of the Third Rome. His mega bombing of ISIS, for example, was cast as the defence of the historic homeland of Christianity.

Once long ago mankind reacted with the planet in a symbiotic fashion, yet now we want to possess everything and give nothing back. The greed - ridden materialistic level has become the all-powerful god of everything and everyone, and that included all aspects of political fidelity and organised (controlled) world religions.

Of course, religious fundamentalism is never far from the dark spectre of war. 

Putin the self - appointed crusader

Putin previously sought to justify the looming invasion of Ukraine with a twisted chronological narrative. He declared without any proof that Kyiv was preparing for the “destruction” of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. 

However, the reaction of the Metropolitan Onufry (the primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church), who compared the war to the “sin of Cain,” the biblical character who slaughtered his brother, indicates that even the Moscow-oriented church has a robust sense of Ukrainian national identity.

In like fashion, Hitler frequently used Christianity to justify his blitzkrieg against the rest of humanity. Once again, the clandestine use of a carefully crafted identity can and will pull in support from millions who have been manipulated to accept such mind control. 

Putin clearly sees himself as a Christian defender for the world 

“We see many of the Euro-Atlantic countries are actually rejecting their roots, including the Christian values that constitute the basis of Western civilisation. They are denying moral principles and all traditional identities: national, cultural, religious and even sexual. They are implementing policies that equate large families with same-sex partnerships, belief in God with the belief in Satan.” 
Speech 2013. 

The question must be asked – does this influential Christian fundamentalist welcome Armageddon (End Times), as the precursor of the so-called 'Second coming' of Christ? 

Putin clearly regards his spiritual destiny to be the restoration of Christendom.

Countless people don’t understand the extent to which Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a spiritual mission for him. The Baptism of Rus is the founding event of the formation of the Russian religious mindset. The Russian Orthodox church traces its origins back here. 

Speaking of earlier mass baptisms, Putin clarified:

 “His (Vladimir of the Rus) spiritual feat of adopting Orthodoxy predetermined the overall basis of the culture, civilisation and human values that unite the peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. 

He dearly wants to do the same again and has little interest in any other plan! 

If we can just step back a little, light the peace pipe and sincerely unchain ourselves from the ‘Must have/Must keep’ materialist, identity-driven, gravy train, then perhaps we can eventually evolve into something wonderful, significant and even stop killing each other.

Genuine liberation will never be achieved via the adoption of spurious identities, crafted for us by religious crusaders and political extremists in grey suits. 

And news just out in the media - as predicted above...

Putin is now seen as the upholder of traditional Christianity

The national press were a little bit slow to catch up with what I had told them about several days ago, yet they got there in the end.

Again - as predicted...

Pat Robertson says Putin was ‘compelled by God’ to invade Ukraine to fulfil Armageddon prophecy

Televangelist Pat Robertson said Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “compelled by God” in his decision to invade Ukraine, suggesting that Russia’s attacks are a precursor to an end-times battle in Israel.

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Storm Franklin hits Southport


In the turbulent aftermath of storms Dudley and Eunice, this afternoon saw Storm Franklin roll into Southport

A tree was washed up under the pier, with the force of the strengthening storm.