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Saturday, 7 August 2021

The Pagan Dream Guide: Dreamtime Images Symbolism and Ancient Wisdom

The shocking vision in dreams of a savage tiger shark gripping one’s leg is just the sort of thing to wake one up late at night, in a hot, heart-pounding sweat. Conversely, it would perhaps seem difficult for most folk to view the image of a beautiful blue butterfly with anything other than ageless delight and wonderment. In the dreamworld anything is possible, but things may not always be as they initially seem! 

The Pagan Dream Guide does not profess to be all-encompassing; no list ever can be. Within these unique pages you will discover the meaning of many dreams and associated symbolism. The guide may therefore be used as a general handbook to enable the seeker of truth to enhance their psychic ability to reach deeper regions of the mind.

The dreamer is usually the best person to interpret the dream. However, a better understanding of symbolism can help a great deal.

This concise inventory of dreamtime imagery will hopefully prove to be valuable to all explorers of greater insight, especially those wishing to partake in the ancient arts of divination.  This is not an egotistical claim by the author, for the mysteries of the gods works through all things. We contain within our beings, real concrete aspects of divinity.

The gods are of us, we are of the gods! The relationship is a symbiotic, two-way affair. It is as simple as that! Sacred aspects reside within all who sincerely care to look for them.

Dreams and symbolic images may be linked to events of past, present or future. The honest seeker in his/her interpretation of dreams must keep this fact in mind, always.

The Pagan Dream Guide: Dreamtime Images Symbolism and Ancient Wisdom


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