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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Tories to legalise fox hunting if they win 2015 general election, according to National Press

The party will offer a free vote in the next Parliament if it wins in May.

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, was an enthusiastic supporter of hunting before he became Tory leader, riding to hounds with the Heythrop Hunt. 

I wonder, are Southport’s Conservative councillors, candidates and eager hangers-on also in favour of what may be a highly controversial issue of wanton animal abuse? We have a right to know where they stand. 

Damien Moore and Cllr Terry Jones. Are these politicians  in favour of red coat fox hunting, as being tabled by their Tory leaders?

Tory Cllr David Barton (pictured here at his controversial, self-promotional, Remembrance Day fiasco) – in favour of animal abuse?

Vote Tory and get more 'fun' like this,  plus a religious blessing to do so off your local loving vicar too.... lovely! 

Ex Police constable, Ainsdale's Cllr Ted Hartill, of the WACA charity - will he be supporting his Conservative party directive and be in favour of fox mutilation?

It seems clear that Southport residents have a sincere right to know what these local Tory reps are up to and if they will be following their party leader etc on this particularly heated mandate.

Addendum: OTS News is also reporting on this issue... 

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