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Thursday, 1 January 2015


So, do you have a psychic vampire on your back that is outwardly so agreeable that you feel too uncomfortable to simply cast it off? 
They are not aliens and they are not any kind of alleged demons they are simply the lower forms of humanity who wish to use you unfairly to meet their own needs! 
I bet YOU subconsciously know ‘who’ I mean, as chances are that there will be at least one in YOUR life right now! 
Bogus friends, who play both ends to the middle, are not really friends at all. They are shallow, unreliable creatures and will ‘always’ let you down in the end. With them it’s a one-way ticket; you do all the hard work and they sit back and let you, whilst telling you what an amazing effort/good job you are doing. Basically, they have idle cowardly hearts and feeble spirits that cannot deal with life properly! They can NEVER fully commit to anything truly worthwhile and are renowned for their great ability to let people down, when needed most. You trust them at your peril! 

They inadvertently require others to help them to conceal their sheer inadequacies on numerous levels and I am ‘not’ just talking about apathetic politicians and parasitic clergymen. They recurrently find strength and honour to be unfamiliar concepts! These bogus friends are also regularly psychic vampires(i.e. fiends preying on positive spiritual essence) that clandestinely manipulate your good kind nature in order to extract your essential life-force along the way. 
Remember too that these wretched creatures draw in others of a similar ilk, as ‘like always attracts like’, and conformist sheep need the security of the herd to thrive! 

As for me – well I would much rather trust the trees as they never lie and are always dependable! 

A New Year’s resolution; dump these plastic pretenders fast ‘before’ they can play you for a sucker to achieve their own hidden agenda - behind your trusting back!  

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