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Friday, 23 February 2018

Where do Southport Churches stand on Clergy Abuse against children?

Is it right and proper that the sacrament of so-called confession should protect abusive clergy against exposure and criminal prosecution?

In the Roman Catholic Church, the Seal of Confession is the absolute duty of priests not to disclose anything that they learn from penitents during the course of the Sacrament of Penance (confession).

Nevertheless, the heinous spectre of clergy sex abuse against children recently raised its ugly head again. Latest reports indicate that the Church is still in denial over clergy abuse and still  happy to cover up cases wherever it can.

 Recently Pope Francis apologised to victims of clerical sex abuse, acknowledging he had “wounded many” in comments defending a Chilean bishop who is under scrutiny.

With Catholicism's top man being so 'out of touch' with reality, the fate of children on a global scale is uncertain' to say the least. However, Christian clergy abuse is multi-denominational yet the Catholic faith has seen more than its fair share of these horrendous cases.


The confessional box fiasco gives zero protection to the countless child victims of this religious evil posing as the greater good.

Church protecting child abusers

The archbishop of the archdiocese of Melbourne, Denis Hart, said he would risk going to jail rather than report allegations of child sexual abuse raised during confession, and that the sacredness of communication with God during confession should be 'above' the law.

Hart was responding to a report from the child sex abuse royal commission calling for reforms that, if adopted by governments, would see failure to report child sex abuse in institutions become a criminal offence, extending to information given in religious confessions.

Everywhere, people are demanding action against perverted clergy for the child victims. Hart's cold attitude gives clear evidence of the dangers to children posed by the Church.

When we consider this ongoing travesty within the Church, it is clear that government guidelines on safeguarding children are riddled with hypocrisy and peril. Here is one example. 

Working together to safeguard children

 A guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, March 2015


The confessional box fiasco makes a total mockery of any bogus authoritarian claims about child safeguarding within the Church.  Until this unnatural situation is properly addressed children will never be safe! 

Pervert priests need exposing once and for all. This disgusting cover up has gone on for far too long! 

Where exactly do the clergy of Southport and other UK towns stand on this appalling ongoing situation? 

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Meeting called over Chapel Lane trees

Sefton Council have called for a meeting with tree experts to discuss independent inspection findings regarding trees in Chapel Lane, Formby. This follows public protests in the village, in response to the council’s deeply unpopular threat to fell the historic trees.


Sefton Council stated that they have agreed with Formby Parish Council and local councillors to defer the tree removal works planned in the village, to give an opportunity for them to commission an independent inspection into the condition of the trees.

The council also say that no work will commence on any tree until “5th March 2018” at the earliest to permit more discussions to take place.

More: http://mysefton.co.uk/2018/02/20/meeting-called-over-chapel-lane-trees/

However, the ‘Bird Nesting Season’ is officially from February until August (Natural England) and it is recommended that vegetation works (tree or hedge cutting) or site clearance should be done outside of the nesting season. Nevertheless, the nesting period may in fact start before this and extend beyond it, in some cases.

The busiest time for nesting birds is from 1st March until 31st July and of course varies according to species, etc. Contractors must aim to avoid impact to nesting birds and infringement of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and breaching the European Habitats Directive 1992/Nesting Birds Directive.

See also:

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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Southport UFO Author Pat Regan on Blaze TV

Southport-based  UFO researcher/author, Pat Regan, featured on Blaze TV last night (10 Feb. 2018).


The programme was based on an original show first broadcast on the History Channel, involving the world - famous UFO Hunters team from the USA.

Pat logged much of the experience in numerous articles and in his UFO books:



Pat has appeared on both international TV and radio before, after being contacted over the UFO axis.

One of Pat's books includes an introduction by renowned MoD UFO expert, Nick Pope. Nick's expertise and kind support proved invaluable to Pat's ongoing UFO research.

The UFO Hunters team conducted several public interviews in Britain at the time of the Rufford UFO sighting.

Youtube link to the original show here.

Pat has appeared on both international TV and radio before after being contacted over the UFO axis.

Pat said.

“Following the televised UFO shows many people contacted me with reports of strange things they had witnessed in our skies. My job was to report on what I was told and let others make up their own minds about these unusual events. UFO reports have come in thick and fast from all over the globe and it has been fascinating, to say the least. Many UFO sightings can be explained away with common logic yet some things remain a complete mystery. I am pleased to see the US show finally reach the UK. I had asked several times about when it would be televised over here.”

Somewhat ironically, Pat's youngest daughter, Jasmine, appears in the show and her middle name is 'Blaze.'  

Pat Regan is currently working on his tenth published book. 

Blaze TV

Blaze is a British television channel owned by A&E Networks UK, a joint venture between A&E Networks and Sky plc.


Saturday, 10 February 2018

Southport Skate Park litter problem

Both visitors and local people have been dismayed to see the growing amount of littering by the Skate Park on Southport’s Marine Parade.

 Most of the litter is by the wall of the skating facility, on the far side of the railway track.

More rubbish is seen here at the seaward end of the Park. The message should be clear to all responsible people, young or old 

Take your litter home and do not expect others to clean up after you.

Pat Regan © 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Councillor Preece stepping down

Jude Storer will be the Liberal Democrats Ainsdale Ward Candidate in this May's Local Elections. After eight years and winning two elections Councillor Haydn Preece has decided to stand down.

Cllr Preece said...

 “It has been a honour to serve Ainsdale, Southport and Sefton. I informed John Pugh MP at the time of last May's snap General Election that I would not stand again in twelve months’ time. That has given us valuable time to select an excellent candidate in Jude Storer to pass on the mantle and work with my dedicated colleague Cllr Lynne Thompson.

To win the 2010 Local Election on the day of the historic General Election, with the second biggest swing in the country was a wonderful accolade.

I have strived to communicate with all ward members quickly, professionally and with genuine support. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and worked with me in a whole host of capacities. I have endeavoured to focus on casework from residents, as in my view, that is the central core of a councillor's responsibility.

Achievements wise the Coastal Road speed alert signs, the new junction priorities on Kenilworth Road and the alert to turning signs on the corner of Heathfield and Carr Lane are permanent plusses.

It was my communications with both the Chief Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy and Merseyrail that brought both organisations together and has led to the new Ainsdale Railway Station, incorporating a Community Police Hub, of which I am very proud as part of my legacy.

Achieving the re-positioning of a bus shelter on Orchard Lane at the request of residents took over eight months but we stuck at it and got our shelter.

Back in 2010-11 I, along with concerned conservationist residents, successfully campaigned to stop a Net Pave pathway route being carved through the sand hills between Ainsdale and Birkdale. A lot later the Sefton Officers conceded their proposal was not practical which -we stated from the start! The entrance to Ainsdale beach was another improvement we achieved and parking off the beach on the old caravan site is another positive for the future.

Since 2010 we have been actively working on the re-generation of Sandbrook Way with businesses and officers and despite a number of false starts I believe the area will receive a major boost both economically and aesthetically soon.

I have served on Planning and Licensing and was Children's Services Spokesperson between 2010-2014. Ensuring equal entitlement for all, especially concerning Education, has been richly rewarding.

On the negative side I am truly frustrated and bewildered that the Council Officers and Cabinet Member authorised the former Ainsdale High School Sports Hall to be demolished when we are crying out for sporting facilities and social cohesion. Moreover, the Ainsdale High School playing fields should have been utilised as a community hub from the date of the school closure but the hidden agenda of leaving the area fallow for ten years in order to legally build on the site had to be exposed ,as it was never communicated when we campaigned to reopen the playing field.

Ainsdale's Station Road continues to transform positively in commercial terms, supported by cctv which we campaigned for, while the Ainsdale Civic Society and Ainsdale Horticultural Society are rich community bastions. I hope to contribute to Ainsdale in the future outside day to day politics and would like to praise former councillor Brenda Porter and husband Ken who have continued to contribute richly to our village.”

Sefton in my time, hit by enormous central government cuts has had to remodel considerably to the detriment of all. In my eight years Sefton has had two highly talented MP's in John Pugh and Bill Esterson to represent the Borough.

Personally after eight years I have felt that the time is right to step aside. A councillors responsibilities are wide and diverse demanding a great deal of time dedicated to meetings now primarily held in Bootle, while working full time and being a councillor is a very difficult balancing act.”

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Seal stranded at Formby Point

People at Formby Point kept vigil on a stranded seal this morning.

The animal was active and had ended up quite a long way from the ebbing tide. Fears were that it would be attacked by dogs or seagulls.

This incident  was swiftly called in to Merseyside Police by OTS News reporter, Pat Regan and details were logged. 

Soon after, the Coastguard at Holyhead rang back to clarify the location of the animal and its condition. Holyhead promised to send help ASAP.



HM Coastguard and search and rescue offices

HM Coastguard and search and rescue headquarters
Administrative enquires for Search and Rescue matters only:
HM Coastguard Operations
Bay 2/06
Spring Place
105 Commercial Road
SO15 1EG

Coastguard administrative enquiries only:023 8032 9486

British Divers Marine Life Rescue 

Pat Regan © 

Monday, 5 February 2018

Supercars of the Northwest Is Back For 2018

‘Supercars of the Northwest’ is back with its first event this year. This is set to take place on the 25th of March 2018.

There will a massive selection of cars to ‘wow’ the crowds with bouncy castles, live owls and live animals at the event and loads of different stalls to keep everyone entertained.

With food to sweet snacks this event is going to be the biggest one yet and the Supercars of the Northwest team is looking forward to the event. 

Sunday, 4 February 2018

In pictures: UK Hot Cars - the Warm Up

The latest UK HOT CARS meet up happened today in Southport, by the Marine Lake.

Southport Motor Engineer, Dave Elsby, and photographer, Jason Regan, were on call to check up on the action. 

Photos by Jason Regan...  

Monday, 29 January 2018

Protest to save Formby's mature village trees

Annoyed protesters gathered this morning in Formby’s rain-soaked village, to say ‘No ‘ to Sefton Council’s controversial tree felling plans.

According to the Council data pinned to trees 6 specimens are set to be axed.  Red dots on their chart indicate the trees they want to destroy.

Questions on public lips remain valid. Have lawfully-required bird and bat surveys been properly addressed and presented?  What are the options for merely pruning these lovely trees rather than just felling them? 

These majestic trees form a large part of the village's heritage and cannot just be dismissed with the swipe of some official pen.  

Another Formby resident (above) who strongly objects to the destruction of local trees. 

These days councils are too quick to fell (rather than repair) trees and the public want answers...

Remember last January? 

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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Waterloo Road car smash

An Audi car smashed through a wall on Southport's Waterloo Road at the corner of Ryder Crescent last night (12 Jan.2018).

Another damaged vehicle at the accident scene is believed to be a Volvo.

Did you witness the accident?

Police  are appealing for anyone with any information to come forward. If you know anything please call  101.

More on OTS News. 

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Southport's golden beach

Once golden sands, yet today Southport beach is a growing marshland covered in thick mud.

Visitors to the seaside resort are greeted with signs, such as the following... 

Nevertheless, all is not lost as some visitors actually welcome the marshland's spread. 

Asian people from other towns flock in to gather the local samphire that grows wild on our muddy shoreline. 

Local resident Janeczek Krakowski stated: “When I was a lad my granddad used to bring me to the beach and it was lovely yellow sand. Today it’s almost all muddy with just a bit on the south side of the pier that’s still proper beach. Who can you blame for it?” 

The marsh is now an incredibly popular habitat for many species of bird life...

Marshside RSPB wetland reserve exists a little farther north, along the Coastal Road. 

Pat Regan © 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Robert Goodwill (the man who would not listen to childcare providers) sacked

Robert Goodwill (the Tory minister who would not listen to desperate UK childcare providers) has finally been sacked.

Minister of State for Children and Families, Robert Goodwill has been removed from his government position after only seven months in the job. His dismissive actions and lack of help for UK providers have led to deep resentment and mistrust.


Goodwill's legacy of apathy and intransigence 

Goodwill leaves behind him total and utter devastation in the UK childcare sector. Numerous nurseries have been forced to close their doors for good, while their campaigning for better funding from this unlistening Conservative government fell on deaf ears.


Flawed government policy sees massive closures in the UK

More than 1,000 nurseries and childminders have gone out of business since the Conservative government was elected in 2015 with a promise of 30 hours of free childcare for working parents.

The government Goodwill represents is just paying hollow lip-service to the real problems faced by hard-pressed childcare providers across the UK. It’s a cold-hearted, ‘let them eat cake’, attitude that brings back bad memories of a harsher Tory party, with traditionally little care for the ordinary working people.

Ultimately, families and children will suffer most because if this reckless government continue to kill off all childcare facilities (many have closed their doors since this policy arrived) then there will be no places left to provide any care for our children. This is not just unfair it is totally insane! 

Welcome removal of unlistening Goodwill

Nevertheless, surviving UK childcare professionals are hoping that the welcome removal of Goodwill, who is probably a scapegoat for the deeply flawed government childcare policy, will open a doorway into finally being heard and having the essential funding issues properly addressed.

Catherine Regan, owner of Pine Pixies Pre-school in Formby, had previously offered to meet with MPs yet found little enthusiasm in that quarter...

Catherine explained: 

“The government are paying providers short. The amount providers are being paid per hour, per child is not enough to deliver high quality sustainable childcare and many settings across the country have already closed their doors. Childcare providers across the country from all types of settings, including nannies and childminders are strongly united in this fight for fairer funding to ensure their sustainability. Providers are refusing to allow the words ‘Free Funding’ on their literature, as it is not free when the very providers delivering this funded childcare are having to subsidise it themselves.”


Left, Bill Esterson MP and Damien Moore MP.

The big question now on all childcare providers' lips is ...

Will this government finally face up to its previous and ongoing errors within the UK Childcare sector and work with the real people on the ground, i.e. the expert providers themselves? 

Childcare in the UK and its basic survival is something that affects most of us today. We are all effectively stakeholders in this vital situation. 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

In Pictures: Storm Eleanor arrives at Southport Pier

The latest in a series of storms attracted people to witness the high tide at Southport this morning.

Sea defences held back the high tide, although the flows did hit the wall on occasion.

Farther south, the Mersey is reported to be ‘restless’ and the Environment Agency are monitoring the river over risk of flooding.

Storm Eleanor has hit Britain with hurricane-force winds topping 100 mph and authorities have been facing the ramification via flying debris, high tides, flooding and fallen trees.

Pat Regan ©