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Sunday 9 June 2024




Well that took them a while to catch up on. Has the penny finally dropped? Looking back at their participation in pushing officialised big pharma propaganda it’s not surprising.

When it all kicked off anyone who spoke out about the risks of experimental vaccines and opposed them (including revered medical experts) were discriminated against. 

They were censored, lost their employment and their relationships, and treated like social lepers whilst bumbling Boris and his hypocritical cronies waved the imperial finger of esteem and authority.

Many just kept their gobs tightly shut and followed the official narrative like good little sheep and still do… a few however did not!

I wonder, if trusting people had seen this national headline a few years ago would they still have accepted the vax and given it to their children?

More ...

Horrific Truth about experimental vaccines exposed in 
UK Parliament - Update 9

Saturday 8 June 2024

Southport Craft Event


Our next event is Saturday 15th June at St Peter's Parish Hall in Birkdale, Southport. 

It opens at 10.30am until 2.00pm free admission.

We have some lovely artisans with their handcrafted gifts  to browse through and also home-grown plants to buy. 

Our fundraising stall this time around is Woodland’s Animal Sanctuary who are fetching along Merlin their small Shetland Pony, so please come along to support them and say hello to Merlin. 

Refreshments and our children's playdough table available as always. 

We still have a few stall spaces available for collectables, preloved, bath bombs, scents, food and other items. We are full for jewellery.

Please apply today if you want a selling space, one week to the event so don’t delay. 


WhatsApp 07548262061 


Wednesday 29 May 2024

Authoritarian biblical bias aimed at freethinking parents


Authoritarian biblical bias aimed at freethinking parents...

But ‘hey ho’ …Who cares about origins and the truth?

Lucifer from Lucetius – and nothing to do with the ‘boo hiss’ Christian bogeyman at all.

 The name "Light-bringer" Lucerius, that is, the giver of light, occurs as a surname of Jupiter (king of the Roman gods). According to Servius. Also Lucetia, "Giver of light." The giver of light, a surname of Juno (queen of the Roman gods).

Want to destroy a religion then why not go for the throat and defame its beloved prime deity as being evil….

Usual distorted Christian mindscrew ... Their manmade bible-based baloney is typical, and their gobsmacking bigotry and ignorance (posing as moralistic care) is boundless. The official clown behind this insult to parents should be sacked forthwith!


More on fundamentalist insanity here. 

Sunday 26 May 2024

Stallholders required for next Ainsdale Village craft fayre

Stallholders are wanted for our next event on Saturday 8th June.

We have a fayre on from 11.00am to 2.00pm at Ainsdale Methodist Church, 688 Liverpool Rd, Southport, PR8 3NA. 

We have some wonderful small businesses booked, but have additional spaces available.

Stallholders are wanted for crafts, preloved items, food, bath bombs, scents, collectables/memorabilia or vintage.

We have Woodlands Animal Sanctuary bringing along Merlin their lovely little Shetland Pony.

Merlin was very popular and especially with the children at one of our previous fayres. 

Please book immediately so we know who is attending on the day.

£20/space if you have your own table or £23 to have a table provided.


WhatsApp 07548262061

Please help us to support local businesses! 

Saturday 18 May 2024

In Pictures: Birkdale Craft Fayre, Saturday 18 May 2024


A small selection of photos from today's craft fayre in Birkdale. 

The ladies who were fundraising for Queenscourt Hospice raised £77.00 we believe, and it was a good day all around.

Support our local businesses! 

More information: 

Monday 13 May 2024

Summer Craft Fayres in Southport


We have a few spaces left for this coming weekend (18 May). 

We are also taking names for our 8th June event.

Support our local businesses. 

Friday 3 May 2024



Congratulations to Ainsdale's Lynne Thompson on her election win. 

Lynne fought hard and defeated all challengers, holding onto her seat in Ainsdale, last night. 


Monday 29 April 2024

Ainsdale Tories: undisputed champions of community invisibility and masters of getting it all wrong!


It’s almost beyond the bounds of credulity when we hear today of Tories telling the Woodvale community that they want ‘more houses’ in the area, and that they have campaigned hard for residents. 

 This is big news to locals who are sincerely scratching their heads at such ridiculous Tory claims. These habitually invisible Conservative politicians seem to have made up their minds, all by themselves, to grab a few votes by launching into absurdity. 

The very last thing the increasing burdened community area needs is more houses. 

Lack of hospital services for kids, not enough schools, overcrowded infrastructure, ongoing law, and order issues, etc. The list is endless! 

Let’s fill Woodvale with even more houses, say the seriously gormless Tories, and bring in yet more families. 

For goodness sake – the poor old police cannot cope with the existing ongoing turmoil on the ground at street level, without adding more troubles to their heavy workload! 

I reiterate that the Tories here in Woodvale are invisible – unless of course, an election is close at hand. 

Lest we forget what happened in 2015…  

As an old warrior once said: 

 “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” 

Politicians from both Labour and Liberal Democratic camps arrived to show strong support for our campaign to keep the Brookdale Resource Centre open. This was, and still, is an essential Dementia care centre. 

We initiated the fight because we were deeply concerned for the continuation of the centre, following despicable Sefton Council threats of closure. 

However, Ainsdale Ward’s Conservative councillors, Terry Jones and Ted Hartill never even came anywhere near the campaign or the facility. They showed ZERO interest in the fight and were demonstrably  dementia - unfriendly! 


Thankfully we won that hard – fought battle, yet no thanks to these two elusive councillors. Not surprisingly to many astonished residents, today these two specific politicians have vanished entirely.   

Nevertheless, if anyone was in any doubt about how totally ‘out of touch’ the Ainsdale Tory coterie really still is today then their latest self - promotional pamphlet should spell it out very clearly! 

Asking locals what they actually think about local issues is a good thing to do, for any wannabe politician. Conversely, making up nonsense to make it look like you are doing something helpful, when you clearly are not, is counterproductive. It’s also an insult to the people who you wish to represent! 

Some of us have been working hard behind the scenes for years to seek improvements for the existing community. We reiterate; more houses would create even more problems and overcrowding! 

I say, vote for the person and not the party. 

Saturday 27 April 2024

Pictures from today's Birkdale Craft Fayre

Supporting local businesses and good charitable causes in Southport 

A small selection of photos taken at the Birkdale Craft Fayre, held today (27th April 2024) at the Methodist Hall (Red Brick Church), Liverpool Road.

Please check the link below for our next fayre dates 


Friday 26 April 2024

SPEED KILLS: Southport’s deer population is suffering from vehicular impacts!


Drivers warned to 'Slow Down' along Sefton's deer-run areas, after fatalities.

***** Please sign and share our petition below *****

The velocity of a car etc hitting a deer, fox, hedgehog, hare, or any other form of British wildlife is massive and frequently lethal.

More speed equates with more injury and death. That is simply common logic.
Therefore, if anyone is genuinely serious about saving these wonderful creatures then first, they must address the excess speed problem.

In this case we are talking about the deer found along the Sefton coastal areas from Southport to Formby, etc.

Bringing speed limits down significantly,  in known deer-  used areas, will save lives and have a positive effect on our precious UK wildlife. Roadside deer barriers may or may not be effective, but properly enforced speed restrictions are a doable policy to save lives.

Authorities must therefore implement lower speed limits within zones where deer are known to cross busy roads, like our coastal roadway in Southport. 

At least three deer have been hit in the last week alone.

More deer warning signs may help too, like the ones implemented by Ainsdale's Councillor Lynne Thompson on the Coastal Road. 

Of course, deer signage will NOT stop the average immature, ego-driven, speed merchants, who think that it's somehow OK to break every speed limit they come across. Only legal speed enforcement and stiffer penalties against these selfishly dangerous drivers will help herein.

If you see or are involved a deer collision please contact: Sefton Coastal Rangers and or Green Sefton

Another valid point to bear in mind is that dog owners do need to have their animals 'under control' when near deer zones, because they can scare deer and chase them to their deaths onto open roads. 

Moreover, a large deer hitting a car is also potentially fatal to the person(s) driving. This may result in an accident endangering human lives.  Therefore, this puts more pressure on local authorities to action now! 

Consequently, at least give these poor frightened animals a chance. Drive with caution and slow down!

Sefton Council puts great importance, funding and kudos, on protected Natterjack toads and Sand lizards, yet the deer seems to be perceived as insignificant. Why? 


According to The British Deer Society, it is estimated that annually the number of deer killed or injured on UK roads is likely to exceed 40,000 and may well be nearer 74,000.

There is an estimated population of between 650,000 and 2 million deer in the UK (The Mammal Society, DEFRA) comprising 6 different species: red, roe, fallow, sika, muntjac and Chinese water deer.


The great US plan to exterminate the buffalo and starve out the native peoples



The great US plan to exterminate the buffalo and starve out the native peoples

During the 1800s, the U.S. Army realised that destroying the buffalo herds aided their efforts to force indigenous peoples onto reservations. The government of the US realised that as long as this food source was there, and as long as this key cultural element existed, it would have difficulty getting Indians onto reservations.

Colonel Richard I. Dodge in 1867 at Fort McPherson, Nebraska, said to a group of British hunters: "Kill every buffalo you can. Every buffalo dead is an Indian gone. “

The self-righteous US administration called the native people ‘savages’ yet their genocidal ways and plan to exterminate the buffalo proved beyond doubt that the real savages wore smart uniforms, not tribal head dress.

The government believed that the hasty disappearance of game from the former hunting-grounds must operate principally in favour of their efforts to confine the Indians to smaller areas, and force them to jettison their ancient, nomadic, traditional, customs.

For many thousands of years buffalo had served as the primary food source and the livelihood for many Native Americans.

The great buffalo massacre by settlers of European descent is recognised as an infamous ecological catastrophe. Of the estimated 30 million buffalo that wandered the Great Plains in the 1850s, only a few thousand remained in isolated pockets in 1883.

Buffalo were the Indians’ lifeline. They had a symbiotic relationship with them. They honoured the powerful beasts for the countless blessings they provided for the tribe. To the tribal peoples these animals were as important as the sun and rain, for their very survival depended upon them.

In October 1868, General Sheridan write to General Sherman that their best hope to control the Native Americans is to “make them poor by the destruction of their stock, and then settle them on the lands allotted to them.” The plan was clearly to starve them out!

Sheridan’s wicked proposal to exterminate a whole animal species clearly displays the gross level of shameful depravity in mankind, within that tragic situation.

Professional hunters trespassing on sacred Indian lands killed over four million bullalo by 1874. The popular US folk hero, “Buffalo Bill” Cody, is implied to have killed 4,282 buffalo in 18 months.

Most of the animals killed were reportedly left to rot where they fell.

This entire situation must have been one of the worse crimes again nature ever committed!

A gun – happy nation with many damaged egos holding a loathing for the native peoples, and millions of large innocent animals to mow down like grass in a field. What heroes they truly were!