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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Autumn Equinox and the Sacred Apollo Stone

September sees the arrival of the Autumn Equinox (also known as Mabon or Harvest Home), which is celebrated when day and night are approximately of equal duration.

This period marks the descent into increasing darkness and is the final festival of the season of harvesting time. The September Equinox happens the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imagined line in the sky above the Earth’s Equator – from north to south. This event is variable and thus occurs either on September 22, 23, or 24 each autumn. In nature, the activity of the summer months slows down towards the hibernation of winter. For many Pagans, now it is time to reflect on the previous season. It is also a time to recognise that the balance of the year has changed. The seasonal wheel has turned and the light of summer is now over.

Astrologers will recognise this as the date when the Sun enters the sign of Libra - the Scales of Balance. Mabon is a name alleged by some writers to originate from Welsh folklore.  There is a figure known as Mabon ap Modron, or Mabon son of Modron. This character appears in some of the Arthurian legends. Mabon ap Modron simply means the ‘Son of the Mother.’ Mabon is believed by some to be the son of the Earth Mother Goddess, Modron. The title Mabon is derived from the Common Brythonic and Gaulish deity Maponos (Maponus), meaning ‘Great Son’.  In Roman times he was equated with Apollo. As a god of the Sun, Apollo was called Sol.

According to Jones’s Celtic Encyclopedia, at least four inscriptions to Maponos refer to him as Apollo (Apollo Maponos):

RIB 1120 (Corbridge): Apollini Mapono Q Terentius Q F OVF Firmus Saen Praef Castr Leg VI VPFDD. ‘To Apollo Maponus, Quintus Terentius Firmus, son of Quintus, of the Aufentine voting tribe from Saena, Praefectus Castrorum of Legio Sextae Victrix Pia Fidelis, donated out of devotion.’

RIB 1121 (Corbridge): Deo Mapono Apolloni P AE [...]lus / Leg VI Vic VSLM. ‘To the god Maponus Apollo, Publius Ae[lius Lucul]lus, centurion of the victorious Sixth Legion, willingly and deservedly fulfills his vow’.

RIB 1122 (Corbridge): [Deo] / [M]apo[no] / Apo[llini].  ‘To the god Maponos Apollo.’

RIB 583 (Ribchester): Deo san(cto) / [A]pollini Mapono. ‘To the divine god Apollo Maponos’.

Therefore, we can see the ancient solar associations belonging to the deity Maponos commonly linked to the Autumn Equinox herein.

The Apollo Stone, dedicated to the god Apollo Maponos, from AD 241

In  Ribchester’s museum an ancient podium may be seen, which is believed to have carried four figures in relief. On one side is Apollo, dressed in a cape and Phrygian cap, wearing an archery quiver and leaning on his lyre. The side which probably held a relief of Maponos has been disfigured.

On another side is a pair of feminine figures, whose character and roles have been inferred in different ways.  Interpretations included that the relief may depict the genius loci (resident deity) of Ribchester, making an offering to Belisama, the goddess of the nearby River Ribble.

Other observers believe that the figures might be Modron, the divine mother of  Maponus, and a native hunter goddess equated with the Roman deity Diana. 

We can of course never know 'exactly' what lay in the minds of the ancient people who created such amazing reliefs, yet the spiritual associations are there to be instinctively felt by any intuitive individuals with open minds. 

As a British Pagan, I could feel the awesome psychic draw of the Apollo Stone and its ancient link to our distant transcendent past. In fact I kissed it briefly in silent humble reverence, as others may also have done over previous centuries. Our primordial spiritual inheritance goes far behind and before any visits to theses green isles by intolerant 'one-god' missionaries.

The Autumn Equinox is both a time of balance yet also uncertainty on many levels.  The darker nights make way for tales of spiritual disharmony that are frequently marked within old folk tales.

The security of summer’s warmth now heralds the colder nights of incoming winter and the approach of the next seasonal feast of Halloween (Samhain).

The Wheel of the Year turns and eternal seasonal change is marked within the landscape.

Pat Regan © 

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Is he Tango or Teddy? Lost dog at Halsall brings in a flurry of concern

Following my blog article, which also appeared on OTS News (see below), we have had many contacts with concerned dog owners. A few of these correspondents may have vital details regarding the lost dog in question. Please note that the photo of the dog above is NOT the missing one but for illustration purposes only.

Please consider the following data (sent in by a lady called 'Shan'), which we have just received this morning. Could this be the missing dog?

"Teddy was stolen in March from Ramsbottom Lancs and was sold on. Teddy is believed to have been sold on in the Liverpool area but could now be anywhere in the country. He will be two years old in November 2016 he is micro-chipped and is reported as stolen. Teddy has a fat tail at the base and it is also a little bent, as he suffered a broken tail. Teddy is a big lovable boy but does not let you touch his tail as he doesn't like it. Teddy also has a little white on his chest but very little. Teddy is very much loved and missed and also will be missing his family. You may have bought him in good faith and not known that he is stolen, so if you have bought a dog like Teddy since March please take him  to the vets for scanning. We are sure that you love him but he has a family that loves him and that he adores back. You will be reimbursed  of any monies you paid for Teddy. Teddy has a Facebook page called 'Help me find my Teddy boy stolen'.

Please join and help to bring him home where he belongs. "

We believe the number given on the photo belongs to Teddy's owner, Paula.

We also believe that the lost dog could be called 'Tango' and belong to persons in the Plex Moss Lane, Halsall,  area. This is however NOT confirmed yet.

Paula, Teddy's owner may be contacted on: 07857369323. Shan, who is linked to this case via Dog Rescue, may be contacted on: 07756207652. The numbers below relate to all relevant dog wardens. If you see a brown dog of this type alone then please call them immediately.


Lancaster dog warden 01524 58 27 57
Wyre dog warden 01253 89 10 00
Ribble Valley dog warden 01200 42 51 11
Pendle dog warden 01282 66 17 43
Blackpool dog warden 01253 47 74 77
Fylde dog warden 01253 65 86 58
Preston dog warden 01772 90 61 61
Hyndburn dog warden 01254 38 06 43
Burnley dog warden 01282 42 50 11
South Ribble dog warden 01772 62 55 91 / 92
West Lancashire dog warden 01695 58 52 54
Chorley dog warden 01257 51 51 51
Blackburn With Darwin dog warden 01254 58 53 97
Rossendale dog warden 0161 334 0042


Sefton dog warden 0845 140 0845 out of hours 0151 374 2174
Wirral dog warden 0151 647 87 99
Liverpool dog warden 0151 233 30 01 out of hours 0151 374 2174
Knowsley dog warden 0151 443 24 55 out of hours 0151 374 2174
St Helens dog warden 01744 45 67 89

Please click on this link to help spread the news... 

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Lost Dog at Halsall, Lancashire on canal tow path.

Have you lost a dog 'similar' to this one this afternoon on the Leeds and Liverpool canal, at Halsall?

Please note that this dog pictured is ONLY for illustration purposes as no picture of the lost dog is available.  It appears to be a Mastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux type. 

Anglers fishing between the Saracen's Head pub and the next bridge south (heading towards Liverpool) spotted a dog running wild without any owner at about 6.00 pm this afternoon. 

 Attempts to catch it failed and it ran off in the direction of Liverpool, along the canal tow path.

Position of the dog on the canal is marked in red.

Two cyclists also tried to catch the dog but were also unsuccessful.

Please spread the word.

Latest update:


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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Southport’s MP calls for medical weed to be legalised - why this makes good sense

OTS News recently ran this story…

Marijuana for medical purposes should be legalised, says John Pugh MP

The comment from Southport’s MP has come following the findings of a survey produced by the APPG on Drug Policy, which found that 90% on patients using cannabis saw an improvement in their condition, with 86% saying that it had provided ‘great relief’.

John Pugh said: “The medical case for marijuana stacks up well. In the past, I have been approached by a number of constituents suffering from, among other things, MS, who wish to see the ban relaxed to help with their medical situation. Marijuana is already used as an ingredient in certain pharmaceutical preparations and I see no reason why that shouldn’t be extended.”

Dr Pugh’s open-minded call for weed legalisation is one that numerous folks, from diverse backgrounds, have passionately sought for a very long time.

Below are more excellent reasons that I previously highlighted  explaining WHY it makes good sense NOT to outlaw Mother Nature’s herbal cures!




The real weeds are the fickle – hearted prohibitionists hiding behind their double standards and glasses of gin and tonic.The official war on weed is costing the taxpayer a fortune and the fools who ban it are the ones who should be held accountable. According to, each UK taxpayer spends £400 a year on maintaining our current drug policy. This figure is in fact a UK drug policy tax. You have to pay it whether you like it or not. Is this fair and democratic? 

Ever wonder why we see less and less bobbies on the beat? 

OK, break things down a little more and we see that the costs to the police – on cannabis laws alone – stand at around £500 million. This is totally outrageous when a vast number of UK residents are fully against the prohibition of this valuable herb anyway. This natural herb is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and holds many health benefits according to many sources. Marijuana has been found to repress cancer, decrease blood pressure, treat glaucoma, alleviate pain and even inhibit HIV.

Dr.Christina Sanchez explains how cannabis kills cancer cells.

However, in many places this ancient and effective wonder drug is classed as illegal. This is largely because it can, with prudent usage, help a repressed mind to become more independent.This latter aspect gives us a vital clue to why it is deemed to be illegal.

Double standards really stink.

The last thing any mind-controlling government or religious hierarchy wants is to have YOU thinking too independently. Decades of structured and obedient mind control has ensured that you will comply with the wishes of the mind-controllers, when it suits their purpose. 

Is it not extremely bizarre that folks can legally buy booze (something that may promote rapid hostility) without any trouble, yet taking weed brings out such conditioned disapproval? Grownups should be trusted to make their 'own' decisions and not be dictated to by an oppressive Nanny State that is shot through with rank hypocrisy!

The finger-waving authorities who tell us how to run ‘our lives’ are largely made up of a bunch of sanctimonious well-offs who spend lots of time knocking back buckets full of single malt in their elite circles.

Interestingly, police in Durham have indicated that cannabis users will be able to grow the substance for personal consumption after this police force relaxed their drugs policy. Durham Constabulary will no longer target individuals who have cannabis plants at home after they declared the illegal activity is not a major concern.

The force however stated they would still prosecute operators of commercial cannabis farms or those who were being "blatant".

This in fact gives us an indication that the confusing situation is one more about finances being utilised than alleged care for the Nation’s health. 

They will not target individuals who are not an easy meal ticket, regarding what they get for prosecuting them. But they will hit larger growers as there is more cash exchanging hands in this instance. And do please remember that the government by means of the scientific authority that rules and directs most EEC laws, now has a massive amount of new legislation to crack down on any new recreational drug.

They are of course currently distinguishing between personal use and people who produce/prepare the drugs for others on a more commercialised basis. Well organised health-fascists who manage the NHS and influential pharmaceutical naturally quangos don’t want people self-administering themselves with consciousness - altering drugs mainly because the anxiety marketplace is incredibly lucrative for them and brings in massive profits. 

Read more on this here.


The inadvertent crime factor that allegedly goes with ‘commercial’ growing is very much an own goal created by the prohibitionists. Do we see massive crime inroads with legally produced alcohol? No of course not, yet when booze was made illegal, say during the roaring 20s of American, crime was rife.

Does the name of Al Capone sound familiar? 


The prohibition aspect of cannabis is what creates serious problems, plus massive wastage of police resources. This fact was recently indicated via a police statement following a Southport house raid.

A Merseyside Police spokesperson said: “Cannabis cultivation by criminal gangs can cause serious harm in our communities. Criminal groups involved in the cultivation of cannabis are usually involved in other serious organised crime and they often rent residential properties such as this."

And also on ...

Therefore, if this amazing medical herb was made legal the criminal aspect would NOT be an issue.

The fools who are banning weed are bringing in the bloody crime wave themselves right on our heads. It’s not really rocket science is it? You ban something and so you make it a hornet’s nest of crime – legalise it and the threat goes away. Recent 'scientific' propaganda about marijuana has insisted that long-term use causes paranoia. Such claims have been strongly challenged and recently contradicted as being bogus by some researchers. 

Smoking cannabis actually  reduces anxiety, researchers have discovered.

U.S. scientists found marijuana regulates both anxiety and the body’s fight-or-flight response. They state their findings provide credibility to the claims of some users of the drug who believe it reduces their anxiety levels. This finding contradicts previous research which has linked the drug to anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. Researchers at Vanderbilt University, in Tennessee, discovered there are receptors through which marijuana can exert its effects in a key emotional hub in the brain.

More evidence now surfacing on stress relieving qualities linked to cannabis ... 

As an alternative, medical cannabis is a highly effective anxiety-relieving agent, has minimal associated side effects, and many patients report that it works much better for their anxiety conditions than prescription drugs. The first known reference to the use of cannabis for the relief of anxiety dates back to 1500 BC in India. 

In more modern times, an 1860 Report of the Ohio State Medical Committee on Cannabis indica stated: “As a calmative and hypnotic, in all forms of nervous inquietude and cerebral excitement, it will be found an invaluable agent, as it produces none of those functional derangements or sequences that render many of the more customary remedies objectionable.”

Scientists now understand that a cannabinoid molecule known as cannabidiol, or CBD, is responsible for many of cannabis’ anxiety-relieving effects.  CBD, like the more well-known cannabinoid THC, is one of over 100 such molecules found in the cannabis plant.  CBD has been shown to act on natural receptors that are found in our nervous system known as CB1 receptors.  Although they didn’t know why in 1860, the Ohio State Medical Committee noted that Indica strains of cannabis are most effective in treating anxiety.  This is because Indica strains contain higher levels of CBD than Sativa strains. It is important to remember that there are many ways to use cannabis as alternatives to smoking.  These include vaporization, tinctures, edible products, topical applications, teas, and raw plant extracts. Source:

See also: Marijuana Natural Plant Cures Cancer! Legalize Cannabis! BBC Horizon: UK Medicinal Pharma Hypocrisy.

Prescription drugs kill an estimated 100,000 people in the world each year. However, do you know how many deaths are caused by using marijuana, either medicinally or recreationally?

"There are no deaths from cannabis use. Anywhere. You can't find one," said Dr. Lester Grinspoon, professor emeritus at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Lester Grinspoon on medical marijuana

Marijuana truth or financial – driven propaganda?

Dr. Lester Grinspoon, associate professor emeritus at Harvard University knows more that most

Why Marijuana is still illegal

“A blessing that we are eventually going to recognise”

“I had been brainwashed like just about every other citizen in this country”

Dr. Lester Grinspoon speaking on the benefits of medical marijuana


The number of deaths associated with prescription drugs used to treat stress, anxiety and insomnia are increasing at a “frightening” rate, a coroner has told attendees at a medical conference in Melbourne. Prescription drugs were involved in 82% of the 384 overdose deaths investigated by the Victorian coroner’s court in 2014, Audrey Jamieson told the International Medicine in Addiction conference on Saturday.

However, if you are an insecure type of person and feel ‘safer’ in the hands of the Nanny State, then that is your choice. 

The thing is - are you content to live in a state of private repression, via controversial official sanctions or do you value your personal liberty? 

Dr Sanjay Gupta Admits Being Wrong About Medical Marijuana Americans 'Terribly Misled'

CNN's Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon, apologized recently  for publicly opposing marijuana legalization, saying science was clearly on the side of the drug. "I think we have been terribly and systematically misled in this country for some time, and I did part of that misleading," he told CNN host 

The battle for and against legalisation will of course rage on, yet I reiterate that we are all adults and should be left to decide what we eat, drink and consume after making informed decisions, without any biased official interference.

It’s basically what we call FREEDOM. This is a concept that our ancestors had fought for and at times died for in detestable wars to preserve. 

Making nature illegal is the realm of the fool! 

The anti-freedom fascists will be trying to ban the use of rubbing dock leaves on nettle stings next, if we don't watch out. 

One point here is that whilst I am ‘not’ a smoker myself, I strongly support the individual’s liberty to walk along their own path.

Time perhaps that the old outmoded school of blind bigoted prohibition in grey suits woke up and smelled the coffee shop!

See also CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform the UK's largest membership-based cannabis policy group. They campaign for medicinal cannabis on prescription and regulated access for adults.

Latest (well it was a little while ago) debate... Stalag Westminster debate: Courageous people of logic continue to challenge the heath fascists and sad little prohibitionists within our appalling Nanny State Government over long-due legalisation of cannabis… 

Sefton Council goes ahead wasting taxpayers' cash on more speed bumps

The decision makers at Sefton Council seem to have gone totally mad. Today, workers started drilling into marked speed bump areas down Ainsdale's (20 mph - limited) Orchard Lane.

This is just one small lane. Many others, that hold NO speed bumps, are just like it all across Southport. Most never had speed bumps and never will but in Orchard Lane the residents are being inflicted with more, widely discredited, bumps just when they thought they had seen the last of them.

Councillors and campaigners challenging the absurdity of speed bumps  have been totally ignored and the grossly out of touch Sefton Council appears to be a law unto itself. When informed about this latest council absurdity Cllr Haydn Preece stated that he was, "Disappointed" and that we, "Need a review on speed bumps."

We have requested councillors to ask Sefton Council this: "How much is this council folly over speed bumps costing taxpayers in these times or austerity and cuts?" 


Should this apathetic council not be looking in its own mirror if it genuinely wishes to save us all cash?

Laughing all the way to the bank?

Our council is addicted to cutting jobs for ordinary workers and wasting vital cash on silly schemes like the speed bumps. At the same time it is happily squandering 'uber- bucks' on wildly over-paid top brass. Why not save us all much more via pruning back high-paid and largely insignificant council executives like Margaret Carney.

This woman was once reported to make more money than the UK’s Prime Minister? In January 2009 with an annualised salary of £150,894, Carney beat the Prime Minister's £142,500 salary. Including expenses and pension contributions she was said to have received a total of £176, 465 from the local authority in 2009/10.

Is this acceptable for just one council operative, or is it an appalling waste of essential funds? Is all this activity to be seen as 'reasonable conduct' from our council or are we all being ripped off on a daily basis?

See also:

When is Sefton Council ever going to wake up? The public deserve much better than this!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Regans from Ireland to Preston and on to Southport's Little Ireland

For the sake of posterity, I have cobbled together a few bits of family history here that may interest a few folks. I will amend this data as and when time permits.

Spirits from the past perhaps urging me on to mark their lives and times?

Our branch of the Regans came over from Mayo to the UK around the time of the terrible famine in the mid 1800s. This was a harsh period of mass starvation, disease, and emigration in Ireland between 1845 and 1852.

The earliest record on census I have thus far seems to be from 1851. I was informed on a genealogy site that this would mean the family arrived in the UK in the 1840s.

On this 1851 census sheet we can see the Regans living in Preston, ('Back Vicar Street ') Lancashire, with the following named: James, Sally, Bridget, Mary, Mark and Patrick. I was informed (genealogy site) that little Patrick aged 4 was born in Chester.
James was my great, great grandfather whilst Mark was my great granddad.

Later on  the family is recorded residing in 1861 at 'Little Ireland' in Southport.

The 1861 census logs  James, Sarah (apparently previously recorded as Sally), Mary and Mark Regan. They are recorded as living as No. 58 New Ireland (Little Ireland).

10 years later the family appear to have moved to number 86 Little Ireland with James, Sarah, Mark and Ellen recorded. On this 1871 census James is logged as  originating from 'County Mayo'.

1870: Mark Regan married Ellen Wilkinson at St. Marie’s on the Sands church in Southport.

James Regan died  just after Yuletide in 1878, aged 69, at Little Ireland.

1898:  Sarah, the wife of James Regan, died in Little Ireland.

Mark's son, Patrick, died in WWI fighting for King and Country. Patrick's father (My dad) William (Bill)  survived the WW2.

Patrick married Rhoda (Howard) in 1911 and I believe they lived at 80 Stamford Road in Birkdale.

Today, Patrick's name is carved into the white  stone of the War Memorial on Southport's Lord Street.

Pat Regan ©

This page is being updated so please check back now and then. 

Is Sefton Council set to waste more of our cash on new speed bumps?

Celebrations surrounding the removal of hated speed bumps in Ainsdale's Orchard Lane may be short-lived, as the council may be planing to construct 'new' bumps. Images taken this week revealed that white speed bump shaped markings have been placed on the lane in six places over the newly created surface.

Unpopular and dangerous speed bumps were removed earlier this month in Ainsdale's Orchard Lane. Damage to the bumps, from car exhaust grinding etc, was previously marked as on ongoing problem.

Numerous reasons regarding why these defunct and costly speed devices are not needed have been highlighted many times before.

The area is already designated as a 20 mph zone. Wasting taxpayer's cash in this fashion is disgusting in these times of austerity and service cuts.

This week Ainsdale's Cllr Haydn Preece stated: "With our 20 mph in place now surely the unpopular speed bumps need to be reviewed across the town as a matter of urgency and certainly in Ainsdale where lots of residents have contacted me."

Cllr Preece is spot on and the issue is certainly matter of urgency. Recent reports about the hated speed bumps have shown that they are highly unpopular with residents across the resort and not only in Ainsdale.

Previously Cllr Preece said: “I would like all speed bumps abolished. Drivers ride over them at their peril .They are intrusive to residents creating noise and vibration in many areas and can badly damage cars as many protrude too high. The 20 mph culture setting ‘20’s Plenty for Us ’ campaign is now our policy and this should suffice as we ALL adjust to the 20 mph traffic measures in areas that have been designated. Let’s have a positive attitude and abolish speed bumps that are all over our town, I’m definitely against all of the ones placed in Ainsdale.”

Many similar lanes and roads in the town do not have speed bumps, so why exactly is this absurd council wasting our cash in Ainsdale? This out-of-touch council has ignored all sensible calls for wholesale speed bump removal and has instead apparently (if it goes ahead) taken this crazy decision to replace the hated, high maintenance bumps.

Are you happy to see our money wasted like this? How much is this ill-considered council stupidity going to cost us? Moreover, who exactly are the key decision makers behind this blatant misuse of public funding?

Have YOU fallen for authoritarian traffic-control spin, or have you alternatively signed the‘Dump the Bumps’ petition yet?  

Pat Regan ©