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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

New Soft Play Area opens at Dobbies Garden Centre in Southport

Dobbies in Southport is set to launch a much-anticipated new Little Seedlings soft play area on the 22nd September.

To celebrate the opening a host of activities will be taking place at the garden centre to entertain families throughout the afternoon.

Activities including face painting, balloon modelling, a mini disco and special guest characters will take place until 2pm.

Dobbies welcomes all children to explore the bright new play zone where they will be able to have fun and tumble with Bud and the rest of the Little Seedlings gang.

The new soft play area has something for all kids up to ten years old, with a special toddler zone for children under four, and the main area best suited for those between the ages of three and ten.
The launch day will include a range of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy such as special guest visits from Spiderman, Chase, Moana and Maui and balloon modelling.

Children can also enjoy getting their face painted and receive glitter tattoos, which they can then show off at the mini disco.

Zoe Stanmore, community champion at Dobbies Garden Centre Southport, said:

“Making our customers happy is our priority at Dobbies, so we’re delighted to have the new soft play for families to enjoy. The kids can play away whilst parents, grandparents and carers can take a well-earned break with a snack or a hot drink watching how much fun their little ones are having.”

The new soft play area is open Monday – Saturday from 9am to 5pm, with the last play at 3.30pm, and on Sundays from 10am until 4pm, with the last play at 2.30pm.

Each session costs £3.50 per child for 90 minutes, or £3 per child per 90 minutes for Dobbies Rewards members, with 50p from each visit, donated to charity. 

For more information, visit or contact Dobbies Garden Centre Southport on 01704 552920

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Monday, 17 September 2018

Tommy Robinson’s censorship & torture by UK’s Nanny State

Tommy Robinson has been outspoken and volatile for some years, in his criticisms of Islam. Naturally, he will have probably chastised himself privately for some of his earlier actions.

Nevertheless, his recent inhuman treatment by the self-righteous UK Establishment is a black stain on this country.

Mr Robinson’s predicament has now been highlighted on the following YouTube link during an interview with Ezra Levant

The UK press failed to acquire a record of the court proceedings, which were supposed to have reported that Robinson pleaded guilty, which he did not.

Robinson did not get any kind of trial before being remanded to HM Prison Hull, which is 7% Muslim. Initially, for his protection, the prison authorities put him in the hospital section. He was allowed a TV and admission to a gym.

He was not a killer, rapist or a thief and only charged with a civil offence. However, he was held in a facility for hardened criminals.

He was supposed to be able to spend £50 per week in the canteen but was only permitted the normal prison amount of £12. This wasn’t a serious problem, however, because Robinson could eat in the cafeteria, where he could see that he was being given the same food as other prisoners and know he wasn’t being poisoned. However, this situation was not to last. His jailers told him he was moving, though they wouldn’t tell him where to.

It transpired that Mr Robinson was taken to HM Prison Onley, a vicious jail with a 30% Muslim population. When he got there, the warden couldn’t tell him why he’d been sent there. Robinson articulated his fear that the Muslim gangs would try to kill him. Even so, the warden absurdly told him he’d be safe in this place because he’d been remanded there under his legal name, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

This was a highly dangerous farce because the Muslim gangs therein knew Robinson’s previous name as well as his physical appearance.

A list of appalling human right abuses soon followed in the prison for Tommy Robinson, including the following:

  • Exercise periods, which involved locking him up in a tiny cage inside the building where many aggressive prisoners screamed abuse at him and about his family. 

  • Solitary confinement and thus the inability to verify that his food wasn’t poisoned.

  • One tin of tuna per day and some fruit to eat, due to lack of cash. 

  • Robinson’s cell was situated so that whenever prisoners went to the area of the prison used as a mosque, they’d pass by his cell. They spat at him, threatened him, and threw human excrement into his cell.

  • Fearing his own murder by angry Muslims, Robinson wrote letters to his family only to later discover that the prison staff had not forwarded them on.

Many other human rights breaches that shame our country’s legal system continued against this family man. He was largely ignored and left to rot by the media too.

The leaders of the Spanish Inquisition would have applauded how the corrupt UK system has treated this brave man and it is a despicable travesty of justice. Remember too that he was not any dangerous or violent criminal but simply a man with an honest opinion about the very real dangers of religious extremism in the UK.

On September 27, Tommy Robinson will go to London’s Old Bailey, where the nation’s nastiest criminals are tried. Will he be offered a deal to plead guilty in exchange for his freedom? If so, is that not just another form of authoritarian censorship and officialised blackmail?

How many vital human rights have been broken in the officialised disgusting fiasco against Tommy Robinson? Here's a summary of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a few that may apply to this case…

  • Article 5: No one has the right to inflict torture, or to subject anyone else to cruel or inhuman treatment.

  • Article 9: Nobody should be arrested, put in prison, or sent away from our country unless there is a good reason to do so.

  • Article 11: Everyone accused of a crime has the right to be considered innocent until they have fairly been proven to be guilty.

  • Article 19: Everyone has the right to their own opinions, and to be able to express them freely. We should have the right to share our ideas with who we want, and in whichever way we choose.

  • Article 25: We all have the right to enough food, clothing, housing and healthcare for ourselves and our families.

  • Article 30: No government, group or individual should act in a way that would destroy the rights and freedoms of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

More human rights violations may also apply to Mr Robinson’s plight.

Sadly, however, many libertarian groups that freely advertise these human rights have remained totally silent about the Robinson case. The term ‘double standards’ springs to mind…

Study Mr Robinson’s numerous online activities and you will soon realise that he has in reality only criticised fanatical Islam. The horrors of Sharia law have concerned many people yet most remain silent.  Alternatively, Tommy Robinson spoke out loud and clear!

As recent interviews have shown, he is a very spirited man. The impression that he is a racist is irrational, as his closed circle testifies.

He is the only person at the moment to challenge the Alt-Left cranks who want to take this country into darkness, via inevitably changing it to a Sharia State; whilst the politically-correct zombified UK populace slumbers on.

Tommy Robinson, for covering provocative areas that the increasingly Nanny State, British media dare not touch, is being treated like the new Antichrist.

Cowardly UK editors (in the pockets of the usual - tried and failed - politicians) continue to turn a blind eye to his odious plight, whilst the rest of the world looks on in disgust and amazement.

This appalling suppression of freedom of speech should now sound alarm bells within ever British man or woman.

Sa Ra Garvey meets Tommy Robinson

Interesting video here on human rights and freedom of speech…. 

The essential liberty that our ancestors fought and died to preserve is being eroded on the daily basis. Robinson’s 'officially – sanctioned' persecution, for standing up against the State’s propaganda push on ill-considered aspects of multiculturalism, is a great example.

His plight is more evidence of a radical police state in the making. We all have a share in what to do next; either we speak out or remain silent like well-controlled sheep.

Today, British lions need to roar, not hide away in dark corners whilst the terminally idiotic politicians continue to destroy what's left of our homeland.

The real enemy of freedom is fundamentalism (in its many guises), along with the gormless power-brokers in grey suits that helped it to gain a foothold in the UK in the first place...

Media Faction or Hard facts? 

We have all seen the hysterical anti-Robinson propaganda, trotted out by the duplicitous media and endorsed by ambiguous politicians with their own self-seeking agendas. However, the truth is quite a different thing altogether. Any individual who bravely challenges dangerous religious extremist ideology (of any kind) is to be applauded, not censored and victimised by the State.

Wake up Britain, before it’s too late! We allow one man's freedom of speech to be eroded by the Establishment at the dire risk to all our combined liberties. 

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Tommy Robinson - Main (Oxford Union) Speech

If we truly value our freedom of belief and opinion then we MUST be prepared to extend it to others. 

Pat Regan © 

Friday, 7 September 2018

Lib Dems to consider adopting policy to axe Catholic education in Scotland

The Scottish Liberal Democrats are set to discuss adopting a policy to end Catholic education in Scotland at their conference this Saturday. However, some in the party will seek to defeat the suggestion.

At the conference a motion will be discussed, which will call on the Scottish Government to…

  • ‘Pursue a single secular model of state-funded education,’
  • ‘Remove religious belief as a placing criteria for Scottish state funded schools,’ 
  • ‘Remove faith as a criteria for selecting or recommending teachers for employment or   promotion,’
  • ‘Remove the non-elected church positions from local authority education boards and replace   with elected positions open to residents residing in the local authority.’ 

The old maxim that says: ‘Schools should be for education and not religious indoctrination’, rings loud and clear herein.

Will similar proposals against Catholic indoctrination of children extend to England? How far will our politicians go to oppose (or support) this type of religious fundamentalism?

Naturally, any such political proposals to reduce religious radicalism will infuriate narrow-minded parents who want to ensure that their children are fully indoctrinated into the sectarian Catholic ethos. Nevertheless, Catholicism is facing severe criticism over countless priestly perverts in its ranks. Catholisism is also being reduced in some parts of Ireland with number falling fom 90% to just 30% in the wake of clergy abuse cases. Moreover, the Pope is being condemned by critics everywhere for not properly challenging the odious international ecclesiastical paedophilia situation.

Pope Francis recently stated he was ashamed of the Catholic Church's failure to effectively address the "repellent crimes" of sex abuse by clergy.

Moreover, in Ireland the Prime Minister had delivered a robust warning to the Pope to take action against clergy involved in child abuse and keeping it secret.

Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, says child abuse numbers far higher than reported 

Child abuse by clergy is much higher than reported, according to leading Catholic clergyman, Diarmuid Martin 

“The numbers of those abused is immense and the numbers that have come forward is only a proportion of that and there are many people who are holding still in their own hearts the sadness of abuse,” the archbishop said during a press conference. 

Nevertheless, papal lip service to a problem is expected but this is simply more ‘Damage Limitation’ by a struggling division of religious Christian fundamentalism. Let’s get one thing straight; any papal apology is absolute nonsense. Why is that you may rightly ask. Well the answer is to be found within the Church’s own mandate and the deeply entrenched and oh so well indoctrinated attitudes of the ‘Faithful ones,’ who blindly support this corrupt and dangerous religious doctrine.

Confessional Box Lie

Clergy have protected their appalling child abusers for decades with excuses about confessional box confidentiality.

Some clergymen have also stated that they would rather go to prison than reveal confessional box crimes. This is also utter rubbish and typical fundamentalist spin, due to the following…

Vatican confessional defence is false

The defence that the Vatican has been using about confessional box confidentiality is false. In 1962 it was ruled permissible for abuse by Catholic priests confessed to other priests in their regular confessionals to be reportable.

It's all outlined in Canon Crimen Solicitationis. See:

The Catholic hierarchy is therefore lying about confessional confidentiality in order to cover-up and whitewash perverted  priests who abuse children, by pretending not to know or observe their own clearly stated rules.

Now with the Scottish Libdem proposals to end Catholic education, we may see thousands of Catholic parents up in arms if their freedom to brainwash their kids into this branch of religious fundamentalism is affected.

Other people will seriously question such parental action as deeply flawed, mainly because of the growing concerns over child safety in the hands of rogue clergy.

How long will it be before the rest of the international community finally say 'NO MORE' to the reality of the Church's massive child abuse fiasco?

See also… 

A pervert priest who watched videos of children being raped walks free from court  

Pat Regan ©

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Ribble Estuary: Alien invasion or something a little more terrestrial?

Travelling along Southport’s Coastal Road at Marshside, eagle-eyed folks could perhaps have been forgiven for wondering what the strange cloud of distant UFOs over the River Ribble's estuary actually consisted of. Had ET landed at Blackpool or...?

At first I thought the mystery objects were a skein of large geese but a closer look with the camera revealed the truth...

I got the super-zoom out to discover more about these distant flying objects. They appeared to be kites. A quick Google search soon revealed that this was indeed a kite festival at Lytham St Annes.  

Above: crowds of people on the other side of the Ribble estuary with their kites. 

Find out more here... 

Curious onlookers watched, unsure of what they were witnessing... 

Nevertheless, the mystery was finally solved...

Pat Regan © 

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Ainsdale Beach Bank Holiday Car Chaos

Some cars got through the thick sands at Ainsdale’s beach entrance, while others were not so lucky.

There was also no sign of any attempts to move the thick sand at the entrance by the local authority. Basically, numerous unlucky drivers were left to tackle the tricky situation, as best they could.

The soft sands are very hard to avoid,  as they frequently cover the whole entrance area.So what advice do Sefton Council give? They state:  "We would ask visitors to ensure that they drive and park sensibly within the defined parking area and avoid areas of soft sand to avoid getting stuck or causing an obstruction."
Sefton Council's parking advice to drivers is of course quite meaningless, because ot the state of the entrance. 

Until the entrance is cleared the authority should in reality be warning drivers to avoid this obstacle. 

Pat Regan © 

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Catholic Confessional Farce: 1.2 billion happy to protect vile child abusers UPDATED

Pope Francis has said he is ashamed of the Catholic Church's failure to adequately address the "repellent crimes" of sex abuse by clergy. The Irish prime minister earlier delivered a strong warning to the Pope to take action against clergy involved in child abuse and keeping it secret.

It all sounds fine and dandy but in affect it’s simply more ‘Damage Limitation’ by a struggling branch of religious Christian Fundamentalism. Let’s get one thing straight; any papal apology is utter rubbish. Why is that you may rightly ask. Well the answer is to be found within the Church’s own mandate and the deeply entrenched and oh so well indoctrinated attitudes of the ‘Faithful ones,’ who blindly support this corrupt and dangerous religious regime.

The Doctrinal Evil that protects child abusers within the Church

Abusive priests will still be protected from prosecution on many occasions due to Church teachings on confession. These out-moded fundamentalist rules make a mockery of law and give vile child abusers shelter.

Ok, let's suppose that one child abusive priest decides to ask for forgiveness. He’s perhaps been abusing little kids placed in his care for many years and has now grown too old to actually bother doing it any longer. He goes to the confessional box and seeks forgiveness. His pal in the dog collar on the other side of the grill makes all the right noises and gives the child abuser a few dozen Hail Marys and Our Fathers to get his salvation.

Later on, the police ask the priest to give evidence against the ecclesiastical abuser. Now we see the big rub. The priest WILL NOT break the confessional code of silence, thus the child abuser is most likely moved to another parish, without punishment. Yes, it all gets swept under the carpet!

Q. What sort of god protects child abusers?

A. The one that resides with the priest in the confessional box!

Below is one small example of the dangerous mind control at work within this church that helps clerical abusers of children escape justice, time and time again. For this Catholic writer, Joanna Moorhead, the confidentiality of the confessional box (which she calls "sacrosanct") apparently supersedes child safety.

Denis Hart, the Archbishop of Melbourne, previously said that the sacredness of the confessional was above the law, and that he would rather go to jail than report any sin he heard during the sacrament of penance.

This of course means that if a vile child abuser visits him, or other so-called spiritual representatives of God, in a confessional box the crimes will remain secret.

Hart's callous attitude was furthermore supported by the Catholic writer of the article in question. Millions of  ordinary Catholics either support this principle or simply remain silent. So where exactly does this Dark Age, doctrinal, nonsense leave millions of abused kids does today, regardless of the Pope’s latest damage limitation exercise?

Catholic Church and the danger to children in brief... 

Clergy abuse of children is not limited to Catholicism and numerous examples exist in other Christian denominations. However, Catholic priests believe they have a sacred responsibility to their devout pledges of concealment in their own circles. This they believe supersedes their legal responsibility under the law of the land.

They are prepared to go to prison to defend this belief. One example may be reiterated with Denis Hart, the Archbishop of Melbourne, previously stating that the sacredness of the confessional was above the law and that he would rather go to jail than report any sin he heard during the sacrament of penance.

In the eyes of the clergy, the confidentiality of the confessional automatically produces forgiveness. This they believe grants even the vilest child abuser of children spiritual clemency. Of course, the result is that they remain hidden within the safety of their church and the situation continues with more child victims. In a nutshell, the pervert clergyman has a convenient ‘get out’ clause, which enables any depraved priest to escape full accountability providing he can keep his crimes in the dark for long enough.

This appalling situation is fully supported by every ordinary Catholic, because the Church hierarchy (that cannot be disobeyed) decrees the confessional clause to be the Law of God!

Whilst this confessional silence policy stands priestly perverts will remain safe. It is up to the billions who actually believe in all of this fundamentalist dogma to demand that the policy is changed.

Can 1.2 billion people be wrong? 

There are an estimated 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world, according to Vatican figures. Can they be wrong? Well when it comes to protecting odious child abusers within their confessional box the answer must be YES!

Surely the children must take priority over man-made Catholic diktat, which places itself above the law and is happily perverting the course of justice? 

If this bogus faith system cannot wake up and change its evil ways if must go the way of the dinosaur. Children's safety MUST come before absurd and perilous teachings that fly in the face of common sense laws against filthy child abusers in dog collars....

NO CHILD WILL EVER BE SAFE IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, whilst this ancient confessional (cop out) clause stands.

Considering all of the above, the Pope’s recent comments change nothing. His half-hearted apologies stand for little more than hollow lip-service to an appalling situation that should have been addressed decades ago.

Catholicism: driving itself into extinction…

If this religious system cannot govern its actions against millions of innocent children properly (which it cannot) then it’s high time that the rest of society demanded its removal. No one or no organisation should be above the law!

Pat Regan © 


Vatican confessional defence is false

The defence that the Vatican has been using about confessional confidentiality is FALSE. In 1962 it was ruled permissible for abuse by Catholic priests confessed to other priests in their regular confessionals to be REPORTABLE.

It's all outlined in Canon Crimen Solicitationis. See:

Thus, bishops and Catholic hierarchy are LYING about confessional confidentiality in order to cover-up and whitewash priests who abuse children, by pretending not to know or observe their own clearly stated rules. 


‘Disappointing, nothing new’: Survivors are unimpressed with Pope Francis’ visit to Ireland amid clergy sex abuse scandal


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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Southport Flower Show 2018: more images

Southport Flower Show 2018

Thursday 16th  to 19th August from 10am - 6pm (5pm Sunday).

Venue: Victoria Park

One high-flyer at the show, who was not deterred by the threat of August rain showers... 

Even dull weather could not stop the magic of the show... 

The second day of the show drifted into the third and for a while the sun showed its face.

NB. Thanks to Kyle Regan for additional images.

Southport Flower Show is the largest independent flower show in the country, attracting over 50,000 visitors across 4 days. 

Pat Regan © 

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Friday, 17 August 2018

In Pictures: Southport Flower Show 2018

The day was dull and the crowds seemed thinner than last year.

Regardless of the weather the show is always a magical experience.

Time for a quick brew... 

Lord Fearn OBE appeared to be enjoying the ice cream... 

Wigan's ukulele crew were, as usual, having a good time... 

Floral blooms galore of course stole the show. 

Pat Regan © 

Set sail to Greenbank High School this September

Ahoy shipmates! Have you ever wanted to sail or charter a boat abroad but don’t know where to start? Then set a course to Greenbank High School on Hastings road in Southport this September where Paul Harrison from Seavoice Training will be ready to welcome you on board a 10 week Essential Navigation and Seamanship theory course.

The Essential Navigation and Seamanship course is an ideal foundation course to anyone new to boating or for skippers who are a little rusty and would like to refresh their Navigation skills. On successfully completing the course you will be awarded a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Certification of completion.

The course starts on Monday 17th September and will run for a duration of 10 weeks every Monday evening 7 – 9pm.

For further details about this course please contact Paul Harrison at Seavoice Training on: 01704 571903. Alternatively you can book the course online at 


Monday, 13 August 2018

One way to beat gridlock

Getting around town with increased gridlock and ticket-hungry traffic wardens ready to pounce on every corner can be frustrating. However, this high-flyer seems to have sorted out the problem.

Sefton's finest - always ready for action... 

Meanwhile, down at Ainsdale beach some unfortunate drivers have fallen victims to the deep, car-grabbing, sands. Of course it's an ongoing problem as well... 

Wrecked cars moved from Formby/Ainsdale shore

Cars and sand are a bad mix at times, as we have seen in the past... 

Locals looked on in disbelief,  apparently not very impressed with the questionable parking facilities at hand... 

Our coast is beautiful and wild. Nevertheless, it must be respected as tide and weather (plus shifting sands) can change quickly and catch unwary folk off guard... 

Be vigilant and be safe! 

Pat Regan ©