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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Well now - this is rather interesting news that raises many serious questions ... 


Open letter to Mersey Forest regarding proposals to use areas of Sefton as so-called Woodland Allotments

From the Countryside Awareness Group

26 April 2016

Dear sir/madam

We are aware that a controversial initiative for felling trees for firewood (Woodland Allotments) is being tabled for many areas within Sefton.

As a group that was formed to raise awareness about loss of our UK countryside and wildlife habitat we must tell you that we have very serious reservations about this new plan. What assurances can you give local residents of areas ear-marked for this controversial tree-felling plan, that the Woodland Allotments would be properly policed and if so by whom? 

Have local residents been asked if they wish to have chain saws cutting down trees, right next to their properties?

Many attractive wooded areas are in places that are enjoyed as walks by residents with dogs and played in by children. This fact alone would suggest that your proposals may be fraught with dangers and largely an insurance nightmare for Sefton Council waiting to happen.

Also, many of the trees that are marked for alleged ‘thinning’ are willow and popular, species which form timber that are not regarded as good for burning as they tend to spit when burned. Groups of people running around our peaceful woodlands with power saws are not beneficial to close human communities and terrified wildlife. 

Moreover, Sefton Council has ‘already’ proven that it cannot be trusted with any woodland initiatives and the needs of local volunteers. Kindly see this link for details.

Furthermore, some of the woodlands in question hold mature trees that are home to wild birds, bats and other legally-protected creatures. Is nature being dismissed with this dubious plan in favour of a bit of free firewood?

We believe that communities need more trees planting and not destroying.  As for involving the local community – we DO NOT need to chop the woodlands down just to get the community involved in lovely areas that are already being enjoyed.

Countryside Awareness Group


Literature available indicates that 25 trees per year are potentially being marked for felling if this project is accepted. That is 100 specimens over 5 years. What a massive negative impact this may have on many small woodlands in Sefton. 

So who exactly is going to decide which trees are destroyed and where? 

The previous failings of Sefton Council and the Woodvale charity over unjust dealings with loyal volunteers (that were banned from the project they had created for blowing the whistle on safety issues, insurance, etc) are highly significant in this situation. 

Can man never leave nature alone, to do what it does best - SURVIVE? 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Dragons and Snakes - have you fallen for the old-time church spin? 

Saint George's Day: Slaying dragons or killing the truth?

Any truly unbiased analysis of historical fact indicates that Saint George's Day is nothing more than a bogus Christian celebration, based on much earlier indigenous Pagan tradition.

Shrewd early Church promoters of the foreign eastern Christ cult soon misled the English Nation into believing that the George tradition was theirs alone. 

Nothing in fact could be further from the truth!

Have you made friends with a ‘dragon’, or is it your enemy? Perhaps the dragon is a euphemism for an older, earth-orientated spiritual tradition that many cross-waving religious ‘crusaders’, even today, wish to crush out of existence?

Yes, the Church used the dragon as a symbol of (Pagan) evil to be roundly dispatched by the heroic George, their shining superstar of Christendom.  Let’s find out the facts, rather than accept the traditional biblical fiction behind this interesting issue.

Our Pagan spiritual origins and how the Christian cult has robbed an entire nation of its genuine native spiritual heritage

So, is Saint George's Day really a celebration of all the best traditional things in Englishness or is it something else entirely? 
For answers, we must examine historical facts, rather than follow the blinkered Christian herd and mindless bias.
On Saint George's Day we see an espousal of Pagan tradition, blatantly inserted with the intention of winning converts for the new monotheistic religion from the East. 
St George was  seen as the ‘Soldiers’ Saint’ and this may be based on earlier worship of the Roman soldier god of the legions, Mithras.

Long before the St George fable was first hatched Mithras had killed his mythological adversary the bull. Furthermore, the actual dragon slaying myth, associated with George, is manifestly linked to the prior engagement between the god Apollo and his monstrous adversary Python of Delphi.

There is a slight gap in the calendar between them but St. George's Day (on the 23rd April) lands at the ‘same’ period as the Parilia (21st April.) The Parilia (or Palilia) was sacred to Pales, the goddess of shepherds and herders.
During the feast farmers would drive their flocks and herds between blazing fires and subject them to fumes of rosemary, laurel and sulphur (sulfur) in a rite of purification to guarantee strong future progeny. The participants would also jump over small fires of straw and dance around fires throughout the night, making merry all the while. Offerings to Pales consisted of milk and millet wafers were given in the hope of keeping dangerous wolves away from the flocks and to ward off disease.
The ancient Pagan tradition of fire-festivals, involving blazing beacons is still deeply rooted in human consciousness. The new fire of spring light, which will give us summer's growth, is something elemental within our psyche yet indispensable.
Man, from the earliest times in our pre-history, has always sought to link up with the awesome, natural, psychic energies present here, for the benefit of all on a deeply spiritual level. The actual day which marks the Palilia is also the day when Romulus (the legendary, son of Mars,) first built his great city of Rome. It is interesting to note here that Romulus observed Tuscany to discover what kind of ceremonies he should use for his new city. Thus Romulus gained vital ritual knowledge from the elder peoples of that place, which they had in turn received from Janus, the great god of new beginnings.
The first wine of the new season was always offered to Janus. Venus shared a feast on two separate days with Jupiter called the Vinalia. Her day occurred on the same date originally as the later St. George's Day; Jupiter's took place in August.
During these events wine was freely distributed to the local people from the temple of the deities in question. Prior to this rite a wine libation was given to the earth in honour of Venus. Contemporary Pagans/Witches still bestow sincere veneration to the universal male and female aspects of divinity (the God and Goddess) by remembering this ancient libation first to the old gods during their seasonal celebrations.
Venus was also offered expensive gifts of roses, myrtle and sweet scented incense at the Vinalia. This goddess was perceived as travelling in an ivory chariot drawn by swans.

Swans are often associated with love deities such as in Angus, the Celtic god of love, who once transformed into this proud creature. The gentle dove too is another sacred symbol of the great Goddess that has since been insidiously adopted by the early Church and made into its own.
Today, we have two choices. We can bury our heads in the sand of mundane perception and monotonous daily routine, or alternatively we can make a special place in our hearts for the old gods and thereby seek out higher planes of consciousness. The beautiful April festivals of the Love Goddess give us a rare insight into the depth of spiritual understanding held by our primeval Pagan forefathers. 
Each celebration whether Norse, Saxon, Roman, Celtic or otherwise always parallels with the wholesome destructive and creative seasonal forces of nature that impinge upon our being. We doggedly hang on to life due to the abject terror of death. Yet life cannot ‘be’ without death and of course vice versa. Before us in this century and just as today, many so-called 'holy men' have made quite a highly profitable business out of the fear of death. They have peddled their seductive religious propaganda and many have fallen for its allure.
Missionary churches have sprung up everywhere, like mushrooms, and inflexible sectarian agendas that have basically been ‘anti-life’ in constitution have forged bogus empires everywhere. Man-made religious credos, based on historically tried and tested mind-control gambits against the indoctrinated masses and skilled political acumen, have suppressed the genuine spiritual evolution of our species.
Overtly materialistic 21st century life may understandably seem devoid of deeper meaning to many. Furthermore, the stark and basically repressive choice given by modern ecclesiastical movers (who want the monopoly on ‘your’ soul) today is one of ‘God or the Devil!’ In fact that is ‘no’ choice at all. Such arrogant self-righteousness shouts out: “follow this holy credo or be eternally damned!”

Nevertheless, the answers to greater awareness and self-understanding are just waiting to be accessed. This extraordinary wisdom has not gone away or been lost. It is still there waiting patiently, like the emerging buds of April, to prosper anew. 
We can see by the above that the entire xenophobic ruckus over Saint George and so-called ‘English Christian Heritage’ is 100% counterfeit. This fundamentalist mind control subterfuge gives us clear evidence of how successfully the Church has misled an entire nation with numerous lies throughout many centuries. 

Irish version of the same thing

George and Patrick – ethnic religious cleaning by stealth

We can also see similarities with Ireland’s Saint Patrick’s Day and Christian subversion of more ancient truths. Comical claims that Saint Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland are farcical.

Ireland thawed out the last time only 15,000 years ago. Since that time 12 miles of cold water in the Northern Channel separate Ireland from Scotland, which does harbour a few species of snakes. Ireland however has no snakes because they simply cannot get there.

Like the Dragon in English myth, the Snake was misused by the Church as a negative symbol to alienate us from our spiritual heritage 

Snakes referred to in the Saint Patrick myth are not meant in the precise sense, but refer to the native Pagans of the land.

Saint Patrick drove the Pagan Celts out of Ireland and this particular snake myth displays this framework of religious hate against the native spiritual ethos very well.

Celebrating on Saint Patrick’s Day with drinking and much frolicking ironically marks the spread of intolerant Christianity throughout Ireland and the suppression and conversion of the native Celtic peoples. 

Both George and Patrick then are symbolic of a kind of religious – based ethical cleansing that would be seem as an outrageous action today.

Are you sincerely thinking for yourself or are you just like the rest of the well-indoctrinated sheep, permitting ‘others,’ with hidden agendas in pious chapels made of brick to do it for you? 

If you truly value your personal liberty then this is a question seriously worth thinking about 

Pat Regan © 

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Friday, 22 April 2016


UKIP's typically vocal Paul Nuttall was recently reported in OTS News announcing that St George’s Day should be declared a Bank Holiday,

Fair enough you may say. Nevertheless, others will claim this to be just one more transparent way to drum up additional political support, prior to the elections.

What else resides behind this man’s past conduct?


Nuttall seems quite happy for us to take time off work for this Christian – inspired festival yet he had ‘other’ opinions a while back when people of a different spiritual makeup asked for similar.

So why are we experiencing such ‘selective political’ engineering from this man today?

OK, start a new political gathering; wave your fists about and shout a lot then grab a swift bit of bigoted support, via attacking the nearest spiritual minority! 

Remember Germany in the 1930s, sound familiar? Hitler was also expert at drumming up support based of his 'Christian' values.

Southport - based author, Pat Regan, tackled Nuttall, a while back following his uncalled for attack on the UK Pagan minority. 

The Southport media covered this story, as below...

19 May 2010

The region's Pagan community has reacted with uproar this week after a political party branded moves to let police officers celebrate their festivals as “madness”.

Pat Regan, founder of the Pagan Anti-Defamation Network, told The Champion on Monday, May 17, 2010, that a statement sent out by the UK Independence Party describing a ruling allowing Pagan police officers in Lancashire and Merseyside to take time off to commemorate their festivals as “politically correct madness” was offensive, and called for UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall to resign.

“I was saddened, shocked and appalled at recent comments made against the UK's Pagan minority by Paul Nuttall, MEP for the UK Independence Party. This type of negative diatribe against an innocent spiritual minority may in fact breach UK laws relating to Incitement to Religious Hatred. He may also be in breach of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and in particular articles 18 and 19. If Mr Nuttall values his own freedom of expression then he should be prepared to extend this essential liberty to others,” he said.

“Nuttall's disgraceful language belongs to a radical 1930s Germany and not a free and democratic UK 21st century society. I fully intend to expose and complain about Mr Nuttall's blatant ignorance and apparent bigotry, which may affect many ordinary Pagan families in society. After Pagans who will Mr Nuttall single out next?”

The comments come after the Pagan Police Association has just been officially recognised as a 'diversity staff support organisation' by the Home Office, allowing Pagan police officers to take time off. Mr Nuttall, who stood as UKIP's parliamentary candidate in Bootle at the general election, said in a statement issued to The Champion last weekend that Pagans had “unabashed sexuality and promiscuity”.

“These pagan festivals include believers behaving with 'unabashed sexuality and promiscuity', casting spells and dancing around naked,” he said. “It is politically correct madness of high order for the Home Office to give this approval. Everyone is entitled to their own religious belief and if they want to use their holiday entitlement to be off for their festivals that's fine but it should not be a legal right.”

Lancashire Constabulary said it recognised the Home Office decision, saying: “Lancashire Constabulary recognises that in order to effectively deliver policing services, the make-up of our staff needs to be fully representative of the communities we police and that religious needs and beliefs should where possible be accommodated in order to satisfy individual requirements.”

Drumming up revulsion against any spiritual minority is unacceptable in any fair-minded society. Pagans today remain as the folk who generally follow the 'native (not imported), earth-orientated, spirituality' of our British ancestors.

Intolerance kills

We have already seen the worrying extremism from this party in Southport when their main man called for others who failed to agree with UKIP policy to be 'hung'! 

Do we really wish to turn back the clock to the insanity of such persecution as we previously saw in Germany? Many may say, "so what, who cares that does not involve me".

But many said the same in Germany when the Jews etc, were being murdered and look how all that escalated...

So after UKIP rids society of its political dissenters, who they perceive as "traitors", and religious minorities, who they see as expendable, what faction will be 'next' on their hit list? Sound at all familiar, it should, and history has been known to repeat itself!

 Waving a finger about and shouting a lot does 'not' make one right!

Prejudice based on silliness, unawareness and any sort of political pampering to public mob-mentality is unacceptable and must always be challenged by everyone who values their freedom of belief and expression!

Sadly, some may not have heard about the concept of ‘freedom of opinion’, yet  it is enshrined within article 19 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Does anyone really fall for such obvious political spin? 

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Our fantastic green spaces are not to be used as a political football

Care for the eco-system or political engineering of the lowest order? 

Woodvale Woodland in Southport holds a plethora of wildlife including many bird species, both natives and visitors from afar.

Southport author, Pat Regan, is seen here back in 2009 explaining the origin 'behind' the lovely Woodvale woodland in Southport. Please excuse the poor quality of the video, which was taken with a very basic camera at that time. 

 This woodland was created by a 4 to 5 man team in the 1970s and it is now a wildlife reserve in its own right. 

Pat (pictured above in the 1970s) was  part of the original Southport team that created the Woodvale woodland. 

The trees were first 'heeled' in at the location as saplings for council street-planting, yet for some reason they were never used. Today the result is a natural woodland full of thriving wildlife. 

Later in 2013 the woodland formed the basis of a brilliant community conservation scheme, called the 
Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP)

However, thanks to the inflexible egos and self-righteous  ignorance of others, things eventually fell apart. Volunteers who had worked hard for 9 months on the project were outrageously banned, thanks to local council apathy and the Woodvale charity machinations behind the scheme.

Volunteers had blown the whistle on serious concerns about lack of proper insurance, lack of training, damage to local nesting grounds, financial concerns, lack of health and safety procedures along with many other concerns.  

Access the facts here...

Conservative Cllr Ted Hartill (WWP director) had previously admitted that he was utilising this work to  be seen as a 'good councillor' in the Ainsdale community.

His group leader, Cllr Terry Jones had somewhat astonishingly warned volunteers that Hartill was seeking "self publicity" for himself. 

Cllr Jones however did nothing to help volunteers who had later approached him for assistance during the dispute; apparently preferring instead to dismiss the WWP team and back his Tory colleague.

This outrageous situation of community abuse (which is on-going) was in fact criticised by Southport’s Cllr Haydn Preece and Cllr Tony Crabtree. For their troubles, both men were treated with disdain by the Southport Tories and eventually Cllr Crabtree left that party in disgust.

Our vanishing UK countryside and it's wild inhabitants must be given proper protection against the abuses of man. Our dwindling green spaces deserve better than this and are not areas to be used as political footballs. 

Nature - Why is it that some want to use it for their own ends, yet a few of us want to defend it at all costs?

Ted Hartill has since this time announced his retirement from local politics.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cath gets six out of six double yolks this time with normal Morrison's eggs 

She's done it again, yet this time all six eggs produced double yolks.

Yesterday Cath cracked open 6 eggs and got 5 double yolks. 

Today she got 6 out of 6 and these are just ordinary Morrison's eggs. 

As you can see – I was so gobsmacked that I temporarily lost the ability to count up to 12 

Well done Morrison's

Pat Regan © 

Monday, 18 April 2016

Southport mum discovers 5 double yolks in a box of just 6 Morrison’s eggs

Cath Regan, who is owner/manager of Pine Pixies Preschools in Formby, got a nice surprise as she was about of make an omelette.

5 free-range eggs out of Cath’s box of 6 turned out to hold double yolks.

That’s 11 yolks for the price of 6 eggs.

What are the odds for finding double yolk eggs?

The Daily Mail reported:

‘In normal circumstances, the likelihood of finding just one such egg in a box is about one in 1,000, according to the British Egg Information Service (BEIS). Consequently, the equation for finding six would theoretically be 1,000 to the power of six, which equates to an American quintillion – 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (18 zeros).’

Cath said:

 “In all my years I have never seen anything like this. Pat, my husband, also used to keep poultry and we have never had more than one double yolk at a time.  Well done Morrison's.“

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Welcome back  Sir Ron 

Sir Ron Watson re-joins the Southport Tories after the  previous honours scandal hit the headlines

Sir Ron, seen here ‘endorsing’ an aspiring new Dukes Ward Tory candidate. 

Past Tory party problems apparently now forgotten, as it's - all pals together again? But times were of course 'not' always so rosy.  

Previously a dossier, obtained by the Liverpool Post, showed how Sir Ron and Cllr Les Byrom sent dozens of letters to leading political figures on each other’s behalf, pursuing a peerage for Sir Ron and a CBE for Cllr Byrom. It was reported in the press that the file also included communication between the pair discussing the best way to secure the honours.

Above. "Councillors lobbied for each other over eight years". The David Bartlett report on the honours exposure 

 Sir Ron went on to 'apologise' and resign from the local party for his so-called, “error of judgement”.
At the time Cllr Terry Jones said: “I feel that I have no choice but to seek immediate expulsion of Cllr Ron Watson as I believe his actions look bad on our association.”

Above. Terry Jones sought expulsion of Sir Ron 

Cllr Jones also advised the media that his party has sent letters to the Southport Hospital trust, where Sir Ron was the chairman and the Solicitors Regulation Authority board, on which he sits, calling for his expulsion from both bodies.
See also
Crosby councillor Les Byrom investigated over honours scandal

There was also the expenses issue wherein Ron Watson the Southport Hospital boss was embroiled in an embarrassing row.

Perhaps Sir Ron will get his long-sought after  ‘honour’ in the end, after all - who knows? Then again, perhaps the fates may present an unexpected political opening in the Dukes Ward before too long? 

Incidentally, Terry Jones was also at loggerheads a while ago with Tory Cllr, Tom Glover.

 Above: How Tom Glover accused Cllr Jones "again" of being - "economical with the truth." 

How times (and agendas) conveniently change in Southport’s amusing Tory political circles.

You really could not make this lot up.