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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Feeding your garden birds

We often hear people saying that birds don’t need feeding in summer. Ornithological experts however tell us that this claim is wrong. They advise:

‘In winter, supplementary food is often the only option for birds as natural food sources like berries get buried under snow and ice and insects are few and far between. But in summer birds will still be grateful for extra treats, as many are busy raising their young. The RSPB recommends little and often, and says that birds probably won’t eat quite as much as during the colder months.’

Below are just a few of the bird species that may be seen in the Southport region.

In summer, busy parent birds need lots of food items to feed their hungry chicks.

Good bird foods recommended by experts include: 

Black sunflower seeds
Sunflower hearts
Seed mixes

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Saturday, 20 June 2020

British songbirds - RSPB letting them down

To many people the RSPB is the embodiment of bird protection in the UK. However, some severe criticism has been thrown their way due to actions from their bumbling Vice President, Chris Packham.

Some year ago Mr Packham was on his very high horse shouting about some other group that had apparently suggested control measure to protect our songbirds.

Above: a young blackbird - a favourite target of magpies

Chris Packham has been alleged to have been very careful with his words, yet many folk believe that he still misleads us when he says magpies do not cause population declines of other birds.

Speaking on a personal level, our garden itself loses many songbird chicks each year to marauding magpies. The poor old blackbirds are targeted each spring by these crafty predators. Many songbird chicks are dragged out of their nests and dropped, to die soon on the ground.

It’s early May now and already we have seen magpies in our garden fly away from songbird nests with five chicks. If one multiplies this into all the UK gardens we can see that Mr Packham is not only mistaken but is in fact no friend to our songbirds.

Above: a pair of nest-raiding magpies in action

Others strongly disagree with Mr Packham's anti-songbird propaganda...

“Magpies predate bird nests, they are much smaller than crows and are adept at moving through dense hedgerows where many farmland species nest. It has been shown that they can suppress the productivity of breeding songbirds in those hedgerows in a modern farmland system.  If breeding success is a factor that limits population size for a particular bird species in a given area, and sometimes it will be, then magpies can cause that population to decline.”

Dr Rufus Sage. Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) 

Over the last decade or so there appears to have been a large increase with the magpie population in my area. This seems to have ensured that other species have dwindled due to hedgerow predation. I have been told the same thing by concerned friends in other places too.

Chris Packham - heading the quest for UK's songbird destruction? 

In April 2009 this was what Packham said.

“It's true that some magpies prey on the nests of smaller birds during the breeding season, but this is for perhaps three or four months of the year and only affects young birds that are easily replaced. The magpies never kill the more valuable breeding adults (unlike cats, which do so 365 days a year).”

So, according to this RSPB leading light it's fine and dandy that the UK songbird population is devastated by magpies for up to “four months of the year”?

In Packham's restricted worldview there is no problem because it’s just the 'young' of songbirds and not adults that are killed by magpies?  In his amazing ignorance he also says that young birds are "easily replaced". Try telling this to a pair of thrushes that have been raided repeatedly by magpies every time their chicks hatch out. Is this highly vocal man man for real?

Clearly, this is befuddled and ecologically dangerous thinking! Has Mr Packham considered that if the destruction of our songbird nestlings continues then there will eventually be no adults left. Therefore, his glittering role as RSPB vice president with become utterly untenable.

Regardless of his caring spin while grinning profusely on the TV I believe, like many others who have been unofficial naturalists for decades, that this confused man is laying the foundation for the destruction of our wonderful songbird species that hedge-hopping magpies see as quick lunches.

Packham really shows his feeble grasp of the situation when he states...

“Despite their brash appearance, they are a native species, but an in-your-face one, with a wealth of folklore to subconsciously seed such hateful reactions. Many people still tip their hats to a lonesome specimen and say, "Hello Mr Magpie, how is your wife today?", in a bid to appease the harbinger of misfortune”.

How wrong can anyone be? The magpie’s reputation as the “harbinger of misfortune” is intimately (and accurately) linked to thousands of years of native country lore and observation of the predatory habits of this species.

Interestingly, Mr Packham once used to stuff wild birds for profit 

He found that selling his finished work supplemented his pocket money. He said: “I used to get about £30 for an owl, £20 for magpies and jays and once received £40 for a buzzard in flight.” 

Mr Packham has more recently been criticised on Twitter for stopping RSPB conservation culling to protect red listed/endangered species.

Ultimately, the problem is a matter of human intervention. Ideally, mankind leaves nature to its own devices and does nothing anywhere for any species. That results in a natural balance being restored.

Sadly that is now not possible. We have adversely affected the natural ecosystem everywhere. We have polluted waterways, destroyed woodlands, poured concrete over wild places and brought highly successful predators, such as domestic cats, into areas where they have wrought havoc with wildlife populations.

The latter point is even something that Mr Packham appears to agree with. He’s admittedly been adamant that charities should shout louder about conservation issues and  has urged both the RSPB and RSPCA to speak out about the havoc wreaked by cats on garden birds. “I have nothing against cats; it is the cat-owners,” he added.

Undoubtedly, Mr Packham's valid stab at irresponsible cat owners that allow their beloved pets to roam free and destroy our native wildlife will not have impressed the RSPB 's propaganda department. This group has apparently gone to great lengths not up upset the 'Fur Baby Brigade'as many feline devotees will be paying RSPB members.

Nevertheless, old Chris oddly cannot apply the same logic to the growing magpie menace that is so well know to countless gardeners across the UK.

Like it or not, we have made ourselves custodians of the songbird population 

That means that we cannot just act like magpie-loving Chris Packham and pretend that everything is fine and dandy in the hedgerows. We cannot just shrug our shoulders and say - Well it's just nature init".

Anyone who has ever witnessed a group of raiding magpies ripping a screaming blackbird chick to pieces while its frantic parents unsuccessfully battled to save it will understand.  Packham must stop making absurd excuses and act properly, like an adult, to protect our songbirds. Some species that he is dismissing are endangered and on the Red List.

Thanks to his ignoble,  ill-considered emotionally - based efforts to promote predatory magpie numbers the lovely dawn chorus will become quieter each season.

Above: UK songbirds like this young thrush should be receiving RSPB support, yet thanks to their pro-Magpie bias this species is set to slip even further into decline.

If it does not change its foolish ways the RSPB will ultimately be seen as a farcical outfit not fit for purpose. That would be a real shame as it does do some good work at times.

I just am one person who's spent a lifetime helping to promote our wonderful UK songbirds. I shall however  not be supporting this group under its currently counterproductive, anti-songbird, agenda.

More RSPB criticism, why have donors lost confidence in the RSPB?

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Friday, 19 June 2020

Batty Bible: The infallible Word of God or the ancient ravings of uneducated hermits…?

The Christian deity needs to brush up on his ornithology if he thinks a BAT is a BIRD…

Examples of God’s basic difficulty in getting it right include the following…

Deuteronomy 14:11-18 King James Version (KJV)

11 Of all clean birds ye shall eat. 12 But these are they of which ye shall not eat: the eagle, and the ossifrage, and the ospray, 13 And the glede, and the kite, and the vulture after his kind, 14 And every raven after his kind, 15 And the owl, and the night hawk, and the cuckow, and the hawk after his kind, 16 The little owl, and the great owl, and the swan, 17 And the pelican, and the gier eagle, and the cormorant, 18 And the stork, and the heron after her kind, and the lapwing, and the bat.

Leviticus 11:13-19 says very much the same thing and is equally flawed.

Biblical apologetics (i.e. fanatical religious deniers of basic common sense) have comically sought to explain this error and many others away with problematic logic, yet this does not cut the mustard.

The allegedly infallible Bible was undeniably written from the perspective of what people thought to be accurate at the time. This proves that the Bible was NOT the infallible Word of God. It was merely what the deluded biblical authors assumed to be true in those ancient times.

The Bible makes wide-ranging and frequently bizarre classifications. This is namely because it is not the Word of God but just the strange and often contradictory ramblings of a series of ancient hermits, bigots and oddballs who considered themselves special, via being in touch with their imagined version of divinity.

Listing a bat as a bird may have seemed rational at that time because folks back then were ignorant of additional scientific facts, that we take for granted today.  They first smugly tell us now that the Bible is 'God’s word', yet now these self-righteous excuse-makers admit that the old biblical writers had their facts wrong, due to scientific ignorance.

So, are  they saying that the god who allegedly inspired their sacred text book actually misled the deluded biblical authors who wrote down that bats were birds?

By admitting to the batty biblical error and feebly trying to explain it all away with very shaky logic the wacky Christian apologists of today simply give the rest of us clear evidence that their so-called holy book (which was regularly re-hashed over the centuries, added to, subtracted from and produced by some very strange menfolk) is deeply flawed from the onset.

In fact, Christian apologetic thinking itself may be seen as rather illogical. Some theologians have rightly been cynical about the value of apologetics to a religion that is of course based on blind faith alone and not genuine logic.

Christian apologetics believe that they must show that worldviews opposed to their limited cut on reality are at best untrue, or at worse satanically-inspired. They deem that it is possible to show that no opposing view of God is true or can be true. That think that if they fail in their holy mission to educate (indoctrinate) the world towards accepting their cherry-picked doctrinal values that they have failed and will go to Hell.

Their faith is 100% blind and wholly intolerant of anything that challenges it. They consider all other faiths, or no faith at all, to be bogus.

The Bible is a dishonest chain of greatly adulterated documents created by religious zealots wanting to nurture a certain, coloured monotheistic worldview on the rest of society.  Apologetics still seek to impose this hoax-based cosmology onto us today.

The gospels are a serious of contradictory narrative writings created by unknown authors, after the assumed death of the Jesus Christ figure, with a purpose to reunite the Jewish religious system for their own sectarian ends. All claimed evidence for an historical Jesus figure, including his assumed birth, life, death and resurrection is based on third-hand gossip and is a result of 1st century myth making.

The Bible, gospels and the whole Jesus Myth are unashamed early Christian adoptions of much earlier Pagan legends, which can be traced back to ancient civilisations such as Mesopotamia, Samaria etc. All Christian society is provably founded on this ancient theocratic lie and duplicitous claims with no foundation in authentic fact.

To quality as a fully certified Christian Fundamentalist the first requirement is total mental self-delusion. After that, an ongoing and bitter intolerance (presented of course with a kind, knowing smile) towards anyone who dares to question the Bible will be essential.

Checkout more Christian - orientated baloney here: 

Saturday, 13 June 2020

In Pictures: BLM Protest at Southport Town Hall

Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrators packed together in force outside Southport Town Hall this afternoon.

Various speakers kept the crowd cheering.

Regardless of Southport Tory MP Damien Moor's advice to 'stay away' from the protest - others had different ideas.


Pat Regan ©

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Fire & Rescue Service: " Don’t use sky lanterns to show your support for the NHS"

Do not use eco-destructive Chinese / sky lanterns to support the NHS 

Very pretty to watch admittedly - but with negative ramifications for the fragile ecosystem.

Back in April, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service urged those in the county to avoid using sky lanterns at all costs. This is because of the fire risk they pose, especially during a time when moorland is tremendously dry and combustible - posing serious risk to wildlife and the environment.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said on Wednesday April 15: "Please don’t use sky lanterns to show your support for the NHS and other key workers. The moors are tinder dry at the moment and they could cause a wildfire or harm wildlife such as horses and cattle."

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has asked the public to find other ways of showing their support for NHS staff and volunteers, particularly following a period of largely warm, dry weather, which increases the risk of wildfires at a time when vital services are overextended due to Covid-19.

Roy Wilsher, NFCC chairman, said: “Setting off sky lanterns is misguided. While I fully understand people wanting to show their support to the NHS, I would encourage people to find a different way to do this.”

The Marine Conservation Society has a list of councils (which includes Sefton) that have a 'balloon and/or sky lantern release ban' in place...

Chinese lanterns pose danger to livestock. When released into the air at outdoor occasions such as weddings they are killing livestock, farmers say.

These uncontrolled paper lanterns with candles inside can float for many miles before crashing into the ground. They can cause injury or death if eaten by animals. They have also caused serious fires. Mowing machinery may also shred up the wire frames of lanterns into small pieces, which are then eaten by livestock with potentially fatal consequences.

Many of us have unwittingly used Chinese Lanterns in the past, without realising the dangers involved.

Nevertheless, today the evidence indicates that these flying bags of flaming junk need to be taken off the shelves asap.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Parking Pandemonium at Ainsdale Beach

The warm weather encouraged motorists to visit Ainsdale today. However, many drivers were turned away due to lack of parking space.

Frustrated drivers parked on every bit of available space.

At times the entire road was blocked with drivers experiencing difficulty in entering or departing the area.

Some people did make it onto the shore. 

Parking chaos by Ainsdale Discovery Centre 

Police arrived later on and some tickets were issued... 

Pat Regan © 


Saturday, 16 May 2020

Barton Fraud – British justice or legal flop?

In November 2018 David Barton senior was jailed for 21 years for a massive fraud, which saw him swindle elderly residents out of more than £4m.

The criminal befriended then deceived wealthy pensioners at luxurious Barton Park Nursing Home in Oxford Road, Southport.

Barton snr was found guilty of five fraud offences, three counts of theft, false accounting and transferring criminal property after the longest trial in the history of Liverpool Crown Court - lasting more than a year.

Judge Steven Everett said: “I am struggling to remember anyone as dishonest as him, as morally bankrupt as him.”

Sentencing Barton, he said: “You are a despicably greedy man, a hypocrite who claimed you were caring for the residents. I’m quite sure the person you cared for the most is no one but yourself, not even your family, with your insatiable appetite for fancy cars and building your property empire.”

Benjamin Myers QC, prosecuting, told the two-day sentencing hearing Barton would groom “wealthy, vulnerable and childless” residents before draining their bank accounts and becoming a beneficiary in their wills.

Legal leniency in 2020 for Barton

Nevertheless, lawyers for Barton have now (2020) persuaded a bench including the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Burnett, that his sentence was "manifestly excessive" at a hearing of the Court of Appeal. Lord Burnett concluded:

 "This was an exceptional case involving a high level of exploitative criminality that was targeted at vulnerable elderly individuals, and it undoubtedly merited a long overall sentence of imprisonment. The question for us is whether the total term is manifestly excessive. In respectful disagreement with the experienced judge who presided over the trial, we have concluded that a total sentence of 21 years is manifestly excessive for a man of 64 years of good character when taking into account the features we have identified. In our view, in all the circumstances, the total term was significantly too long."

So, was this overtly lenient judge correct in quashing the original sentence, pushing the latest legal U-turn in Barton’s favour or was he 100% wrong?

Just because a person allegedly has  previously ‘good character’ it does not mean he should be treated with kid gloves by the legal system, after he is found to be involved in dreadful wrong-doing over a lengthy period.

Would Lord Burnett have favoured a sentence reduction if Hitler had been captured and only sentenced to life imprisonment after the war?

Hitler, a confirmed life-long Christian, also had a  ‘good character’ (before his inroads into German politics) and was even widely regarded as a war hero from WWI after he received the Iron Cross Second Class in 1914 and the Iron Cross First Class in 1918.

Furthermore, the new judge’s strange claim of Barton’s previously ‘good character’ seen rather far-fetched when we consider that his unsavoury activities spanned from 1997 to 2013 when he took millions from his trusting victims, so his wicked actions were no spare of the moment opportunist crime.

We the public are not being represented and not being protected by a deeply flawed legal system that is clearly failing us on a daily basis. Many people believe that the original Barton sentence was not “significantly too long” it was in fact overtly lenient - considering the terrible premeditated actions of that amazingly dishonest man.

The CPS case about Barton has in fact clarified the definition of dishonesty in criminal law. 

In a pioneering judgement heard at the Court of Appeal, the CPS Specialist Fraud Division case has now clarified the legal test for dishonesty in criminal law. This ruling now means that juries must consider all the facts in the case, including the defendant’s knowledge or belief in the facts, before deciding whether the defendant’s behaviour is dishonest by the standards of ordinary reasonable people.

The highly controversial “view” of Lord Burnett will undoubtedly be at odds with the large majority of the UK public who see his astonishing leniency as an apathetic travesty of justice and simply just another insult to the victims and their families.


Are you happy with the new lenient decision and does it serve real justice?


Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Cashless society con – an affront to our liberty

Society going cashless is not for your convenience. It is for the enhancement of some very powerful financial interests who have been feverishly lobbying governments to abolish your hard-earned cash.

Going cashless instantly makes us a target. Large sections of the industry want to force us to go cashless so that they can sell data on our personal shopping practices.

Big Brother is watching you and your money but he wants to know more about your personal spending habits.

When we purchase items with cash, we are anonymous, free and unrestricted. However, when we buy things with our cards, our spending habits can be tracked. Visa, Mastercard and American Express have already set up divisions to monetise this data and sell it for marketing purposes. This helps them (not you) to get richer. 

The main victims of a progressively cashless society are the poorest people and the elderly, who find their lives made ever more demanding. Many people still do not even use the internet and have little interest in doing so. Others have no wish to be forced into online banking. That is their choice and it must be protected in a fair and democratic society.

Although, at the moment, there may be some value in these times of Covid -19 pandemic of not handling cash, there is another side to that story.

The bulk of bank fraud victims have  still not been refunded, despite new anti-fraud code with one high street giant only fully paying back 1% of customers. Britain's money-grabbing banks are relying on generic warnings, making decisions not based on evidence and not properly explaining why scam victims should not be refunded, a damning review of an anti-fraud code said.

The banking industry has warned consumers to be on the lookout for an expected rise in online fraud and scam attempts that try to take advantage of the circumstances around the Covid-19 crisis.

The Banking and Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) FraudSMART campaign says people need to be extra vigilant, take their time to do relevant checks and always report suspicious activity to their bank or local Garda station immediately. It follows a rise in fraud and scam attempts under the cover of the Covid-19 pandemic in other countries, including the UK.

A few years back David Cameron’s Tory government was seriously considering turning Britain into a cashless society. One of the prime reasons mentioned was that it would allegedly help tackle criminal activity on the grounds that it is theoretically harder for criminals to handle electronic money, because it can be traced. However, countless victims of online swindles who collectively lost billions back then would earnestly disagree. 

What is therefore at risk here is our basic right to choose. Not everyone wants to open online bank accounts and it is undemocratic that they should be forced into doing so by politicians and banks that have a less than perfect history. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a diversity of ways to pay for items and retaining the vital ability to simply choose. Cheques, cash and cards have favourably existed together for decades. Moreover, there is no reason why cash cannot continue to exist alongside plastic etc.

Digital systems are not infallible, they can  and do fail. They can be subject to cyber attacks too. Cash however is always there and has been instantly trustworthy since ancient times.

Banking outlets and cash points have vanished in numerous areas and many are seeing these inconvenient moves as just more greedy corporate pressure to force us into online banking.

The choice between cash, cards and cheques will always be essential because for some people, like the most elderly and the poorest in society, going cashless simply isn't an alternative.

Bank fraud is booming

In 2014-2015, losses soared by 64% to £133.5m for online banking and 28% to £323.3m for phone banking. And yet many banks are still failing to introduce security steps that could better protect their customers from falling victim to scams.

Two-thirds of online banking systems in 2017 contained high-risk vulnerabilities

75 % of online banking systems contained cross-site scripting flaws, 69 % lacked protection from data interception, 63 % had insufficient authorisation, 50 % were vulnerable to sensitive data disclosure.

Rather than clandestinely pushing us to follow their dictatorial cashless agenda our government and banking establishment should be supporting our basic human right to choose. 

Regardless of contemporary banking spin you are provably 'not' 100%  safe online. Therefore, a draconian and profit-orientated cashless push by the establishment is primarily an affront to our traditional liberties. 

Friday, 1 May 2020

May Day Pagan Festivity - but beware the dangers of blind traditionalism!

This splendid month gains its name from the Roman/Greek fertility goddess ‘Maia’, mother of the god Mercury. She was equated with Fauna, Cybele and Ops; goddesses who were greatly loved and appreciated by the masses.

Fauna’s feast day was held on the first night of May. It was a sanctified event exclusive to women, as the men honoured Fauna’s masculine consort, Faunus, instead.

During Fauna’s gala wine and music blended with mystical ritual. This formed a strange yet joyous combination of reverberation and adulation for the deity.

From the 28th April to the 3rd of May a festival called the Floralia occurred in honour of the Sabine Flora, patron goddess of flowering gardens. Virgil claimed that young folk would venture out at the Floralia to pick summer flowers from field, wood and pasture.

A good deal of singing and dancing took place and this natural Pagan love of life has come down to us today in the form of contemporary Maypole/May Day celebrations.

May Queen and King Parades can easily be traced back to ancient Rome and beyond. Roman children cheerfully adorned minuscule clay statues of the goddess with beautiful wild blossoms as a token of love and respect. The early Church, ever eager to crush Pagan religion, shrewdly usurped Flora and swapped her image for one of the Virgin Mary thereby gaining spiritual monopoly over the credulous and suppressed populace.

Flora was regularly depicted as a young maiden dressed in a floral crown. She held two major temples in Rome so it is clear that her fidelity from the Pagan masses was regarded as a menace by the insular Church fathers. Therefore, their devious attention, ultimately resulting in Christian subversion of Flora’s sacred feast day.

Flora’s worship is however not to be crushed so easily, as her beauty will forever remain in the hearts of lovers whilst there are still wild May flowers in the field. Many people today subconsciously connect with this goddess when admiring the beauty of their garden and the flowers therein.

The Celtic May Day is known as Beltane/Beltaine (meaning fire of Bel/Bile). Bel has associations with the Roman Pluto and Dis-pater, Lord of the Underworld/Death.

Numerous legends claim he arrived from ‘Spain’ (which is actually a vague euphemism for the Celtic Hades). This is unadorned evidence of early missionary interference with Pagan myth, deviously inserted to rob Bile of his traditionally divine nature.

On May eve all household fires would be extinguished then later rekindled from a great druidic hilltop blaze outdoors. The Druids, being the Pagan priests of the Celts, believed that it was profane to worship the gods in dwellings made by mortal man.

Beltane marked the inauguration of the Celtic summer and the blaze spiritually connected with the increasing solar power needed to maintain life. It was brought joyously to each homestead as a vital ‘magickal’ (the word magickal in the spiritual sense used as opposed to magical as in the stage magician’s term) token of new life, which every appreciative occupant accepted with a happy heart.

The inexplicable green life energy was flowing in nature and it simply couldn’t be disregarded.

Today, the very same power of summer’s increasing light that our ancestors celebrated so well is upon us again this Beltane.

Artificial monotheistic religions of blind servitude have largely failed to meet our deepest human needs for greater awareness and enlightenment. Spring still slowly turns into summer just as it always has. The ivy still clings to the oak and the summer rain storm still fills the trickling mountain brook.


Our judicious forbears didn’t need to have so-called ‘faith’ in anything but the natural divinity residing deep behind Mother Nature’s countless moods, which they connected with every single day of their lives.

Faith itself has become exactly what it said it was originally dead set against. The cold ministrations of numerous self-satisfied bishops, ayatollahs, rabbis etc have in fact crippled true human spirituality.  So-called messages of love, understanding and tolerance have instead hidden deeper agendas of distrust, prejudice and abhorrence for anyone who fails to share the same limited religious ethos.

The massive ongoing ecclesiastical confidence trick of man-made religious credo has left the globe’s frustrated populations craving for authentic spirituality; a spirituality that resides just under the green mantle in every quiet forest glade. We should have no need for sanctimonious priests or holy men in dark towers of corroded faith to tell us what to believe, how to live, and what to think. They speak in perverse yet ultimately credible tongues about our so-called ‘heritage’; a heritage that they have subverted and distorted into something that it never was meant to be.

Heritages  behind all nations are initially based on wholesome Pagan concepts, not synthetic religious agendas that so many of the indoctrinated masses have fallen for. Our organic, Pagan birthright is real and it is right here to be seized in every moment of every day.

This is our genuine heritage; not some elevated national ideal shrewdly fashioned to carry forth the doubtful agendas of royals, politicians and the supremacist elite within the Church. Yet to this day, the blind masses wave their little flags, like so many trained chimps, and support the restrictive systems that have kept their ancestors in a state of obedient servitude for centuries.

This May Day we must re-connect with the healing power stemming from nature, linking us intimately with the magickal celestial cycles of earth and the immeasurable, unexplored cosmos beyond.

By means of the indispensable lessons of nature we become our own priests or priestesses. We cut out the middleman in the dog collar. We determine our own truths and learn from our own mistakes and successes. We need no righteous blessing from condescending clergymen to connect to the great World Spirit that shaped us. We have no need for their persuasive offers of eternal salvation and liberation because Mother Nature will show us the way far better than they ever could hope to.

Their crumbling claims for biblical conviction have been exposed as utter nonsense in many arenas. Their amusing claims for a genuine historical existence concerning their alleged Jesus figure have been shown to be based only on hand-me-down, Dark Age, Church half truths and indistinct texts from other cherry-picked sources. Their hypothetical ‘gospel truths’ have been shown to be nothing more than widely-accepted religious propaganda.

Humanity has been deeply misled for 2000 years and it’s high time it woke up from this Church-induced slumber!

Nevertheless, in the dangerously unbalanced societies of today we need to guard against herd instinct and blind fundamentalist traditionalism now more than ever.

Pat Regan ©

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Captain (now Honorary Colonel) Tom Moore - Thank You

Today, a tribute to the Second World War veteran Captain Tom Moore, who has raised many millions of pounds for the NHS, took place.

Captain Tom, who has captured the hearts of the Nation, observed a spitfire and hurricane flypast for his 100th birthday.

Captain Tom Moore has also just been promoted to Honorary Colonel by the Queen to mark his 100th birthday. 

NB. please note that although the above images do show a spitfire and hurricane they are pictures taken at an earlier air show. 

Happy Birthday Captain Tom...

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Friday, 3 April 2020

ASDA coughing ban – at odds with latest government Covid-19 guidelines?

ASDA are telling their customers ‘not’ to enter their stores if they have a continuous cough.  

However, the latest government guidelines advise that: 

‘You do not need to self-isolate if you just have a cough after seven days. A cough can last for several weeks after the infection has gone.’

This effectively means that a potential customer who has recovered from the illness but still has a cough is now potentially being penalised by the store and barred from obtaining essential goods.

Do ASDA know more about Covid – 19 / coughing than the government does.