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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Sir Ron: Sefton’s only friend of the frackers?

Southport Conservative councillor, Sir Ron Watson, has been named in the Liverpool media as the ONLY Sefton councillor who thinks that fracking is a good idea.

There have recently been over 30 seismic events, subsequent to the latest controversial Cuadrilla shale gas operations in Blackpool, which brought wide-scale public condemnation with political calls for fracking to cease. 

Tory MP for Southport, Damien Moore, has not defined his full position on fracking, but told Parliament that concern was being raised by "very ordinary general people". This somewhat abstract and limited stance has suggested to the public that a measure of political fence-sitting may be an issue for this MP. 

Sir Ron’s unpopular pro-fracking stance also appears to place him at odds, once again, with Sefton’s elusive Tory leader, Cllr Terry Jones, who is allegedly not in favour of fracking.

This is not the first time that councillors Jones and Watson have had divisive views. 

Several years ago a dossier, obtained by the Liverpool media, showed how Sir Ron and Cllr Les Byrom sent dozens of letters to leading political figures on each other’s behalf, pursuing a peerage for Sir Ron and a CBE for Cllr Byrom. It was reported in the press that the file also included communication between the pair discussing the best way to secure the honours.

It was alleged that both Sir Ron and Cllr Byrom, who already had an MBE, wanted greater political honours: Les Byrom sought a knighthood while Sir Ron was said to be seeking a place in the House of Lords. Emails leaked out indicated that the pair were involved in lobbying for each other.

Sir Ron went on to apologise and resign from the local party for his so-called, “error of judgement”.

At the time Cllr Terry Jones said: “I feel that I have no choice but to seek immediate expulsion of Cllr Ron Watson as I believe his actions look bad on our association.” Cllr Jones also advised the media that his party had sent letters to the Southport Hospital trust, where Sir Ron was the chairman, and to the Solicitors Regulation Authority board, on which he sat, calling for his expulsion from both bodies.

The CARES hospital campaign group also stated at that time:

“Sir Ron’s selfish actions have no place in a modern NHS Trust and do no favours to our town’s residents. CARES propose a vote of ‘No confidence’ in this man as NHS Chairman. He should now do the most honourable thing and resign from this trusted position as Chairman forthwith. “

Image result for cares  protest ots news southport

Influential politicians of all parties are now opposing fracking. 

The Liberal Democrats previously launched its manifesto with a commitment to:

“Oppose fracking because of its adverse impact on climate change, the energy mix, and the local environment”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn recently stated: "A Labour government will ban fracking immediately."

As for the Tories; recent developments appear to indicate that this party is ripping itself apart over the fracking debacle, with little or no logical communication between activists and government.  

The public is supposed to simply trust the so-called experts, who indicate that they know what is going on under the earth. This is, of course, sheer nonsense. The vast geological stratum of the earth has taken billions of years to settle into the fragile balance it is in today. Man now comes along and blasts ancient rocks apart in a matter of days, which means the fragile equilibrium is now destroyed. Mother Nature can only warn us – but fools frequently fail to listen to, or see her signs. 

Thursday, 8 November 2018

MPs call for fracking halt after 36 seismic events in only two weeks

Concern grows as tremors increase 

New demands for fracking to be stopped have been made after the 36th tremor since the shale gas firm Cuadrilla starting hydraulic fracturing last month.

A tremor of 0.7 in magnitude was recorded by the British Geological Survey on Sunday.

5 Lancashire MPs, including Blackpool’s Gordon Marsden, have written to the energy secretary to call for a cessation in view of the unprecedented amount of tremors. Mr Marsden’s letter states: “The Government must accept in light of recent seismic activity, that at the very least it would be just and right to halt fracking at this site and place a moratorium on fracking ... until people can be fully assured there will be no more man-made earthquakes.”

The other MPs who signed the letter include  Rosie Cooper of West Lancashire, Mark Hendrick of Preston, Cat Smith from Lancaster and Fleetwood, Kate Hollern from Blackburn, Julie Cooper from Burnley, plus Labour's Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long Bailey

The MPs point out that there have been 36-and-counting seismic events in only two weeks. This is unacceptable they say and have insisted that central government should implement an immediate fracking suspension.

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Monday, 5 November 2018

Great Crested Newt in Woodvale

A Woodvale family in Southport were delighted to discover a Great Crested Newt (GCN) close to their Sandbrook Road garden pond yesterday.

The newt initially appeared to be injured. However, after a little TLC, it was carefully returned to the pond area when it started to recover. Species identity was later confirmed via email by a leading officer in the Froglife organisation. 

Froglife advise:

'If you do inadvertently disturb great crested newts you should halt the work and return the newts gently to their resting place.'

Lancs Wildlife Trust has also confirmed ID, they advise...

"These are a European Protected Species, however you are allowed to move them if they are in danger. We advise putting it in some long grass, under some wood/stones as it will be getting ready to hibernate."

Great Crested Newts are the biggest newt species in the UK and have been around for approximately 40 million years.

Activities that can harm great crested newts

Activities that can affect great crested newts include:

maintaining or restoring ponds, woodland, scrub or rough grassland
restoring forest areas to lowland heaths
ploughing close to breeding ponds or other bodies of water
removing dense vegetation and disturbing the ground
removing materials like dead wood piled on the ground
excavating the ground, for example, to renovate a building
filling in or destroying ponds or other water bodies

Building and development work can harm great crested newts and their habitats, for example, if it:

removes habitat or makes it unsuitable
disconnects or isolates habitats, such as by splitting it up
changes habitats of other species, reducing the newts’ food sources
increases shade and silt in ponds or other water bodies used by the newts
changes the water table
introduces fish, which will eat newt eggs or young
increases the numbers of people, traffic and pollutants in the area or the number of chemicals that run off into ponds

Great Crested Newts have full legal protection under UK law making it an offence to kill, injure, capture, disturb or sell them, or to damage or destroy their habitats.  This applies to all life-stages.

What you must not do

Things that would cause you to break the law include:

capturing, killing, disturbing or injuring great crested newts deliberately
damaging or destroying a breeding or resting place
obstructing access to resting or sheltering places (deliberately or by not taking enough care)
possessing, selling, controlling or transporting live or dead newts, or parts of them
taking great crested newt eggs

You could get an unlimited fine and up to 6 months in prison for each offence if you’re found guilty.

Our UK wildlife is brilliant and needs all the help it can get. Consider creating a garden pond to help many species... 

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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Blackpool Fracking: 12 tremors? No, now it’s over 30

Over 30 earth tremors but frackers aim to push on

Bravely pushing on, or greed – ridden idiots ignoring clear warnings?

Whilst the fracking firm Cuadrilla celebrates the first shale gas from its fracking site in Little Plumpton near Blackpool, public anxiety increases along with the recorded seismic activity.

How powerful a quake does the region have to experience before the government wake up? Will it take a seismic disaster before they start to listen to the people and their own MPs?

Strongest tremor to date halts fracking at Cuadrilla’s site near Blackpool

A 1.1 magnitude tremor was recorded (29/10/2018) and was the second to have breached the regulatory threshold in recent days. Subsequently, The company said fracking would terminate for 18 hours before it restarted.

The government’s traffic-light scheme for fracking regulation marks a  red light event as anything above 0.5 magnitude and requires Cuadrilla to stop injecting water and monitor the well for further seismic activity.  0.4-magnitude tremors are classed as an amber event, meaning the company must slow down its work but does not have to stop.

As we can deduce by the data chart below, the tremors are increasing at a considerable rate as well.

A growing number of cross-party MPs are against the fracking situation. 

MP Rosie Cooper stated: “As a Lancashire MP I was horrified by the Government’s decision to overturn Lancashire County Council’s decision to refuse permission for fracking. It flies in the face of the Government’s pretend localism agenda, and current attempts to meddle with the process do not pass the sniff test. My constituents oppose it."

 Tory MP Zac Goldsmith warned that fracking had “the potential to turn whole regions against the government”. Government fracking ideas “downright bonkers” according to Tory MPs

Moreover, this questionable government’s plans to fast-track new fracking developments have been labelled as “ludicrous” and “downright bonkers”, by their own Tory MPs.

Politicians from all parties joined a parliamentary debate to criticise an application to reclassify investigative fracking wells as permitted developments, under rules initially introduced to speed up projects like small property extensions.

Tories Kevin Hollinrake and Greg Knight and Lee Rowley as well as Labour's Clive Betts, Kevin Barron, Rachael Maskell and Jared O'Mara criticised proposed changes that would make it easier for developers to carry out exploration.

Previous Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, labelled the government's proposals as a "subversion" of local democracy. "Permitted development was created for conservatories, small extensions and outhouses none of which to the best of my knowledge have ever created an earth tremor," he said in the debate.

Leading this week's Westminster Hall debate, the Conservative MP for Fylde, Mark Menzies, said that the idea was "nothing short of irresponsible and downright bonkers". He described some of the infrastructure and traffic that can surround shale gas sites and asked, "Who on earth thinks that is equivalent to building a little extension on the side of your bungalow?"

The general consensus of cross-party opinion appears to be that the Tory government has seriously lost the plot over fracking. 

Fracking companies are naturally profit-driven, as a high priority over public or environmental concerns, and the cost of halted operations to them is enormous.

Above: Blackpool Tower, as seen from Southport across the River Ribble's estuary.

Although the recent significant number of tremors may be dismissed as minor, by some people, the accumulated and growing threat to the natural eco-structure may currently be of greater concern.  Even houses etc suffer from subsidence leading to structural failures with passing traffic. Therefore, what impact can we expect when we start to make the earth shake, on such a regular basis, with questionable rock-cracking technology deep underground?

Emeritus professor of geophysics at the University of Glasgow, David Smythe,  warned…

“There may be trouble ahead if work continues. Recent research by Stanford University shows that these tiny tremors can be indicators of bigger quakes to follow – like canaries in a coal mine. The problem for Cuadrilla is that if it carries on regardless, bigger earthquakes may well be triggered. Cuadrilla’s only safe option is to cease fracking.”

Professor Smythe's predictions have been 100% correct. Some bar-room experts however glibly dismissed the recent 12 tremors as immaterial, yet now more have occurred and with increasing magnitude.

Can we trust them?

Will things get worse, can we expect an environmental catastrophe, or can we trust every single word uttered by the wealthy fracking company bosses and their promoters?

Time alone will tell...

Pat Regan © 


Thursday, 1 November 2018

Blowick Moss: RIP our old Southport countryside

For over a decade I have campaigned, mainly alone, for more consideration to be granted towards avoiding countryside destruction in Southport. 

Naturally, my care for the green spaces made me plenty of enemies in the form of politicians and other pro-development types.

The Kew area (and more recently Blowick Moss) has seen much green area loss.  I popped up today to have a look at what was once green fields with horses and birds. This is what I found...

I covered the loss of countryside issue with several detailed articles, including this one...

Above: how it was just a few years ago.

Above: Boundary Brook that edges on the new Blowick Moss housing developments. Flooding is a very real possibility (if the brook bursts its banks) and this is proven by the latest  Environment Agency flooding map.

These are just a few reasons that I highlighted years ago, about why the development was highly questionable.

If the Environment Agency were to stop pumping and remove defences, or if they were to ‘fail’, the land would unquestionably flood once again and devastate the housing infrastructure. This is why the EA is required to indicate this risk on their flood mapping system.

  • Ecologically obscene
  • The risk to legally-protected species like the water vole, which is resident in this area
  • Potentially a risk to human health or even life
  • Illogical as many large in-town plots are empty, abandoned and unused
  • Based on fat cat profiteering
  • Prone to serious flooding risk
  • A potential traffic gridlock disaster
  • An overcrowding problem that can only get worse
  • lack of local services, like schools and children's hospital, etc

We're not the only species trying to survive on this planet.

Sadly, our poor old countryside means very little to many people today in our greed-ridden society.

Fat - cat profit is always placed before the vanishing green landscape.

See also

Old Kew Woods massacre

Pat Regan © 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Blackpool fracking latest : now 12 earth tremors recorded

Since fracking restarted the Blackpool region has (according to the local media) experienced a dozen small earthquakes.

Cuadrilla the fracking company said: "As we have said before, local residents should be reassured that the monitoring systems in place are working as they should.”


Nevertheless, campaigners remained unimpressed. The Frack Free Lancashire group said: “Seismicity must be monitored closely around the clock if [fracking] is allowed to continue in spite of the cluster of tremors we have seen.”

Fracking involves injecting high-pressure fluid underground to blast open rocks and release the natural gas trapped inside. Small quakes have also been shown to sometimes result in larger seismic activity.

As the rocks crack, they produce small earthquakes that were once typically too small to be detected.  Experts warn that small tremors caused by hydraulic fracturing of natural gas near the surface could be early signs of the stressful conditions deep underground that could destabilise faults and trigger larger earthquakes.

Further afield, Professor William Ellsworth (geophysics expert at Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences) previously warned: 

“When they (small quakes) happen, they should be viewed as cautionary indicators of underground conditions that could lead to larger earthquakes.”

Emeritus professor of geophysics at the University of Glasgow, David Smythe, also warned that…

"There may be trouble ahead if work continues. Recent research by Stanford University shows that these tiny tremors can be indicators of bigger quakes to follow – like canaries in a coal mine. The problem for Cuadrilla is that if it carries on regardless, bigger earthquakes may well be triggered. Cuadrilla’s only safe option is to cease fracking."

Tory MPs' objections to fracking issues

Furthermore, two of  Lancashire Tory MPs have objected to Cuadrilla’s revised plans for fracking at Roseacre Wood. 

Lancashire communities rally against Cuadrilla’s fracking 

Property damage claims? 

Some people are also suggesting that if and when cracks in houses start to occur and potential property damage claims are made for compensation the situation may change very quickly. Will the increasingly unpopular frackers be subject to class action lawsuits, if and when property damage occurs? 

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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Blackpool; Fracking; Earthquakes; Not Again?

Four earthquakes identified in Blackpool just days after fracking resumes. Worse may be to come as well, according to expert. 

The British Geological Survey has warned that four earthquakes were detected close to the energy firm Cuadrilla’s fracking site just outside Blackpool. Two were recorded on Thursday night (18 October) at minus levels but on Friday afternoon a tremor measuring 0.3 was experienced, which campaigners claim hit Cuadrilla’s own ‘amber’ warning levels on its seismic activity system. Another small quake in the early hours of Saturday registered.

These minor earthquakes may not have been felt by folk in the area. However, campaigners say they prove that the site should be closely monitored and any additional fracking re-evaluated.

This has happened before

Fracking operations created earthquakes of a larger magnitude back in 2011. Cuadrilla sought to appease public concerns and was threatened by regulators with shut down unless it got its act in order. Fracking was stopped in 2011 after two earthquakes. One reached 2.3 on the Richter scale and they were triggered in close proximity to the site of shale gas test drilling. An ensuing report found that it was highly probable that the fracking operation had caused the tremors.

Above: Cuadrilla's assurances did little to quell public concerns.

Cuadrilla had resumed drilling again recently after campaigners lost a High Court challenge. Of course, eco-campaigners frequently lose battles when the cash-driven Establishment steps in. 
Legally challenging mega-rich companies is often a futile exercise from the first day. Justice (or the illusion of it), as many good folks now know, is largely about hard cash or the lack of it. The legal system is fuelled by cash and without it simply being 'righteous' in any good cause is frequently not enough to gain justice.  Like politics, the legal system is clandestinely corrupt in many ways. Sadly, the trusting little person in the street does not find this truth out, unless he/she is personally affected!
Cuadrilla has been injecting fluids under high pressure deep underground in order to intentionally destroy the gas-bearing rock, a process that's known as ‘Fracking’ or ‘Hydrofracking’, brought to the UK from America, where it has been a highly controversial process. The methane gas released into the environment by fracking is believed to be 20 times more dangerous than CO2. Has fracking seriously damaged the undersea regions? 
Injection of fluid into subsurface geological structures can create subsidence; this may consequently generate seismic events over a range of magnitudes However, Cuadrilla previously stated that it could put in place procedures to "practise earthquake prevention". In view of these latest tremors, perhaps Mother Nature disagrees with this company’s haughty claims?
Protesters have called for an end to fracking. There have also been concerns that potentially carcinogenic chemicals could be discharged during the process and find their way into drinking water sources. Experience in the US shows it could also pollute air and water supplies.

 Geophysics expert warns Quadrilla to "cease fracking" as worse may be to come

Emeritus professor of geophysics at the University of Glasgow, David Smythe, warned that "there may be trouble ahead if work continues". 

He added: "Recent research by Stanford University shows that these tiny tremors can be indicators of bigger quakes to follow – like canaries in a coal mine. The problem for Cuadrilla is that if it carries on regardless, bigger earthquakes may well be triggered. Cuadrilla’s only safe option is to cease fracking."

Stuart Haszeldine, a professor of carbon capture at the University of Edinburgh, said: “New wells which are drilled and are fracked will build the information base for the UK. But it’s quite likely that some will exceed the natural limit, and trigger earthquakes many years before nature would have done so.”
Will the trusting public be the last to know what the true ecological consequences may be of blasting underground rocks to pieces, near to the Ribble estuary towns of Blackpool and Southport? 
Campaigners say that recent earth tremors are proving once again that fracking is too risky. Warnings, as always, are there to be heeded by wise people with insight or dismissed by sanctimonious fools. 

Naturally, any potential energy benefits to the UK economy are welcome, yet not at the expense of damage to the fragile ecosystem and not via using communities adjacent to fracking sites as human guinea pigs. 
After all, some folk once believed that the Titanic was not only an essential technological advancement but also 'unsinkable'. The question is – how sustainable is fracking in view of what is occurring AGAIN under Lancashire today?  
Pat Regan © 

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Xmas Charity Night at Dobbies in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

Thursday the 18th of October 5.00 pm till 9.00 pm.

Come and join us at Dobbies in Kew for a night of festivities. Enjoy the special offers and be inspired by our gift ideas. Take in festive demonstrations from Stacy from Floral Botanicals.

Enjoy entertainment from the Off Key Choir and our guest of honour Astrid, who was part of Team Will on the kid’s version of the Voice.

Tickets cost £1 with all proceeds going to Teenage Cancer Trust and are available now in store. We are hoping that we will be able to raise lots to help fund the ward at Alder Hey, Clatterbridge, The Royal and The Christie Hospital.

For more information contact the store on 01704 552920 or on our website at


Friday, 12 October 2018

High Tide at Southport - will Storm Callum arrive?

Above: just before high tide this afternoon.

Will the town be hit by a mega-storm tonight or will we get away with it?  OTS News recently reported on the latest news, concerning Storm Callum...

So far, Southport has only seen choppy seas. However, other parts of the UK and Ireland witnessed 70mph winds and disruption to travel and power supplies.

Will the northwest seaside resort escape Callum's rage? Time will tell...

Pat Regan © 


Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Universal Credit fiasco hitting UK's most vulnerable families hardest

Last October Southport MP Damien Moore warmly welcomed the controversial Universal Credit (UC) scheme that was rolled out across the country.

Mr Moore told Parliament that:

"I, for one, welcome the fact that UC is available in more than 100 Jobcentres across the country and laud the Government for reiterating their commitment to having it available in all Jobcentres from September 2018.”

However, the controversial scheme is coming under increasing fire, as an ill-considered and destructive farce, right across the country.

Save the Children charity warns that UC is a flawed scheme.

Save the Children say that childcare debt will rocket under UC, as claimant families are deprived of assistance to afford upfront nursery fees.

Unlike the previous benefits system, low-income families on UC will apparently not be able to claim money in advance for childcare bills, forcing them to pay the deposit. In some cases, this could be £1,000 before waiting a month to be reimbursed, according to new studies by Save the Children. The charity warns that this will force families into childcare debt or block them from going back to work unless the Government makes urgent changes.

Liverpool calls for a Universal Credit halt

The Labour-controlled Liverpool City Council voted solidly to call on Work and Pensions Secretary (DWP), Esther McVey, to suspend the roll-out of UC in the city. They say that if the DWP goes ahead with its plans, there will be a welfare catastrophe in the city.

Scrooge of the Year

Incidentally, Esther McVey has been in the firing line before over similar, welfare issues.


Above: Moore and McVey, previously seen canvassing for votes.

Liverpool’s Bishop, Paul Bayes, warned that a move away from addressing the need in the welfare system risks instilling the idea of the deserving and undeserving poor. He added that he has been nauseated by the impact that the UC scheme has had on society’s most vulnerable people. 

Liverpool Mayor, Joe Anderson, is one of the many people calling for a period of consideration and a chance to repair Universal Credit.

Mayor Anderson indicated that there was a spike in destitution already being seen and a rise in council tax arrears from those who have already transitioned to UC. Also, increasing queues at food banks and families struggling with things like school uniform costs were mentioned. 

About 55,000 Liverpool households will ultimately see their claim move to UC. Most of these households have already been affected by the benefits freeze that has been inflicted on society’s worst off without warning. Disabled people, the long-term sick, single parents and working families on low incomes are amongst those due to be hit the hardest by this insanely thought out Tory scheme. 

Representatives from prominent mental health charity Mind and anti-poverty charity The Trussell Trust gave evidence to the Public Accounts Committee some months ago regarding the roll-out of UC.

Both charities had pleaded with the callous government regime to delay the roll-out of UC. This was after the National Audit Office (NAO) released a damning report highlighting how the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has not done enough to protect and support vulnerable claimants, including disabled people and people with serious health conditions.

Research by the Trussell Trust, Britain’s largest network of food banks, has shown use has risen by 52 per cent in the 12 months following Universal Credit being introduced, compared with just 13 per cent in places where the old benefits system is still in operation.

Preston’s Salvation Army food bank has issued an urgent appeal for food due to ‘extremely high demand’. The centre indicated that as the UC is being rolled out in Preston they are anticipating that big demand will remain the same through September.  Consequently, they still urgently need donations to ensure they can continue to provide much-needed aid for the local community.

It is now evident that the well-paid officials in high places, who hatch up these madcap schemes, do not live in the real world. They have little knowledge or concern for the damage they do to the most vulnerable families in our society. 

Families forced into debt due to Universal Credit cock-up

Due to the long delays in UC benefit payments coming in, many folks are being forced (through no fault of their own) into impossible debt. Will the autocratic idiots who created this fiasco help get the families, that they have forced into debt, get back on their feet? 

Surely some form of compensation will be in order for people who have unfairly suffered via the UC crisis? 

Nevertheless, Southport’s Tory MP Damien Moore previously claimed that Universal credit was “Simple and fair and will be effective for the whole country."

Judging by the massive national revolt against this deeply - hated scheme, it has to be said that Mr Moore would possibly be unwise to shout about the merits of UC from a soapbox in any public place. 

Will large-scale public protests soon be seen everywhere due to this regrettable crisis? Does anyone recall the anti-Thatcher Poll Tax riots? 

Pat Regan © 

Monday, 24 September 2018

HMS Mersey entering Liverpool

HMS Mersey, photographed this morning from Hightown, moving into the River Mersey's estuary.

HMS Mersey is the youngest of the original set of River-class patrol vessels. She patrols the waters of the UK and up to 200 miles in the Atlantic, ensuring that fishing boats and trawlers comply with internationally-agreed quotas.

In May 2016, Mersey was dry docked in Martinique as part of her mid-deployment maintenance period. By July, Mersey had been relieved by RFA Wave Knight and was deployed on migrant patrols in the Aegean via a port call in Gibraltar. Mersey returned to Portsmouth on 10 February 2017 after 13 months away to resume her fishery protection duties.

Previously, HMS Mersey and a Wildcat helicopter were dispatched to follow the progress of three Russian warships/vessels as they made their way up the English Channel. First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones, who is the Head of the Royal Navy, previously stated that Britain was facing “significantly emboldened Russian Naval activity, which is continually testing our resolve”.

Mersey traffic remains, as ever, substantial and ongoing... 

The Nord Savannah leaving the River Mersey... 

A solitary Canada goose, taking care not to fall foul of the huge Mersey wind turbines. The Mersey provides shelter for many species of birdlife...

Pat Regan © 

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Little Seedlings growing well at Dobbies, along with the odd raptor...

Dobbies on Bentham’s Way in Birkdale, hosted a special day of activities to launch the Little Seedlings play area on Saturday, September 22, including appearances from Spiderman, along with various Disney characters such as Moana and Maui and Rapunzel.

Children enjoyed activities including face-painting, receiving glitter tattoos as well as dancing in the mini disco.

Another treat consisted of the wonderful raptors (owls, hawks, etc) displayed outside Dobbies by  S & R Birds of Prey.

A fun-filled and successful day was had by all…

Pat Regan ©  


Tuesday, 18 September 2018

New Soft Play Area opens at Dobbies Garden Centre in Southport

Dobbies in Southport is set to launch a much-anticipated new Little Seedlings soft play area on the 22nd September.

To celebrate the opening a host of activities will be taking place at the garden centre to entertain families throughout the afternoon.

Activities including face painting, balloon modelling, a mini disco and special guest characters will take place until 2pm.

Dobbies welcomes all children to explore the bright new play zone where they will be able to have fun and tumble with Bud and the rest of the Little Seedlings gang.

The new soft play area has something for all kids up to ten years old, with a special toddler zone for children under four, and the main area best suited for those between the ages of three and ten.
The launch day will include a range of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy such as special guest visits from Spiderman, Chase, Moana and Maui and balloon modelling.

Children can also enjoy getting their face painted and receive glitter tattoos, which they can then show off at the mini disco.

Zoe Stanmore, community champion at Dobbies Garden Centre Southport, said:

“Making our customers happy is our priority at Dobbies, so we’re delighted to have the new soft play for families to enjoy. The kids can play away whilst parents, grandparents and carers can take a well-earned break with a snack or a hot drink watching how much fun their little ones are having.”

The new soft play area is open Monday – Saturday from 9am to 5pm, with the last play at 3.30pm, and on Sundays from 10am until 4pm, with the last play at 2.30pm.

Each session costs £3.50 per child for 90 minutes, or £3 per child per 90 minutes for Dobbies Rewards members, with 50p from each visit, donated to charity. 

For more information, visit or contact Dobbies Garden Centre Southport on 01704 552920

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