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Friday, 22 July 2016


Once again the Southport Visiter has shown  Ainsdale residents that it is unable to control its deliveries.

A large amount of newspapers were this week discovered dumped in several piles on Sandbrook Way, in Woodvale. This is NOT the first time this has happened.

Previously, Visiter newspapers were thrown away in the Woodvale woodlands as well as on the precinct area on Sandbrook Way.

The 'ongoing' misplacement of these advertisement-filled newspapers is leading to more littering in this area. This situation helps no one. Why can the Visiter not control this situation?

More fly-tipping has recently occurred on the old Sandpiper site. Did you see anything?


Pat Regan © 


Councillors (Preece and Thompson) and community campaigners petition Sefton's sluggish council to take action on Woodvale's long-standing eyesore fiasco.

What are we paying Sefton Council for? This appalling situation has gone on for far too long. The entire place is a health and safety nightmare that shames Southport.

Why is this important?

A redevelopment of Sandbrook Way in (Woodvale, Southport) has been promised again and again, only to have scheme after scheme flop. We still have a badly lit, down-at-heel, area around the shops, which attracts antisocial behaviour. One sticking point putting developers off is the fact that there are many interests and owners to relocate or agree to change. As a result the problem persists. 

It can be solved if the Council uses its powers and is willing, when there is deadlock, to compulsorily purchase property at the market rate. If they show they are willing to do this it will potentially encourage developers to take more interest. Those who are holding up development will have to sell. So far the Council has NOT been willing to use its muscle and as a result the area remains blighted. We do not run the council but we can put real pressure on by petitioning the Council to take action and use its compulsory' purchase powers. 

We need your help. Cllrs Lynne Thompson and Haydn Preece are also collecting hard copy signatures. Have YOU signed yet? 

Please sign the 'Woodvale: Stop the Rot' petition now... 

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Sefton Council – planning a disgusting crime against nature in Ainsdale!

Ainsdale woodland is under threat from Sefton’s persistently heartless council and One Vision Housing (OVH) development proposals

Residents in George Drive Ainsdale are understandably outraged by cold – hearted council plans to destroy a beloved wildlife haven.

Ainsdale eco-campaigner, Cath Regan, had one short walk in the woods and immediately realised how valuable the place was.

The established woodlands hold a plethora of wildlife including many species of wild birds that rely on this lovely old green area for survival. Legally – protected Bats are also known to use the woodland as a roost.

In fact bat boxes were installed at the nearby Woodvale woodlands (behind Sandbrook Road) in 2013. 

Bats and the Law

In Britain all bat species and their roosts are legally protected, by both domestic and international legislation. This means you will be committing a criminal offence if you:

Deliberately capture, injure or kill a bat
Intentionally or recklessly disturb a bat in its roost or deliberately disturb a group of bats
Damage or destroy a bat roosting place (even if bats are not occupying the roost at the time)
Possess or advertise/sell/exchange a bat (dead or alive) or any part of a bat
Intentionally or recklessly obstruct access to a bat roost

Within the George Drive woods quite a number of mature elm trees are also found here. Elms suffered greatly from disease in Southport and other places the 1970s and the survivors deserve protection today.

To cut down this woodland would be an appalling crime against nature. It would also be a detrimental action against the residents that have enjoyed the woodlands for generations. The potential for a well - organised Friends' Group at this location is excellent.

We need more trees not less and the Council and One Vision Housing must rethink such disgusting plans. Damaging a whole community and destroying valuable wildlife habitat is NOT an option!

A meeting is being hosted by Cllr Lynne Thompson at St John’s Church Hall, Liverpool Road, Ainsdale, tonight (21 July 2016) at 7.00 pm. 

Sefton Council planners and OVH wake up and stop destroying the UK's countryside now! 

Concerned ecological parties have been alerted to this proposed authoritarian insanity!


Pat Regan © 

OTS News

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Stowaways take over on the Alt

The Alt Estuary Moorhens. Happy family - on a yacht 

Never mind the Crow's nest - what about the Moorhen's nest? 

Paul Callaghan of the Blundellsands Sailing Club brought my attention to a real nautical tale of true care for the environment. 

An ecologically – minded boat owner, Alan Roe, took the correct action and observed wildlife laws concerning nesting birds when he discovered moorhens with chicks on his yacht.

The birds decided that they liked the look of the boat and made a home there, whilst Alan was away. 

These photos were taken from the bank at some distance with super zoom. 

The kind boat owner did the right and good-hearted thing and left the chicks undisturbed to become fully fledged.

Moorhens have numerous broods each year, managing as many as three in a good season

The tide on the estuary rolls in. 

Pat Regan © 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Southport's ongoing shame - under the spotlight again!

Residents and Ainsdale councillors pushing council hard for action on Woodvale eyesore

The decaying Brook monstrosity on Sandbrook Way in Woodvale has created social dismay and frustration in the community for many years. It's not only an eyesore but also a health and safety nightmare. Local flats and shops are also in a poor state of repair.

Residents have been demanding improvements for years.

Sefton Council are well aware (as they have been for many years) that the state of the properties in question are a public health hazard in many ways. They cannot deny this.

Hard-working councillors, Haydn Preece and Lynne Thompson have along with residents been pressing Sefton Council to take more action as the situation has dragged on for far too long.

More recently, meetings regarding these concerns have been held between Cllr Thompson and Woodvale residents.

Time for real action. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Orangemen in Southport - 2016

Orange Day marchers in Southport, 12 July 2016

Images of the event by Pat Regan 

Pat Regan © 

Monday, 11 July 2016

Kitesurfers at Ainsdale

The July tides at Ainsdale are attracting many kitesurfing enthusiasts

The photos and videos here display the talents of the people who love this sport..

Vivid colours against the Mersey backdrop. 

Feet first, perhaps not the most elegant way to do it. 

Finally, the shore is left to the birds once again. 


Pat Regan ©