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Tuesday, 21 April 2015


A Southport Tory election leaflet fielded by councillors, Ted Hartill, Damien Moore and Terry (group leader) Jones has given many devoted Conservative voters understandable cause for concern.

The Conservative flyer was riddled with basic grammatical errors and inaccuracies. Furthermore, misleading/inaccurate Tory claims over Cherry Road was dealt with earlier. See this link.

Back to school for Ainsdale's fruitless political duo and their equally ineffective promoters!

We can all make mistakes, yet an important election sheet that hopes to gain our trust has to be perfect!

I only glanced down this sheet and was almost lost for words. These duffers apparently expect us to vote for them. A ten-year-old school child could have made a better job of this absurd leaflet than these bungling councillors. How do they ever expect to be taken seriously when they insult our intelligence like this?

This was just one side of the Tory sheet. The other side was almost as bad.

Admittedly, we all make mistakes at times. However, a vital election data sheet must be bulletproof.

If we are unable to make sense of what they are trying to say then how can they expect any support?

NB. This substandard Conservative literature was promoted by Jamie Halsall on behalf of Terry Jones and also promoted by Jackie Glover on behalf of Damien Moore.

I should also add that this sheet was given to me by a friend from another part of the ward, as we rarely see any Tory leaflets around here. After viewing this appalling electoral sheet I am not surprised that they habitually 'avoid' voters.

Most knowledgeable residents also realise that Ainsdale's current Tory councillors 'only' achieved their existing positions due to their previous beneficial connections to a successful local councillor, who has since retired.

How times change!

More here...

Friday, 10 April 2015

Wherever do WACA and Southport Tories find them?

Subsequent to my OTS News article, regarding the historical origins of modern festivals , I was attacked on the OTS News Facebook page by a poster calling himself, ‘Jolly bee Landscapes’.

So I am a ‘blasphemer’; well that should please my publishers enormously in the same way that the fatwa against Salman Rushdie worked so well for him. 

In fact this poster has attacked Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) volunteers ‘before’ and he is apparently supportive of the Woodvale & Ainsdale Community Centre (WACA) stance. This is the charity that helped to engineer the council ban on its own volunteers, after they rightly blew the whistle of Cllr Ted Hartill’s unsound project misdirection and political exploitation in the Woodvale Woodland.  I am just one of the banned whistleblowers who freely assisted in logging the whole sad episode.

On 21st March 2014 WACA posted this following comment on their Facebook page concerning the alleged loss of fruit trees in Woodvale woodland.

“In additional to the 3 new fruit trees that were stolen 2 days after being planted in the Community Woodland, now some very sad person/s have dug up all the 10 soft fruit bushes. Its such a shame as these were planted by hard working volunteers for the benefit of all the community. Can I ask that everyone that uses the path from Meadow lane to the Sandbrook road Recreation fields, especially dog walkers to keep their eyes open. It appears that some people want to sabotage this Community Woodland Project, by stealing newly planted trees and shrubs....”

The link may now be defunct but all evidence is of course saved.  WACA’s Facebook site was subsequently happy to permit offensive comments slurring the Regan family name later that same day. This nasty post, in relation to the tree theft, appeared on their ‘moderated’ Facebook page...

Jolly bee Landscapes stated... Bet a regan knows where they are!
Check this link for more data.

This single objectionable comment was clearly an insult to a family who have given 9 months of hard graft to the WWP work effort. It was unwarranted and highly malicious. WWP checked a little further and discovered more on ‘Jolly Bee Landscapes’ from a local chat room thread, which they were advised is run by a chap called ‘Jon’.

WWP would advise the poster  calling himself ‘Jolly Bee Landscapes’ that he really should get both sides to a story before trolling out such unwise, offensive and potentially VERY costly remarks. 

He may discover that the WACA propaganda that he seems to have digested, without question, is 100% inconsistent! 

Soon after this offensive post went on WACA’s site WWP had supportive calls and messages from well-wishers. The Regan children were particularly infuriated by the insult! This was when WWP discovered that WACA staff was ‘moderating’ their Facebook page ‘selectively’.


How Low Can They Get?

 Now this week  Jolly Bee Landscapes is turning his odious attention to Teresa Smith (Libdem, candidate in Dukes Ward who is 'disabled' and in a wheel chair) on a more recent OTS Facebook story. Teresa is a Thalidomide survivor who has campaigned hard on access and disability issues for many years. She has also worked with terminally ill patients and for an international charity. Jolly Bee Landscapes’ made the following spiteful remark about Theresa on the OTS page:

 “doesn't look like Pat has much opposition there.”

Are we mistaken or is this not plain nasty and rather vicious discrimination from this WACA/Tory supporter? Regardless of any political concerns, Teresa certainly does ‘not’ deserve such unwarranted abuse!

The ‘Pat’ Jolly Bee Landscapes defensively refers to is apparently Pat Ball, who is a standing Tory councillor. Does Ball also take the same stance as Jolly Bee Landscapes?

We also note that Jolly Bee Landscapes’ has taken a pro-Tory stance ‘before’ on other Facebook threads in support of Cllr Terry Jones the largely invisible Ainsdale Tory Group leader who is accused of secretly taping residents.

Jolly Bee apparently seems to think that he is ‘in the know’ and VERY close to the Tory leader (well maybe he is). Nevertheless he is utterly mistaken! Terry Jones previously threatened WWP volunteers with legal action, so is there any connection here between these two activists?

Odd though how the Tory supporters have kept so quiet about the fact that Hartill and Jones never came anywhere near to the vital campaign to save the Brookdale Resource Centre. 

Jolly Bee Landscapes’, WACA and the unbelievable Southport Tory band – they are ALL very welcome to each other but you have to laugh at their silly school-yard antics.

It is such a shame when little people act without prior knowledge of what they are talking about. And one of the best examples so far has been ‘that’ WACA woodland cock up.

Now what lengths will these wonderful individuals go to next?

Grab the popcorn folks and watch this space... lol! 

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015



Pat Regan

 New Book Release: April 2015

UFO: THE SEARCH CONTINUES is Pat Regan’s second book on the astonishing UFO phenomenon. In this exclusive study, Pat Regan continues on from where his successful last book on this subject, UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH, left off.

Once again Pat Regan has collected numerous bizarre UFO and Alien reports from around the world and presented them in a logical yet easygoing fashion. UFO witnesses have had their sightings and experiences recorded in detail and with respectful accuracy by the author.

Pat Regan makes no one-sided pronouncements about the matters at hand and leaves the reader to make up their own mind about strange things that many people have witnessed.

UFO: THE SEARCH CONTINUES does not attempt to focus on any one particular UFO event but instead provides food for thought and debate in relation to the many true stories within.

UFO: THE SEARCH CONTINUES is not fiction but facts gathered from the international community.

"This is a 'just the facts, ma'am' book on UFOs, concentrating on the sightings themselves. Pat Regan has scoured the world for fascinating UFO stories and tells them in a straightforward, no nonsense manner. If you want the raw data (and you should), this well-written and intriguing book is well worth your time."

Nick Pope
Ministry of Defence UFO Project, 1991-1994


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UFO: THE SEARCH CONTINUES is the author's eighth published book.


About the Author

Pat Regan is of Irish and Swiss (or possibly German) ancestry. He was born and raised in Southport, Lancashire in England. He is a proficient yet ‘controversial’ author, a Pagan, an environmental campaigner, a photographer and dedicated, life-long angler. Pat has fought over many decades, tooth and nail, to save many natural places and wildlife habitats under threat from fat-cat developers and uncaring politicians. Pat also cares deeply about the destructive power that fundamentalism holds over many societies today. He sees a very real need to warn others about falsehoods that are widely accepted, by countless people, as fact. A countryman of diverse talents, Pat was previously a tree surgeon and later become a surgical chiropodist, reflexologist and sports massage therapist. He also helps to manage a busy, preschool childcare facility. Pat is the father of four children, several grandchildren and he is also well-known in ufology as a researcher and also in paranormal circles.

Author site 1:


Language: English
ISBN-10: 1511569751
ISBN-13: 978-1511569750

Published by: Can Write Will Write 

Friday, 27 March 2015


Hot air and silly allegations – but only the voters will suffer

Some concern must be due regarding Southport Conservatives and how they play ridiculous games ‘behind’ the scenes.

On their current Southport Conservative’s site, we may discover a meaningless rant, which was written (10 February 2014) by Tory member, ‘Brian Duckett’.

This is the little man who aspired to be Southport’s Tory MP but failed, for whatever reason. It’s rather hard to comprehend why the Southport Tories would tolerate such a controversial page online that makes several sweeping (and potentially costly) claims.

Mr Duckett seems by be extremely upset about some internet poster called, ‘cherie brandie’. One can only presume that this poster must have deeply disturbed Mr Duckett on-line and that he has just not been able to get over it.

However, Mr Duckett may not have heard about the fun-filled concept of ‘freedom of opinion’, yet I think it is enshrined within article 19 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Naturally, because of Mr Duckett’s ‘True Blue’ Conservative affiliation he is eager to blame his most detested adversary, the Liberal Democrats, for this perceived insult. So presumably, without any evidence given whatsoever, Mr Duckett declares:

“You may find it even more puzzling that I believe the Southport Liberal Democrats to be behind this rather feeble and pathetic attempt to discredit me.”

Belief is NOT fact and what Mr Duckett sees as an attempt to “discredit” him may simply be an honest opinion from another person. That puts us right back to good old article 19. 

So we find it “puzzling” do we?

Well no, in fact we find it rather childish that an unsuccessful political wannabe can rant off like this on the ‘official’ Conservative site at will against another person who he THINKS is plucking at his feathers.  

Mr Duckett then blabbers out more unsubstantiated opinions when he says:
“Even more bizarrely, I understand that 'cherie brandie' is, in fact, a local councillor.”

Again we get the same misdirection. He “understands” but he does not KNOW! Mr Duckett then adds the following.

“For me, though, this bizarre behaviour from the Southport Lib Dems worries me not one bit. That fact that it makes the Lib Dems look so desperate can only be good for the Conservatives. But I do feel quite sorry for John Pugh, who must be thoroughly ashamed of his team.”

We can observe that Duckett has now gone from ‘believing’ and ‘understanding’ that someone who up tipped his boat is unmistakably a Libdem “councillor”. Consequently, without any boring old evidence and running off at the mouth on what appears to be pure tittle-tattle Mr Duckett has started his (very strange) crusade and spit his dummy at another political party, who may very well be totally ‘innocent’ of his wild allegations.

He failed however to say ‘who’ he is referring to in all this baloney and so his missive can be seen as nothing more than a feeble attempt to get growing internal frustration off his chest. It may also be seen as a rather nasty cheap shot to ‘do down’ another political party.

Dirty politics like this are so very counter-productive and belong in the school yard. What must genuine Conservative voters really think about such trickery in their party? Nevertheless, we may rightly ask who exactly in the Southport Tory party has allowed this dangerously irresponsible rant to remain online.

Terry’s Tory Tape Recording – the common denominator?

There is in fact a common denominator between Mr Duckett and ‘another’ Tory herein, with regards to allegations against others.

Has Ainsdale’s Cllr Terry Jones got input into this Duckett issue?

Jones has recently made an undisclosed tape recording of his heated communication with a resident concerning similar allegations, which again are unsubstantiated to our knowledge.  He also resorted to similar unchecked activity within the Southport press.

Will Cllr Jones give us a taste of his conduct and reveal this tape or will he continue to conceal it from Southport residents? If he is going to make allegations then he MUST be able to substantiate them!

 Mr Duckett showed similar and quite bitter aggravation towards Ainsdale residents that he disliked a while back, subsequent to him being mentioned within a brief article.

Mr Duckett was in fact so frustrated at the time that he insulted my family (whilst under the guise of the poster, ‘True Blue’).

Terry Jones also joined Mr Duckett in attacking my family as we have seen before when he threatened us with Conservative legal action, which naturally fell flat on its face.

With such a peculiar attitude to Southport residents, it is quite a relief that this man failed to engineer himself into a position to be an MP. Heaven help us all if his boat had actually landed! Amusing also it was that Mr Duckett’s article was entitled... 

Bizarre behaviour from local internet 'trolls'

How fitting when Duckett uses the internet to insult local Ainsdale families under the alias of ‘True Blue’.  Something about stones and glass houses springs to mind.

The entire situation is rather comical, but the only people who suffer from such political shenanigans will be the poor voters. Just what are Southport Tories playing at today? They appear to be doing little or nothing for residents. Their supporters have been let down badly, so is it not high time they finally voiced an opinion rather than letting these clowns get away with it!

Tories in tantrums should therefore...


Friday, 20 March 2015


I briefly mentioned the celestial events in my last UFO Digest article that were expected today, 20 March 2015. These were of course the Solar Eclipse, Spring Equinox and the Supermoon.

The solar event was almost spoiled by thickening cloud yet as readers can see in England we did manage to have some success with the cameras.

The temperature dropped to a chilly 5 degrees celsius in my Southport location and the birds did appear somewhat confused, as the morning gradually darkened.

Once again the doom and gloom merchants were proved wrong as we are still here and the day is already brightening up.

In fact these wonderful celestial events would seem to be a beneficial sign of increasing light on all levels.

As the Romans would have said...

“Hail Sol – the great life bringer!” 


Thank to Rebecca from the Southport Visiter for uploading some of my shots ..

Monday, 16 March 2015



Ainsdale Conservative apathy reached new heights during the successful fight to keep Brookdale (Woodvale’s dementia facility) open. 

Politicians from both Labour and Liberal Democratic groups arrived to show strong support for the campaign. 

The fight back was initiated by locals/families who were deeply concerned for the continuation of the centre, following outrageous council threats of closure. 

However, Ainsdale Ward Tory councillors, Terry Jones and Ted Hartill never came near the campaign or the facility.

Their interest was in fact - ZERO!

A local Brookdale campaigner stated.

“We have had really good support during this hard battle from Labour and the Libdem people. They have been visiting the place regularly and seeing what they can do to help, yet Conservative councillors, Terry Jones and Ted Hartill, have been totally invisible and never came anywhere near the fight. It has been stated that they are, ‘Dementia – unfriendly’ and in this instance this is a true fact. In the end we won the fight so these two Tories were not even needed, but it would have been nice to know they actually had some compassion for the families suffering under the axe of closure. They let us all down badly.”

Some politicians appear to care about their community, whilst others do not!

Woodvale, in Ainsdale Southport, remains as one classic example of this truth!

What do we pay them for? 

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Duke's Ward Tory, Cllr David Barton, has been invisible for some time following his controversial activity of self-promotion at Southport's Remembrance Day event.

Barton has however now resurfaced, like a struggling U-Boat skipper, in a Champion  article concerning cleaning up the town centre in which he is quoted...

I have to agree that a clean environment is most "beneficial" to our wellbeing  and that is one reason why a number of us residents in Woodvale have been seeking to get the place cleaned up and improved for the local elderly residents as well.

Sadly our best efforts (supported by Libdem councillor, Haydn Preece, and Candidate Lynne Thompson) have been largely thwarted, thanks to blocks by the two Ainsdale Conservative councillors, Terry Jones and Ted Hartill.

It is commonly accepted by locals that these lacklustre politicians have been more than reluctant to help because proposals to improve the area did 'not' come from them. Basically, they have given the widespread impression that it's a case of ...  It was not our idea so get stuffed - don't call us, we'll call you!

Woodvale's dilapidated Sandbrook Way Precinct remains in a state of increasing decay - so it would seem that these Ainsdale Tories do fail to share much similarity to Cllr Barton's alleged concern for residents or the local environment in their ward.


More recently, amazing Ainsdale Tory apathy was witnessed during our successful fight to keep Brookdale (dementia facility) open. The plain fact was that Councillor Jones and Hartill never even bothered to show their faces to support the wonderful facility. They are invisible!

Of course this brief yet accurate analysis may once again invoke the wrath (hollow legal threats etc) of Tory chief, Terry Jones, but facts speak for themselves.

Telling the truth upsets some, but that is the way it always is! 

Essentially Ainsdale Tory councillors  have left Woodvale and its needy residents to simply rot!