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Friday, 25 November 2016

Spirit on the river

The River Ribble in Lancashire holds a great deal of history. Once upon a time a Roman fort stood here called Bremetenacum.  Today the river is popular with tourists and anglers.

We occasionally here of spirit photography, a phenomenon in which a ghost is said to be captured by a camera. I noticed one such image in a far distant (and rather noisy/blurred) image that had a silhouetted angler in the centre of the frame and a strange transparent figure to his right.

Seconds after this image was taken the figure (ringed in blue) had vanished without trace.

A trick of the light perhaps or did the fisherman have the company of a ghostly presence, from long ago?

You decide.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Open Letter to Cllr David Barton from Cath Regan, Co-chair of the CARES group

Dear Cllr Barton

I am writing to you because rightly or wrongly you appear to be the ‘only’ remaining semblance of the Conservative Party in Southport.

I am also aware that you are ‘suspended’ from the Conservatives, pending the result of the legal case that you are involved in.

You will, I am sure, be aware of the recent petition that is being presented to challenge an alleged threat to our Southport Hospital services.

The Southport LibDems have also run an article covering this situation on OTS News that you may also be aware of?

Due to you being suspended from the Conservatives my question may seem hypothetical but I shall request your opinion as Southport’s only VISIBLE Tory councillor nevertheless.

Are the Conservatives going to give a media response/statement why they are not backing this vital hospital campaign? Is it for a good logical reason or just sour grapes that they didn't think of it first?

If you cannot answer the above (due to your current suspension) will YOU be supporting this campaign / petition in any independent capacity?

I have signed the petition, although I would have liked an addition somewhere to children’s A&E and maternity services being included if a fight is on.

This is because as Co-chair of the CARES group I, along with others, have been campaigning hard for our lost services for many years.

I believe the Southport public have a right to know your answers of the above request.

I look forward to your response.


Cath Regan

Co-chair, CARES

CC to concerned parties and individuals.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Smashed: Woodvale's dangerous Brook eyesore - the shame continues - UPDATED.

The derelict Brook building on the corner of Sandbrook Way is now threatening additional public danger, thanks to recent damage this weekend.

A makeshift tape barrier has been placed around a lamp post to warn pedestrians of broken glass that has fallen from the eyesore.

The broken window is however a serious concern due to loose and jagged pieces that may still fall to the ground at anytime.

Campaigners have warned for years of the dangers of leaving this ramshackle building in a growing state of disrepair. 

When will our Council finally wake up and take proper action?  

Authorities have been alerted.


14 November 2016 

Workmen arrived on the scene and secured the broken Brook window etc... 

Now on OTS News 

Monday, 7 November 2016

USO (unidentified submerged object) activity in Canadian waters and things that go ‘ping’ under the sea

Following the successful release of one of my previous books, ‘UFO: The Search for Truth’, I was inundated with international reports concerning strange entities flying through our skies.

Therefore, I thought the time would be about right to work on another volume addressing this enthralling situation.

UFO: The Search Continues was my latest book on this fascinating topic.

Nevertheless, not everything that remains unidentified resides in the skies above. Our deepest oceans hold many mysteries as well.

Underwater mysteries

My attention was taken of late by reports that strange sounds were being heard in Canadian waters.

Canadian military probes mysterious Arctic pinging noise. 

Most commonly defined as a “ping”, though sometimes given to be a “hum” or a “beep”, the furtive sound appears to be coming from the sea floor in the constricted Fury and Hecla Strait within Canadian’s isolated and freezing north.

Military sources say that so far they have been incapable of explaining the cause of the "acoustic anomalies", which have been said to be frightening wildlife in the region.

This captivating issue led me to recall Canadian USO reports that I had covered some time ago, including the following one within the pages of  UFO: The Search Continues…

UFO/USO (unidentified submerged object) activity in the Quebec region 

Lise resides in a coop building two streets away from the Saguenay River to the north. The following account is what she witnessed there.

“I was on the hill behind our coop with a neighbour. We had a full view of the river and the cliffs across from us. (Look-up the following coordinates – Riviere Saguenay – Riviere Langevin) It was 6.30 pm in summer when we saw an underwater light coming from the east. It was quite near the surface”.  Lise told me that the “amazing” object did not generate any waves or wake! The lights stopped right below the cliff where the water is moderately deep at high tide. Once stationary, the strange object swiveled two beams of light around its top.  These beams then formed a dome that the witnesses could easily see. Next the UFO/USO appeared to buoy up to the surface.  Then the witnesses saw what Lise described as its “marquee”. “Lights after lights started to flicker one after the other – faster and faster – until the image of what we were actually seeing started to mimic the cliff behind it. It disappeared. We did not see it materialize elsewhere”, added Lise. The witness told me that later in 2012 she spoke to a woman who lives on the water's edge. This lady in fact mentioned that she had also seen these peculiar underwater lights at the exact location that Lise had seen them back in 2004. But this was ‘not’ the end of these extraordinary sightings.

Over successive summers Lise saw the following. “I’d see swiveling lights coming from the south, following the hill behind the coop (Google 2014 Nil Tremblay – Chicoutimi) and heading north to the cliffs – even saw one, following the cliff behind us entirely and heading towards the Langevin river.”

I of course welcome supplementary public reports of such bizarre sightings from this area.

In the fall of 2011 Lise saw something else.  I shall again let her enlighten us in her own words.

“If you look at the coordinates of where the USO was (Google satellite), to the right of the cliffs, there’s a house on the most north-eastern tip of the Cape. Then more to the east, there are houses at the water’s edge. That’s where I saw a white cylinder type craft drifting along below the cloud cover.” Lise added that it was moving very slowly but steadily. She didn’t see where it could be heading but assumed that it was “cloaked”, in a similar fashion to other UFOs she had witnessed before.

I reiterate that the extracts above are from my last book, UFO: The Search Continues. This was written well before the latest reports of mysterious noises in the Arctic recently hit the headlines.

Something is definitely going on under our oceans and it seems that nobody actually knows what it is. If they do know they are certainly not telling us about it.

Pat Regan ©

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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Bonfire Night colours over Southport

A few images taken around Birkdale,  with some shots from the Charity Bonfire event.

Pat Regan ©

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Beloved Ainsdale wildlife sanctuary facing One Vision Housing/Sefton Council - based extinction, but the fight goes on

This week a test drilling/survey for proposed housing developments started in George Drive, Ainsdale.

Residents that utilise the woodlands for recreational family purposes with their children have been fighting hard to save this lovely little green area.

One passionate local campaigner stated: "It was 16 metres down before they hit clay at the North end of the site and 16.5 metres down at the South end."

Letters of complaint have been forwarded to the Council and a petition is available to sign.

Do you want to see concrete and steel all the way to Ormskirk or will you sign the petition to show Sefton Council and One Vision Housing (OVH) that enough is enough?

Our countryside and its legally-protected wildlife deserves protection. Sefton Council and OVH officials cannot just destroy at will... 

Our declining UK countryside’s green spaces and wildlife need urgent help – will YOU join the fight today!

Cllr Lynne Thompson has been assisting residents in meetings with OVH, about ecologically - destructive housing expansion plans and she will hopefully be presenting the petition when finalised.


Sefton’s ecological double standard message to our children

Sefton Council and its partners make great efforts to promote themselves as some type of ecologically sound, 'conservation - supportive' body.

However, what type of message does the proposed destruction of this beloved Ainsdale woodland tell the children of today, who are frequently asked to receive eco-awards for green initiatives in schools etc off the Council?

Also see, Save Our Woods group... 

Countryside Awareness...

Pat Regan © 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Derelict Woodvale Grot Spot Still Shaming Southport

Woodvale’s dilapidated eyesore, the disused Brook building in Sandbrook Way, is falling to pieces.

Woodvale’s dilapidated grot spot, the disused Brook building is disintegrating even further. 

Pictures taken today (1st November 2016) clearly show more unsecured material ready to fall  off this eyesore.  

How long will it be before a pedestrian is injured (or worse) by falling building materials hitting them on the head?

Who exactly will be legally responsible for potential personal injury claims/compensation, due to lack of health and safety measures not being in place, at this widely- accessible site.

Apart from securing kicked in doors, no actions to make the eyesore safe in any way for the public have been taken.  

Sefton Council has been fully aware about the dangerous state of the building for years.



The picture below shows a large piece of cladding that previously fell off this dangerous eyesore back in 2014. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.