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Sunday, 19 November 2017

A thousand nurseries close as Tory free childcare scheme fails

As Southport’s MP, Damien Moore, continues to 'spin the government spin' the true extent of destructive Tory childcare annihilation is finally coming to light. 
So, looking past the Conservative propaganda what exactly is happening with the ill-considered, bumbling, Tory FREE  (as if) childcare agenda? 
Government's so-called FREE childcare scheme not economically viable and resulting in massive facility closures... 
The Guardian reported the harsh truth of ongoing Conservative failure towards the nation's hard-pressed childcare providers: 
More than 1,000 nurseries and childminders have gone out of business since the Conservative government was elected in 2015 with a promise of 30 hours of free childcare for working parents. 
Official Ofsted figures, obtained by Tracy Brabin, the shadow minister for early years, show there has been a net loss of 1,146 nurseries and childminders from the Early Years Register since 2015. In total, 15,288 childcare providers have left the register, while only 14,142 have joined. Four-fifths (81%) of those who left the register had been rated either good or outstanding by Ofsted.
 “The Tories promised to be the most family-friendly government ever, but time and again they are failing working families,” said Brabin. “Ministers ask early-years providers to do more and more but refuse to give them the necessary funding. If they were serious about giving every child the best start in life, they would give providers the resources they need, instead of managing the decline of the sector, content to see thousands of providers lost year after year.” 
So Damien: rather than just promote more Tory failures against the childcare sector do please tell us what YOU are going to do to with your colleagues to address this appalling shortfall. Well? 
You claim to "support" small businesses, yet you are failing 100% in this instance! 
Do the UK's childcare providers ever get real action or just more hollow promises, cheesy grins and the usual political spin?
NB. If and when another party get into power can we expect a more responsible attitude towards the over-burdened yet vital childcare sector, or will they be just as hopeless as this appallingly apathetic Tory government? 
Latest elsewhere.... 
Leaked plans have revealed that Birmingham City Council is considering closing ALL of its nurseries to save money. There are just 14 council-run nurseries left in Birmingham and they tend to be used by low income families who have no alternative but to use the free subsidised provision.
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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Dave Elsby Mobile Motoring Services

With the winter and the mad Xmas rush now upon us you may suddenly realise that your car needs a service, MOT or other repairs.

Clearly you could do without all the hassle of taking your car to the garage and either hanging around, waiting or making your own way home in the rain or cold weather. Perhaps you just want to stay at home with your feet up and a brew. Well, there is another way.

Dave Elsby mobile motoring services

Dave is a local motor engineer with over 25 years’ experience.  Dave realised that with people having such busy lifestyles today they can find it very difficult to get their car to a garage for its essential repairs, a service or an MOT. 

So why not let the garage come to you?

Dave offers a free collection and delivery service throughout Southport and Formby including Banks, Tarleton and surrounding areas and he can address all your motoring needs.

Dave has a fully equipped workshop and is proud of the unique and personal service he provides to customers old and new. He can collect and deliver your car from home or work. Therefore, why not take the hassle out of tiresome trips to the garage and contact Dave instead? 

Dave also offers a 7 day weekly service, so if you  need your car for commuting he will be more than happy to accommodate your requirements at weekends whenever possible.

Dave will be working throughout the Christmas and New Year period, so why not give Dave a call today for any of your motoring needs? 
He’s always happy to help

Please call Dave today... 
Contact info… 

Landline 01704 507268 

Mobile 07980 713661

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Ainsdale beach and the Irish Sea

In these times of excessive stress over jobs, finances personal relationships and other concerns, it’s good to know that our wild spaces still provide spiritual solace and inner tranquillity.

Forgetting the somewhat controversial addition of massive wind turbines we can still feel the Irish Sea breeze in our face, as we look out over the Mersey estuary towards Wales.

The old and the new meet, as we observe the shrimper working against the backdrop of the rig. 

As the night arrives and the tide turns skeins of geese fly over the beach, heading towards their northern marshlands.

Eventually, only the lonely cries of the curlew and oystercatcher welcome in the increasing darkness on the bleak Ainsdale shoreline.

Pat Regan © 

Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween: home truths regarding our native pre-Christian spiritual heritage

A great deal of confusion exists around the topic of Halloween. Consequently, what follows may help to simplify the situation.

Halloween was formerly called 'Samhain,' which comes from the Gaelic/Celtic meaning for ‘November’ and ‘summer’s end’. The original Celtic settlers arrived here in around 600 BC, fetching with them their own nature - based polytheistic form of spiritual belief systems.

Samhain characterised the beginning of the long cold winter; a time when the cattle had to be driven into sheltered quarters as a defensive measure against anticipated snowfall, frost, and blizzard.

It was also a melancholy period for many Celts, as the winter’s chill could always prove too much for elderly, sick, or loved ones badly injured in combat.


Samhain, because of its link with the darker half of the year, was then observed as the ‘Festival of the Dead,’ and a time when the barrier betwixt the living and their treasured ancestors was at the thinnest point. This had nothing to do with evil of any kind. Such ridiculous notions were only promoted later on by the narrow-minded Church fathers in order to win the populace away from its indigenous, earth-orientated spiritual heritage.

Today's Halloween party games such as Trick or treat, Apple bobbing etc, all stem from ancient Celtic customs/traditions.

Samhain, although often an enormously serious affair to the elders, was in addition a last chance for the younger hearts in the clan to let off steam before the cold blanket of winter finally settled in.

For many years Christianity and Paganism coexisted quite well. However, in the year 601 AD, Pope Gregory instructed his missionary St Augustine to: ‘Destroy all Pagan Idols and cleanse the native temples’ in order to convert the indigenous peoples to Christianity.

The iron fist of monotheistic absolutism was to open up the floodgates of cultural spiritual terrorism for the unsuspecting Pagan folk of these green isles. Many pre-Christian festivals had, by this time, been requisitioned by the new-fangled ‘one god’ religion from the East. Nonetheless, Samhain with its mysterious blend of reflection, sadness, mystical lore and elation proved the hardest nut for the obsessive Christian missionaries to crack.

Indigenous gods of nature turned into personifications of evil by paranoid church missionaries 

The Celtic Horned God, Cernunnos, Herne, or Belatucadros (to mention but a few of his titles), is a deity representing the vital masculine fertilising aspects inherent in nature. The Greek Pan and Roman Faunus also fill similar Horned God roles.

The Pagan Celts did ‘not’ believe in the Christian notion of evil (Satan), however in order to disparage our old native religions the Christian Church conceived the destructive myth, which alleged that native horned deities, like the above, were all different faces of the Devil.

More about the Horned God of nature here:


Bigoted absolutist moralisers are still to this day using this absurd Christian untruth; deceitfully linking our rich Pagan spiritual birthright with ecclesiastically - declared evil. More important data here on this festival:


Visit this informative site for more info on the ‘real’ reasons behind previous disinformation put out by sectarian fundamentalists.


More Halloween facts below

(1) Halloween is traditionally one of the oldest British religious festivals celebrated in Scotland particularly up to and beyond 1870s. It is not an American invention.

(2) Trick or Treat is not an American invention. The games, fun and harum-scarum at Halloween are all typically British being listed in Robert Burns 1875 poem ‘Halloween’ for all to see. It is part of our traditional culture.

(3) There is absolutely no medical evidence to suggest that dressing up or the wearing of masks is psychologically damaging to children or in any way harmful. The allegation is false. Children have been happily celebrating Halloween for centuries without harm.

(4) Halloween is a genuine Celtic festival and was celebrated in Britain long before it was Christianised. The early Christians invented ‘All Saints Day’ on November 2 to try to replace Halloween but failed because the people enjoyed Halloween so much.

(5) Attacks on Halloween by religious bigots are now outlawed under the Religious Hatred laws and Pagans are demanding that the Church of England stops those amongst its members who feel they have to insult the ceremonies and rites of other religions. Can you imagine the outcry if they had accused Moslems of abusing their children by making them fast during Ramadan?

(6) Everyone to his own, Pagans see the modern Christmas as an appallingly materialistic travesty of ancient religious ideals, yet we don't go around demanding that Christmas decorations and outdoor illuminations are banned.

(7) Saman's Vigil is the anglicised interpretation of the Celtic festival 'Samhain,' pronounced 'Zoween' or 'Sowin'. It is also termed Festival of Light or Fire. The Vigil of Saman, or Samhain, occurs on October 31st and was observed for at least a thousand years before Britain was Christianised.

(8) Samhain was the Celts' most important festival because it was marked as their New Year's Day.

(9) Saman is the Celtic lord of Death and Rebirth. Samhain is the mysterious, late season festival for remembering our beloved ancestors and renewing fire for the harsh cold months of winter. Its basis is intimately linked with 'LOVE' and the natural cycle and not any type of evil, as troublemaking evangelists would have us believe.

(10) Christian fundamentalists often rush in to claim that Halloween is not a British tradition and should not be followed in the U.K. This falsehood relies upon igniting anti-American sentiment within insular British minds, because the truth of the matter is that Halloween is NOT an American importation, it is an entirely British tradition, which was actually exported to the U.S.A. by European immigrants. Such fundamentally - inspired racism, against our American cousins, should not be tolerated in a modern UK society.

Halloween is essentially an ancient festival of love for life, our mysterious affiliation with the Earth and intimate respect for our dearly departed.

A word of caution

Children are best accompanied by adults when trick or treating and the ever-present dangers of messing with fire at Halloween, Bonfire Night, or indeed at any other parties, must always be kept in mind. 


Contemporary Church Intolerance – the following report was from 2008

2008: the Church of England incited religious hatred against the UK’s Pagans at Halloween


A happy and safe Halloween to all… 

NB. Pat Regan is the author of several published books including, ‘The New Pagan Handbook’, 'Pagan Heritage'  and also ‘The Devil God’s Best Friend’




The 2015 Halloween Parade (and official controversy) previously reported on OTS News 

Sunday, 29 October 2017

WW 111 - Christian Fundamentalists ramping up the Biblical Armageddon card, as expected

We live in dangerous times and the North Korea verses USA nuclear war threat is highly disconcerting. 

One American pastor was recently quoted in the media with the usual messianic (end-of-time) warnings of doom,  based on traditional biblical hocus-pocus. 

The Express reported that …

‘American Pastor Greg Laurie, of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, believes the US could be obliterated in a nuclear war before the end of the world begins. Pastor Laurie says the prophecy was revealed to him after he read the Bible and discovered there was no mention of a “reigning superpower” in the end days, which he has interpreted as the US being destroyed imminently.’

This pastor said: “Here is what concerns me. We do not find the reigning superpower on the face of the Earth anywhere in the Last Days scenario. Other nations emerge. So where is America? I pray we are not out of the picture, because we have been in some kind of nuclear conflict.”


Laurie also went on to mention Iran.

In fact the New York Post recently highlighted Iran in the following post... 'It’s time to take on the Iran-North Korea nuke alliance.'


This biblical prediction jargon set me thinking and before long I recalled that I had covered similar religious nonsense several years ago. This text below is one example from my own blog of 2011.

Armageddon now!

Allah, Jesus or Satan – so who exactly is the ‘real’ enemy of the people here?

By Pat Regan

How the end of the world is being designed by your elected leaders

The grey suits, those esteemed political and religious leaders, that we inadvertently elect into power are threatening the very existence of humanity and the whole planet itself. They are the harbingers of Armageddon!

The time will come when the common person in the street will be forced to rise up against the tide of tyrannical officialdom. Why? Well let’s break the situation down into layman’s terms.

The western powered grey suits are getting more panicky by the day about potential development and utilisation of nuclear weapons by Iran. Sanctions are apparently being imposed as I write against the grey suits of the Iranian banking system. The UK is cutting links with Iran’s bankers over nuclear fears. You have to laugh at the hypocrisy of this particular Laurel and Hardy – type sanction when we recall that the UK’s corrupt banks alone have recently been forced to pay their customers back billions in missold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). OK granted – perhaps not quite the same thing here, but someone had to accentuate the double standards involved and I have yet to hear of any UK bank boss being thrown into prison due to the above fiasco!

Right, so basically we have the self-satisfied myth mongers of two great locations scaring each other to death.

One (the West) bases all of its historically indoctrinated fears on the assumption that its godhead, ‘Jesus Christ’, is the only way the truth and the light. The other uses similar fairy tales concerning its mythical ‘Allah’ figure. Each group of grey suits alleges the other to be the ‘Great Satan’. This is quite comical as the figure of Satan is in reality the ONLY innocent character in all this heated exchange. In essence we have two anxious gangs wanting to tear each other apart and potentially they WILL take the rest of the planet with them. First the name calling, then the official sanctions followed by military intervention. Then what?

Why, one may understandably ask, are a few nukes of any consequence anyway that may be held by the Iranians when the powerful West could blast back thousands of the same in the event any pre-emptive strike by Iran? Well folks, the answers to that are simply laid out when we consider that the influential grey suits in Russia and China have made a good friend of Iran over recent years. Massive sums of cash are now at stake and the name of the game is gas and oil import profits. The leaders and their trained lap-dog minions are painfully aware that they need to keep their greedy pockets lined with black gold and they are content to destroy millions of innocent people if their powerbases of fat cat profits are seen to be at risk.

Russian and Chinese grey suits do ‘not’ want the West poking its nose their lucrative arrangements with Iran as too much cash is on the table. Consequently, any potential strike or invasion by the West on Iran could potentially bring in the bigger guns from the Chinese and Russian powers.

And what would be the result? END OF THE GAME in the horrendous form of WORLD WAR 111 for the rest of us.

Our very existence is therefore being compromised by the so-called leaders that we placed in power to protect us.

Whilst we go about our daily business the elected grey-suits are playing at being God. Their fingers are on the buttons of mass destruction against what they perceive to be the Great Satan. The truth most certainly resides in the opposite in this particular instance. The self-righteous grey-suited followers of Christ and Allah are making decisions that will ultimately DESTROY ALL LIFE ON EARTH and they have the audacity to point their fingers at each other claiming to be champions of the greater good against evil. What total poppycock! They are the smiling, well-respected evil doers in positions of ultimate power that will eventually invite Armageddon. They are the Frankenstein monster that we naively created for all the right reasons, but without properly understanding the awful ramifications!

In some rather disconcerting instances the more pious of our leaders actually ‘invite’ Armageddon and see it as totally inevitable.

This is because they follow the biblical belief that the so-called ‘Second Coming’ requires a great End-of-time battle between great nations in order for their Messiah figure to cast Satan into a bottomless pit.

So – NO ARMAGEDDON EQUATES WITH NO RETURN VISIT FROM THEIR EXPECTED SAVIOUR and they simply cannot tolerate that they may ‘just’ have it all totally wrong. In fact they are utterly wrong on all counts!

Of course the same type of fervent end-of-time approach is also seen in the Islamic faith. Both committed Christians and followers of Islam assume that anyone who disagrees with their one-sided system of unquestioning religious conviction must be on Satan’s employee list. Therefore, logical debate is quite pointless in the face of this type of radical extremism. One may even invite the Salman Rushdie treatment if too critical of course and end up with a ‘fatwa’ being issued upon your head.

Nevertheless, the ramifications of such religious fanaticism in the hands of the power brokers should rightly send alarm bells into the ears of the rest of us!

They now have much too much authority and this very power will be the death of us all. We have inadvertently given them the permission to act in what ‘they’ allege to be our best interests. We have given them the power to annihilate us all in their quest for cash, oil and religious dominance over others!

This is not freedom or even proper democracy – it is totalitarianism of a most clandestine and perilous fashion. Dr Strangelove was fantasy – this is reality

The old despotic might of the bishops and barons, that once drove thousands of trusting rustic slave labourers to their deaths on medieval battlefields, is still with us. Yet today the stakes are much higher. The danger lies not now in any spear or sword thrust but in TOTAL NUCLEAR DEVASTATION OF OUR HOME, MOTHER EARTH, via serial nuclear explosions and the ensuing toxin aftermath of such man-made insanity.

The very same human fears and psychosis displayed by the bygone bishops and barons are still in place, with characteristic cries of doing it all for Jesus or Allah (i.e. murdering our fellow inhabitants of Mother Earth). Satan is always the ‘other’ guy and no amount of looking in the mirror will ever change that!

The suicidal ‘US AGAINST THEM’ mindset that our scheming leaders have instilled within our psyches is an incredibly simple, but oh so shrewd, control mechanism that must the cut from our minds and eradicated; if we are ever to successfully evolve as a species.

We are all individuals within one large family – this family is called mankind. Mankind must be protected from the madness of the religious fanatics in grey suits.

Salvation for our species will not EVER be achieved by devoutly trolling through the dated, synthetic pages of worn out holy books of the pious Christian, Jew or Muslim. Deliverance will not be accessed within the man-made confines of any church, synagogue or mosque.

The same hate and mistrust against others, held to be based on holy writ by these indoctrinated groups, remains stronger than ever today. No, nothing advantageous was ever learned by the followers of these totalitarian credos since the early crusades, so why should the rest of mankind expect such adherents to behave properly today?

Why should we trust these zealots and their half-baked religious beliefs with the noble evolution of our species and the guardianship of our wonderful planet?

Mother Earth demands that her children should grow up on the spiritual level and stop placing their home at such dire risk.

The stark alternative is Armageddon, invited by religiously-influenced fanatics in places of power!

Pat Regan ©


Saturday, 28 October 2017

Giant 16 foot spider attacks terrified shoppers

Southport shoppers understandably trembled in fear as Arachnobot, the giant 16 foot spider, munched his way down Chapel Street.

Nothing could stop this crazed creature from digesting men, women and children, as it rampaged into the crowds. Police, shopkeepers, chavs on mopeds and British army units failed to halt the monster’s deadly assault on the sleepy seaside town.

Politicians fled like rabbits screaming into the hills and became even more invisible than ever before, as the hapless public were left to deal with the chaos. Sefton Council traffic wardens also vanished in horror, leaving motorists on nearby Lord Street breathless with shock...

This alarming event was all part of Southport’s annual Halloween Festival, put on by Southport BID.


People on the street were remarking that some of the kids had fun but that the larger Halloween Parades of previous years were missed...

Pat Regan © 

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Selling on eBay – the good the bad and the ugly

Well eBay can be a very good place to sell what you wish to but it can also alas be a hostile environment, wherein a few belligerent types appear to take great pleasure making a plethora of trouble for others. This is just one small example here.

I recently sold a few of my hand-crafted fishing floats (in one package) and posted them the day after, via recorded delivery. I have done this countless times over the years and as usual tracking data proved that it had been posted.

Sometime later I got news that the buyer (no names mentioned) had complained that the floats had not arrived. So I checked the tracking status and it stated that a ‘Something for you’ card had been pushed through the buyer’s letter box.

Anyway, I did my very best to help this chap through many emails but he got nasty, alleging that the postal service  had not given him any card and then went on to say I had "not even posted them".

The tracking data was updated to say the item was waiting to be picked up at the buyer's local Royal Mail depot, yet he went on with more moaning and failed to listen to logic.  Both eBay and I had assured him that tracking data proved he was totally in error but he just wanted to shout at the world...

After that the PayPal payment was suspended and he went on to demand that I refund him. OK I thought, enough is enough, this guy needs to be reeled in pronto.

I informed eBay and very soon they had refunded my money and removed negative feedback that this man had unfairly left on my account. We can of course never be sure but presumably he will also have had a good ticking off by eBay Support too.

I was given a full week’s undeserved hassle just because one argumentative type would not listen, play nice or accept proper professional advice.

Was this guy just some ignorant backstreet clown, you may ask. Well no, he is in fact a highly – paid professional individual with the responsibility to run a company. My deepest sympathy goes to the poor people working under such an irresponsible type.

He is now thankfully blocked from ever buying off me again and this little tale stands as a warning to others to fight their corner when confronted with inattentive jokers like this one.

Many folks understandably cannot be bothered challenging such types and let them get away with their stressful tricks but now and then they meet someone who says ‘NO’ and counters their little game ...

Top marks go to eBay on this occasion for getting it 100% right.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Supercars of the Northwest in Southport

Supercars of the Northwest, end of season event, was held today at Victoria Park in Southport.

Video by Jason Regan

Pat Regan © 

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Storm Brian hits Southport

Close on the tail of Hurricane Ophelia, Southport was today treated to Storm Brian.

A few hardy individuals arrived to witness the scene at Southport Pier, as the high tide flooded in... 

Higher winds may arrive later on... 

Pat Regan © 

Now on OTS News...

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Wake up North Koreans – your beloved chief will be your doom!

Potentially, the anti-environmental actions of this incredible clown may ultimately backfire on his zombified nation of indoctrinated chuckleheads who cheer on his nuclear progress.  

Self-destruction: silly people should NOT play with fire.  

“Another test might cause the whole mountain to cave in on itself, leaving only a hole from which radiation could escape and drift across the region.”
Wang Naiyan, the former chairman of the China Nuclear Society.

Not only Kim’s own ever-trusting people but surrounding countries (Japan, China, etc) with large populations may soon discover that a rehash of Hiroshima’s fallout horror could occur if this absurd little oddball continues to play with fire.  

The truth resides in the opposite and his mad zeal for self-defence may become the death knell for his people; even before any missiles are launched…

When the people are burning in the streets we can be assured that Mr K will be snug in his well -secured nuclear fallout shelter. Radiation however does not take prisoners and Kim may become the harbinger of doom for his loyal and trusting flock of Yes Men…  

North Koreans listen up… it’s your life not his – Take control of YOUR destiny and fight back … the rest of the world is NOT your enemy but keep following this misinformed  lunatic and your doom will be guaranteed.  

Mind control really sucks big time and this is a classic example!

Pat  Regan © 

Monday, 16 October 2017

The day the solar orb turned red over Southport.

A strange red sun has been reported across parts of England.

The phenomenon was created by fragments of Hurricane Ophelia pulling in tropical air and dust from the Sahara region. The dust has caused light to be refracted and reflected in longer wavelengths, causing the weird red effect.

Because the Sahara dust is at such high altitude, light from the Sun is strewn in the longer wavelengths, which is more related to the red part of the spectrum. Subsequently, it appears red to the human eye.

The UK remains braced for intense weather, including high winds.


Rough seas that evening ...

Pat Regan © 

Friday, 13 October 2017

UK Government - set to destroy childcare sector

Westminster Hall

Thursday 12 October 2017 Meeting started at 1.30pm, ended 4.31pm

Robert Goodwill MP will not listen to common sense when faced with expert childcare providers that tried so hard to explain things to him. 

The government he represents is just paying hollow lip-service to the real problems faced by hard-pressed childcare providers across the UK. It's a  cold-hearted,  'let them eat cake', attitude that brings back bad memories of a harsher Tory party, with traditionally little care for the ordinary people.  

Ultimately, families and children will suffer because if this reckless  government continue to kill off all childcare facilities (many have closed their doors since this policy arrived) then there will be no places left to provide any care for the children.   

Sweet talking parents with allegedly 'free childcare' is a futile gesture when the facilities have been forced, by flawed government funding policies, to close down. This is the main point and one that this  crazy government is ignoring. 

Big cheesy grins and an expensive suit do not guarantee cooperation and / or any degree of sincerity. This is something that history teaches us so well…

How the caring childcare providers, who met Goodwill yesterday managed to stay so cool and ultra-professional, when faced with an un-listening political brick wall like this man, is amazing. 


The last time we saw such a dictatorial dismissal of public concerns was when Southport lost its children’s emergency A&E services back in 2003. The ‘experts’ (NHS and others) at that time told us that we “never had it so good”. They merely waved an imperial flick of the wrist at worried campaigners. The march of 4000 people and a petition of almost 20,000 names were ignored. 

Robert Goodwill’s inexcusable performance yesterday was a dead ringer for this type of political inflexibility and cannot be tolerated in any fair-minded, democratic society.

He and his coterie in government have got it totally 100% wrong and they MUST listen to providers and fix what they have broken ASAP.

Expenses fraud claims ... 

Sack him now!

If such politicians cannot do their job properly (as in this instance) then they should resign immediately. Clueless politicians with wool in their ears are a serious hurdle to a better society. 

Southport MP, Damien Moore, gets it totally wrong 

Image result for damien moore mp ots

Southport's  MP seems to have misunderstood the reasons for childcare providers’ deep concerns. Or is he simply playing the agreed government card of political intransigence?

Political puppets are fully accountable to the public.  Nevertheless, 'People Power' does work, if pursued to its final conclusion...

Pat Regan © 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Tarot and the global crisis

I was just pondering as one does on the North Korean predicament, which is a very real threat to us all. With that (and Mr Kim especially) in mind I cast the following Celtic spread, which others can take or leave as they find…

Five of Wands (above the current situation) and the Knight of Swords (riding hard into the future) suggest serious struggles and conflict. Six of Swords also indicates more conflict from others in this equation. Knight of Cups crossing feels to me like ‘Rocket Man’, as he has become affectionately known, is NOT listening to his inner voice. Is he allowing his ego to rule over his higher self/deeper intellect? Page of Pentacles may indicate recent financial quest for improvements yet again the seriousness of the more negative cards suggest this valuable wisdom is being ignored…

Can these disconcerting factions be set back via the underlying influence of Cups if taken heed of? Well, it is not very promising as it stands but fate can lend a hand at any time…

The Tower with all its traditionally 'catastrophic' connotations, turning up in Hopes and Fears is not any great surprise under the current international circumstances.

Nevertheless, the Wheel of Fortune, as the concluding factor, leaves an open book on forthcoming events. 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Bimmo Fest at Birkers

THE 'BIMMO FEST' to be held at 'BIRKERS' on Sunday the 8th October 2017, 12 noon till late…

All for a great cause... 

All monies raised will go to help selected local cancer charities in the name of our Joan Bimson (Bimmo Fest) who sadly succumbed to the disease late last year. She was so greatly admired and sadly missed by all who knew her.

More ...