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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Southport vigil for Manchester attack victims

A vigil was held this evening in Southport for victims of the Manchester Arena attack.

The Southport Town Hall event was hosted by Ollie Cowan (above) of the Champion newspaper. 

Various clergymen addressed the crowd.

Our hearts go out to the victims and families, who have suffered due to this terrible madness...

Pat Regan © 


Saturday, 20 May 2017

Kitty's Wood: Developer's dirty tricks to silence dissent?

What a pity it is that Sovini/One Vision Housing (OVH) persistently fails to get the vital message when dealing with the  Ainsdale community.

Peaceful protesters at Kitty's Wood have recently been outrageously named as 'threats' and also called 'intimidating' by an outspoken Project Manager from Sovini.

At a recent meeting (and others before) Sovini's, Joanna Allen, had apparently called long - time Southport author and community campaigner, Pat Regan, a threat. Minutes from the last meeting mark this incredibly foolish allegation well.

Many questioned Jo Allen's real motivation after she stated that she felt 'threatened' by protesters, who had actually acted in nothing other than a peaceful and amicable way.

Peaceful protesters here that Jo Allen saw as 'intimidating' with some being very menacing, whilst sat in their prams and holding hands with their mums. 

Many believed that Allen's agenda was to label Pat Regan as a "threat" largely because, as a writer, Pat had produced many accurate articles that put Sovini//One Vision Housing shameful plans, to destroy the woodland, into a wider public arena.

Allen had apparently dug up old videos off Pat's Youtube channel on the sport of target knife throwing and used them it seems as a reason to 'single out' the author as some sort of dire, antisocial, threat to society.

Pat stated:

"I was rather disappointed to hear that this Sovini manager had been seeking to do me down behind the scenes. As a controversial writer (this is one who tells the truth) I am no stranger to controversy. However, Ms Allen's tricks herein are very low and simply prove how desperate this firm must be getting to resort to such childish games."

The Regans have in fact worked well over the years with leading OVH officials and councillors to help improve the community. Therefore, Allen is clearly well off-side with her bogus allegations. Will she apologise for her reckless and potentially damaging claims, which she made in public meetings, without the Regans even being present?

This was all quite laughable in fact as Pat has it on record that a leading Merseyside police officer had spoken to him several years back (when the sport videos were made)  following a malicious and anonymous complaint. The Police officer expressed contentment that Pat knew exactly what he was doing and that his sport posed 'no danger' to anyone. This is all on file, yet Allen had rushed in like a lemming on fire regardless, and got it all 100% wrong!

Therefore, Ms Allen's unwise quest to belittle Pat (and other eco-campaigners) in public as a terrible threat to life and liberty had totally failed. A case of the 'pot calling the kettle black' it seems with some Sovini managers... 

Alternatively, others have in fact questioned Allen's highly unprofessional conduct as this revealing  link explains... 

Can we expect Sovini bosses to take action against Allen now for her questionable conduct online and her bogus allegations against peaceful protesters at Kitty's Wood? Will Sovini apologise for this appalling injustice to the community? 

NB. Councillors have already complained to Sovini about Allen's reckless actions. 

George Drive’s beleaguered residents have met with OVH many times over the dreadful threat to Kitty’s Wood. The people have explained to this housing firm why destroying the wood is a terrible idea.

The community continues to stop OVH from breaching wildlife law with their obstinate plans to fence off and then chop down Kitty’s wood at nesting time.

Naturally, your support would be great, so do lend a hand if you can please.

OVH however have persistently dismissed all concerns and constantly bowdlerised their profit – driven agenda at the community. This they have done without any care whatsoever for the wanton destruction planned for both the wildlife habitat and existing community.

OVH seem to be totally unaware that the British people want sturdier regulations for our fragile wildlife habitats. The British public prodigiously want stronger environmental protections.

OVH are also unaware that an opinion poll commissioned by YouGov last summer revealed: 83% said Britain should pass laws providing a higher or the same level of protection for wild areas and wildlife species than current EU laws. Only 4% wanted lower protection.

Whilst wildlife habitats are vanishing across the UK, we have mega-rich developers like Sovini and its offshoot OVH planning the annihilation of green spaces like Kitty’s Wood in Ainsdale.

OVH apparently do not care that a decline in wildlife is threatening principal functions of the ecosystem that are essential for human wellbeing. Our green spaces are the lungs of the communities we live in and thus essential to our health. This warning comes from researchers behind an unprecedented study of biodiversity in the UK.

Paul Wilkinson from the Wildlife Trust said: “This latest shocking barometer of the state of our natural environment highlights the urgent need to halt the loss of our precious wild heritage for its own sake, but also for our future prosperity and survival.”

“Nature underpins our economy, health and wellbeing. The government has an opportunity, with its 25-year Plan for Nature to stop the loss of our wildlife and secure its recovery within a generation. It’s vital that we all hold it to this task.”

Greed-ridden councils like Sefton’s and fat-cat housing developers like Sovini are not only destroying our countryside but they are also putting the wellbeing of the population at stake and that's official!

It’s also high time that our political representatives caught up and sincerely promoted the environmental message. Action speaks louder than words.

Sovini have a responsibility to the existing community that is in fact composed of real people and not cattle to be herded one way or another as THEY see fit. Sovini are dealing with lives and long-standing families in George Drive, not sheep.

The appalling way they have treated the Ainsdale community, that challenges their destructive plans as unwelcome and immoral, thus far is quite deplorable.

When is Sovini/OVH going to finally grow up and realise that the UK countryside is NOT a disposable asset to gain business awards with?

Is it not time that Sovini‘s concrete and brick -loving officials were introduced to and trained in the critical reasons why our green spaces are so essential? The same may be said for the hare-brained councillors who outrageously voted to destroy Kitty’s Wood, just because they were ‘told’ they should!

You should all be ashamed of yourselves and your ill-considered actions will not be forgotten, rest assured on that score!

We love our countryside and community and it’s vanishing everywhere fast, due to odious fiascos as above. These green treasures need protecting from human greed now.

Come on Sovini/OVH - catch up with the 21st century and stop acting like some rampant, Victorian, industrialising money - machine with a, ‘Massive profit/stuff the environment’ business agenda. 

You do have corporate responsibilities to the ecosystem and the existing community. You of course know this already; so act upon it now and do the RIGHT thing... 

The Kitty’s Wood fight continues…

Pat Regan © 

Petition – ongoing…

Gofundme page set up… every penny counts, to challenge the woodland-wreckers…

Save our Woods

Friday, 19 May 2017

Sovini's professional standards - are they slipping?

Public concerns were recently raised about the internet activities of a leading staff member at Sovini.

Since Sovini was established in 2011 around £16.5m has been invested in the registered providers within the Group by its commercial partners. Sovini’s registered providers have invested millions with the support of the Group. Up to 1000 new homes are scheduled to be built within the next 5 years.

Project Manager, Joanna (Jo) Allen, is one example of public postings that may be contrary to Sovini’s otherwise good standards in the community, Her readily available (not private) posts on Facebook, etc  make for interesting yet potentially obnoxious, reading...

Sovini's Jo Allen makes no attempt to keep these 'easily accessible' and highly inappropriate Facebook posts away from the public gaze.

Is cancer a laughing matter? 

Ms Allen really needs to be told that "cancer" is NOT a joking matter. 

This is appalling coming from a woman in her professional position. 

What an amazing way with words and fine example of professional conduct Sovini's manager has displayed. 

Unusual antics for a Sovini project manager to post in pubic or elsewhere? The mind boggles...

‘We offer our workforce competitive salaries, healthy contracts of employment and issue employee handbooks which sets out the terms and conditions of their employment together with guidance on the high standards of conduct that are expected of them.

Source: SOVINI-CSR-Annual-Review-2015.pdf 

How wise was it posting superficial comments (in public) about a speeding offence for a Sovini manager? 

Or giving "2 fingers" to law enforcement? 

Is intolerance with other people also an issue? In the following somewhat disturbing post Ms Allen apparently calls for genocide against "some people" who upset her. Who exactly does she suggest must be "wiped off this earth?" 

Some people may feel that this harsh attitude is rather hypocritical, especially coming from a Sovini manager who gives "2 fingers" to driving regulations that are based on vital road safety for us all.

NB. although all of Ms Allen's posts are PUBLIC, details regarding other people etc have been removed. All data saved. 

And Sovini's vision?

'Motivation – We do the right things for the right reasons – based on ethical and honest approach to business. We are motivated by excellence and the ambition to continuously improve what we do and how we do it.'

'Motivated by excellence' ?

Perhaps Sovini needs to get their own house in order, 'before' making such lofty statements? 

Do the public deserve better that this? Many think they do!

The Sovini Group

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Friday, 12 May 2017

Kitty's Wood: Labour's Green promises - are they enough?

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Southport, Cllr Liz Savage, appears to be seeking new converts from the vanishing Green Party.

Labour's election promises are seemingly aimed at portraying their party as greener than grass. There's nothing wrong with that if it's true. However, the Southport community requires a lot more evidence that Labour's eco- promises are sincere!


The real fly in Liz's lofty eco- pledge ointment resides within the fact that her councillor colleagues in Bootle recently voted to destroy the Ainsdale wildlife reserve (Kitty's Wood) in George Drive. Consequently, voters in Ainsdale are now deeply suspicious of anyone flying a Labour flag.

The same may be said for the Tories after Conservative leader, Denise Dutton, also voted to axe Kitty's Wood. Moreover, Ainsdale Tories are a distant memory in most eyes, so naturally none have supported protesters in the battle against Sovini-based woodland-wrecking plans. 

Cllr Terry Jones and his well-known election failures stick in the minds of many committed Conservative voters.

Public opinion is now universal that Sovini/One Vision Housing (OVH)  have no care whatsoever for existing residential opinions or the fragile wildlife habitat under threat, which they have 'promised' to destroy. 

Their chiefs on mega-salaries continue to keep a low profile, whilst their minions appear to seek to berate the community into compliance.

 Spin and hollow promises from Sovini remain relentless but are always unhelpful. The community continues to protest strongly against this highly discredited and deeply hated development plan.

A multitude of excellent reasons, regarding why the plan was so flawed, were given yet totally dismissed. This has understandably  led to allegations in some quarters that the real agenda is based on  development profits, rather than any concern for the community or environmental needs.

Double standards all along. 

If just one young vandal wrecks  a tiny tree in a city centre we see public outrage and condemnation from elected officials.

Here at Kitty's Wood we are witnessing a multi-million pound, profit-driven company that is hell-bent on exterminating an entire Southport woodland. What sort of message does this send to our children?

Naturally, any good person or company with any 'genuine' care for our communities and wildlife habitat would not even 'need' to be told that destroying a lovely bluebell woodland was a disgusting crime against nature. Sadly though Sovini fails to even understand this fact of life. The more the community explains to Sovini  that we need our green spaces the more they threaten to destroy them. What is wrong with these people?

A special wooded home to the robin, mistle thrush, water vole, bat, etc is to the mega-rich developer a fat pay cheque and an obstacle to be concreted over ASAP.

It's  just another business award to pin on the office wall and one more annoying green space to be conquered. 'Who needs trees anyway, they just get in the way of the bulldozers'. This seems to be the official mantra at OVH HQ today.

Above: Cllr Savage  and her Ainsdale candidate recently visited campaigners fighting Sovini plans to destroy Ainsdale’s Kitty’s Wood.

Will big smiles be enough though? Will Liz Savage and her Labour colleagues actually 'help' the Ainsdale community to save the woodlands or not?

Talk of a "Zero Carbon Merseyside" may sound impressive, but this fails to cut the mustard when Labour vote en-masse to DESTROY OUR SOUTHPORT WOODLANDS!  Even our kids get that vital message - but will Labour?

Are Labour’s green promises to be trusted after their outrageous Bootle-based decision to axe the Ainsdale woodlands? Will they finally do the 'right' thing and assist the good people of Ainsdale to preserve our precious green spaces or...? 

The Southport community is watching and waiting to discover the truth about Labour's green promises.  

Above: Cllr Liz Savage in Kitty's Wood during the May Day protest. Her colleagues voted to destroy the wood but will Liz fight with the community to save it?

So Liz, what do you say because the ball is in your court; will it be the Party or the People? Many are asking and they really need to know where you are coming from!

Our fantastic UK countryside is precious; when it’s gone it’s gone forever!

Please help us to save it today... 

Pat Regan © 

Petition – ongoing…

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Radio Merseyside highlights the Kitty’s Wood fight against Sovini and Sefton Council

Eco-campaigner, Cath Regan, is seen here on Radio Merseyside speaking about Ainsdale's vital Kitty’s Wood fight.

Cath was thrown in at the deep end with this impromptu radio interview and asked to stand in at the last minute.

Councillor Haydn Preece supporting Kitty's Woods Campaigners today.

Ainsdale's Cllr Haydn Preece (above) who sensibly voted at the Planning Meeting 'against' the ludicrous planning proposal to build houses on the woodlands, speaking up strongly for George Drive residents today. 

Sovini plan to destroy Kitty’s Wood wildlife haven. Their anti-nature plans also seem to contravene government guidelines. 

The UK Government is specific that the greenbelt and existing community needs MUST be properly considered when development is planned. An extract from the Government’s press release (‘Government announces ambitious plan to build the homes Britain needs’) makes this very clear.

Getting the right homes built in the right places

‘Currently 40% of local planning authorities do not have an up to date plan that meets the projected growth in households in their area. Fixing this will help make sure enough land is released for new homes to be built in the parts of the country where people want to live and work and ensure developments take heed of local people’s wishes, while continuing with maximum protections for the green belt.’

The Southport community have now told Sovini several times in the nature of peaceful public protests, meetings, etc that proposed development in George Drive’s woodland is 100% unjustified.

Sovini have continued to threaten the legally-protected wildlife (with bizarre Sefton Council backing) and dismissed the existing people of the Ainsdale community as being basically insignificant.

Their harsh attitude at public meetings has been to state “It’s our land and we can do what we want with it. “

The real agenda... ? 

One Vision Housing's (OVH’s) agenda has been alleged to have more to do with mega-profit than any feasible care for the existing community, corporate responsibilities, Southport's vanishing heritage or care for the wild environment.

Staff pay scales vary yet top brass clearly have little to complain about…

Roy Williams OVH (part of Sovini Group) CEO, Total salary 2015/16  £178,065

Rather than take heed of the Government and listen to the community, that is an unfortunate stakeholder in Sovini’s reviled activities, this development firm has promised to destroy the woodland for a handful of crammed-in houses that will ensure that this part of our old Southport countryside is lost forever.

Sovini/One Vision Housing’s (OVH) reckless and extremely cold-hearted attitude to the Ainsdale community and thriving wildlife habitat has brought into question its promises and corporate responsibilities.

Sovini can only blame their own anti-community/countryside actions for this conflict-ridden situation. It is them alone that has got the community in an uproar. Their own foolish actions ensured that they have been turned away by police when they attempted to enter the woodlands (full of nesting birds), in order to destroy it.  

To add insult to injury OVH also told a rather inattentive newspaper that

 "In addition, we have made a commitment to plant new trees within the development site.”

This is little more than misleading development double-talk, because OVH are fully aware that they plan to DESTROY THE ENTIRE WOODLANDS. This was indirectly clarified in a  Sefton Council report, which stated…

Ignoring Government guidelines regarding the right place to build, seems to be their latest insult towards the increasingly frustrated Southport community.

Councillors (Labour en-masse and Sefton Tory Chief, Denise Dutton) created this terrible situation with their stupendously reckless decision, in Bootle Town Hall, to allow Sovini building rights on Kitty’s Wood wildlife reserve...

Above: Tory boss, Cllr Denise Dutton, who we believe voted to destroy Kitty's Wood. 

Consequently, it’s up to these mega-dozy Tory and Labour politicians to wake up and get this error rectified, to save more unnecessary escalation. For months before they infamously voted to axe the woodlands, they were warned about the ramifications but they failed to listen.

How out of touch with our communities can these politicians really be? 

The fight for justice (and basic common sense) against OVH/Sovini (and its council puppet) continues and the mounting support for our worthy campaign to save the woods is humbling. 

Southport's old countryside is NOT a fat-cat developer's disposal asset, to be trashed. 

The dedicated Kitty's Wood campaign now has expert legal representation against the profit-hungry, development bullies and support continues to pour in... 

Petition – ongoing… 

Gofundme page, every penny counts, to challenge the woodland-wreckers…