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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Serpent hunting - in Lancashire? 

Good lake eel landed on the fly

A recently took my son, Jason, fly fishing for trout and got more than I bargained for in the slippery shape of a 4 pound eel.

The fish nailed a black fly just under the surface (on the second slow draw with a medium sinking line) in about 20 feet of water.

It fought very hard for several minutes on the fly gear but the real test was trying to get such a long slider into the damn trout net.

The way in which this fish battled had me foxed at first. My first reaction was that I had possibly foul-hooked a large trout or that it was even a pike.

It initially dived deep and then came up to the surface and continued to thump along hard from side to side. At one stage it was tail-walking in a vertical position, but under the surface. It really knew how to test me.

Every time the small trout net was seen he shot off or wriggled out, making the task a very tricky one.

After landing and weighing it I returned the fish to get even bigger...

Eels tend to be despised by some anglers as the smaller ones are expert at wrecking tackle with obscene amounts of slime.

The larger specimens are quite a different proposition however and not as slimy.

Personally I love them and the bigger the better!

I also managed  to net a good trout a little later on, which was an altogether much more  'sober' experience.

Happy days ...

Monday, 31 August 2015

UFO over the lake 

Fishing ventures are times when the unexpected can crop up.

This was proven for me personally when I photographed a twister in Rufford and subsequent UFO some years ago.

More recently my son Jason took a shot of me when we were fly fishing in a Lancashire lake and this produced an image of something that we could not validate.

Make of it what you will,  but we were unaware of the UFO (over my head in the heading picture) at the time of the photograph.

What it 'was' I am not sure and I include this for curiosity value, so please don't shoot the messenger. 

More importantly perhaps we did manage to catch our tea ..

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Friends of Brookdale meeting with New Directions

Friends of Brookdale met on Thursday 27th August 2015 with Penelope Fell, Chief Operating Officer and Dave Hughes, Business Development Officer from New Directions.

Many items were discussed including the promotion and organisation of the services offered, quality of care, referrals and the lack of information sometimes from Health and Social Care.
Discussions began with the background of the Friends of Brookdale, which led into how carers found difficulties in balancing caring for a family member whilst working at the same time. Many relatives had needed to give up work in order to manage, which ultimately led to businesses being affected. Relatives stated how the quality of care in nursing homes fluctuated greatly and how it was all down to the staff and continuity of care, which made the most difference. Dignity was not always given to the service users, which is very important.

Penelope Fell said that she had been in her post approximately eighteen months and had already completed a lot of work to make New Directions more robust by working with different agencies and councillors. Also by ensuring a correct marketing strategy was in place which was managed and followed up on, in the right way. Ms Fell was adamant that promotion of the services was needed to be done in an equal way. All agreed the New Directions website was horrendous and a new one would be completed by October, a professional photographer would be taking photographs of the services offered. New Directions is completely independent of Sefton Council, although owned by them.

The relatives present at the meeting stated that they found Brookdale by accident, Social Services and from the advice of nurses, there seemed to be a total lack of information from Health and Social Care. Ms Fell had spoken to the council re referrals, but the council seemed to not be aware of any problem.

It was stated that if the ‘need’ for this service is not ‘acknowledged’ then the economic effect on people having to give up their jobs, businesses is immense. Ms Fell said since being in place, she had found that the foundations of the organisation needed a lot of work. Although the service-users database was in place, a carer’s database needed to be better. Her time frame for a strategic plan to be fulfilled was 2015 to 2018.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015


Following a recent meeting between Woodvale’s Cath and Pat Regan with Ainsdale’s Cllr Haydn Preece and Richard Perrett of One Vision Housing (OVH), additional repairs and painting are under way on the Sandbrook Way fencing.

Above: Fencing at Sandbrook Way long overdue for attention but now finally getting sorted out, following residents’ meeting with OVH.

Above: earlier improvements following local people pressure.

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OVH advise us that materials are on order for some new fencing and due to be installed within the next few weeks.

Thanks to OVH and Cllr Preece for their support in making these things happen.

The local Woodvale slum issue is also a pressing one.

Cllr Preece stated…

“We have enormous issues with the Sandbrook Way flats and retail shops. The hopes of a buyer to take over the site and residents to be relocated appear to have been dashed as potential offers have been withdrawn as I understand the current situation. I am in constant touch with Council senior officers and our Chief Executive who are very aware of the situation. Private landlords and property owners have the responsibility to ensure the building internally and externally is liveable and safe. I question both at this time. "

The fight for Woodvale improvements continues.


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Drunk in charge of a 'barge' - comical or a tragedy waiting to happen? 

Some public concern has been raised over excess drinking and antisocial conduct on barges that spoils the waterway for other canal users

In this following instance two barges crashed together creating a loud bang. It was not confirmed if the craft sustained any damage.

This brief clip was taken just after the barges had both hit each other as they foolishly tried to get through a narrow part of the canal near Burscough  in Lancashire at the same time. The loud drinkers on one barge (apparently named the 'Blue Swan') shouted all the way down the watercourse seemingly oblivious to what could have been a nasty and potentially dangerous accident.

Water is no joke and even at low speeds it can take lives. A drunken person being knocked overboard can easily drown in seconds, regardless of the depth beneath them. Basic common sense costs nothing and should be remembered on all waterways. Moreover, shouting and screaming is antisocial, childish and it ruins the peace on what should be a tranquil environment for other canal users.

Local RYA Training Centre Manager, Paul Harrison, stated:

“The British canal system is getting very popular for people seeking a relaxing family cruising holidays or people who want a slower pace of life and have decided to live on-board. In season the UK canals can get quite busy and the skipper of any vessel on the canals should make sure they know the rules of the road. The speed limit for the canals is 4 miles an hour, which is just a brisk walking speed. When travelling down the canal the boat should be kept to the middle of the canal as that’s where the deeper water can be found. If you see another vessel approaching you should slow down and keep to the right to avoid any potential collision, (i.e. port to port)”

Paul added…

"Our advice is not to skipper a narrowboat under the influence of alcohol, as you wouldn’t drive your car when drunk."

You can take a boatman’s licence that will help you master the basics. Paul recommends Cheshire Cat narrowboat training

Below is a link to the Canal and Rivers Trust Boaters' guide.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Southport Flower Show  - last day 2015 

Sadly more dull weather yet the show went on... 

Reganclan family time... well fancy that - we bumped into my strapping nephew, Mark, and his lovely wife, Jan, far right

The odd glimpse of sun was popular with some 

This lad looked less than happy however with the showery day 


Jan and Mark Regan seen here again with some lunatic (Crazy Uncle Pat) in the centre who took the shot with a self timer on a very wobbly chair

The band played on 

Friday, 21 August 2015


Some rain in the morning but luckily it held off and we had a drier afternoon   

Some nice water gardens 

Happy clowns 

Lots of musical interludes


Carrot soup like you have never seen it... 

Ben Potter Hawk Display - with an eagle seen here doing her stuff... 

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