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Friday, 30 January 2015


This week in the Southport Champion newspaper Ainsdale Conservative councillors, Ted Hartill and his boss Cllr Terry Jones, are promoting themselves, above others, before the election with alleged ‘facts’ that deserve an honest response.

In this 2015 newspaper article the two Ainsdale Tories make lofty claims that are inaccurate and misleading. They say they are disgusted with One Vision who promised to repair Ainsdale Park “fifteen months ago”.

This is odd because the Southport Visiter reported back in ’13 November, 2012’ that an 11 year old girl was delighted to find out her campaign to save this park had been ‘successful’. The article clearly stated that plans to build on the land had been ‘scrapped’.  That girl was in fact my daughter Jasmine.

Jasmine and her mum had campaigned hard to raise awareness over the threat to the park, written press letters and collected many signatures on a petition as well. This was all acknowledged in the newspaper.

I recall that apart from an initial meeting there was very little concern or action about the threat from these two Tories at that time.

So, dates/facts are wrong and they have conveniently side-lined the efforts of others. Are we ‘that’ surprised? In reality one could be forgiven for asking where exactly these Tories have been hiding since One Vision building plans were scrapped so long ago back in 2012. Does it really take them this long to tackle One Vision and highlight the issue?

Although campaigners were delighted about building plans being scrapped in 2012, Cllr Hartill shows how out of touch he is with reality in the latest article when he claims

“Yet here we are  in 2015, fifteen months later and the park is in a worse state than before.” 

Earlier in the Champion article Cllr Jones stated incorrectly that building plans were scrapped in “2013.”  Clearly, these claims were not in concurrence with the accurate press reports over Cherry Road Park of 2012. 

So, 2012 was “fifteen months” ago was it? But even if we dismiss the erroneous dates we may be forgiven for asking... 

What exactly have these last minute Tories been doing since 2012 for the local residents, apart from shelving public concerns to ultimately utilise today for crass self promotion, ‘just’ before the election?

Side-lining the public, to take more credit than what is due, is quite a dirty trick in political circles and inconsistent dates also raise serious questions regarding any further claims by such inattentive politicians.

Nevertheless, this inconsistent blunder at political engineering may be greatly welcomed by the obedient party faithful, even if it is provably full of significant holes.

Will they apologise? 

At the very least it would appear that Jones and Hartill owe the reporter of this article (unless they wish to blame him?) and the Ainsdale public an apology for making such inaccurate statements within their self-promotional political literature

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Cllr Ted Hartill’s well known attempt to ‘previously’ use his position for political self promotion can be accessed here: 

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Ice dancing celebrity, Daniel Whiston, supports the fight to save the Brookdale Resource Centre

The Brookdale Resource Centre in Ainsdale, Southport had a special visitor (28/1/15) today.

Daniel Whiston (of Dancing on Ice fame) has known Mary Dixon since he was a child through their mutual involvement in ice skating in Blackpool. He has remained close to Mary’s family ever since and wanted to visit Mary and her daughter Jane while he was in Southport.

As Mary attended Brookdale today it was the most convenient place for them all to get together.

Having seen the benefits of Brookdale Daniel was horrified by the proposed closure and thought the facility and staff there were fabulous. He is behind the campaign to save the Brookdale 100%.

Our ‘Friends of Brookdale’ group thank Daniel for his great support.

Friends of Brookdale on Facebook:


Make Woodvale a Health Care area to be proud of!

The entire derelict area on Sandbrook Way/Road is currently a rundown nightmare. For some considerable time a few of us have been pressing hard for change and improvements. Many of the residents in this locality are elderly. However, the waste ground next to the Catholic Church on Sandbrook Way and the derelict Brook pub site could be sensibly utilised for additional building, not for offices or ‘more’ controversial supermarkets but to make further facilities for dementia/Alzheimer’s sufferers. In fact, I could visualise a whole thriving health community along with the existing Health and Wellbeing Centre and Brookdale in this Woodvale area with ample parking. We already have the expertise and parking space in Woodvale, which is ideally situated so why the blazes take it away to a more distant location?  The council really have NOT thought this one out properly.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


 By Pat Regan

Many UFOs have been spotted over Merseyside in the UK, this is the latest one

Location: Crown Close, near Liverpool Road, Formby, Liverpool, UK.
Time/Date: 3.00 am on Sunday 18 January, 2015

An intense light coming from a circular shaped object was witnessed hovering close to a house in Merseyside’s Formby area this weekend.

An unidentified observer spotted the UFO outside their bedroom window in an encounter that lasted about ten minutes. The UFO resembled a star but was somewhat larger and was bright white in colour. The witness initially thought it was an aircraft, but realised later that it couldn't have been because the object was motionless.

The UFO witness stated that there was no light outside because of council cuts – meaning no street lamps. Oddly enough I had warned about council street lighting cuts last November on my blog:

I know this Formby area well because my wife has a busy childcare facility quite close by in Kirklake Road.

More details of the above Liverpool Echo UFO report (by Amy Browne) are to be accessed via this link:

Did you see this UFO last weekend?

NB. Now also on UFO Digest.....…/another-liverpool-ufo-formby-0120 

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Pre-Yuletide Liverpool UFO sighting:

Photos © Roto/Camera Press & Mail on Sunday

By Pat Regan

The latest controversial sex allegations against Prince Andrew brought the following to my mind .

Some while ago I wrote a piece about inequality within Britain...


A leading aspect of all this was me asking the question of how can we ever hope to see proper social equality and authentic democracy for all in a Dark Age –orientated feudal system; a system  that openly runs on professed ‘Hereditary Privilege’ and ‘Royal Appointment’? A privilege bestowed upon just one person/family from some ecclesiastically- acceptable, yet bogus, godhead. I also tabled the following (relating to Prince Harry at the time) as food for thought.

How much longer can a tainted royalty exist in a pluralistic, global village? It may take more than an irresponsible, uncovered, ‘Prince Harry’ to end public support for such an outdated system. 

 I also stated at the time...

“However, just one corrupt or insane future regent may be enough to finally tip the balance.”

Well some things do come to pass and it appears that a more alarming situation has developed for the UK Royal Family following serious sexual allegation against Prince Andrew. See the following exposure.

‘Virginia Roberts: 'Sex slave diary' published containing alleged intimate details about Prince Andrew’

The Mirror stated.

‘Prince Andrew romped with teenage “sex slave” Virginia Roberts after taking her to a nightclub and giving her booze despite being under age, she has claimed in a shock diary.’


I am of course NOT in any position to judge the nature of this situation yet and the Palace has understandably been quick to issue a denial.

Nevertheless, my initial  thoughts are aligned to whether or not the Royals in their privileged position will actually survive this latest disclosure.

If this highly advantaged man, the Prince, is found to be blameless then fair enough, but if he is deemed guilty will he receive the same type of ‘treatment’ as many controversially convicted TV celebrities have from media and public? 

This heated situation may indeed test the metal of the UK establishment or even change it.

The persistent question of true equality for all in this ‘allegedly’ democratic UK society cannot be conveniently dismissed forever.


The latest development is that Prince Andrew has now appeared before British business leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. With somewhat insecure undertones he said:

 “For the record I refer to events that have taken place in the last few weeks. I just wish to reiterate and to reaffirm the statements which have already been made on my behalf by Buckingham Palace.”

This will I feel not be enough to quell public disquiet. His statement was widely broadcast as a denial of the sex allegations. Nevertheless, in reality it came across as a bumbling ramble with scant connection to any supposed refutation.  

Now on UFO Digest...

Friday, 16 January 2015


Last April I reported on the fact that Ainsdale’s Cllr Terry Jones, Sefton Conservative’s leader, had absurdly threatened my family with legal action.

I was at the time fairly surprised and yet also amused by the ill-written and extremely unrefined email from Cllr Jones that was shot through with grammatical errors. It was also addressed to my wife Cath. This was what the Tory Boss had written with his errors left intact:

Dear Mr Regan

I have just been forwarded the attached photo, and I would recommend that you be very careful with allegations that any of those posters maybe myself or someone close to me. Having seen the attached I then went on to the site and read the comments and I am quite happy to take legal action against any coward that just sites behind a keyboard without proof of their allegations accusing me of such things. I can confirm and if pushed, that site can be made to confirm that I do not post on that site, quite simply I am very busy with Council issus, work (and those without other agendas know so) and my family so I do not have the time to play silly games or sit behind a computer all day. I repeat I am more than happy to take legal action against anyone who prints false allegations regarding myself.
I have cc'd Tony in as he is mentioned on there and to reassure him that is not my style and you've placed him I'm the situation with your photo. 

I have also bbc'd the parties legal department into this.

Kind regards



The potential reasons for this Tory politician’s comprehensible frustration were highlighted in this link:

I shall therefore not labour the point again here. For the record however, the following response was sent to Cllr Jones on 7 April 2014.

Dear Cllr Jones

We write in response to your somewhat indistinct threat, dated 5 April 2013.
With respect, we have to point out that your grammatical errors do unfortunately make this email quite difficult to understand. 

Consequently, perhaps you could take the trouble to run any future threats through your PC’s spellchecker the next time you decide to try and assault Ainsdale residents in this manner? This is not hard to do and would make life easier for all persons concerned. Thank you. Your rather emotive tirade indicates that you appear to erroneously believe that our family have some type of inside control over the content of the website in question, i.e. Qlocal. This is not so!

What appears on such websites has nothing whatsoever to do with us. Therefore, we politely suggest that you take your distasteful threats, suspicions and private grievances to the administrators of that site, once again. We say ‘once again’ as you will possibly recall that you have taken the trouble to ‘tape’ your previous conversations with individuals running the site and then forwarded them to a third party – yes? 

Perhaps the questionable legalities of such an action by you are best left for another day?
You also mention “Tony.” 

From what little we can ascertain from your semi- incoherent email you appear to be referring to Cllr Tony Crabtree.

Cllr Crabtree, along with Cllr Haydn Preece, has been most supportive of residents in need, unlike you and your Ainsdale colleague, Cllr Ted Hartill. Therefore, we are confident that Cllr Crabtree is quite capable of making any statement, if he chooses to do so, ‘without’ gratuitous pressure from you! We also have to inform you that because of your contemptible and amateurish conduct we are now quite happy to expose this appalling situation to the wider public, by any means possible.

It is indeed a poor day when an elected public representative, such as you, takes to unjustly berating hard-working members of the public who have worked so hard to improve the Ainsdale area. Improvements for elderly residents that you and your Tory colleague, Cllr Ted Hartill, have ‘blocked’ have been taken badly by many people in the area.  

We believe your bizarre outburst against us has more to do with ‘exposed inadequacy’ than anything else you are seeking (and failing) to accentuate in your threats.  Rest assured, ‘you’ shall not be receiving any votes from this local family after this odious debacle! Councillors are supposed to support residents, you however have done the exact opposite herein!  We are appalled. We also object strongly to your oppressive conduct as you appear to be trying to ‘censor’ residents from highlighting the facts behind several issues that you seem to find exceptionally embarrassing. Is this not so Cllr Jones?

We have to advise you that we take great exception with your detestable and speculative threats of legal action. How dare you try to intimidate our family in such an antagonistic fashion!

Nonetheless, we fully welcome any action that you or your party care to take against us. Any such threat will immediately be greeted with a legal ‘counterclaim’ against you personally, or your party, for unwarranted harassment etc, if the necessity does arise!

Perhaps it is time for you to reconsider your political vocation, as current events indicate that you are experiencing difficulty in carrying out your duties in a constructive fashion that gives proper benefit to the public? 

We are sorry if this response has come as a disappointment to you, but sadly you can only blame ‘yourself’ for the current predicament that you have irrationally brought down on your own head and that of your Conservative colleagues. 

Yours sincerely

Mr and Mrs Regan


It is now January 2015 and neither Cllr Jones, nor his legal department, has responded in any way to this logical reply. This is not at all surprising and it would indicate that he subconsciously realised the pure idiocy of his original hostile invective against my family. 

If people are going to pick a fight then I would suggest that the least they can do is carry it on; otherwise they lay themselves open to allegations of silliness and false bravado.

I should also reiterate that the Southport media have been made fully aware of this atrocious situation and others related to it, yet chosen to bury it deeply. Why? well you tell us! 

Blind censorship of the facts is highly questionable and not a reasonable option in any sincerely free and democratic society. 

I continue to ask...


More on the following link about how some Southport Tories treat local families who simply tell the truth...

Friday, 9 January 2015


Sandbrook Way, Woodvale.

Consultation Meeting, Friday 9 January 2015 at 2.00 pm.

Hosted by Dwayne Johnson, Director of Adult Care, Sefton Social Services

The meeting was very well attended by the families of service users who spoke at length very passionately about the care and support offered in the Brookdale. This centre is the only one in this area, which specialises in people suffering from dementia.

Many excellent points were put forward:

·         The extra travelling time this would put onto people, some people already spend over one hour on the buses and this would be a big impact on them.
·         This centre is the only one in this area, which specialises in people suffering from dementia.
·         Currently the other two centres that these people would be moved to have no decent parking and do not take people suffering from this illness. Service users’ families were assured that the new plans would cover all this and have fully trained staff on hand. However the social service staff running the meeting would 'not' answer the question posed to them as to whether the Brookdale staff would be part of that team.
·         Relatives complained that the questionnaire put out was inadequate, never once did it mention dementia.
·         Information/questionnaires it seemed had been sent out in the Christmas post so many people did not receive them in time. It was put forward by one gentleman that a good way would be just to give one letter to each centre for them to copy and hand to all service users to enable them to reply in time.
·         Dwayne Johnson said that the centre was being underutilised, but many families stated that the only way they found out about this centre was by chance.
·         One lady (Cath Regan) put forward at the meeting that she works in childcare and there is now a whole integrated, multi-agency, approach to working with children and it works well. She said this is what is needed in this case, as well as more advertising regarding what the centre can offer families in way of support.
·         The advertising at present for this centre seems to be non-existent and does not tell families in need how this centre can help them.

Ainsdale's Libdem councillor, Haydn Preece, was also present with his colleague electoral Candidate, Lynne Thompson. They stated the following... 

"We are very concerned over decline in referrals over the last two years and the transport implications for service users. Consultation feedback at the service users meeting was very much to retain the specialist aspects of Brookdale. However, the feeling from the carers was this closure is a 'fait accompli'. Let's see if this is real consultation! It wasn't the case with libraries in Southport nor the preservation of our Ainsdale High Sports Hall."

This consultation unfortunately seemed to leave many vital questions unanswered. 

The fight to retain the Brookdale's specialist dementia care facility  is ongoing! 

Thursday, 1 January 2015


So, do you have a psychic vampire on your back that is outwardly so agreeable that you feel too uncomfortable to simply cast it off? 
They are not aliens and they are not any kind of alleged demons they are simply the lower forms of humanity who wish to use you unfairly to meet their own needs! 
I bet YOU subconsciously know ‘who’ I mean, as chances are that there will be at least one in YOUR life right now! 
Bogus friends, who play both ends to the middle, are not really friends at all. They are shallow, unreliable creatures and will ‘always’ let you down in the end. With them it’s a one-way ticket; you do all the hard work and they sit back and let you, whilst telling you what an amazing effort/good job you are doing. Basically, they have idle cowardly hearts and feeble spirits that cannot deal with life properly! They can NEVER fully commit to anything truly worthwhile and are renowned for their great ability to let people down, when needed most. You trust them at your peril! 

They inadvertently require others to help them to conceal their sheer inadequacies on numerous levels and I am ‘not’ just talking about apathetic politicians and parasitic clergymen. They recurrently find strength and honour to be unfamiliar concepts! These bogus friends are also regularly psychic vampires(i.e. fiends preying on positive spiritual essence) that clandestinely manipulate your good kind nature in order to extract your essential life-force along the way. 
Remember too that these wretched creatures draw in others of a similar ilk, as ‘like always attracts like’, and conformist sheep need the security of the herd to thrive! 

As for me – well I would much rather trust the trees as they never lie and are always dependable! 

A New Year’s resolution; dump these plastic pretenders fast ‘before’ they can play you for a sucker to achieve their own hidden agenda - behind your trusting back!