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Friday, 13 January 2017

High tide at Southport - so what about Fred’s tidal lagoon?

I was talking a few photos of the high tide at Southport today when a gentleman inadvertently approached and asked me to take snaps of him by the pier.

Always happy to oblige, I took some on his mobile phone and the ones in this article on my camera. He went on to mention that the media had recently covered a story about a proposed tidal lagoon. It turned out that the man was Southport’s Cllr Fred Weavers who had, I believe, previously come up with the idea of a tidal lagoon at Southport.

I noted too that the Champion mentioned the issue recently when reporter Ollie Cowan stated….

‘In one exchange, Cllr Fred Weavers was forced to move on from his idea of bringing a tidal lagoon to the town when environmentally conscious locals chastised him for making the suggestion, which they deemed to be a waste of time.’

Many questions of course arise from such a proposal. Will Southport be a suitable area for a tidal lagoon? Will it have any negative impact on the species of birdlife that frequent the local estuaries? What will it cost and who will pay?

What do others think?

Paul Harrison is an ex-coast guard officer and the Director at Seavoice training

Paul gave this expert insight…

“The sand off Southport’s Marshside area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). How would such a lagoon affect the local wild life and the inshore fisheries? Over the last 50 years that I know of the Ribble estuary has been silting up, consequently a tidal lagoon would cause further silting of the local area. Moreover, who is going to pay for such a large protect?”

Paul asked. “Would it not be better building a toll bridge across from Banks /Hesketh bank area across to Warton?”

So, is Fred’s tidal lagoon idea a good one or not? 

You decide. 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Human fascism against nature and dismissal of our countryside

The cry of the helpless ones.... 

Oh yes – it’s all fine and dandy shouting about wonderful new houses and business developments all over our countryside but what about us?

For millions of years we’ve been living in the wild green spaces, ponds and ditches that you fat-cat developers and your greedy council chums have been steadily filling in without a care in the world for decades.

Are we just rubbish; do we  count for nothing in your totalitarian, profit-based scheme of things? Do we have no right to life, now that you have the machinery to destroy our ancient dwelling places? 

Do you trot off  home after your day’s work in the office and cheerfully lecture your trusting family about the evils of injustice and the dangers of world fascism?

Is this not gross hypocrisy when you happily destroy our wild homes with an imperial swipe on a document of your pen?  Are you not a bastion of ‘human fascism’ and wanton invasion against us 'lesser' species?

You cut down those annoying things (trees) that get in your way. Some of us call them home but to you they are just an obstacle to be removed.

You wish to see evil – then look in the mirror! Evil prevails when good folk do nothing!

Stop wrecking our wonderful countryside now and wake up to the fact that you share this planet with other species! We have lives and we have families - just like you.

Give us all a chance to simply survive  - please! 

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Sefton Tree butchers ignore residents and councillors and go ahead with tree felling

Despite common sense and several urgent calls for felling to halt, Sefton Council have now gone blindly ahead with the massacre of the healthy and vigorous mature Ainsdale tree in Bowness Ave/Liverpool Road passageway.

It does not take an expert to realise that the three trunks of the felled tree are white, healthy heartwood, with no signs of decay. This fact was spelled out to the Council several times, yet they buried their head in the sand and blindly went ahead with this outrageous and expensive tree felling operation.

Cllr Hayden Preece had called for a site meeting several times and Stephen Whiteside (Senior Tree Officer) of Sefton Council was well aware of this situation. Mr Whiteside had written in response to Cllr Preece, while the main trunks of the tree were still standing.  So there would have been time to halt work for the proposed site meeting. 

Cllrs Preece and Thomson (above left) challenged the Council and requested a site meeting, yet calls were ignored. 

Why did Mr Whiteside not stop the ongoing work, as clearly requested by an elected Ainsdale councillor, or was he over-ruled by a superior intent on felling the poor old tree ‘before’ any more protests could be made? Why was an elected Ainsdale councillor ignored by a council officer? 

Cllr Lynne Thompson had also written of concern about Sefton’s tree actions. She received an ambiguous response from officer, Graham Parry, claiming the tree was unsound. However, photos in this article categorically prove that the trunks of the tree were white, vigorous and sound - just as campaigners had correctly stipulated right from the start. 

Sefton got it 100% wrong, felled a healthy tree and once again cost the taxpayer lots of money! 
Why did Margaret Carney (Sefton CEO), who is supposed to know what is going on with her work force not allow the proposed site meeting to take place? How can a modern council be so out of touch with residents and councillors? 

Campaigner, Pat Regan, had only just written to Sefton Council offering to volunteer to trim the tree on an annual basis, if only they would agree 'not' to cut it down. Among other things Pat had stated to the council…

“I propose the following, which will surely alleviate any further safety concerns you may still hold. If you can pollard this tree to a lower level of say 15- 20 feet I am happy to volunteer that on an annual basis I will bring a ladder between the months of December and February and trim the tree to prevent it getting too high. I was one of the WWP volunteers who signed your Parkforce Training Insurance document at the WACA centre (in 2013)  yet, if deemed necessary, I am happy to sign it again so that I may be insured to trim this tree when necessary. I do have my own ladder and bow saw and accept that a risk assessment would be needed. I also know that power tools would not be permitted. I offer this volunteer work so that the tree can survive and all that would be required from the Council is that a few waste trimmings be carried away after I had finished. This fair offer to maintain the old tree at a lower level may be one solution that will cost the council coppers yet sustain a greener and more ecological passageway for both residents and wildlife. In view of the above, your proposals (which we continue to challenge for previously given reasons) to fell the tree are redundant.”

Sadly, Pat’s well-meant offer came too late as Mrs Carney’s workers had already gunned up their chain saws and felled the old tree, ‘without’ bothering to honour Cllr Preece’s requests for an urgent site meeting. 

Why have this appalling council not got any concern for nature in our town? How much funding are they wasting on similar avoidable tree work in the area? Residents have a right to know. In a nutshell, Sefton’s trusting taxpayers are inadvertently funding this bizarre council’s wanton crimes against nature! Whilst many stay silent for fear of 'rocking the boat', this out-of-touch authority is destroying what little green heritage we still have left. 


See also ... 


Council promise to leave stump to regenerate and plant new trees as well. 

The afternoon, Mr Whiteside of Sefton Council wrote advising Pat Regan (and councillors involved) that the tree had now been felled. He also promised that the remaining stump would be left to "re-generate into a bush".  The council have also promised more trees to be planted in the passageway. 

Of course, questions still remain as to why the authority ignored a councillor's requests for a site meeting 'before' more work took place. However, it is pleasing to hear that the old tree will now be left in peace to do its best to regenerate new growth. 

More trees are also welcome.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Councillors calling for costly funding to plant Southport trees need to look closer to home to save us all a fortune

In these days of austerity we are supposed to be saving money. Therefore, the following eco-proposal can (and will)  do just that and give us all a much greener town as well!

In Ainsdale the Brookdale end of the council-owned Woodvale woods is chock full of countless young trees species that could benefit the whole town, via careful thinning and then  replanting.

After all, this was the original purpose of the young trees that were ‘healed in’ and then forgotten about during the 1970s.

See this link for a potted history of Woodvale's lovely woodlands: 

Pat Regan and the Southport Tree gang healing in the young trees in Woodvale in the 1970s. These trees went on to become unintentional woodland at Woodvale.

Before the original WWP (Woodvale Woodland Project) team fell out with Project Director, Cllr Ted, Hartill, for his misdirection of the Project it was suggested that choked up saplings could be potentially transplanted from the woods (as donations) around Southport bowling greens etc.

In fact volunteers from WWP planted a number of trees  from the woods around the Sandbrook Way precinct, yet these specimens were sadly vandalised later on.

We reiterate that there is no need to spend a single penny on costly new trees for Southport, as the raw resources (the sapling themselves) are already there.

The Woodvale wood, like any other, woodland is a self-sustaining ecological entity that produces fantastic trees - all by itself! This of course is exactly what woodlands do and how they spread. 

All that Sefton’s Margaret Carney (CEO) and her officers have to do is allow sensible replanting of some smaller species and ‘Hey presto’ we all save a fortune in new trees for our town!

Before Sefton Council's  ill-considered ban on the original WWP team (for refusal to accept Hartill's dangerous direction) volunteers alone planted over 200 trees around the woods etc, with sapling from inside the place. 

Working with nature, rather than against it, makes very good sense for us all.

We only need councillors to push for action on this eco-proposal and serious savings can be made towards a greener and healthier Southport. 

Pat Regan © 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Council start unnecessary tree butchery in Ainsdale

Following this OTS News release (see link below) Sefton Council today started work on the tree in Bowness Ave/Liverpool Road passageway.

Enough is enough!

Local author, Pat Regan, once worked for the council tree department  (almost 10 years) during the years of Dutch elm disease that blighted the area.

Pat stated that this health mature tree is as 'solid as a rock' and now that the specimen has been heavily pruned there is no need to worry about any safety issues that were in effect highly 'questionable', to say the least.

This grand old tree has been thriving for years and Ainsdale's Cllr Haydn Preece is urgently seeking a site meeting with the council officer behind this issue with a view to halt further ecological destruction.

Sefton have no logical reason to waste precious funding on tree felling and especially when they have already admitted that they have no resources available to replace our Southport trees.

Sefton council  - stop wrecking our trees and wasting precious funding! 

Monday, 2 January 2017

Council threatening mature Ainsdale tree with felling, for no good reason!

Sefton Council is needlessly threatening a lovely mature tree in the passageway between Bowness Ave and Liverpool Road in Ainsdale.

Residents are very concerned for the old tree after misplaced threats by the council over proposed felling in the passageway.

This is not a question of disease at all. The specimen in question can be easily pruned and it would be fine. There is no need for costly felling in this instance. The tree under threat was thought, by the council, to be a safety concern, due to an old fence post that it had grown around many year ago.

Nevertheless, rather than prune the tree a little lower (like most 'professionals' do) the draconian council decision was apparently made to simply destroy it.

Understandably, local folks who love the old trees are very unhappy with such cold-hearted council dismissal and lack of ecological concern. 

The tree under threat is seen in the leading photo as the far specimen with 3 trunks. If there was genuinely any valid safety concerns then all the council have to do is reduce the trunk nearest to the fence, rather than fell yet another Southport tree. It's not rocket science!

In these times of austerity and council cuts why waste precious funds felling healthy and beloved trees? Incidentally, Sefton Council have made serious errors in the same passageway 'before'. 
The council have also admitted that  they have no funds in their revenue budget to replace the tree if felled; therefore, when its gone it's gone...

Ainsdale's Cllr Haydn Preece is requesting an urgent  council site visit with a view to saving this grand old tree.


Saturday, 31 December 2016

Janus & the New Year

Subsequent to Yuletide and the Midwinter Solstice in December, we speedily enter the start of another year with the icy month of January. 

Manufactured calendars (those based on spurious religious fables rather than exclusively on natural cycles) have recurrently changed over the fleeting centuries. Long ago, the bucolic, pre-Christian, Celtic folk regarded the time that we now call Halloween, in October, as the end of summer and beginning of winter. It marked the start of their New Year.

When we dismiss the artificial calendar and take a long hard look at nature's changing moods this old system of time calculation make a great deal of sense. 

At the commencement of the modern New Year celebrations, many trees have now started to produce swelling buds and migrant fish like salmon and sea trout have long since spawned in moorland streams.

Mother Nature rejoices her own New Year just like the Celts did, several months before today's more haphazard occasion. Some birds are also now starting their courtship displays and thinking about nesting, if the weather is kind.

Numerous parts of our contemporary culture are sparsely based on the vast wisdom of our primordial Pagan ancestors. Alternatively, confrontational religious fundamentalists, enthusiastic to expand a platform for their narrow-minded, sectarian worldview often try to repudiate this fact. Their re-hashed adaptation (Jesus) of the ancient Sun god myth fits crudely into the natural, agricultural, Pagan calendar that the ancients interpreted so well via mythological thesis. 

Our Pagan ancestors lived adjacent to and in great synchronisation with our planet; whilst today’s self-satisfied religious church missionaries have sought to transmute all rural aspects of the natural calendar into false occasions to worship their latest and clearly most counterfeit Sun god adaptation. 

Primordial god of the New Year

January receives its appellation from the impressive old Roman god of doorways/new ventures, ‘Janus.’

Janus was customarily portrayed in classical art with two heads, or faces; one looking to the past, whereas the second observed the future.

Various ancient scholars have supposed that this god presided over the inauguration and termination of the Sun's travel though the daily sky. As the Sun opens each day so does it close it and it was the same with Janus. Some authors pronounced him as the son of Apollo and so great was his magnitude that his name was routinely invoked before all others.

In ceremonies all prayers went by him first, due to his esteemed position and link with the opening of doorways. Janus therefore lends his name to the New Year's beginning and like us he looks poignantly back at the past, then onto the revitalising future ahead.

Janus indicates that we - stay true to a sincere path, stand powerfully against all pretenders and our dreams and aspirations may indeed come true in the year ahead.

Happy New Year folks.... 

Sunday, 25 December 2016


Spiritual Birthright of the British Isles   


Pat Regan 

This is Pat Regan’s ninth book.

A book written not as just another cold analytical text but a sincere study about Paganism, written by a real British Pagan. 

In this exclusive study, the author continues on from where his successful last book on this subject, THE NEW PAGAN HANDBOOK, left off. 

Within this unique book Pat Regan reveals the mysterious nature of the diverse, spiritual forces underlying the British landscape.

The ancient peoples, who made their impact on the British Isles, influenced many later cultures after them.

A great deal of pre-Christian heritage came to the British Isles from the Celts, Saxons, Romans and Vikings etc. This incredible Pagan legacy went on to give rise to countless traditions that later spread to the rest of the globe.

The organic Paganism of the British Isles is therefore in many ways a central point for the Old Religion that mysteriously held sway over the native people of so many lands. These green isles held their own thriving native spirituality, folklore and customs long before intolerant church missionaries from far away spread their restrictive, ‘one-god’ doctrine on the inhabitants on the land.

In this ground-breaking book Pat Regan brings together numerous mythological aspects, surrounding the old gods and goddesses of the native countryside and explains how they may influence us today. 

Author site 1:

 Author site 2:

Author site 3:

Author Blog:



Saturday, 24 December 2016

The Royal farce - what is it costing?

The classic obscenity of traditional royal indulgence 

Duchess of Cambridge. leading the way or...?

Starving homeless on our streets this Xmas but the cost of the Duchess’s 2016 wardrobe this year came to £174,000; four times as much as last year’s spend, which came to around £43,000.

Kate’s father-in-law, Prince Charles, will meet the cost through his official household budget. Estimates suggest that the Duchess has spent more than £35,000 on designer outfits in the past six months alone. 

Royal finances

The estimated total annual cost of the monarchy is £334m, around eight times the official figure published by the royal household. The monarchy is expensive, very expensive. Of course it wouldn't matter if it were free - the cost to our democracy would still be too high - but when the Palace tells you it's "value-for-money", don't believe them. We could get much better for far less.

The other side of the coin is not as attractive as Kate's flashy wardrobe and human suffering goes on for many unfortunate folks this Xmas... 

Classic signs of a bigger problem

The gigantic waste and indulgence of the royals is a symptom of a larger problem. They are largely unaccountable and can operate with a far greater amount of mystery than any other fragment of the State. The Palace also holds significant lobbying power within government. Many today believe that this explains why the government hasn't sincerely tackled royal spending as it, in all fairness, should.

Perhaps the above may not feature in the Queen's Xmas Day message. 

 However, maybe others will feature it.  Come on Helen - do it again! 

Seriously though, an increasing number of people believe that true democracy for all will remain an illusion, whilst we continue to support a biased establishment that promotes the mega-costly elitism of one privileged family above all others.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Storm Barbara hits Southport

Storm Barbara arrived in Southport today, bringing with it some spectacular skies as the evening rolled in.

The Met Office released a yellow weather warning for Merseyside on Friday, December 23.

Wet and windy weather has been building across the North West since Wednesday with driving rain and gusts of wind expected to reach 60 to 70 mph. Authorities have warned that the storm may destroy buildings, damage large trees and potentially disrupt power lines.

Naturally, extra care when driving is essential with the adverse weather conditions in place.