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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Waterloo Road car smash

An Audi car smashed through a wall on Southport's Waterloo Road at the corner of Ryder Crescent last night (12 Jan.2018).

Another damaged vehicle at the accident scene is believed to be a Volvo.

Did you witness the accident?

Police  are appealing for anyone with any information to come forward. If you know anything please call  101.

More on OTS News. 

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Southport's golden beach

Once golden sands, yet today Southport beach is a growing marshland covered in thick mud.

Visitors to the seaside resort are greeted with signs, such as the following... 

Nevertheless, all is not lost as some visitors actually welcome the marshland's spread. 

Asian people from other towns flock in to gather the local samphire that grows wild on our muddy shoreline. 

Local resident Janeczek Krakowski stated: “When I was a lad my granddad used to bring me to the beach and it was lovely yellow sand. Today it’s almost all muddy with just a bit on the south side of the pier that’s still proper beach. Who can you blame for it?” 

The marsh is now an incredibly popular habitat for many species of bird life...

Marshside RSPB wetland reserve exists a little farther north, along the Coastal Road. 

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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Robert Goodwill (the man who would not listen to childcare providers) sacked

Robert Goodwill (the Tory minister who would not listen to desperate UK childcare providers) has finally been sacked.

Minister of State for Children and Families, Robert Goodwill has been removed from his government position after only seven months in the job. His dismissive actions and lack of help for UK providers have led to deep resentment and mistrust.


Goodwill's legacy of apathy and intransigence 

Goodwill leaves behind him total and utter devastation in the UK childcare sector. Numerous nurseries have been forced to close their doors for good, while their campaigning for better funding from this unlistening Conservative government fell on deaf ears.


Flawed government policy sees massive closures in the UK

More than 1,000 nurseries and childminders have gone out of business since the Conservative government was elected in 2015 with a promise of 30 hours of free childcare for working parents.

The government Goodwill represents is just paying hollow lip-service to the real problems faced by hard-pressed childcare providers across the UK. It’s a cold-hearted, ‘let them eat cake’, attitude that brings back bad memories of a harsher Tory party, with traditionally little care for the ordinary working people.

Ultimately, families and children will suffer most because if this reckless government continue to kill off all childcare facilities (many have closed their doors since this policy arrived) then there will be no places left to provide any care for our children. This is not just unfair it is totally insane! 

Welcome removal of unlistening Goodwill

Nevertheless, surviving UK childcare professionals are hoping that the welcome removal of Goodwill, who is probably a scapegoat for the deeply flawed government childcare policy, will open a doorway into finally being heard and having the essential funding issues properly addressed.

Catherine Regan, owner of Pine Pixies Pre-school in Formby, had previously offered to meet with MPs yet found little enthusiasm in that quarter...

Catherine explained: 

“The government are paying providers short. The amount providers are being paid per hour, per child is not enough to deliver high quality sustainable childcare and many settings across the country have already closed their doors. Childcare providers across the country from all types of settings, including nannies and childminders are strongly united in this fight for fairer funding to ensure their sustainability. Providers are refusing to allow the words ‘Free Funding’ on their literature, as it is not free when the very providers delivering this funded childcare are having to subsidise it themselves.”


Left, Bill Esterson MP and Damien Moore MP.

The big question now on all childcare providers' lips is ...

Will this government finally face up to its previous and ongoing errors within the UK Childcare sector and work with the real people on the ground, i.e. the expert providers themselves? 

Childcare in the UK and its basic survival is something that affects most of us today. We are all effectively stakeholders in this vital situation. 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

In Pictures: Storm Eleanor arrives at Southport Pier

The latest in a series of storms attracted people to witness the high tide at Southport this morning.

Sea defences held back the high tide, although the flows did hit the wall on occasion.

Farther south, the Mersey is reported to be ‘restless’ and the Environment Agency are monitoring the river over risk of flooding.

Storm Eleanor has hit Britain with hurricane-force winds topping 100 mph and authorities have been facing the ramification via flying debris, high tides, flooding and fallen trees.

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

First full moon of 2018 but what is that under it?

The clouds parted and the first full moon of 2018 became visible.

I had taken a few shots before the full moon too, as usually I get more contrast and detail before and after the full phase.

However,  a short series of more 'arty' shots including the moon with clouds provoked my interest.

When I viewed this snap (above) I noticed that a perfectly spherical object, beneath and to the right of the moon was apparent.

In the copy shot above I have arrow-marked this circular object. It appears to reflect light on its upper surface and is shaded beneath it, indicating that it is a real entity visible in the frame.

The close crop above shows the UFO quite well,  as a fleeting ball under the moon. Pixilation also matches the surrounding clouds,  yet what exactly is it?

Please don't shoot the messenger, as I am only asking a question here and making NO claims to its identity!

Its ball shape becomes more clear, as one moves back and gazes at the object.

Other shots did not hold this UFO and the wind was quite brisk.


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Monday, 25 December 2017

25th December: Day of Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun

Do you really know what you are celebrating, or are you just following the crowd? 

Late December, the time of the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day and longest night of the year), is full of native Pagan celebrations.

The festival of ‘dies natalis solis invicti’, ‘birthday of the Unconquered Sun’ took part on 25 December. This was a Roman civil holiday honouring the worship of Sol Invictus.

The Roman winter festival of the Saturnalia (in honour of the god Saturn)  was the forerunner of Christmas. Most contemporary Xmas tradition originated from this ancient Pagan festival.  It was held on 17 December of the Julian calendar and later extended with festivities through to 23 December.

Sol Invictus certainly has resemblances to the worship of the fictitious Jesus personage. Sol's worship was introduced into the empire in AD 274 by Emperor Aurelian (214-275), who officially made it a state religion, putting its emblem on Roman coins. Sol was also the patron deity of soldiers.

Even the gospels failed to record the alleged birth date of the fictional Jesus figure. The Bible does not give a specific date for the birth of Jesus Christ. This is not surprising because this figure was a mythical hodgepodge of involuted urban legend and accumulated chatter, passed down from deluded camel drivers and early rabbis who were simply regurgitating earlier heathen Sun God myths. 

What the Church had tried to do was convert the Sun god into the Son of God in order to win over the hearts and minds of the populace.  In fact many Pagan deities with solar attributes were thought to have been born of a virgin at this time of year, because the allegory equated with the birth of that thing in the sky that we call the SUN! 
Incidentally, Emperor Constantine proclaimed himself to be a  Christian;  however after the reign of Diocletian he maintained the title “Pontifex Maximus” the high priest of Paganism. His coins were inscribed: “Sol Invicto Comiti” (to my companion the invincible sun). 

There is of course nothing new under the sun yet we do know that our life – giving sun is ‘born again’ at this dark time of year, regardless of all the misleading hidden Church agenda and evangelical 'Christ - Mass' fable behind it. 

The natural Pagan agricultural calendar gives us the vital clues to the truth behind, man-made, Church propaganda regarding all our modern celebrations. 

What many celebrate today on 25th December is in fact a hidden indication of the great storehouse of our native Pagan spiritual inheritance that links us intimately to ourselves, the planet and beyond… 

A happy Saturnalia and to all and Hail Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun…

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A sundog, geese and ice skating at frozen Marshside

Sub-zero temperatures frequently increase the chances of interesting natural events. Today, a sundog was witnessed (on the left side of the solar orb) over Marshside.

A sun dog or sundog (also called a parhelion, plural parhelia, for 'Beside the sun' or 'Mock sun') is a specific type of ice halo. It is a coloured patch of light to the side of the sun. Sundogs can be seen anywhere in the world during any season.

In Europe or USA they might be seen 1-2 times per week but are not always perceptibly bright. They are caused via the refraction of sunlight on ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Sundogs are nothing new, regardless of modern conspiracy theorist beliefs. 

They were referred to by ancient Greek and Roman writers, such as Aristotle and Cicero. Moreover, the Greek poet Aratus logged this natural phenomenon as part of a series of weather indicators.  

The frozen marsh gave this covert of argumentative coots a chance to have a go at ice skating. 

In the warmer brambles this inquisitive little guy is never far away... 

Before, this was moving water. Now, in harsh December it's solid ice following the last few days of low temperatures.

There's always a great feeling of seasonal continuity when the geese arrive en masse over the cold, winter, marshlands. In the distance Blackpool Tower may be seen over the Ribble Estuary. 

Incoming: a skein of Canada geese landing on the marsh ...

The cold days are growing shorter as we head towards Yuletide once more ...

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

In Pictures: festive goings - on in Formby today

Romans galore today as seasonal festivities took place in Formby Village ...

The Mayor of Sefton, Cllr Dave Robinson, in attendance. 

And for a brief period it even snowed...

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Fire crews rush to Southport’s Coastal Road tonight

Tonight, the Fire Brigade arrived to deal with a crashed car resting on its side on the Coastal Road, close to Weld Road.

The first attempt to secure the car, a Vauxhall Corsa.

A second fire crew arrived and before long the car was successfully turned over.  

 Crashed car secured by fire crews.

The road was temporarily closed, while the car was dealt with.

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Monday, 4 December 2017

December 2017 supermoon

The supermoon of December 2017 illuminated the UK skies last night as it moved nearer to Earth, appearing 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual.

The December full moon, traditionally known as the Cold Moon, thankfully peeped out of the clouds long enough to allow a few shots to be taken.

Above: for comparison, this was the moon a few days before it became full in clearer skies.

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