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Monday, 24 November 2014


During WW2 ill-considered blackout proposals resulted in many road casualties. Today however the brilliant boffins at Sefton Council seem to wish to take us back to a ‘new’ blackout, with associated risk of safety on our roads.

The local Southport press have recently informed residents that under the latest proposals, lamps in both urban and residential areas could be “turned off during times of low activity” in the cost-cutting scheme.



The Council’s terminal numbskulls in grey suits have apparently suggested turning off every other “high energy” street lamp on main roads between 8pm and 6am – affecting some 4000 lighting columns.


Wartime regulations in the blackout required street lights to be turned off and traffic signals and headlights to be dimmed. This official mission to deter Hitler however had a ‘reverse’ effect, ultimately leading to a striking increase in highway fatalities.

The King’s surgeon advised in the British Medical Journal in 1939 that by, “frightening the nation into blackout regulations, the Luftwaffe was able to kill 600 British citizens a month without ever taking to the air”.

The number of deaths reached a zenith in 1940 at 9,169. One individual died that year for every 200 vehicles on the road, whilst today the figure is one for every 20,000.

Do potentially increased crime and road safety not deserve higher priority? 

Laughing all the way to the bank? 

Sefton seems addicted to making stupid cost cutting schemes. 

However, why not save much more via pruning back high-paid and largely insignificant Council executives like Margaret Carney, who was reported to make more money than the UK’s Prime Minister?  

In January 1 2009 with an annualised salary of £150,894, Carney beat the Prime Minister's £142,500 salary. Including expenses and pension contributions she was said to have received a total of £176, 465 from the local authority in 2009/10.

Priorities are apparently thin on the ground in some quarters!

So, who needs Dad’s Army when we have good old Sefton Council to ‘carry on regardless’ with the blackout?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

More UFO activity over RAF Woodvale in Merseyside, UK

Time of sighting: 17.27 hrs
Date: 18 November, 2014
Weather: mild and mainly clear

I was driving back to Southport along the Formby Bypass with my daughter Jasmine.

We were chatting about her school day when she suddenly exclaimed, “What the hell is that!”

 Jasmine, sitting next to me, was pointing excitedly over the dark skies of the RAF facility at Woodvale. I quickly glanced to my left looked upwards and I saw what she was witnessing.

An extremely bright white UFO was coming down fast and hard into the area that looked like the pinewoods behind the RAF airfield; or even possibly into the Irish Sea beyond the trees. Jasmine told me that the UFO was initially yellow in colour and had only changed white as it descended.

Seeing as I was driving along the bypass I could not stop but I had clearly seen the unidentified flying object myself.

The usual possibilities, such as a firework, aircraft or a sky lantern, did not seem right. A straight guess would have to be that it may have been space debris of some kind, going off what I have witnessed in the past.

I have reported several times before about UFO sightings in the RAF Woodvale area. Here is a selection of examples.

Moreover, only a few days ago I highlighted a report in the Liverpool press of a UFO spotted over nearby Liverpool.

Is this latest UFO sighting simply coincidence or some kind of ‘sign’? You decide!

Jasmine also seems to have a talent for being in the right place at the right time, when it comes to UFO spotting. Her previous call on the famous ‘Rufford UFO’ later went international.

Mysterious things seem to be showing up again in the Merseyside skies.

Did you see anything?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Southport Tory, Councillor David Barton, in hot water over cheesy war tribute grin

News just out in Southport indicates that the Tories are once again embarking upon their traditional in-fighting fiasco. This seems to be a traditional Conservative pastime, mainly before elections.

Barton apparently went back to Southport's war memorial 'after' the service had finished yesterday to have his picture taken with a wreath. He has therefore deeply upset some folk, via his typical self-promotional tactics after he was pictured grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat at the Southport War Memorial.

The embarrassed Conservative Association apparently have said they,  "wont stand such acts of self promotion over such an emotional/respectful tribute"

Of course Cllr Barton's beaming grin is quite an 'habitual' issue and he is frequently seen smiling most profusely at each and every photographic opportunity.  Therefore, this latest smirk was probably quite an innocent, if not very naive, thing to do. It would appear that this eager young chap is receiving no proper training (or support)  in his political duties as an elected rep at all. 

Nevertheless, the Conservatives apparently wish to 'limit damage' with an expected apology possibly from Cllr Barton himself.

Perhaps this latest friction in bumbling Southport Tory ranks stems from the previous situation when Barton was clearly singing from an entirely  different hymn sheet to the other Tories (Jones/Hartill) over the Police Station closure situation?

Tory Leader, Cllr Terry Jones, never did tolerate 'dissent' in the ramshackle ranks or from anywhere else!

How interesting that today we have a local self-seeking Tory coterie that are happy to chastise this trusting political fledgeling about SELF PROMOTION, whilst they have previously supported or ignored Cllr Ted Hartill's activities.

Hartill had gone well beyond the call of duty to use the Woodvale  Woodland Project  (WWP) to shamelessly promote his private political agenda... 

In relation to WWP’s proposed press release over new WWP benches, Cllr Hartill stated the following to members in an email dated, 22 May 2013:

“I need to promote this as a good councillor Ted job. The other conservatives either don't do anything or don't tell anyone. As you know the lib dems tell everyone everything. Its why they are so popular in Southport.”

The term DOUBLE STANDARDS is quite apt here and the Southport Tories have made a complete mockery of themselves all 'by' themselves!

How far the Southport Press will take this is  another matter entirely, because so far they have been quite happy to keep residents totally in the dark about the buffoons within Southport's Tory circle.

NB. I note that some local website chat rooms are taking a hard-line stance against Cllr Barton for this political self promotion, yet the wider picture described above, over Conservative double standards regarding OTHER councillors, has clearly escaped many posters' attentions. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Trolls and amazing Double Standards! 

The local press has just reported on the controversial issue of anonymous trolls and laws intended to combat this situation, which can be quite a daunting matter for any victims. I have challenged such cowards myself over the years many times.

Georgina Stubbs of the Southport Visiter stated:

Terry Jones, leader of Sefton’s Conservative party put forward a motion at full council earlier this year in a bid to tackle the “hatred,” and is “delighted” at the new laws. He added:

“Although I believe they don’t go far enough, these people can do a lot of harm not just to those it is aimed at but also their loved ones. If someone suffers from depression or is going through a bad time in their life the repercussions of trolling can be awful.”

Cllr Jones also added:

“Personally, I would rather spend my time showing how I care for those around me, than spreading nasty drivel, which only impresses their own ilk. “

How interesting, but the article failed to mention a darker side to all this....

I would also sincerely ask if this “care” he alleges extends to local residents such as my family, which he recently threatened with legal action?

Does his man's  “care” also come into consideration when we realise that Cllr Jones and his subservient Tory colleague, Cllr Ted Hartill, have continually BLOCKED excellent proposals to improve Woodvale’s Sandbrook Way for elderly residents that have been put forward by Cllr Haydn Preece and concerned local people?

Does this "care" also extend to standing about doing nothing whilst residents, who have previously helped him with numerous  issues (personal and well as political),  are treated like dirt by his appalling colleagues?

Does this “care” also come into context when we recall that Cllr Jones is happy to make covert tape recordings of chats with residents?

Does this “care” also extend to his Tory colleague, Mr Brian Duckett, a man (who previously tried to become Southport’s Conservative MP) posting under a pseudonym on OTS News website in order to insult my family with hurtful names, etc? 

I suggest that Cllr Jones and his transparent pro-Tory propaganda ruse herein is in effect a classic case of the Pot calling the Kettle black.

One thing is certain is that‘ double standards’ stink. 

Cllr Jones would do well to realise that those who live in glass houses should NOT throw stones!

Friday, 24 October 2014


Eco-destruction of a Lancashire wildlife oasis and 'another' fragile bit of traditional rural England by developers must be opposed! 

I have reported in the past about the ecological destruction of a lovely lake in Hesketh Bank, near Southport.

I also ran a lengthy campaign some years ago, involving many leading officials (including the Mayor of London) and the UK press to try and save this lovely old wildlife sanctuary that was at the time being used as a tipping ground! Eventually tipping was stopped, although a substantial part of the water was lost.

See this link for details. 

The Southport press also reported on the situation last year.

Plans for 275 homes in Hesketh Bank have met with bitter opposition from residents who claim the rural infrastructure is not able to support any further development. A planning application has been submitted to West Lancashire Borough Council by Persimmon Homes for 275 houses, associated garages, roads and landscaping to be built on the Henry Alty site on Station Road.

However, recently additional information, as below, was given to me about this disconcerting plan to destroy the village structure. 

Persimmon Homes have now been given planning permission for a residential development, across two phases, at Henry Alty's site in Hesketh Bank.  Of course, land value also increases when planning permission in granted!

It appears that many UK communities have been at loggerheads with this particular builder. See addendum at end of this article for details. 

Because of the complexities of the site, specifically its significant ecological importance, it has taken far longer than Persimmon believed to obtain planning permission and their application has been downgraded from "full" to "outline" only.  This means that the detailed development of the site (such as number of houses, site layout etc) will have to be dealt with under what is known as "reserved matters" which will include the issue of future use of the lake.  

The first phase to be developed will be the area to the south of the main entrance to Altys (ie the area furthest away from the lake).  I understand that the northern part of the development will not begin until well into 2015 at the earliest.  

On the northern site, the developer wants to build 59 two-bedroomed homes and apartments, 89 three-bedroomed houses, 54 four-bedroomed homes and three five-bedroomed properties. On the southern site, they want to build five three-bedroomed homes, 40 four-bedroomed properties and 23 five-bedroomed houses.

Naturally all this is being met with local opposition and residents are deeply concerned about the impact such inroads will have!

Whoever is 'supposed' to be officially in charge of planning and development permission etc in this location MUST understand the the lake is a wildlife oasis (home to water voles, newts, swans, grebes, kingfishers, etc) and as such must be protected and given sanctuary. What assurances are the local Council giving that protective regulations, for both wildlife and the Hesketh Bank community, will be addressed?

A small railway around the lake is also a popular attraction with tourists and locals alike. This may also now be under threat from these developers. 

No excuses will suffice concerning yet MORE ecological destruction for fat cat profits! Rural villages like this are an English Gem and truly deserve to be safeguarded.  

I also put it to the Environment Agency and other bodies, holding a protective remit over the ecostructure, that they have a duty of care to the place and its protected wildlife that dwell therein! Are the profit - driven forces that are 'behind' this action aiming to inadvertently convert  such lovely villages and hamlets into smaller versions of overcrowded modern inner cities?

Same old story that we are all sadly becoming so familiar with... mega money talks and English heritage gets thrown right out of the window! They must 'not' be permitted to get away with it!

The impact on the delicate infrastructure, via development with increased traffic  congestion etc, of this historic Lancashire village is likely to be catastrophic and must be challenged now!  


Whoops ... problems with Persimmon Homes for many other UK communities. Here are just a few examples!  

Persimmon Homes criticised for failing to meet planning regulations

Elsewhere, Persimmon Homes was told to down tools on the large Derwent View development near the Bowes Incline in Birtley, Gateshead, after concern was expressed over the construction not complying with regulations.

Builders Persimmon cause a stink at Blyth housing development

And in 'another' location the builders left a gaping hole in a bathroom which was contributing to a sense of frustration that the stench would ever go away. Householder said: “Our new home stinks and so does Persimmon."

Abergavenny, residents protest 

Residents fear that a proposed residential development of 250 homes on the outskirts of the town will significantly increase traffic and anti-social behaviour and will overlook their homes.

It would seem that Hesketh Bank folks today have good reason to be worried! 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Oh dear - here we go again folks! 

Southport’s bumbling Tories at loggerheads over police station closures.... 

A local news website has reported that a press statement from Southport Conservative, Cllr David Barton, reads as follows:

 “I sincerely hope to see the new Community Police Station and General Enquiry Office established as soon as possible and shall be pursuing this with my Conservative colleagues for you our local residents”

Cllr Barton in fact clearly stated the following on his own Facebook page.

Cllr Barton’s controversial welcome for a newly – promised police facility is also apparently supported (liked) by three other Facebook friends of his. 

Two of these friends (Adam Webster and Luke Anthony Thompson) have been well know as Southport Tory activists within the last election.    


However Cllr Simon Shaw a Birkdale Libdem was also reported on the same website saying: 

“I could scarcely believe what Cllr David Barton, one of the four Conservative councillors in Southport, said in his statement. Until we are all completely clear what alternative is being proposed, it is unbelievably irresponsible for one of the town’s leading Conservatives to announce that he ‘sincerely hopes’ to see the switch to a Community Police Station ‘as soon as possible’, and that this is what he will be pursuing with his Conservative colleagues.”

Sefton Conservative Leader, Ainsdale’s Cllr Terry Jones, told the Southport press:

“We intend to fight to keep both stations for the safety of our residents and visitors alike.”

Are the public therefore confused one may ask; well yes they are.

On one hand we have Cllr Barton (and  apparently his friends)  ‘welcoming’ some indistinct new police facility, whilst Tory leader Cllr Jones is telling us that he will fight to “keep” the old ones.

So are we seeing a rebellion in the Tory ranks or it is just that 'some' young politicians are running the show 'without' any proper adult supervision over this essential issue!

Do these bumbling politicians EVER get their act together? They appear to want to have their cake and eat it at the same time. 

Still, I suppose that if they have a boot in ‘both’ opinion camps it will help them to run appropriate, yet ambiguous, pre-election political propaganda when this controversial issue is finally decided properly.

They really do seem to think the Southport public were born yesterday and if you do wish to see what 'offerings' the Tories previously gave to residents then just look at this unbelievable video directed by Cllr Ted Hartill

We sincerely do need better political representation than this in Southport. 


Tory U-Turn? 

I see that the initial 'Call to arms' from Cllr Jones has now become a somewhat damper squib altogether . His original claim to be 'fighting' for the police stations to remain open has taken on an altogether different aspect. His (and Cllr Hartill's) recent poster spin  promotes a meeting for the public to make up its mind on police consultation. This would indicate that the two Ainsdale councillors are now taking on a 'milder' standpoint, similar perhaps to the one given by Cllr Barton.

On this poster the two Ainsdale Tories are now speaking of a meeting for the public to 'gain information' and nowhere do we now see the initial fight back originally tabled by Jones and his colleague. So what has changed? 

How revealing and what a lovely opportunity for them to say (at a later date)  - 'Just look at how much we did for the community.' The fact is that they have in essence done little or nothing to halt this latest closure threat. 

The question is: where were they when it really mattered MOST and the answer is - nowhere to be seen! 

See also: 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Update: October 2014

Former Sefton Conservative leader / ex-Mayor, Cllr Peter Papworth, is "disciplined" for porno - crawling (for a second time) on Council laptop!

Do we really need to have reckless people like this playing such dangerous games and at trusting taxpayers’ expense?  Cllr Papworth admitted that he had been caught using a council laptop to watch pornography twelve months ago, yet that this was allegedly the 'only' other occasion.

'What are we paying these elected officials for'.... used to be the leading question - but now we ‘know’ the answer!


Casting aside any issues about the rights or wrongs of porn a wider question of DATA PROTECTION VIA POTENTIAL SECURITY BREACH arises. 

Irresponsible councillors, by using Council computer equipment recklessly, leave the system potentially wide open to detrimental viruses and other damaging malware. If just one Trojan gets in it may piggy-back in more unwanted code and thus more harmful bugs into the system. Eventually this abuse may result in private information being accessed by hackers or simply anyone else who should NOT hold such sensitive data. Therefore Cllr Papworth’s foolishness may ultimately lead to Council PC system total shutdown and sensitive data being exposed, thanks to him trolling dangerous sites containing whatever ‘type’ of pornography he is currently watching.

This is not a joke, or any type of moralistic Puritanism, as it could potentially affect any innocent party that has privately held files on the Council‘s computer data base.


Will Cllr Papworth do the honourable thing and resign or will he remain in his position of public trust, backed of course by his loyal Conservative colleagues and Sefton’s notoriously indifferent leadership? 

More here:

Cllr Papworth previously held the position as Sefton Tory Leader (and Mayor) but now we have Cllr Terry Jones to fill his official boots.

Cllr Jones is in fact a man who seems quite happy to SECRETLY TAPE residents. I have reported on this disturbing fact before and the media have ‘partially’ picked up on it.

Above: Sefton Conservative Leader, Cllr Terry Jones; taping residents but for what purpose?  

Colleagues and acquaintances (past and present) of Cllr Jones have remained extremely silent about this matter, which is I suppose NOT that surprising.

Public dissent is also greeted with hollow threats from the increasingly authoritarian Sefton Tory leadership...

It seems to me that trusting residents in numerous places are not only being treated inadequately by their elected representatives but they are now also being placed at serious risk, via potential security breaches.

And remember we also have other sycophantic political wannabes who would gladly take us back to 1940's Germany, if they could only get away with it.

In these times of growing international anxiety along with terror alerts we can ‘never’ be too careful; having ridiculous politicians making such unacceptable mistakes that may lead to public data of a private nature being accessed by ‘anyone’ is wholly indefensible.

But the biggest joke of all is that come Election time such councillors will once again be knocking on YOUR doors, with huge grins, asking for your votes!

We live in unbelievable times but questions must be asked and appropriate action taken! We permit data to be squandered by fools on the internet at our peril!

Yes, just like a cheap dime novel but this time it’s all true! 

NB. Now also on UFO Digest