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Friday, 15 March 2019

Minor psychic start to the day as kids go to school

So there I was driving the kids to school when an odd thought pops into my mind.

“What we need in the boot is a box to put frogs or toads in if we find any on the roads when we are out,” I said to Jasmine at 8.48 am this morning.

On my way back to the village post office, about 25 minutes later, I locked the car and after walking about 20 yards came across two mating frogs in the side of the road. 

Without hesitation, I picked them up and rushed back to the vehicle. The only thing I had to stick them in was a carrier bag. I could not have left them there to meet their doom. 

A few minutes later the two amphibious lovers were happily carrying on their passionate affair in my pond. So, it was a big win for the frogs and bad news for hunting cats and magpies or any passing car that would have either tortured them into extinction or squashed the poor little mites to death… 

The shot above shows another frog, who is now a proud parent as you can see. 

Man constantly destroys their natural habitat, via profit-driven increased building developments everywhere. If that does not wipe them out, then us 'intelligent' apes bring in domesticated (cute family pet) predators to finish off the job by hunting them down in gardens across the land.  

Thanks to man the frogs have a hard time in places just surviving 

Do the frogs etc a big favour – make a pond for them in your garden. Also if you must keep a cat make sure that it is not allowed to run wild destroying native wildlife at will. 

The Mammal Society states...

'Cats kill 275 million other animals a year. Domestic cats are lethal hunters, killing at least 275 million other animals a year in Britain, a report showed today. The apparently cuddly pets prey on a number of declining and endangered species, including water voles and dormice'

Needless to say, frogs are also big on the pet feline hit list. Our amphibian friends need all the help we can give them.

In other countries, the cat predation situation is dire, thanks to man's appalling inability to act responsibly.

According to ornithologist John Woinarski, who recently completed a monumental study that found that cats kill more than a million Australian birds a day, responsible pet ownership is key. “It’s great that people have pets because it gives them the opportunity to have empathy with animals. It makes us appreciate and understand their value. Keeping cats is fine but it needs to be done responsibly,” he tells Australian Geographic.

Cats do what they do, they kill - that is simply their nature. However, the real problem for the wild ecosystem is human irresponsibility in allowing their pets to roam at will and destroy native species everywhere. 

Thankfully, the more responsible owners have realised this fact and are now using fencing etc to ensure that their pets do not add to the alarming loss of wild birds and animals. 

Be a responsible cat owner and keep them in. Not only will you be helping wildlife but also reducing the chances of YOUR cat being killed on some busy road.

Protect your cat and the wildlife by neutering them as well...

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Flooding at Kew’s Blowick Moss swamp continues

Recent rains proved once again that Kew is not a very sensible place to build a house or buy one.

Kew wildlife habitat loss and recent flooding problems were fully predicted years ago.

SSGB (Save Southport Greenbelt) campaigned, since at least 2005,  against the destruction of wildlife habitat at flood-prone Kew for housing development. SSGB was greeted with some hostile political and developmental scorn yet found support with Phil Rodwell of SGB website. Phil could also see the foolishness of building on the waterlogged Kew flood plain. 

Insurers have previously highlighted the flooding problems here.  

Pictures below show flooding on and around the Kew site this week...

  In January 2016 indications of earlier SSGB flooding predictions started to emerge

SSGB was even informed by the Environment Agency that with respect to water voles on the Kew Business Park location, their Biodiversity Team has records of this legally-protected species on Fine Jane’s Brook and surrounding areas.

Pat Regan of SSGB stated some years ago: "The E.A. advised that they believed the site to have a “biodiversity value” with some uncommon wetland plant species being recorded. The biodiversity team has also observed feeding stations in the area that were the correct size to mark evidence of water voles. The E.A. also told SSGB that Sefton ecologists are also interested in the site." 

The EA. thanked SSGB for bringing the situation to their attention and assured them that they would do all they can to protect the biodiversity of the site with the powers available to them.

The whole Kew Estate fiasco was tarnished from the onset. 

Council officials and their political allies failed to listen to valid concerns about the stupidity of building on an old tip site that may slowly leak toxic gasses (for decades) and is constructed on marshland.

Would YOU buy a house on the Kew swamp? Many are now saying that a boat may be a better option. 


Tuesday, 12 March 2019

He-men killing Baboon families for ‘fun’ and profit with high-power rifles

I am not quite sure why these high-powered, gun-toting  ‘heroes’ think they need to exterminate a species that is just trying to live out its life in wild places…

Personally, I see no veneration or respect for nature in this cash-fuelled, sadistic, eco-massacre…

Humans and baboons are closely related, yet the baboons clearly have more compassion and common-sense that many humans.

Not very surprisingly, comments on YouTube are disabled for this very sad video.

More footage here regarding one happy gun promotor of the anti-baboon carnage,  David Tubb.. 

Grown men (and women) with powerful weapons, make easy work of destroying innocent animal families. 

Above: here's another hero posing with a family of victims, including a mother and baby 

What sort of government permits this slaughter in the modern world?

Saturday, 9 March 2019

UK Watchdog initiates probe into Labour antisemitism

Has the Labour Party unlawfully discriminated against Jewish people?

The UK's human rights watchdog is opening an investigation into race allegations against Labour.

The move comes after the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) and Campaign Against Antisemitism submitted dossiers specifying large numbers of Jew-hate allegations last year.

The JLM has been affiliated to the Labour Party since 1920. Around 80 per cent of members voted to retain links, at least until April's annual general meeting.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said earlier that it was considering launching a formal investigation into antisemitism within the party.

A representative for the EHRC said: “We believe Labour may have unlawfully discriminated against people because of their ethnicity and religious beliefs. Our concerns are sufficient for us to consider using our statutory enforcement powers. As set out in our enforcement policy, we are now engaging with the Labour Party to give them an opportunity to respond.” 

Rejecting any internal claims of racism, the Labour Party responded: "We completely reject any suggestion the party has acted unlawfully and will be co-operating fully with the EHRC."

And what exactly is Southport Labour’s view on antisemitism within their party? 

Southport’s Labour group has recently been posting a self-promotional political leaflet through doors in the town. This glossy flyer held the names of their latest candidates, as well as the traditional spin against their political opponents. However, there is not even one mention of the national crisis within their party regarding antisemitic allegations, which their leader Corbyn has failed to properly address. There was also no mention of the UK human rights watchdog’s probe that is currently being initiated against them, why?

Surely the Southport public has a right to know what these eager Labour candidates think about this growing crisis, within the party that they are trying so hard to sell to us? Local issues are vital yes but turning a blind eye to a national crisis regarding alleged politically-based racism will never instil confidence within any UK community.

History teaches us one thing very well: Intolerance kills!

Labour breaking apart from within? 

Former Home Secretary, Jack Straw, recently bulldozed into Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, over his inability to tackle antisemitism in the Labour Party and the "vile" rhetoric adopted by his supporters aimed at "targeting" the Jewish Community. Mr Straw stated that the fiasco has pushed Jewish organisations to be in "active opposition" to the Party ending a long-lasting history of understanding between the Jewish Community and Labour.

The watchdog is asking the party to work with it to improve its processes. The party will have 14 days to respond to the concerns raised, after the EHRC's formal letter is received by Labour.

However, not all Labour activists seem eager to fully assist the human rights watchdog. Huda Elmi, a member of Labour's ruling NEC, said the Equality and Human Rights Commission was a 'failed experiment'.

Lynne Featherstone, a Liberal Democrat peer, responded: 'This is a world gone mad. Huda - dissing the EHRC because it says something you don't like is fascism. Shame on you!'

Somewhat ironically, the EHRC was set up by a Labour government to be tough on racism and tough on the causes of racism. Now it seems that the watchdog has returned to bite a very chaotic party that is believed by many observers to be tearing itself to shreds.

Whatever the outcome of the potentially damaging watchdog's probe, it does seem that Labour is facing some very interesting times ahead.

See also

Enough is Enough protest: Labour MPs join hundreds of activists outside Parliament in a campaign to stamp out antisemitism in party

Friday, 8 March 2019

Pagans say: "We told you so!"

Can God be renamed ask some ‘slightly rebellious’ church, activists 

After many repressive centuries of hiding the Sacred Lady (the Great Goddess) and burning Pagan folk and various freethinking heretics for simply daring to mention the feminine within divinity, parts of the self-righteous ecclesiastical fundamentalist system seem to wish to grow a little, in a real spiritual sense

This Catholic article appears to be largely hinged on reactions regarding Child abuse committed on a massive scale by the priesthood. Here is the link:

This is the title of the Catholic article and its subheading

‘Should we change our pronouns for God?’

‘To stop the insidious abuse of power within the church, we have to stop exclusively calling God ‘him.’’

Ok, the following is my cut of this issue in brief…

Naturally, a few more unorthodox thinkers calling for new ways to name their ‘God’ will be treated as eccentrics or even extremists by the leading ‘male – only’ Catholic hierarchy.

Perhaps they should have listened to ancient Pagan balance concepts (God and Goddess /Male and Female harmony within all things) instead of being so pig-headed in selling their lob-sided one god cultism to the world.

Of course, human nature will always return to the source, to its real spiritual origins of balance, no matter how hard the Church mind-control machine has sought to repress the global populace, via the Jesus myth. 

The Goddess is popular to all ancient pre-Christian cultures because early man saw that balance in all things and on all levels was vital. 

Our ancient ancestors anthropomorphised the forces within nature into understandable godforms and recognised that harmony was essential. Alternatively, The early Church radically changed this organic balance and outlawed any mention of the Goddess from its monotheistic credo. The same thing of course occurred within other forms of one-god fundamentalism, such as Islam. 

The ancient Pagan ‘Mother Goddess’ perception was shrewdly transformed by the early patriarchal Church fathers into a Mother ‘of’ God issue that essentially demoted the Great Goddess into a subservient human figure inferior to the god. This crafty fundamentalist ruse simply saw women become second-class citizens behind men. 

It would now seem that marginally perturbed female activists within the Church are recognising the transparent inequality within their chosen brand of, male-dominated, Christian fundamentalism and want a big change. 

Chances are that this these ‘slightly’ radical monotheistic ladies will, however, be shown the door by the top (male) brass. The Church elite, who always have the final say will (heaven forbid)  never tolerate any blasphemous mentions of the great similarities betwixt their Virgin Mary fantasy figure and the far more ancient deities such as Isis, the latter who is a goddess within her own right. 

Of course, some Pagans will continue to smile quietly and say… “We told you so.”

Will the slightly naughty church ladies who want to (shock horror) rename their deity (Jesus Christ), ever really get the wider message? Conversely, will they simply buckle under ecclesiastical male-orientated pressure to ‘act properly’ as good Christian females who should know their place, i.e. behind the male untouchable ones who run the Church mind-control system with an iron fist? 

The Goddess may have been sleeping calmly in woodlands and mountainside, yet she will never be fully repressed by any conceited patriarchal system that is essentially based on female subjugation.  

The Lady shall return but only when humanity is able to fully understand her divine message. In fact, she never went away, regardless of the long-winded monotheistic push to remove her from the minds of humanity... 

Pat Regan © 

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

CARES archive: Formby's Protest against NHS cuts - 11 Oct. 2003

Fortunately, the weather held out and a successful protest march ensued. Mums, dads, grannies and granddads all came out with their children to show the NHS Trust that we have NOT gone away.

Following the CARES-organised demonstration CARES members raised awareness that the NHS move would affect Formby residents as much or even more than Southport people because of the greater distance involved to travel to Ormskirk Hospital.

Concern was expressed that narrow, short-cut tracks across the moss would not be suitable for ambulances in winter/wet conditions putting greater risk on children's lives in emergency situations.

The marchers get underway

Into Chapel Lane

Into Formby Village

The marchers at Duke Street Park

CARES members John Price and Cath Regan

Marchers leaving the main village centre

Southport CARES for children (Coalition Against Removal of kids Emergency & other Services) 


Wednesday, 27 February 2019

In pictures: Sundown over the Irish Sea at Ainsdale

The extremely pleasant February weather has resulted in a few striking sunsets. This was the scene at Ainsdale beach this evening.

The last moments of the sinking sun mark the end of another day...

Pat Regan © 


Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Counter Pollution Exercise (Coldstart) on Ainsdale Beach

Marine authority training for potential pollution event on the Sefton Coastline

This morning, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) commenced ‘Exercise Coldstart’ on Ainsdale’s shoreline to test their contractor response to a potential oil spillage event.

Councillor Ian Moncur, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said: “We’re urging people not to panic. The exercise is not real – but it provides a unique opportunity for us to help other agencies like the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to test their plans and will provide a wealth of insight and mutual benefit to Sefton and other Merseyside coastal Local Authorities in terms of ongoing shoreline pollution response and recovery planning.” 

Above: the rig off Ainsdale pictured a while ago.

Ryan Carter, Resources and Claims Lead for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s Counter Pollution and Salvage Branch, said:  “Every year the MCA undertakes exercises with our partners across the country from ports, harbours, councils and other agencies to test our oil spill response. Today’s exercise is a ‘cold callout’ whereby we test our Oil Spill Response Tier 3 contractors, without giving them notice. We are very fortunate to be working with Sefton Council and their Green Sefton team in this area and shoreline around Ainsdale Beach. During the exercise, there will be no actual pollution present.”

How likely is a catastrophic oil spillage on Ainsdale’s wildlife-rich shoreline?

Moreover, have the Environment Agency and other relevant organisations considered the risks and made appropriate contingency plans? 

Pat Regan ©


Thursday, 14 February 2019

Fiery sunset over the cold Irish Sea…

Although it was not that warm on the Southport shoreline, a milder than normal Valentine's Day saw Britain enjoying temperatures in some parts up to 14C.

Regardless of the weather, Southport is never short of lovely sunsets. 

Ainsdale (above) is a great place to watch the sun go down... 

Life continues at its own pace on the shore... 

Pat Regan © 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Majestic Formby Tree - but what is it now?

Controversial tree felling in Formby's Chapel lane was supposed to result in stump removal.

This was previously stated by the council...

Q. What will happen to the tree stumps once the trees are removed?

The tree stumps will be removed, and footpath repaired. The stump will be removed as a second operation once the felling has taken place. A stump grinder will grind the woody tissue to below ground level to allow the surface to be repaired and made safe. 

Residents in Formby previously felt betrayed by Sefton Council, after discovering about the tree felling plans. Hundreds of locals fought last year to save their beloved village trees.

Above: Protesters in January 2018.

However, members of the public have this week been left rather mystified by strange workings on one partially-living horse chestnut trunk. 

Above: is it a duck, a chicken or a dragon? In fact, we believe this work is designed to represent the dragon's head on a Viking longboat, due to Formby's ancient Norse heritage. 

One elderly lady stated. "I think it's cruel and tragic as that was a lovely old tree full of character and it's still partly alive. It's like skinning a live rabbit."

Another local said: "The tree was still alive and if left it would have sprouted new grown but this latest work will kill it off."

Other shoppers were left wondering what the strange carving actually was?

Are you happy to see a majestic tree turned into contemporary art or? One thing's for sure, this skilfully-executed sculpture has certainly got tongues wagging in the village. 


Sunday, 10 February 2019

Jackboot USA: Nazis tried to ban my pipe in the 1930s-40s. Now, it’s all happening again!

U.S. Food and Drug Administration assault on a man who crafts his living, via making traditional tobacco  pipes

US authoritarianism slips into Schutzstaffel (SS) mode, as precious American liberties are put under threat. Unbelievable but true. US authorities are acting like a new version of Third Reich officialdom, as innocent pipe maker is interrogated about his highly – skilled artistic craft. 

Our forebears fought wars to preserve personal liberties. Today, these freedoms are under serious threat as public apathy permits contemporary health fascists in officialdom to create a world of censorship and oppression. 

Incidentally, Germany had the world's strongest antismoking movement in the 1930s and early 1940s, supported by Nazi medical and military leaders worried that tobacco might prove a hazard to racial purity.

Numerous Nazi leaders were highly vocal opponents of smoking.  However, Churchill along with  Stalin, and Roosevelt were all fond of tobacco. The three major fascist frontrunners of Europe: Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco were all non-smokers. Hitler was the most unyielding anti-smoking advocate. 
Of course, this is a huge topic and I do not intend to highlight all aspects of it. What drew my attention was the downright totalitarian (i.e. officialised bulling) absolutism of the US FDA authority herein, against a man who is an artist in pipe making. This type of authoritarian repression is most clearly an attack on personal liberties that is reminiscent of earlier Nazi censorship. 

I also made a pipe recently from an ancient oak branch. So, can I expect (I welcome in fact) a visit from such officialdom in my country, which is England? 

Such attention would give me the opportunity to highlight this assault on liberty in the press and in forthcoming books that I may write.  

Just remember guys, whatever you think about smoking, drinking, jumping off cliffs, sailing at sea or any other hobbies that you may value, sooner or later the self-righteous mind-controllers in officialdom will get around to censoring ‘your’ personal liberties. 

Ignore this warning at your peril.  

If you value your freedom of expression, belief and opinion then you MUST be prepared to extend it to others. 

Pat Regan ©