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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tory Let Down for Sandbrook Way Residents!

Recently I reported on a new initiative by some of us residents and Ainsdale's Cllr Haydn Preece to get regeneration kick-started in this run down Sandbrook Way, Woodvale Area.

Check this link for more details....

People Power

This improvement push is urgently needed now, not in months or even years to come. Rotten fences, buildings etc require serious attention and cash for new trees and shrubs was in the pipeline.

Above: Cllr Preece (left) who met with me recently to discuss the area

However, this great scheme has just been strangled at birth it appears thanks to the two Ainsdale Ward Tory councillors, Terry Jones and Ted Hartill, refusing to allow £750.00 funding to be given for the much-needed improvements.

Above: apathetic Tory Cllrs Hartill and Jones, who blocked the urgent bid for local improvements. 

Cllr Preece was furious and stated:

"The £750 was to enhance the Sandbrook Way area for residents now immediately. Our residents deserve that. I am very upset that two Tory councillors have blocked such an initiative from Area Ward monies dedicated for such initiatives. Future rebuild development of the Sandbrook Way which I am in favour of, if it takes place will be some time hence. Therefore I want action now for Ainsdale residents living here now. The shrubs could be replanted at a later date."

Above: Cllr Haydn Preece - challenging Ainsdale's political tyrants and supporting needy local residents. 

Naturally, many locals are deeply saddened by this blow. Help for the area is well overdue and needed NOW! I am reliably informed that the Tories are opposing our new initiatives for improvement because of potential redevelopment of Sandbrook Way, but such moves will potentially take at least 3-4 years.

But, one may ask, are there 'other' reasons for this Tory hindrance to progress? 

To be quite frank, I was not 'that' surprised at the sheer intransigence shown by the two Tories in question herein. This is because I strongly suspect they are permitting their 'private' agendas to show through. Let me explain a little more... 

It is no secret that Cllr Preece has openly challenged these tin-pot dictators via defended the rights of local volunteers who were unfairly banned from the local Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) after refusing to work under the flawed and dangerous remit of Cllr Ted Hartill.  Cllr Hartill is also the chairman of the local WACA community charity; a facility that wrongly appears to think it owns the local Council woodland. 

Reasons are clearly stated here regarding why local WWP volunteers will not work with Ted Hartill

Regardless of WACA and Council dirty tricks that particular issue is ongoing! 

Cllr Terry Jones also unreasonably sided with Cllr Hartill 'against' local Woodvale residents in this fiasco and this is also clearly reported on the WWP blogsite.

Therefore, when Cllr Preece comes along nobly supporting the very same residents (and children) who these Tory  politicians have sought so hard to remove from their own woodland project (that they virtually created) it comes as no huge surprise that they are not going to support any good initiative undertaken by these residents working alongside Cllr Preece. It's a red rag to a bewildered duo of Tory bullies in fact! 

With such an apathetic political, game-playing, attitude only local residents will suffer and it stinks! We had always presumed that councillors are supposed to work with local people, yet in this case the reverse is true!

In fact these two bumbling Tories have gone well beyond the call of duty in working against local people, who are simply trying to improve the areas in question! Many local residents now firmly believe that they are a disgrace to their office in more ways than one! 

I must state here though that I have always supported 'any' good and reliable efforts undertaken by any person or political party that is doing the right thing for local folk. 

As above, some politicians like to play childish games against others who they dislike and the people who get it in the neck every time are just ordinary trusting people. This is not right! 

Nevertheless, residents need improvement in the area  NOW - not at some unspecified future date.

Are beleaguered residents supposed to just whistle and say - "Oh never mind" whilst these dictators play their sad little mind games against residents who have figured out their self-centred ploys?

Ainsdale Mast Madness? 

Another matter that is concerning Ainsdale residents has also been brought to my attention as below... 

I am informed that Cllr Haydn Preece and Dunlop Avenue resident Simone Stein were disgusted by the Labour Planning Committee Chairman's casting vote to approve a 20 metre mast on the highway verge at the Dunlop Avenue / Liverpool Road junction.

Cllr Preece stated  that:  

"The mast was situated in the wrong position and would tower over the trees. Moreover motorists/ pedestrians and cyclists will be in greater danger due to the size of the cabinets next to the mast. Plus regular maintenance lorries inhibit the vision even more than ever. It really is folly on road safety grounds to allow this. I was appalled the labour members en-block with their Chair of Planning casting the decisive vote followed each other. They may have blood on their hands due to their rejection of sensible road safety. Labour just do not care about Southport and the precise day to day needs. It's alarming. "

Doing the right thing for the right reasons is something to be congratulated. It is therefore encouraging to know that one councillor out of the three allotted to Ainsdale/Woodvale is actually working in a 'positive' fashion for the people, rather than against them!

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