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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

More Woodvale Concerns: Kids on drugs!

Woodvale Drug Problem? 

Last year Ainsdale police granted quite a bit of attention to the drug issue in the Brookdale/Sandbrook Way and Road area. The question remains; has the problem been eradicated? 

Police recently issued the following letter to many residents within these areas so they are of course taking the matter very seriously ...

Some residents say they are concerned as they are finding an increasing number of drug packets on Sandbrook Way/Road area. Evidence appears to only suggest cannabis use but parents in the areas are worried that harder drugs may become an issue. 

Political and Community group Apathy? 

Above: Tory councillors Ted Hartill and Terry Jones; 'refused' a meeting with police. 

Cllr Hartill is also the chairman of Woodvale and Ainsdale Community Association (WACA).

Last October a parent raised concerns with the WACA-run Youth club management about a drug prank played between  a WACA volunteer and a young person therein. This prank had worried the parents' teenage daughter who refused to visit the youth club after this debacle.

The parent asked WACA if a pill that was used in this prank would be analysed. The somewhat feeble response from WACA's manager was to state: 

"Rumours are not helpful at this moment."

Residents also are reporting that groups of teenagers are also regularly seen using drugs around the youth club area. We are also informed that local Tory councillors (Hartill and Jones) 'refused' to meet with police at the same time as Ainsdale's Cllr Haydn Preece. What use is this to Woodvale residents? 

Above: Cllr Haydn Preece: disappointed by lack of concern regarding vital police matters from apathetic ward councillors. 

It would appear by the above that a large part of the social decay in the area is down to apathy from 'some' local councillors who are too lazy to do the job they are paid to do. 

Residents deserve much better! 

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