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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Woodvale Tories: Drugs, Slum conditions and Apathy - but who cares?

Sandbrook Way Despair:  thanks to disgusting political apathy?

We have just been speaking with residents who live at the broken fence flats and discussing how the two local Tories (Cllr Terry Jones and Cllr Ted Hartill) have recently blocked the cash, initially gained by Libdem Cllr Haydn Preece, needed NOW for urgent improvements to the area.

Even young people are sick of the situation in the Woodvale area and say it looks like a war zone and they are right. 

Understandably the good people herein are not impressed with this Conservative insult and said that a 3-5 years wait is of no use to elderly residents as many may not even live that long. They have already waited long enough. Plus the intended new trees/shrubs for the precinct/pedestrianised area of Sandbrook Way (that the Tories have blocked) would be brilliant for the wildlife and also enlivening for residents. 

These bumbling Tory self-seekers are therefore guilty of bringing additional despair to this area due to what we see as their personal agenda against eco-volunteers with regards to the Woodvale Woodvale Project  (WWP) fiasco. (see WWP fallout axis etc). Rest assured though that other local residents 'will' most certainly spread the word about their appalling conduct... 

Small victory - fingers crossed! 

Above: Cllr Preece pushing for more Sandbrook Way action! 

However, I am reliably informed by Cllr Preece that One Vision Housing have finally agreed to survey and repair the fence, which needs attention urgently. About time as well....! 
Latest Tory 'Damage-Limitation' Publicity Stunt - do they really think the public was born yesterday? 

Whilst Sandbrook Way residents are left in this unacceptable mess, one of the Conservative councillors (Ted Hartill) is apparently seeking to bolster his lacklustre public profile, via ‘picking up litter’ with fellow Tories in another ward (Kew). 

What good though is this for Woodvale's needy residents? 

Above: Latest Tory political publicity, damage-limitation, stunt? Cllr Hartill takes customary 'centre stage', even over a new Tory candidate it seems in a ward that is 'not' even his own. 

Cllr Hartill was very happy to work towards getting Woodvale volunteers 'banned' (for whistle-blowing on his unacceptable activities) from their own eco- project linked to the WACA charity that he is chairman off. 

He had admitted that the WWP venture would never have got off the ground 'without' the local  people who had put in 99% of the work effort. Yet now he is content to start something similar all up 'again' in another ward. How odd, but also how very 'revealing' this political sleight of hand really  is! Does the Southport Conservative Party think the public were born yesterday/are totally stupid with such a transparent political damage-limitation ruse? 

It is quite amazing that this Ainsdale politician can treat WWP volunteers, including hard working young people, with such abject contempt and then conveniently swan off to another area (not even his own ward) as if nothing had happened.

Above: the original WWP team who were outrageously banned from their own 9-month eco-project thanks to the Council's apathy and dirty WACA tricks, under the despotic remit of Cllr Ted Hartill. 

Please check this WWP link to discover why the team refused to work under Hartill's flawed regime...

It’s also less than amusing that Cllr Hartill is now apparently happy to give commitment to other areas when his WACA charity-run youth club appears to be ‘attracting’ a growing drug problem in the Woodvale area. Naturally, all responsible  local parents with young children are concerned about the drug issue. It should also be remembered that these two Tories 'refused' to attend a police meeting, concerning various issues, with Cllr Preece when asked to do so. 

Police have  given out drug abuse information letters to Woodvale residents recently.  

Drug abuse is commonly discovered on mornings subsequent to the youth club activity. Is there a link between this youth facility and what is happening on Sandbrook Way/Road? 

Understandably  its only cannabis some may say, yet if money is there for dealers to make out of unsupervised youths then how long before 'harder' and much more deadly stuff gets onto the Woodvale streets? Will the politicians and press 'get the message' when syringes and unconscious children start showing up herein? One can only warn! 

The Southport press are also fully aware of the unacceptable situation(s) that I have freely accentuated above but have for some reason failed to report on it so far, regardless of several very interested journalists getting in touch.

Above: What do they say about chocolate teapots? Ainsdale Tories, Hartill and Jones. No help, or interest, for local residents' concerns! 

I can only speak from personal experience and nothing more. I believe that credit should be given when deserved, yet the reverse is true when the situation demands! Many folk are heartily sick and tired of the odious and unprofessional conduct of these two publicly – elected officials. This is no time for silly party political games of one-up-man-ship! 

Sadly thanks to these two highly – apathetic Tories, Ainsdale is NOT getting the representation that it sincerely deserves!   

I continue to invite others to show some form of interest on the current situation. I am sure that there must be one of two people out there who still care... but then again, I could be wrong! 

Woodvale needs help now not in years to come! 

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