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Monday, 24 February 2014

Additional Political Attention over WWP Ban Fiasco

Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) members wish to once again thank Ainsdale Cllr, Haydn Preece, for kindly highlighting the outrageous ban on our volunteer team in his latest Liberal Democratic Focus news sheet. 

As this sheet correctly indicates Sefton Council has refused 'point blank' to investigate the evidence that WWP have provided regarding Woodvale and Ainsdale Community Association (WACA) chairman's, Cllr Ted Hartill, misuse of ring-fenced funds and use of unauthorised power tools within the project.

How 'not' to treat committed eco-volunteers

All leading Council staff officials, including Rajan Paul and Margaret Carney have been made fully aware of the facts yet chose instead to ignore them. This is very wrong as the Council own the woodland and also fund WACA.

Carney and Paul: blindly backed WACA chairman and 'ignored' the WWP-presented facts of wrong-doing on their Council land ! 

Our volunteers have been subjected to a disgusting campaign of outright victimisation for merely blowing the whistle on contemptible WACA and Council activities within the period of this valuable project. 

Paul and Carney appear to have gone out of the way to dismiss all the freely-presented evidence of wrong-doing on Council land; preferring instead to wash their hands of the matter, while at the same time banning our team from working in the woodlands. 

Above: WWP volunteers 'banned' for blowing the whistle on Cllr Hartill's misconduct of the project! 

WACA trustees met behind closed doors and ignored sensible WWP offers to meet with them (albeit 'without' Cllr Hartill being present at our request) and instead started the myth that our volunteers had 'left' the group.This was untrue, unfair and very misleading. 

See this link regarding how this questionable Woodvale charity treats hard-working volunteers

Cllr Preece’s Focus sheet also mentions the risks to 'children' due to Cllr Hartill’s misuse of unauthorised power tools.

We have to also state that attention to detail with regards to health and safely/risk assessment was also gravely lacking in the leadership department, via Cllr Hartill's erroneous direction of the project.

Pet dogs belonging to both Cllr Hartill and the WACA manager were regularly brought onto the work site. Dog mess was cleared at times,  yet on occasion workers (especially the kids) would step into it. 

Above: WWP's Pat Regan felling with unauthorised chain saw, with one of the above - mentioned dogs that were frequently getting dangerously in the way of workers with power tools. 

Most of us love dogs but bringing unleashed animals into a dangerous site in which unauthorised motor saws, generators and drills etc were running was 'very' foolish. At such times dogs should at least have been on a lead and under control. 

On one Sunday Jason Regan a young WWP volunteer threw a stick for one of the dogs in question. Jason managed to get hit in the lip with the stick and was in pain. After examining the injury Cllr Hartill took no action to help the boy and instead simply sent him home with his sister Jasmine.

Jason's split lip. Cllr Hartill's idea of health and safety - 'Go home with your sister'! 

Jason’s mum was not able to work with the group that day and was horrified to see her little lad bleeding profusely from the mouth on the door step. 

To our knowledge, neither Cllr Hartill nor WACA staff bothered to log this accident and Jason received 'no' attention in the woodland. 

Cllr Hartill's hidden 'political' agenda? 

Evidence at hand indicates that Cllr Hartill used the WWP affair to promote his political Tory agenda. 

His political superior, Tory Cllr Terry Jones, was asked for help initially by the WWP team. 

Cllr Jones  went on to 'ignore' the plight of the banned volunteers and backed his friend Cllr Ted Hartill instead.

Why WWP volunteers (who are in fact already insured for basic gardening tool use under the Council's  Parkforce Training agreement) will 'not' meet with or work with Cllr Ted Hartill.

Our local Southport press editors have been made fully aware of the facts behind this unbelievable story of community injustice, yet have 'not' at this stage addressed it...

WACA and this Council simply cannot be allowed to treat committed eco-volunteers so appallingly. These people sitting in their ivory towers MUST be made fully accountable to the public who they are supposed to serve! 

The WWP fight for justice continues.

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