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Friday, 21 February 2014

Woodvale: People Power!

Positive Action at last for Woodvale's residents 

Run-down area of Woodvale - finally due to some much needed attention! 

Cath and I recently brought the need for more trees, urgent fencing repairs and other pressing matters to the attention of our local ward councillor, Haydn Preece. 

Cllr Preece has been working closely with a number of concerned residents, landlords and and shop owners in the Sandbrook Road/ Sandbrook Way area. 

Above: Sandbrook Way, expecting new shrubs and trees. 

Cllr Preece has been in constant communication with council officers to ensure the area is regenerated with established businesses in the area given support.

Above: Cllr Preece (left) with local author and eco-campaigner, Pat Regan. 

Above: Local resident Cath Regan with Cllr Preece. 

Cllr Preece with local residents such as ourselves has sourced area ward funding to replant Sandbrook Way with saplings and shrubs to reinvigorate a large expanse of paving where the tree/flower beds had been abandoned.

Cllr Preece has also got agreement with One Vision to repair/replace fencing in the area.

Cllr Preece said:

 "There is a great deal of pride and ownership in the area. It is wonderful local residents have offered to water and protect the new saplings and shrubs. We collectively need to support the residents in the flats, the established businesses and the landlords who have recognised we need to work together to enhance the area for the betterment of all. The replanting of Sandbrook Way I see as symbolic of this renaissance."

It is brilliant to see some much needed action for this dilapidated area. I have pushed for this over a long time. I personally wish to thank Cllr Preece for his ongoing efforts herein... 

Sadly 'other' councillors have proved less than helpful in the effort to improve this area and others in Woodvale. 

Some politicians have in fact worked 'against' local residents' best efforts - and this is FACT not opinion! 

Above: Cllr Ted Hartill and Cllr terry Jones - 'no' help and in fact quite the reverse!

Check this link for the shocking facts:

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