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Thursday 9 January 2014

The Devil God's Best Friend - by Pat Regan

The Devil God’s Best Friend

Observations of a Pagan author

A ground-breaking new book by controversial UK author, Pat Regan

What a strange and seemingly contradictory title for the latest book in the hard-hitting, Pat Regan collection.

In this controversial, no-nonsense attack on fundamentalism Pat Regan illustrates how the international public has been hoodwinked by the devious forces of monotheism into blindly accepting alleged truths, which are in fact  nothing of the sort.

Myth, Pagan traditions and the bogus nature of organised world religions are all dealt with in the illuminating pages of this book. Even life after death comes within the exclusive sphere of this revolutionary work.  

The Devil God’s Best Friend takes us to new heights of spiritual awareness about Planet Earth, the place we know as our organic home.

Pat Regan’s unique Pagan background ensures that he is well-placed to openly hammer out radical issues, such as the serious likelihood that Jesus Christ was just a shrewd but extremely fraudulent invention; created by first century myth-makers to promote their sectarian agenda.  The ‘Devil’ may be in the detail, yet the details are stripped bare in this ground-breaking work.

Also highlighted are numerous compelling facts, such as how the Bible was a greatly- adulterated fallacy, expediently finalised during a time when any old lady living alone was fair game for witch-burning zealots.

 The Devil God’s Best Friend is an audacious book by a very controversial author who is never afraid to ‘tell it like it is!’ This engrossing study will open minds and cut through the fog of religious propaganda and ambiguity inflicted on humanity by the self-righteous followers of one-god cults such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism. 

The Devil God’s Best Friend will potentially provoke outrage everywhere and bring the fundamentalist lobby out of the woodwork in droves!

It will also tell you ‘why’ the Devil truly is God’s best friend!

Publication Date: Oct 30th (Devil’s Night) 2013

ISBN/EAN13: 1493643363 / 9781493643363


Related Categories: Religion / Cults/ Spirituality

How this book is opening eyes and changing minds. Here's just one example from a retired Anglican priest. 


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