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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Woodvale Decay Continues

Sandbrook Way Eyesore - an accident waiting to happen? 

Sandbrook Way Neglect is beyond any joke and a black stain on this area's apathetic authorities 

Is it fixed - no it aint!! 

Over the previous months I have sought to highlight the appalling state of rotten fences and neglected property in the Sandbrook Way area at Woodvale. Recent high December/January winds, as expected, have further damaged what is already ramshackle panelling on the disused Brook building. 

A large piece of panel has also fallen off and hopefully no one was hit by this dangerous material. 

The panel, seen above, has been on the ground now for several days. Many small children walk past this wrecked building on their way to school. Rotting fences surrounding residents' flats  have also 'not' been repaired, despite pleas to authorities and are today worse than ever. 

The Southport Visiter kindly highlighted all this neglect recently as well

Are Councillors 'really' in touch with residential needs? 

Within the Southport Visiter article local councillors were asked for their views.

The Liberal Democratic councillor for Ainsdale, Haydn Preece, sensibly  'agreed' that extra investment should be pumped into this worsening black-spot area of Woodvale. However, Tory Cllr Ted Hartill was amazingly 'dismissive' and did not address the essential  matter of growing neglect. He instead bizarrely circumvented the debate about the appalling situation faced by local Woodvale pensioners into what seemed to many local people to be more like an 'advertisement' for his WACA recreation centre, wherein he remains as a chairman.

One would realistically think that ‘all’ areas and problems for residents of Ainsdale/Woodvale should be addressed by any 'caring' councillors; rather than  just selected parts that hold a private ‘hobby-related’, recreational, interest for a small minority.

Of course there is nothing at all wrong with recreational activities in their rightful place (or youth clubs, if run properly) and we all need them. However, pensioners suffering due to being surrounded by such appalling dilapidation as this should be something that takes official priority herein.

Elected councillors 'must' be in touch with the basic needs of residents, not aloof and distant. 

Moreover, local residents have no idea what these politicians are doing, if  anything, behind the scenes because they frequently fail to leaflet the area...

Keeping the public in the dark is not an option. However hard councillors may blow their own trumpets on websites, social networks etc, the public at large demand 'action' - not egotistical political propaganda!

It's high time that some politicians pulled their fingers out and got on with the job that they are 'paid' to do!

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