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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Woodvale’s eyesore latest news: how wrong can one individual be?

Woman's illogical outburst against the Woodvale community campaign to tackle Woodvale’s eyesore creates disbelief

Whilst campaigners and councillors are battling to petition Sefton’s lazy council to act against the dangerously derelict Brook eyesore on Sandbrook Way, one highly vocal resident has spectacularly got it wrong. 

The recent Southport Shame article on OTS News prompted one female to rush into action, shouting all manner of strange things. This is the accurate piece she is moaning about.

Jason Regan made the video by the Brook (that she objected to) in order to raise awareness of the vital online petition that residents need to sign, so that councillors can drive Sefton Council into positive action.

Check out Jason's response to this woman here,,,

Her irrational outburst, including her details and the statement:  "...and I'll quite gladly say this to your face or on camera". She clearly asked for everything to be fully published. Her ill-founded allegations stated that the area was now fine, that councillors had used a child for publicity reasons, that photos used were outmoded and that the campaign was basically pie in the sky. She is WRONG on all counts.

Sadly for this misguided woman, the photos of the Brook eyesore were all taken recently and the child in question (Jason) that she insults is a long standing campaigner who feels strongly about this run down area and has fought for improvements many times before.

Councillors and campaigners urge residents to sign the vital petition today.

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