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Monday, 25 July 2016

Southport's shame. Sign petition to help councillors and stop the rot

People Power or Public Apathy?

We need your support today! The last chance to sign the 'Woodvale: Stop the Rot' petition against the derelict and dangerous Brook eyesore is fast approaching.

As well as councillors and adult residents, some young people want  to send this lethargic council a wake up call now...

Our working Ainsdale councillors need YOUR support, via the petition, to push Sefton Council into action. 

Cllr Haydn Preece stated: "We have been campaigning for too long on getting this area revitalised. We need action now as the situation is both dangerous to passers by with the derelict state of the building and intolerable for a number of residents. This is the worst eyesore in Southport and we are demanding Council action after lots of false starts and promises."

Cllr Lynne Thompson said: “The petition is simply to show Sefton the strength of feeling in the area about their lack of action and that residents want them to use any powers they have, including CPO if this is the last resort. “

Lynne highlighted the vital importance of public support over the petition saying: “It’s no good councillors lobbying for this if the community are not behind it or worse don't want the building pulled down.”

If you are unhappy with the state of this Woodvale monstrosity then please share and sign the petition now. It takes just a few seconds to add your name. Apathy, excuses and moans will not help.

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