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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Britain: Remain or Leave - the decision is yours

A nation: by the referendum divided

Well folks what's it going to be, in or out? 

You have a chance to make a difference so USE it! 

Polls suggest that it's going to be a close thing. 

Will you vote on issues of finance, personal circumstances, possibly bias against blatant bureaucracy or perhaps national pride?

According to the Daily Mail…

‘Britain is split down the middle with just two days of the referendum battle to go. As voters prepare to go to the polls on Thursday to decide the future of the nation, YouGov data revealed deep splits.’

The Independent states…

‘The first opinion polls on the EU referendum since the killing of the MP Jo Cox have suggested the ‘Remain’ campaign is pulling back into the lead.’

Brexit the Movie

The Mirror says…

‘It is less than 48 hours until polls open for the EU referendum on June 23 - and the final week has brought a deluge of polls. Leave has gained ground over the closing stages, with increasing numbers of poll results pointing to Brexit, although generally when undecided voters are excluded. The Europe question has split the Tory party, with key Conservatives Michael Gove and Boris Johnson part of the Leave campaign and David Cameron avoiding going head to head with any of his fellow Blues.’

One way or another, will YOU vote?

If you don't then it will be no use complaining when the result rolls in.

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