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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Ainsdale Countryside under threat!

Ainsdale Community Wildlife Trust (ACWT) and the battle against Sefton Council to save our fragile countryside

Public meeting over former playing fields site; details here... 

Turn Ainsdale into a sterile concrete jungle, with gridlock and overcrowding or preserve and even enhance the natural wild places that we have loved and cared for throughout countless generations?

Under Sefton Council's Local Plan more than 243 homes are earmarked for the site, which the charitable trust wants to make into a wildlife reserve. 

Of course at the end if the day it's all about money, money and 'more' money and to hell with wildlife (even when it's legally protected)  and our green places... 

For what it’s worth I left the following post regarding this subject on the Southport Visiter Facebook page...

Wildlife has no voice to protest; therefore it resides at the frequently pitiless mercy of mankind. Some of us with true compassion for wild places and the wonderful rare creatures that urgently require them do what we can to defend such havens. Since I was a child I have seen our old Southport countryside vanish and it is a massive eco-tragedy. My father was a tough old soldier but he would have wept at what has happened to the rural, green places. The choice is simple, do we want to concrete the fragile landscape everywhere or do we wish to preserve our beautiful untamed places for future generations to enjoy. My kids alone prefer to run in grassy meadows and hillside rather than breathe toxic car fumes and walk on tarmac in gridlocked cities. We do not own nature – we are simply a part of it and must grant it the sincere respect that it‘s truly due! When we have destroyed it all – it will be gone forever!


 Thankfully, some folk do appear to care a little more about the ecosystem than others and everyone needs to check out this informative link pronto...

And please do make sure you watch this brilliant ACWT visual walkthough so you know what sort of wanton eco-destruction Sefton Council wishes to undertake, via building on this lovely wildlife haven!

ACWT deserve full support from the Southport public today. 

The great joy such nature reserves give families is immeasurable.

Most of us may recall those balmy summer days in lovely natural places full of bird song and butterflies. Do we really want to destroy all that? 

Crimes against nature are appalling and must always be challenged. 

If we let them they will get away with it, time after time.

Call for Sports area? 

I am aware that Cllr Preece's campaign for keeping playing fields for the younger community is ongoing! I am as yet not familiar with the possibility to satisfy both calls for a nature reserve and sports facility. However, I would suggest that perhaps a fair compromise may be found so that both parties work 'together' for the common good to save this lovely area.

Better to have factions working together against land loss than at each other throats, via different agendas. 

The latter belligerent scenario would only help the land-destroying developers. 

As always I welcome feedback on these vital issues. 

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