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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Friends of Brookdale at Southport Town Hall, 26 February 2015

2,028 signature strong petition

Friends of Brookdale today attended a Cabinet Meeting of the Council to put forward the 2,028 signature strong petition to keep the Brookdale Resource Centre open.

Many of the campaigners arrived to show a united objection to the original proposal to close the centre. Lindsay Scott gave an excellent five minute speech to put forward everyone’s concerns and reasons for it to stay open.

Above: Friends of Brookdale pictured at Town Hall with Cllr Liz Savage (blue coat)

Although Cllr Peter Dowd said there had been a U-turn to the original proposals, we felt it was still important that our voice was heard. There was another petition also put in by another person, to state discontent with the consultation process. The councillors in the Cabinet meeting voted in agreement with Cllr Dowd that the Brookdale Resource Centre was indeed to stay open.

The meeting was very highly charged and emotional as a lot of people in the ‘audience’ wanted to speak and were not allowed to due to the regulations of the council. Cllr Dowd said he will continue to liaise with Friends of Brookdale on its future.

Friends of Brookdale campaigners were ‘over the moon’ at the result today but will not completely feel safe until after the budget meeting on the 5 March 2015.

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