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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Woodvale's Area of Shame

 More rural and urban vandalism and neglect thanks to Council  apathy 

August 2014 update 

Some of us residents took a stroll around the Sandbrook Way and woodland area today and soon discovered that the issue of vandalism/neglect is now MUCH worse than before.

Doors at the old Sandbrook Way, Brook pub, eyesore have been kicked open. This derelict pub is now wide open and the danger of more vandalism, or potentially even  fire-starting, is ever present. 

With residential properties, holding families, attached this is NO joke! 

Brickwork and plaster have been ripped off the Brook building and pose a tripping hazard to residents. 

Residents immediately alerted Ainsdale's Cllr Haydn Preece to the problems. Haydn, as always, was quick off the mark to support residents. He instantly contacted police and authorities and is pushing for urgent action.

Action for elderly residents stonewalled by Tory Councillors - 'again'! 

Cllr Preece is also pushing for additional fence improvements, after already securing some good work on Sandbrook way. 

However, his ongoing calls to place 'precinct-enhancing' planters on the area for the benefit of elderly residents have once again been BLOCKED by Ainsdale's unhelpful Conservative councillors, Ted Hartill and Terry Jones. The Tories won't commit until decisions are made on the Brook and flats area. That leaves existing residents without an improved environment now, which is wrong as the planters could be moved at a later date.

It seems that if any good idea is not 'their' idea then they immediately stonewall it and to hell with what local residents desire! How childish is that? 

More woodwork is falling every day from the rundown Brook. How long before someone is injured here? 

More action needed! Fly tipping is an ongoing problem by the derelict flats in Sandbrook Way 

We believe with evidence at hand that a lot of this appalling decay is due to current Council apathy. 

Meanwhile, in the nearby wood, chairs that appear to have been stolen may have been taken from the broken into Brook pub. 

The woods used to be a safe area when the WWP team were regularly operational in here making improvements. That was 'before' the Council bosses made their mega-clanger to BAN local WWP volunteers from keeping the place in good condition. 

Regardless of amazing media/political apathy and deafening silence towards this appalling Woodvale black-spot, residents who sincerely 'care' about the area continue to highlight the worsening problems of social decay and political intransigence.  


Cllr Preece has just advised that the Brook should be boarded up today, 10 August 2014. 


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