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Monday, 11 August 2014

Brook eyesore boarded up


11 August 2014: Update on Brook situation

Only hours after residents brought in Cllr Haydn Preece to see the destruction at the Brook pub site in Woodvale the place is secured once again.

Yesterday, we alerted Cllr Preece to the dangers of potential fire risk and increased vandalism, via having this facility wide open. 

See this link for details... 

Cllr Preece immediately  got in touch with the relevant authorities and very soon work started to secure the derelict site. 

Therefore today, 11 August 2014, the place is boarded up. 

Residents and politicians working together equal real 'People Power'...

There is still  plenty of work in this area  to be done but at least the 'will' to actually get it done remains strong. 

NB. Cllr Preece also advises that additional fencing repairs are on One Vision's list. 

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