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Tuesday 19 March 2013

Be a good sheep and conform to herd instinct!

Believe what ‘they’ tell you or alternatively discover the truth for yourself. The choice is yours to make!

Some alleged demons are not in fact demons at all. Take the greatly maligned image of Baphomet for example.

Baphomet represents just one horned deity twisted by the Church, with possibly a little mischievous help from Hammer Horror film productions, into an unwarranted aspect of unadulterated evil. 

The hermaphroditic Baphomet is, in fact, a representative of the alliance of the spiritual and the physical, (as above so below) and the eternal universal ‘oneness’ in all things to be discovered in the quest for enlightenment.

Above: Some years ago I undertook several commissions for paintings of Baphomet. 


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