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Monday, 18 March 2013

Injure Swans - at your Peril 

This page is just an addition to my last protest about potential dangers to Southport's swan colony from human sporting events like XtremeSTORM...

Southport's Marine Lake was built by the Victorians for relaxed boating. 

No one bothered to tell the poor old swans that high speed jet boats would be ripping up the waters one day... Today the RSPCA are 'deterring' swans from nesting to make way for events like XtremeSTORM... 

Swans are great parents that take special care of their young ones.

I had mentioned in the previous link that I had written to the Queen about swans back in 2006. Below are the written responses that I received.

As you can see the buck was passed from the Palace to Defra. 

However,  it is clear that the law prohibits any injury to swans with significant penalties in place for any such infringements.  

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