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Thursday, 19 April 2012


Now this revelation is rather fascinating, which has recently been brought to my attention. I must also say that the sign above is quite amusing, if not indeed somewhat accurate, which was accessed from the site in question below. 

One of my books, ‘Dirty Politics’, is apparently creating a bit of a storm over on the popular Southport, SGB news website.

It’s believed by many that the Southport Libdems have held SGB in their propaganda grip for quite some time with many posters on various threads suspecting and alleging that MP’s aide, Tony Dawson, is the “multi-poster” behind this fiasco. I cannot possibly comment on such issues and suggest that readers investigate such claims for themselves.

Mr Dawson was named some years back during his unsuccessful Oldham political campaign as being a poster on a chat room. Mr Dawson was also sued some time ago by an Ainsdale resident and this is clearly highlighted in Dirty Politics. 

I hereby quote from the book:

Incidentally, Mr Dawson was later ‘sued’ in the local courts by community activist and long-time CARES – supporter Mr Bill Givens. The court found against Mr Dawson and issued a court order against him for a four figure sum, of which he apparently paid in full to Mr Givens. This litigation occurred in 2005 after Mr Dawson had written certain comments on the SGB chat rooms against Mr Givens. Mr Dawson’s activities on the internet had cost him a great deal of money.

This book is freely available on line or in shops and has been in print for several years.

Now, one poster (Phil1949) actually accentuated Mr Dawson’s legal plight on several SGB threads and quoted the above text from the book.

Phil1949 actually advises on the threads that he was 'banned' at least ‘three times’ in one week for having the resolve to quote Mr Dawson’s antics from my book.

However, following the ban this poster advised that he complained to the SGB site team and was immediately reinstated each time, subsequent to the bans. 

It seems that the bans had been enforced initially by an ‘unnamed’ female moderator (according to Phil1949’s own words) that was possibly ‘supportive’ of Mr Dawson and his Liberal Democratic Party.

These appear to be the threads in question:

There may be more threads, yet this is all that have so far been brought to my attention.

The pressing issue seems to be why the female moderator was so eager to censor any information about Mr Dawson’s legal issue from the readers that may frequent the Southport SGB site.

Mr Dawson is however NO stranger to controversy. He had previously enraged his boss, MP Dr John Pugh, in the local media via sending unpleasant letters about a political rival to the editor about which Dr Pugh stated:

“To be frank I was furious when I saw the letter in The Champion, even though it had been submitted by Mr Dawson in a personal capacity,” Mr Pugh said.

“Tony is employed as a good and caring caseworker and understandably not to deal with the press. He himself regrets the intemperate, silly and offensive tone of the letter which I do not excuse or condone.”

John Pugh was asked to “sack” his offensive caseworker Dawson, but instead the MP replied with:

“I cannot comment directly or publicly on any personnel matters or any subsequent procedures which are of course a matter of employment law.”

Just what is happening in Southport?

Is someone seeking to keep residents in the dark?

NB. Personally I think that the lads at SGB are doing a grand job by punching out news items that the regular press frequently ignore. Bias must be however nipped in the bud when any 'out-of-touch' moderator gets it so wrong,  as above

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