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Saturday, 4 December 2021


PAN: Pagan Anti-Defamation Network

(Affiliated to SAFF)


***The story of how a missionary Christian outfit tried and failed to infiltrate UK Paganism***

February 2005

 So what exactly does 'Ex-witch' think about 'your' Pagan faith?

 'Why We Don’t Do “Interfaith” Work'

(A statement by ex-witch regarding interfaith with occultists) 

 “That said, we do NOT accept Wicca (or any pagan/occult tradition) as an "alternative religion". We do NOT believe that the practice of magick is “ok,” or that it’s acceptable to believe whatever feels good to you. What is true is TRUE. Truth does not change, and is not subject to perspective or emotion.”

Yes - folks - this is exactly what  sickly sweet Ex-witch missionaries think about your faith. Sod thousands of years of spiritual Pagan evolution and your heathen birthright to believe in the wholesome and organic earth-orientated spirituality set out by your ancient ancestors; because the zealots (albeit friendly and smiling zealots) who run Ex-witch think your personal faith is counterfeit, dangerous, satanically-inspired and totally unacceptable.

The reason why the Home Office and other governments have acknowledged the religion of Paganism is that it is so clearly historically established in ALL areas of the world. If it came to a judicial judgement Paganism would certainly have to be declared as a legitimate  belief system. 

One might be able to make a technical case for Paganism not being an 'organised' religion (i.e. without an orthodox hierarchy) but you can't say that it isn't a religious belief. To try to pathetically  besmirch the original ancestral faith system of our planet in this way Ex-witch activists show their true religious agenda, which is plainly missionary-biased and unable to  tolerate any feasible competition.

Such intolerant religious fundamentalism is socially unproductive, divisive  and ultimately dangerous.

Following PAN’s revealing exposure of how sickly sweet missionaries have infiltrated Pagan forums (incredibly with the assistance of naïve plastic Pagans in our midst) we were contacted by Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) -believing Kathi Sharpe of the missionary outreach site called 'Ex-witch'.

American Christian missionary Sharpe initially emailed Pat Regan, PAN’s co-founder with requests for information regarding the anti-occultist group Reachout Trust. 

Rather comically Ex-witch dropped their webpage link to Reachout after we reported on how Sharpe’s missionary group had wormed its way into the Pagan forum scene and how they were clearly linked to other anti-occultist groups.   

Sharpe stated: “I’d like to understand your situation better, Pat.”

Sharpe expressed concerns about ‘Satanic Panic’ and went on to say that “Pagans ware not the enemy”; she even offered to ‘chat’ on the phone and gave her home number to Regan. She continued: “I realize that you’ve no reason to trust me. I’m not asking you to trust me.”

 She finished off this initial email with: “I hope you will at least humour us (what do you have to lose?)"

Pat Regan wrote back with a missive to explain that PAN would sooner that Sharpe admitted her intention to missionise nominal Christians that had become mixed up in Paganism and then afterwards demonise the genuine Pagans, which would not have anything to do with her platitudes, as Satanists.

Subsequent to this, Pat was treated to most agreeable and sickly sweet response from Sharpe that was an obvious attempt to engage the 'heathen' in amicable dialogue, break resolve and then, when the situation permitted, move in on the occultist turf as usually happened with the plastic Pagan community when faced with seemingly friendly evangelicals. 

Sharpe agreed with Regan that she ‘was’ in fact  a "Missionary" and went into raptures explaining how it was all done for Jesus. She went on to state that Pat could contact her any time to find out more about “The Way” and that she and her missionary friends always had an “Open Door”.

Pat responded by telling her that there was nothing to debate and that she was really a “closet Catholic” who really needed to get out of Paganism or at least off its back. He told her that he was just too busy to waste valuable time having small talk with her.

She replied by denying that she was any such thing and again brought up the issue of Audrey Harper’s (so-called Satanic Survivor with infamous Reachout links) anti-occultist book.

Pat wrote back saying that PAN and SAFF had been challenging Harper and Reachout for the past 16 years long before she decided to get interested in this topic. He also told her that she was a waste of time because he was not convinced where her real beliefs lay in the matter. He told her that PAN could never place trust in the hands of a confused woman who acted like a typical evangelist with links to SRA-promoting religious groups; with a person who believes that Paganism is counterfeit or in league with the Devil. Pat asked her to convince him that she was not just another time-waster.

Sharpe wrote back saying that she 'knew' that PAN was combating Harper and Reachout Trust and that was why she had contacted him. She went on to say that she and her friends were “rather likeable folk” and that she “appreciated” Pat talking to her.

Pat informed her that she was really working so hard trying to be friendly and that he thought he had made it clear that he did not want her as a friend. He also asked her to stop trying to tempt him into time-wasting correspondence. As Kathi Sharpe had already admitted that she was a missionary with clear intentions to bring Pagans to Christ, Pat cut short this evangelical attempt by stating:

“Look dear, when will it finally dawn on you that your machinations are totally transparent to us?   The stupid xist mind callisthenics which work with the people you usually contact will NOT work with us so please don't try because it insults our intelligence and is the main reason why you keep getting responses like this.  You've admitted that you are simply a MISSIONARY who can 'talk the Pagan talk' and sound convincing to ‘Wet behind the ears’ Wiccans but your main intention is to reclaim Pagans for Christ.  You and I both know that many of the people involving themselves in Paganism today are nominal Christians seeking belief charisma and your job is to revert them back into the evangelic fold so PLEASE don't waste any of that theological rhetoric you learned in bible class on me.  You lie. It is not possible that you were born a Pagan and reverted to Christianity. You are like the plastics - you were born a Christian, converted to Paganism, have 'seen the error of your ways' subsequently reneged on that and turned to Christianity again.  Of what possible value is your honour, quisling? We shall inform PAN website surfers of our confirmed opinion.”

Clearly missionary Ex-witch activists thought that they could use the same clever amicable machinations to win PAN and SAFF confidence as they frequently use on the soft underbelly of plastic Paganism.

Sorry but we are on to your little game!  

Mission to Pagans is alive and well – beware!

 EX-witch and its link to SRA - promoting fundie outfits

In a rather comical little effort to appease the soft-option UK occultists, Ex-witch - the missionary outreach to untutored Pagans, has removed its  link to Reachout Trust.

Ex-witch still however carries links to numerous other anti-occultist sites which threaten Pagans everywhere, via their connections to Reachout. Take for instance Ex-witch site’s link to Spotlight Ministries, which is apparently run by one vehement fundamentalist called Vincent McCann.

This zealot actually tells the world in his own so-called testimony:

 “I am an Area Director for a Christian charity called Reachout Trust, an organisation which deals with helping those who are tangled up in the deception of the occult and cults.”

 Oops, Sister Sharpe missed this one - and as for the rest?

Now, with regards to Ex-witch missionary site, how many more links to SRA-promoting groups like Reachout and Spotlight etc do we have to mention before dunderhead wiccans start listening to what we have correctly predicted about sites like Kathi Sharpe’s and her amicable, plastic Pagan chums at Pagan and Christian moot etc?

The mere fact that American Christian missionaries are working closely with SRA-promoters in the British Isles  against the best interests of all occultists/Pagans should alert all genuine occultists, with any common-sense, to the hidden agenda and  true intentions of the smiling evangelists behind this particular situation.

How many more examples do we have to post before the self-righteous plonkers in the occult community and the pious Pagan priesthoods that mislead the many start to see how the Christo/Pagan interfaith lobby is taking UK Paganism down the garden path to benefit nothing and nobody but the forces of Xtian fundamentalism?

Does the missionary Ex-witch group promote the SRA Myth?

Well then - what does Kathi Sharpe really  think about SRA (which she comically claims to counter, via hollow criticisms of Reachout Trust etc on her fundamentalist  website )? Check out her 'own' quote below:

“There's no reason to disbelieve. My personal belief is that satanic ritual abuse CAN happen. There are some crazy people - evil people corrupted by sin - in this world. That children might be hurt by them isn't much of a leap of logic!”

“There's no reason to disbelieve" - Bloody hell, is this fundamentalist activist on the same planet as the rest of us?  Did she somehow miss out on the last round of SRAM when rabid social workers and self - obsessed 'EXPERT'  therapists (acting on the WACKY BIBLICAL beliefs of so-called 'GOOD CHRISTIANS') paved the way to ensure that innocent  families and their little children were ripped apart following anti-occultist DAWN RAIDS by misinformed police?

Comments like the above by Sharpe WILL ensure that more misinformation about the occult pervades our society and that more families will be at great risk. Blind religious fanaticism (under the guise of love) is a real curse to all societies.

If that's not enough to strike fear in the heart of any genuine occultist here again we have a few of the many 'very' worrying anti-occultist quotes (which could have come out of the zealous mouths of any SRA-instigating fundies prior to Rochdale, Orkney etc) that are attributed to Kathi Sharpe of Ex-witch site:

“The bottom line is simple: what may seem like innocent fun can be a doorway into a dark world. And parents need to arm their kids with the truth.”

"They need to be educating their kids," she said. "The same way parents talk to their kids about alcohol, talk to them about drugs, talk to them about pre-marital sex, they need to be telling their kids about the occult."

"The danger comes because it's Satan's great deception. Wicca is really dressed up to look very pretty."

 “The reality is that occult religions like Wicca lead people away from what the Bible says about Jesus... that he is the only way to God.”

Source:  Drawn to Darkness: The Lure of the Occult

By Jennifer James

CBN News Producer

November 19, 2003

Others who appear to have sussed out Sharpe’s agenda:


Oh dear, bad news here for all the Plastic Pagan interfaith bunnies out there as Kathi Sharpe herein gives us evidence, via explaining to a Christian Witchcraft promoter, that she is totally opposed to Xtian Wicca!

 770) Rev. Steve Holder, D. Min:  "I hope you are aware of the reality of Christian Witches. If not please drop by my site and learn about us. You will find many links to sites that tell about us. We claim Christ as our Saviour. Are you going to tell us Christ is an evil spirit deceiving us? I wish you well, but I also wish you would open your mind somewhat. All witches are not pagans. God bless."

771) Kathi:  "No Steve, but we'll tell you that you that not every spirit that claims to be Jesus IS Jesus... Christ will never contradict Himself - therefore Christian "witchcraft" is impossible. Come hang out with us in the forum and we'll talk about it, if you like... I think you'll quickly see the difference. "

Accessed and saved to file from Ex-witch guestbook. Entry numbers:   771 & 770

1. Ex-witch is totally anti-occultist in nature.

2. Ex-witch is missionary based with a view to promote its own 'exclusive' brand of religious fervour.

3. Ex-witch activists believe in SRA.

4. Ex-witch believes that all Pagan faiths are bogus, dangerous and satanically-inspired.

5. Plastic Pagans who seek so-called interfaith liaison with such pious outfits are either dangerously naïve or in fact working for the forces of evangelical suppression against the occult.

6. Ex-witch activists think that Pagan parents are placing their children into 'danger' via bringing them up into the Pagan faith.

7. Ex-witch links UK fundies with those zealots from the United States - the serious implications of this will become apparent as time goes on.

8. Ex-witch activists state that 'Christian witchcraft is impossible', (at least they got that bit right!)

The same old convert or suppress missionary regime of the ongoing Fundie Machine is alive and well and working hard behind the scenes to disenfranchise all Pagans of their spiritual birthright and heritage. Don't let them get away with it!

Befuddled Ex- witches in a muddle? You betcha!

The rot sets in as ‘Pagans for Christ’ Ex-witch missionaries split down the middle!

Leading Ex-witch site moderator breaks ranks and claims that the Ex-witch Mission to Pagans ministry is ‘corrupt’ and uses ‘false representation’!

Oh dear, all is not well in the fervent ranks of the anti-occultist missionaries it would seem. Don’t laugh folks but now even the holier-than- thou fundie factions (that have arrogantly told us witches and Pagans that we are at worst satanically – influenced or at least spiritually misguided) are resorting to absurd name-calling, legal threats and claims of ‘Heresy’ against EACH OTHER! Furthermore, even the plastic PF -type Christo/Pagan interfaith lobby is apparently now at last beginning to realise that it was wholly WRONG to support such missionary groups as Ex-witch.

For some time now PAN has in good faith warned all occultists about the spectre of Ex-witch, a US-based evangelical website crusade designed to win Pagans for Christ. PAN has provided NUMEROUS links which show that Ex-witch is ingrained with the very same ethos that led to SRAM cases world wide.

Well now folks we have to tell you that these worrying zealots are actually ripping each other to shreds behind the scenes.

Jean-Luc deVere runs ‘Ex-witch Australia’ and was a former moderator at the forums of the US-based 'Ex-Witch Ministries' run by the evangelist Kathi Sharpe. Unhappily for Sharpe her old chum has now apparently turned on her like a rabid pit bull and thinks that her band is a - “flawed and unScriptural group”

Jean-Luc deVere goes on to inform us that Sharpe has 'banned' him from her site and also threatened him with 'legal action'. The funniest thing is that these sugar and spice and oh so SELF-RIGHTEOUS fundies love to tell us simple heathen types HOW to run our lives and yet they cannot even 'agree' amongst themselves.

PAN seriously asks:

Can anyone EVER take these confused clowns seriously after this fiasco?

Here below is the transcript (with relevant site link) of Jean-Luc deVere’s attack on Sharpe’s Ex-witch outfit which will roundly gladden many a ‘true’ Pagan heart and yet at the same time perhaps distress those somewhat 'sensitive' yet bewildered ‘Xtian witch’ types, that PAN has reported on for so long and at such great length.

March 15, 2006: “G'Day again...I am constantly being asked "Why do you NOT provide links to Kathi Sharpe's US based 'exWitch Ministries'?" and "Is 'exWitch Australia' a part of 'exWitch Ministries (USA)?"

The answer is long and involved but I hope that by providing the following link to a discussion that turned into a rather heated argument with Mark Bishop one of the Administrators at Kathi Sharpe's above mentioned Ministry will explain why I will have NOTHING to do with someone I consider to be a "false prophet" as defined by Scripture and a Ministry whose Administration is corrupt and uses false representation (by claiming to have people on staff who have, like me, left the Ministry in protest and disgust over the methods used and doctrine espoused by the 'powers-that-be' there - I understand that the use of such false representations attempting to give credence to Ms Sharpe without these individuals permission is a felony crime (fraud) in the United States - and from recent contact I have had with them they a certainly less than pleased to see they are STILL listed as 'Staff' by Ms Sharpe) and that routinely uses threats of legal action against fellow Christians in direct contravention of the clear teachings of Scripture (1 Cor. 6:7) to intimidate and silence any criticism of the above mentioned practices... (see the entry for September 11, 2005 here for but one example of this)

Here is the link in question...

You will note that I make no bones about the areas - and there were more than a few - where I was at fault in my dealings with Kathi Sharpe's US based exWitch Ministries - where I was a Moderator for a time and as such got to see what REALLY goes on "behind the scenes" - but getting a similar declaration or admission from the 'powers-that-be' at exWitch Ministries (USA) is like trying to get blood from a stone...

I hope that after reading the WHOLE of the thread that I have linked to above people will understand why, while I openly and happily acknowledge that there are a great number of people who truly love and follow our Lord there - that I have - to say the least - strong reservations about having ANYTHING to do with such a flawed and un-Scriptural group...

Once again... Here is the link in question...

...and compare it with what the 'powers-that-be' at exWitch Ministries (USA) are willing to tell the members of their own Forum - LINK - Note particularly Kathi Sharpe's comments... Her 'sugar and spice' 'white wash' comments make no mention of the fact that I am still banned from her Forum... one that she claims that I am destined by God to one day be in leadership at that ministry (email on file)...

Just for the record... The last email I recieved from Ms Sharpe was another threat of legal action... which I have on record should she wish to challenge me on this... because - frankly - there comes a point where patience ends...

Jesus Himself threw the moneychangers out of the Temple and took on the Pharisees head to head and warned us that “false Christs and false prophets” will come and will attempt to deceive even God’s elect (Matthew 25:24-25; see also 2 Peter 3:3 and Jude 17-18)...

I, for one, will have nothing to do with them...

More later...

Jean-Luc deVere “

 NB some links may have now gone yet data is archived. 

Committed Christian, Jean-Luc deVere  is undoubtedly not a happy bunny with Kathi Sharpe's Ex-witch ministry and in the thread link he mentions (twice) above, he states:

"Actually my Pastor says he believes that exWitch Ministries has engaged in (and I quote) "cult-like manipulation" in their treatment of me and others ..." 

He also stated:

"I have CONTINUALLY sought the Biblical basis for much that went on at exWitch and met with either stoney silence or foul language from Kathi..."

Whoops - bet that this lot really pleased Mrs Sharpe although we have to sort of say - ‘TOLD YA SO’!

The contorted, sanctimonious and at times openly 'hostile' mindset which permeates throughout the world of these zealous missionary evangelists to Paganism is now clearly seen to be what it really is……..

A counterfeit and plainly deceptive attempt to disenfranchise all Pagans and occultists from their true native spiritual birth right!

A valid response from Kathi Sharpe or... ???

In the light of fair play PAN even contacted Kathi Sharpe via email (Monday, 10 July 2006) for a response and opportunity to possibly 'correct' these claims that her Ex-witch outreach was corrupt, "un-Scriptural" or that she was a 'False prophet' etc as apparently alleged by her fellow missionary,  Jean-Luc deVere .

This is what we said to her:


I write regarding your recent parting with one of your previous site moderators, ‘Jean-Luc deVere’, who now seems to think you are acting in an “un-Scriptural” fashion. A PAN researcher has submitted this article (as below) and we would like your comments on it please to perhaps correct and/or illuminate any conclusions before considering publishing it."

Again, in the light of fair play PAN also included a draft of our proposed article to Kathi Sharp for her comments.

This below is her full and unedited response to PAN, dated: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 13:13:34 -0400:

"So essentially, you want me to do the same thing that he's doing? Think about it. :) Yes, he's prolific in spreading his diatribes all over the web. You can choose to believe him, if you'd like. The question is this: Have I ever lied to you? Or have I talked with you straight all along? What do you know of my character from our extensive discussions?


Kathi Sharpe's ‘only’ evident riposte is to say readers can please themselves if they want to  believe the allegations against her and her missionary Ex-witch group - if they want to!  

So who do YOU believe?


 Is Jean-Luc deVere the ONLY missionary to express opposition to Kathi Sharp’s actions?  His article below  apparently sticks the boot into Sharpe’s theocratical ribs a little deeper by telling his readers that ‘other’ committed Christians are equally as repulsed by her behaviour as he is:

 “Kathi Sharpe's methods and tactics are certainly NOT the way one would expect the leader of a reputable Christian Ministry to treat a fellow believer... especially one that they CLAIM God has destined to one day be in a leadership position at that self same Ministry now is it? Apparently others on staff at exWitch don't think so either... On 10/09/05 Julie James (known at exWitch Forums simply as Jules) asked the following of Kathi... "

"Kathi - stop obssessing and stop it with the unChristlike threats of legal action.  This is no way to treat someone who is hurting and damaged by things in his past; it's flat contrary to scripture, and you will be judged more heavily by virtue of your position.  Back away from your temper and go and pray.  You have been put in your position by God but you don't have lifetime tenure.  EW is God's ministry not yours and He will remove ANY of us who gets in the way, and that includes you if you don't act like the leader He has called you to be and care for the people He brings along.  Can He trust you with them? "

"No reply has been forthcoming...."

Jean-Luc deVere

Well there you have it folks what more can we say?

Interfaith bunnies also walking  away?

PAN also has to add that the so-called ‘Pagan and Christian Moot’ forum has apparently 'withdrawn' its previous support for Kathi Sharpe’s missionary outfit.  See the following link for more on their version of events surrounding the Ex-witch fiasco.

Here’s a couple more, rather 'comical', links which seems to show how the current love affair between the missionary Ex-witch factions is developing.

In light of the above, does not something about 'rats' and 'sinking ships' come to mind?  Whatever next?


PAN realises that the vast majority of Christians are not fundamentalist or evangelical in make up and we only criticise religious extremists who seek to disenfranchise other faiths whilst bolstering their own. PAN does not in any way condone violence against any persons or property and we must state that we have always worked towards a more tolerant and equal society.   



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