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Monday, 6 December 2021

Belgium Government turns on its own citizens - for daring to defend their basic human rights!


Belgium stays strong and stands up bravely for its human rights, against growing totalitarian autocracy.

They did it in WW2, so why not again? They knew how easily dictatorship fired up back then and clearly do not want it repeated today! 

Above: Pilots fighting Nazi dictatorship in WW2. RAF Fighter Command, 1939-1945. No 350 (Belgian) Squadron, lined up at Kenley, Surrey.

Thousands of freedom protesters gathered to unite against the Belgium government's recently introduced discriminatory and despotic politico-medical regime, holding placards declaring 'no mandatory vaccinations' and 'no dictatorship'. Police used powerful water cannons to blast liberty-loving- members of the public. 

Thousands marched through the streets towards the HQ of the European Union, shouting 'Freedom! Freedom!' Moreover, an estimated 40,000 citizens held demonstrations in Vienna, Austria, while thousands more swelled into the streets of Utrecht in the Netherlands and Frankfurt in Germany. 

Freedom should never be dismissed lightly. When it's lost it is almost impossible to fully regain!


UPDATED: Your body? No, it belongs to the State!

We now exist in a fully mind-controlled autocracy that runs on officially - induced hysterical fear. The regime is well on its way to stamping out every remining aspect of liberty and free choice. 

Censorship, surveillance and propaganda are everywhere. Anyone who dares to protest is instantly branded an idiot or dangerous radical. 

When the apathetic majority are personally affected, they may start to slightly grumble, yet by then it will be too late. And how many enforced jabs will it take (to be a good caring citizen) next year - 4, 10, 50...? The poor old natural immune system will be as flummoxed as a cow in a pig farm!

Dr Mike Williams asks - What Explains Rising Cases Among the Vaccinated?

This is a valid question and one that deserves more open debate, rather that the regular Nazi-like officialised censorship we are currently witnessing. After all, it's taken our amazing natural immune system millions of years to get to where it is today. Dr William's article continues...

'Vaccination aims to stimulate that adaptive response so that if you become infected, the immune system will be primed to specifically deal with it:

However, there are problems with vaccination in this context, as adaptive, specific antibodies out compete the broader (less specific) antibodies deployed in the innate response to infection. Which, of course, is the intention of being vaccinated: so that a more specific antibody response can more effectively deal with the infection. So why is it a problem? If the virus you have been vaccinated against, significantly changes, then the specific adaptive antibodies generated to fit that virus by the vaccine, may not recognise it as well as before, and fail to neutralise it. In addition, the broader innate response, that may have been able to deal with the changed virus, is crowded out by the adaptive response, leaving you vulnerable to significant infection.

The innate and adaptive arms of the immune system interact, in reality, in complex ways and both need to function optimally in order that we remain healthy and free of disease.'

This more expert medical information above confirms what many people have instinctively felt for a long time. 

In a nutshell: Vaccines that are ultra - specialised and engineered to deal with one specific virus  may in fact hamper the body's natural immune response, when they meet a new variant that's  not properly recognised.  This may in turn prove lethal to the vaccinated individual.  

These conclusions further strengthen the now largely dismissed SAGE statement, which confirmed that...

 'The combination of high prevalence and high levels of vaccination creates the conditions in which an immune escape variant is most likely to emerge.' 

More here: 

FOI – pages now released. Explosive revelations about the FDA and Pfizer's COVID vaccine [PART 1]. What they tell us and what they don't!

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