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Friday, 20 March 2015


I briefly mentioned the celestial events in my last UFO Digest article that were expected today, 20 March 2015. These were of course the Solar Eclipse, Spring Equinox and the Supermoon.

The solar event was almost spoiled by thickening cloud yet as readers can see in England we did manage to have some success with the cameras.

The temperature dropped to a chilly 5 degrees celsius in my Southport location and the birds did appear somewhat confused, as the morning gradually darkened.

Once again the doom and gloom merchants were proved wrong as we are still here and the day is already brightening up.

In fact these wonderful celestial events would seem to be a beneficial sign of increasing light on all levels.

As the Romans would have said...

“Hail Sol – the great life bringer!” 


Thank to Rebecca from the Southport Visiter for uploading some of my shots ..

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