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Tuesday, 20 January 2015


 By Pat Regan

Many UFOs have been spotted over Merseyside in the UK, this is the latest one

Location: Crown Close, near Liverpool Road, Formby, Liverpool, UK.
Time/Date: 3.00 am on Sunday 18 January, 2015

An intense light coming from a circular shaped object was witnessed hovering close to a house in Merseyside’s Formby area this weekend.

An unidentified observer spotted the UFO outside their bedroom window in an encounter that lasted about ten minutes. The UFO resembled a star but was somewhat larger and was bright white in colour. The witness initially thought it was an aircraft, but realised later that it couldn't have been because the object was motionless.

The UFO witness stated that there was no light outside because of council cuts – meaning no street lamps. Oddly enough I had warned about council street lighting cuts last November on my blog:

I know this Formby area well because my wife has a busy childcare facility quite close by in Kirklake Road.

More details of the above Liverpool Echo UFO report (by Amy Browne) are to be accessed via this link:

Did you see this UFO last weekend?

NB. Now also on UFO Digest.....…/another-liverpool-ufo-formby-0120 

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