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Monday, 6 March 2017

Southport: how safe is it today?

Graffiti is again a problem at Southport’s Marine Lake. Additional damage to older lakeside buildings and more low-grade graffiti has also been exposed following clearance work around the lake.

OTS News has also revealed today that the latest Marine Lake disturbance is being treated as attempted murder.

Detective Sergeant Tony O’Brien said: “We are looking to identify and confirm the details of a man and woman who located the weapon on Saturday close to Marine Parade; in addition to anyone else who witnessed the incident, as we know that members of the public were close by. Your details could be vital in the investigation.”

Anyone with information is asked to call detectives on: (0151) 777 3075, call 101 or the Crimestoppers line anonymously and for free on 0800 555 11

Antisocial and disruptive behaviour is apparently being tabled as 'high priority' by police with the latest town centre dispersal zone in force. This order intends to curb the rising level of antisocial behaviour The leading question is: Does it go far enough?

More vandalism was also recently highlighted at the pier entrance, yet that particular area does not appear to be included on the latest police dispersal zone map. 

Adding to this increasingly chaotic situation is the latest incident on the Marine Way Bridge when a male was hit by a vehicle. Police later took away a knife from the scene for forensic examination and we are now hearing of attempted murder... 

This currently unacceptable run of antisocial (and now potentially murderous) conduct in our town is clearly not being fully addressed by the authorities. The entire situation is like a dog chasing its own tail and the beleaguered public are the ones left paying the price. 

The ultra-selfish minority of noisy misfits that plague our town (usually under the protective cloak of night time) are a blight on the community that serve no useful purpose. In fact they serve only one purpose and that is their own hedonistic desire to destroy, harass others and basically suit themselves. Via their greedy self-obsessed egos they let down society, the good people of their own age group and their own families. The old question always typically arises - where exactly are their parents when these little darlings are out wrecking the town, for fun? 

Lip Service reactions by officialdom - letting us all down? 

Lip service reactions (to simply appease growing public fears) by our authorities are obviously not sorting it out properly and the root cause is being dismissed, time and time again! 

What exactly is going wrong in Southport and how far can the police, council and other authorities actually go to make our allegedly 'classic resort'  safer for normal families who just want to live in peace? Clearly we cannot expect apathetic parents of malcontents to act with any form of decency so the law-making authorities must get up to speed for the benefit of the law-abiding, respectable, majority. 

Southport residents deserve MUCH better  than this current antisocial fiasco! 

We have a great little town and a few selfish trouble-makers should not be allowed to spoil it for everyone else. 


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