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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Religious evil posing as the greater good?

One sickening example of violent Christian fundamentalism and how it affects social harmony

Note the crucifixion picture behind him and the pious references to Satan and God. This is one minor but detestable illustration of Christian fundamentalism in action. This is the church of hate against anyone who fails to conform to their expected biblical standard.

More bible-inspired hate and endorsement for anti-gay violence from the same mouth

Truth is in the opposite 

So called religions of peace, like Christianity and Islam etc, are quite the reverse when we recall that millions of similarly indoctrinated sheep follow the same biblical credo as the joker in the videos.

Seeing as this fool has so much energy to waste hating gay folks, perhaps he should examine the worrying and well documented spectre of CLERGY ABUSE OF CHILDREN by his friends in dog collars?

Thousands of Child Victims consigned to sexual torture and abuse in order to preserve the reputation of 'Mother Church'.

Paedophile Priests whitewashed and transferred to other parishes where they preyed on little children again and again and again.

Government and Police colluded with the Bishops to hide the epidemic of abuse from public gaze. Ryan report exposes a network of 40,000 Paedophile Priests World-Wide

Loud mouthed fundamentalists (in any religion) who advocate violence against other people should be arrested for incitement to hate.


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