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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Police in hot pursuit of giant bird in Skelmersdale

Updated... 10 July 2016  

Emu on the loose 

Laura Lyon could hardly believe her eyes this morning at 7.00 am, when she saw an emu being watched by police officers on grassland in Skelmersdale.

Laura explained.

“I just had the most surreal experience. Why is there a free range emu in skem? I had to double check I was awake and this wasn't some bizarre dream.”

It seems the bird may have been clipped by a car as some blood was noticed on its side.

Another witness, Kyle Regan, stated...

“I just saw a few people that had pulled over after hitting an emu. It looked ok and was walking around but why is there an emu in skem?”

Kyle added. “The police were on scene so I'm sure they were waiting for the RSPB or something. I doubt standard police training covers capture of a giant angry Emu...”

The emu is the second-largest living bird by height, after the ostrich. It is widespread in Australia where it is the largest native bird. The emu's range covers most of mainland Australia.

Did you witness this bizarre event?

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Skelmersdale Police 'experts' on the case... 

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