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Friday, 6 May 2016


The night Southport’s voters finally jettisoned the self-seeking Tories. Southport’s Conservative hopefuls - totally demolished in all wards during the 2016 election.

Southport Conservatives were thrown into total disarray last night after losing all seven wards that were being contested.

The LibDems wiped the floor with the Tories gaining significant majorities of the vote. This total Southport Conservative failure brings into serious question the leadership behind such a terrible defeat under Cllr Terry Jones.

Ainsdale's hard-working, Lynne Thompson, one of the successful  Southport Libdem winners. 


Before the appalling defeat Jones had in fact thanked his retiring colleague,  Cllr (now Mr) Ted Hartill, for helping to “rebuild” the party. He (grammatical errors left intact) stated…

“We would also like to Thank Ted for all is efforts and support during his term, his contribution to the community will be missed. He was also a key figure in rebuilding our local party and we are grateful for is contributions”

Terry Jones cannot escape the accountability for the odious defeat of his party on this night and calls for his resignation must now surely be on the table.

News reports are informing us that this is the first time since the local election charter was drawn up in 1858 that any party has won all seven wards contested in Southport, in one night.

As the leader of the ramshackle political gathering, Terry Jones must accept that the buck stops with him! He and he alone led his party into this mess.

Apart for the seriously successful community action shown across the board by the LibDems, what else led to this embarrassing Tory hammering? Let’s look at a few facts about the Southport Tories …

The Tories blocked positive requests for community action more than once in Ainsdale.

Jones threatened hard-working community campaigners with legal action for no good reason.

Jones failed to intervene within a dispute between his colleague, Cllr Ted Hartill and volunteers who blew the whistle on Hartill’s worrying health and safety conduct.

Tories being largely invisible to the needs of Southport residents, along with poor attendance records at meetings.

Failure to support the Brookdale Daycare Centre when it was threatened with closure.

Terrible grammatically unsound election leaflets that looked like they had been created by a child

Failure within the Tory-controlled woodland project in Woodvale, under Ted Hartill and his cronies

Moreover, public concerns about claims of Conservative money laundering in Dukes Ward are on-going. There is also the disconcerting case of secret tapes made by Cllr Jones that have not, as yet, come to light. 

So in a nutshell their proven track record went something like this. Previously they have apparently...

# Blocked calls for local improvements (because good ideas put forward were not ‘their’ ideas)
# Remained virtually invisible to residents in need, with one who is usually abroad on holiday
# Blocked residential calls to bring back the popular Community Skip
# Threatened a local family with Conservative legal action because they exposed consistent Tory failings
# Created secret recordings of private chats with others
# Ignored the fight to save Ainsdale’s vital Brookdale dementia care facility, even though it was in their ward
# Misused Woodvale’s Community Centre for their own political promotion and self-interest
# Drove loyal colleagues (that opposed their dictatorial regime) out of the party
# Side-lined residents on local campaigns such as Cherry Road Park
# Delivered erroneous political literature (several times) through Ainsdale doors that looked like primary school doodle
# Dismissed the Sports Hall and the critical Library fight as irrelevant
# Claimed credit for campaign success achieved by others
# Rehashed old election literature, because they have nothing new to tell residents
# Stood by nonchalantly whilst Woodvale’s Sandbrook Way eyesore worsened each year
# Omitted to add the ‘surname’ of their Preston-based parliamentary candidate on their latest election sheet. Who is he?
# Misled the Southport press to unwisely support their private campaigns against other politicians, without any evidence to back their wacky claims

Jones, told others about Hartill's “mass publicity” efforts, regarding the Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) etc. It seems that Jones was not very pleased that the “papers were catching on” to Hartill’s “self publicity”.


These and many other reasons appear to have helped the Conservatives under Jones achieve a horrendous night of utter and unquestionable defeat.

So will Terry Jones finally resign or can we expect to see his leadership failure blamed on others, along with more of the same next year?


Jones has now resigned as Tory group leader yet remains on as a councillor.

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