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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Is it real politics for the people or just selective spin to keep us all in the dark?

As usual, Labour is seeking to gain additional support  in Southport. They have recently even presented an article on OTS News. With an election around the corner they are, as expected, showing their faces again.  

Labour may perhaps be congratulated for taking a harder stance against the local Tory clownship, which exists under group leader, Cllr Terry Jones. Financial irregularities are something that must of course concern us all and be properly addressed. Nevertheless, it must be stated that Labour did absolutely nothing to help needy residents when Ainsdale's Tories attacked local residents on various issues including the on-going Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) volunteer ban fiasco.

They also did nothing when concerns were raised about the dreadful self-promotional conduct of local Tories. This extent of political engineering of some was even 'known' by the Tory group leader who apparently just let the issue slide.  

In many ways it now appears that the Southport Tory coterie is crumbling into even greater insignificance. Of course the activists behind his embarrassing fiasco can only blame themselves. Their blatant lack of good logic and rational judgement has ensured that it’s been easy for members of the public to highlight their gross inadequacies all along. Their on-going absurdities have been almost pitiable and even their most ardent supporters have been lost for words at times.  Somewhat comically, it was announced that the ex-policeman behind the amazing WWP fiasco, Cllr Ted Hartill, will NOT be defending his seat at the next election and is subsequently retiring. 

Sadly for poor old Cllr Hartill, his inattentive Conservative colleagues could not even spell his name correctly, when presenting this news on their site. 

Ainsdale's Tories also blocked good proposals to improve needy areas for residents. The Tories (as Labour know) also failed to help in the fight to save the Brookdale Resource Centre. 

Then again, did Labour bother to highlight the fact that Tory, Cllr Terry Jones was given short shrift after he unwisely sent a nasty legal threat to an Ainsdale family, who had previously assisted him in many issues, including private financial problems? 

Did Labour do ‘anything’ to highlight such matters to the public or did they (like the Southport newspapers) keep the community in the dark? 

Consequently, one can only see their latest, pre-election, news as typical spin that is intended to selectively sway some people who are simply very impressionable to shrewd political propaganda tactics.  If the Labour Party is ever to be taken 'seriously' they need to 'practise what they preach' and be there for residents in need of real help.

The ongoing WWP fiasco has been plastered all over numerous  news sites (not alas in our more faint-hearted newspapers of course though) so the issue is indeed well- established. The injustice behind these on-going, politically-biased, situations was also we believe brought to the attention of Labour brass by other more concerned councillors who had realised how outrageous the Tories had acted against the community. 

The result however was that the community heard absolutely nothing from Labour. That apparently was the extent of their commitment to local residents in need.

NB See Also: Is Southport Labour Party Seeking To Rewrite Local History Over Lost Hospital Services For Our Children? 

Truth behind the spin is something that we must all become aware of, because sooner rather than later it will affect us all! When the people of Ainsdale needed help the most, Labour was just as invisible as the self-promotional, plastic politicians, wearing blue rosettes. 

The old saying comes to mind,   ‘When you want a job doing then do it yourself.’  

Pat Regan © 

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