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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

 Councillor... WHO?


Southport’s bumbling Tories get the name of their out-going councillor wrong!

TED HARTILL (not "Harhill") did not stay around very long in the role of Tory Councillor, especially following a spell of accurate public media criticism (highlighted on sites including OTS News) over various issues.

However, one would expect that his colleague, who is ‘supposed’ to run the Southport Conservative page, could at least get the poor man’s name right before finally seeing this chap off. 

Cllr Hartill's colleague, Cllr Terry Jones stated (with his grammatical errors left intact).

The same sentiments were apparently NOT shared in other quarters...

Of course, as we have seen before, things are frequently VERY different behind the scenes. 

Spelling itself never was a strong point with the current batch of Ainsdale Tories. Remember this beauty?


Ah well councillor, do kindly remember to close the door behind you – no matter what your name may be.  


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