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Friday, 6 March 2015

Southport Fly Fishers (SFF) regular, takes the Trophy again

Pat Regan, Southport Fly Fishers (SFF) regular, takes the Trophy again and two fine anglers receive very well-earned honours

Above from left:  Frank Porter, Pat Regan and John Wilkins.

Long - standing Southport fly fishing experience second to none

Pat Regan has won the best bag limit (trout) trophy three years in succession. This is the sixth time Pat has won this fly fishing trophy

Moreover, Southport Fly Fishers (SFF) has created a new class of ‘Honorary Membership’ for Frank Porter (club member since 1980 and our longest serving member) and John Wilkins (club member since 1983). These fine members have worked unstintingly  over many seasons for SFF. 

Above: the winning catch 

One of the excellent trophy trout from last summer on fly

The winning weight for the three fish limit was 9 lbs (2.5 lb, 3 lb and 3.5 lb) and they were taken one bright day in April 2014.

SFF  club have a waiting list and with fishing on the Lune, Hodder, Welsh Dee, Yarrow in addition to a 2.5 acre lake,  this makes very good value.  Anyone interested in joining the SFF can contact John Smith (Secretary) at:  

Alternatively, they can write to John at:  'Glifhadia', Leyland Lane, Leyland PR26 8LB.

Last year's trophy  news...


Here are a few shots of SFF club trophies that I have won. I joined the SFF club in July 1982.  

Above: I was presented with this keepsake at our local game fayre, after demonstrating fly dressing for our fly fishing club in 1993.

Salmon and trout SFF trophies I've won over the years since the 1980s. 

2021 UPDATE: I am the longest serving SFF member. 

My records recently confirmed that I joined SFF on 22nd July 1982.

This makes me the longest existing SFF member

My diaries also show that I was freely teaching regular weekly fly dressing for the club, from winter 1982 onwards. I was presented with a landing net by the late committee Member John Wilkens, as a token of thanks from the club. 

Later on, I suggested a 'catch and release' policy for the club. Initially this was rejected. 
Due to this questionable decision I left the club for a few years to fish the Yorkshire streams. 
However, whilst I was away the club had decided to adopt my proposal.

I was subsequently contacted by SFF's Mike Nash and asked to come back to the club, as my reluctant departure was due to no fault of my own. I happily did this and the joining fee was 'not' required by the club. 

Therefore, even though I did have a short absence from SFF  I am today their longest existing member.  


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