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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


How unchecked Christian Fundamentalist mindset created Nazism and killed millions of innocent people

Facts or handed down fiction – the choice is yours to make!

I recently explored the dangers of Christian Survivalism and the Zionist-Freemasonic-Satanist Myth (ZFSM). 

Sadly today there are numerous individuals on the internet pushing out the ZFSM. They are not even trying to persuade floating voters any more, it is sadly just taken for granted and wrongly perceived as established reality! 

Please surf this link for more details:

I must once again thank the SAFF (Subculture Alternatives Freedom Foundation) for kindly granting me permission to use the following extracts from their latest article on this highly challenging ZFSM matter.

SAFF, in this ‘must – read’ piece, cover numerous vital issues including the following....  

·         Origins of Modern Anti-Semitism are enshrined in Christian history
·         New World Order Lies attack democracy at its roots
·         Historically British Christians have been equally as anti-Semitic as the Nazis
·         The Third Reich was not a Nazi idea; it was essentially the hope of in a new Christian Empire run by the Germans.
·         Henry Ford Publicly Apologises and admits the Protocols are 'gross forgeries'
·         Concentration Camp Nazis Were Christian
·         The Christian counter to the Swinging Sixties
·         The Book of Revelation: The Justification for The New World Order Myth.
·         Hamas and the New World Order Myth
·         The New World Order Myth and Satanic Child Murders
·         Lyndon La Rouche and the 1990s Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth
·         The Origin of the New World Order Myth & Time line


These SAFF subheadings and others highlight many critical issues surrounding the ZFSM that affect us all. Find out much more via surfing this astonishing and deeply informative link:

Learn the facts for yourself, instead of relying on uncorroborated New Age or Fundamentalist gleaned waffle that has sadly become so commonplace today.

Pat Regan © 2014

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