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Friday, 30 May 2014

Sandbrook Way Fence Repairs

Good Work for Woodvale Residents Continues 

30 May 2014. Update 

Following long-standing pressure for improvements from us and Cllr Haydn Preece the Sandbrook Way fencing repairs continue

Above: previously rotten fencing is repaired and today being repainted.

Regardless of unhelpful blocks for precinct improvements by local Tory councillors, Hartill and Jones,  this repair marks a welcome victory.

The blocks for additional improvements appear to be aligned to the fact that others have tabled such positive proposals, rather than the self-seeking Tory blockers themselves. 

See also:

Nevertheless, it's good to see the properties getting long - needed attention.

We believe that if everyone put in some free time to try and ensure that the area close to them was improved then we would all have a far better town and our Southport communities would flourish.

Community and political apathy just will not do as it leads to dereliction and crime spots.

The ongoing saga of the Conservative gaffer's school-yard  threat (well I 'think' that's what it was supposed to be).... 

We of course replied to the meaningless and rather bewildering legal threat sent to us by Cllr Terry Jones back in early April. 

But did we get any reply back from Jones you may ask?  

This well-paid Tory chief (or his stated Conservative "legal department" ) has not bothered to reply to us. No surprise there then after considering the rambling and emotional content of the Tory leader's 'threat' we responded to. 

If people, are going to bang their little war drums in temper then they should be prepared to continue with the march and not flee from the battle field! 

We do what we can for the Community because we care, not for any over-inflated salary funded by the taxpayer. Being in a position of political power should NOT grant the holder with the right to threaten and bully residents who are seeking to do what's positive for the community. 

The sooner some lethargic politicians along with their unquestioning and supportive minions realise this truism the better it will be for us all! 

The explosive political situation in Woodvale is today a total disgrace and it will be fully exposed in due time, with or without the aid of the Southport press! 

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