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Friday, 28 March 2014

New fencing promised soon for Woodvale residents


After many months of abortive campaigning I have today been informed by Cllr Haydn Preece that new fencing is due to be erected soon on the precinct at Sandbrook Way

We recently met with Cllr Preece to explain the situation and urgent need for improvement herein.

Above: a part of  the rotten fence that we have been pushing to get repaired for ages... 

Initially there was some discrepancy over ownership of the fence. However, Cllr Preece quickly got in touch with One Vision Housing (OVH) to explain the serious need for repairs.

Above: Libdem Cllr Haydn Preece - new fencing promised soon by housing authority. 

A spokesman for OVH stated today (28 March 2014):

"I understand the new fence will be ordered next week and should take 10 days."

We shall be watching the situation closely and will report on events as they unfold in the area.

A good result it would seem for Woodvale residents after much hard campaigning ..


Since residents raised additional safety concerns with Cllr Preece, many repairs to the pathway have taken place. This is great news for local people and especially elderly residents who use the area well. 

Above: repairs and new flags addressed on the precinct at Sandbrook Way. 

Tories dragging their feet... again! 

Although Ainsdale's Conservative councillors (Ted Hartill and Terry Jones) have 'blocked' residents' proposals to enhance the area with additional shrubs and trees, the above improvements are welcomed.

Above: Ainsdale Conservatives Ted Hartill (left) and Terry Jones who have so far blocked our sensible proposals for this area. 

Cllr Preece and residents were very disappointed that the Tories in question had blocked the proposed improvements. However, not to be dismayed Cllr Preece went on to field a new proposal for removable planters on the precinct. Sadly however the Tory councillors are dragging their feet on this particular plan as well...

Cllr Preece stated: 

"I'm waiting for what I believe is a very important Community enhancement initiative and can't believe why our two Tory councillors are delaying."

Residents share the same sentiments. Will the Tories finally pull their finger out or will they continue to block sensible improvements? 

Tory ideas of helping beleaguered Ainsdale residents appear to amount to them saying:  'Don't call us , we'll call you!' 

Some of us want to see improvement NOW for the elderly residents; not in many years to come! 

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