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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Save Southport Greenbelt from uncaring, anti-wildlife, politicians ...

'Save Southport Greenbelt' - Sefton Tory Leader says - Enough is enough! 

Power to the People!

Unlike some land-wrecking Liverpool politicians, who should hold their abysmal heads in shame, Ainsdale Councillor Terry Jones deserves serious congratulation for having the bottle to stand up against dictatorial, ‘anti-nature’, government decrees that will kill species, trash wildlife laws and ruin wildlife habitat

Councillor Jones said in the Council Chamber:

“I do not agree with my government building on the Green Belt. I support my residents’ views, why do we not listen to the people that elected us as councillors? We do not support the preferred option and do not want it to go any further, we are going to build all these houses and already our services can't cope. The plan will cripple our council. There is already concrete on most of our borough, there is no room to build any more,

Well said Terry! It is good to see others say ‘NO’ to the eco-vandals who wish to destroy our precious greenbelt!

Notes by Southport author, Pat Regan, on Councillor Peter Dowd’s, controversially proposed, land-flattening policies.

Councillor Peter Dowd, and any faithful parties/individuals that stand with him on nauseating Greenbelt annihilation proposals, are clearly to be held fully accountable for an immense ‘Crime against Nature’.


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