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Friday, 28 June 2013


28 June 2013 

It really is bad enough that yobbos wreck our countryside at will without elected councillors doing the same thing too, but on a vastly larger scale... 

With this in mind, some of us eco-campaigners demonstrated outside Southport Town Hall last night (27 June 2013 ).

Sit at home glued to a TV set or get out and say NO to the disgusting  destruction of the native UK countryside? ...some of us said NO! 

Andrew Brown and Georgina Stubbs from the Southport Visiter, keeping a close eye on events... 

Sadly, quite a few of us could not get into the public meeting as the doors were closed in our faces. 

Sefton Eco-Award Community Stewardship joint winner, Jasmine Regan, was upset to be excluded from the meeting. The Town Hall doors were closed without 'any' warning being given and she, like many others, were  barred from entry!

 In one breath Sefton tells our trusting young people to help save the planet (as with platitudes given by the Mayor of Sefton above ) and in the next that it wishes to annihilate the countryside for developments...double standards stink! 

The future of the British countryside is something that is very important to many young people. What a pity that most Southport adults preferred to stay at home, rather than join these noble young eco-defenders of the future. 

I am told that the decision was made last night to take the matter of proposed building on our greenbelt to consultation. 

I wish to personally thank Andrew Brown from the Southport Visiter for his sterling support regarding various ecological issues. It is admirable that residents have a 'caring' media that can see the bigger picture surrounding the disappearing UK countryside. 

I sincerely hope that more Southport residents will join us in future to protest against loss of the local countryside. 

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