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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


In Sefton, at many schools smiles and tears are flowing liberally from the eyes of numerous teachers, parents and pupils because it is the last day of term. Some new teachers will arrive next term and some old ones will go.

This is of course a happy yet emotional time for many. However, a darker unseen side exists beneath the cheerful smiles and giving of presents.

Please consider the following data, which is gleaned from reality and not any type of fiction. No names are mentioned at this stage and neither is the name of the school where these events occurred. However, it can be stated that the school is in Southport.

Your child is assaulted at your school by a trusted teacher who has held a position therein for many years. The teacher denies your allegations and following this police, childcare authorities and teachers have a clandestine meeting in which you and your child are NOT permitted to attend.

Social services advise the parents to take the child to be checked at the doctor. This advice is followed and bruising is discovered and recorded.

The teacher under suspicion of abuse is fully supported from the onset by the Head teacher. The Head expresses an opinion to the parents that children make up tales. Her opinion is stated ‘before’ she is even aware of all the facts at hand.  The Head teacher is made aware by the parents that other children witnessed the abuse and were upset by it. The Head’s reaction is to ignore/dismiss this information and refuse, point blank, to hold an unbiased investigation.

The parents therefore contact the police and other authorities responsible for the children’s safety. The police etc agree with the parents that an unbiased investigation should take place. Further meetings with the authorities are however largely fruitless as they advise the parents that they cannot bypass the head’s monopoly of the situation.

So here we have an appalling situation in which a small child has been assaulted by a teacher, in front of witnesses.

The Head teacher will NOT permit an unbiased investigation to take place even though police and others have said this should be undertaken.

All evidence available therefore indicates that the issue of Safeguarding children in school is a fallacy. Your child is NOT safe at school!

The question is: how would you feel if this was YOUR child?

The child in question always believed that teachers do not tell lies; this belief is no longer held.

The apathetic safeguarding authorities have stated to the parents that they will NOT communicate further on the matter.

The education officials responsible should hold their heads in shame. They are not fit to hold the trusted positions they occupy. 

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