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Saturday, 9 June 2012

River Yarrow in flood and some tricky trout come to the dry fly

The first class quality of these Yarrow brown trout is second to none. They are rather dark in colouration due to the shaded habitat they dwell in. 

Check out some of the videos below. 

Lots of action on Yarrow during a good flood.

On my last trip to the River Yarrow I discovered a patch on the bank littered with some very large fish scales.

Wanting better identification I wrote to some experts in natural history who asked to see the scales. When I got home I was shocked to discover that I had lost the fly container that the scales I had collected were in.

So I set off again a day or two later in search on the container.

When I arrived there with my daughter Jasmine we failed to find the box and the river had been up the banks after recent rain. Most of the scales on the bank were gone but I did find 3 new ones.

Anyway Jasmine and I had a great time with her doing a fine job on video camera and me landing some very nice wild trout on the dry fly in very flooded conditions.

Why ever anyone would wish to fish this brilliant trout stream with anything other than ultra-light fly gear is a mystery...


  1. What a shame that you lost your container,Pat
    :( At least you found some more scales!

    Such a beautiful and peaceful spot, I can understand why you keep going back:)


  2. I think losing the fly container is a push from the gods to get making more flies. I have been lazy at this for too long and using old ones I dressed a good while ago..

    Yes the Yarrow is a marvellous region..