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Friday, 18 May 2012

Trouting with the Piking Pirate in May. 

I managed to grab a few hours lake trouting on the fly today and the sport with pretty hectic.

I caught four rainbows, the best one being 4 1/4 lbs with others around 3 lbs mark. I caught four in total and lost four as well. The nice thing was that I was trying out for the first time a lovely old vintage Intrepid fly reel that I picked up very cheaply on eBay. It certainly proved to be worthy of the task at hand.

I also had some fascinating conversations with Gordon Burton (the renowned 'Piking Pirate') who is serving as the bailiff on this lake.

Above: Gordon Burton trying for a pike. 

On this occasion the pike were not playing Gord's game, although Gordon did say he saw a large specimen swirl at his lure. 

I cannot remember what the blazes Gordon was going on about (although the "Mick Halsall" he is debating went to my old school) as I took this quickie video of him, but it was comical nevertheless.

Gordon has known many world famous angling celebrities over the seasons and listening to his fishy tales was very interesting and informative.

I even gave the Pirate a fat trout for his tea in thanks

Catch more fishy bushiness here:

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