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Monday, 19 March 2018

Our wonderful British countryside under threat

My deep and lifelong concern is seeing the constant destruction of our magnificent green spaces. No matter what ‘official (manmade) designation’ we give any part of our countryside the wildlife within sees these places as home.

Innumerable new developments are very ill-considered and hated by the public (for many good reasons) leading to large-scale protests and it can only get worse.

Countless inner city sites remain dilapidated, areas that could easily hold massive housing/business projects. However, corrupt councils/developers prefer to grab those nice bits of green space instead.  Ironically, some areas of designated greenbelt hold less wildlife than neglected places that are frequently called brownfield sites.

One local example is at Kew in Southport wherein the grasslands hold all kinds of special wildlife. This link below is from 2012…

More recently a special place in our semi-rural heritage, part of the old Southport Kew Woods, came crashing down. The following image shows just what has been lost in this recent crime against nature...

Of course, as many folks know this was a wonderful green area full of wildlife. Have legal wildlife regulations been breached here? This has yet to be discovered! 

Many parts of our fantastic countryside can be saved yet the unfamiliarity of some councillors to vote in the right direction is a gigantic problem. One minute the anti-wildlife authorities in power are spinning their bogus green spin about reducing our ‘Carbon Footprint’ and the evils of Global Warming (to allegedly save the Earth) and the next day they send in the bulldozers to flatten beautiful wildlife – rich woodlands, hills and meadows.

Moreover, the question about UK population growth and the housing crisis is a highly contentious subject that some politicians are NOT addressing properly; either out of ignorance or from fear of being branded as not quite ‘politically correct’…

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Like many folks, I do not have all the answers. I do however know in my heart that destroying our lovely UK countryside, as a short term solution to any social problem, can never be a rational option! 

Huge lumps of cash, fat – cat profits, massive wage packets for the elite grey-suited land-wreckers and basic human greed are the prime reasons behind the loss of OUR countryside.

And what about the fracking issue …well? 

How much do you care about this special place that we call home, Planet Earth? 

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