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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A sundog, geese and ice skating at frozen Marshside

Sub-zero temperatures frequently increase the chances of interesting natural events. Today, a sundog was witnessed (on the left side of the solar orb) over Marshside.

A sun dog or sundog (also called a parhelion, plural parhelia, for 'Beside the sun' or 'Mock sun') is a specific type of ice halo. It is a coloured patch of light to the side of the sun. Sundogs can be seen anywhere in the world during any season.

In Europe or USA they might be seen 1-2 times per week but are not always perceptibly bright. They are caused via the refraction of sunlight on ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Sundogs are nothing new, regardless of modern conspiracy theorist beliefs. 

They were referred to by ancient Greek and Roman writers, such as Aristotle and Cicero. Moreover, the Greek poet Aratus logged this natural phenomenon as part of a series of weather indicators.  

The frozen marsh gave this covert of argumentative coots a chance to have a go at ice skating. 

In the warmer brambles this inquisitive little guy is never far away... 

Before, this was moving water. Now, in harsh December it's solid ice following the last few days of low temperatures.

There's always a great feeling of seasonal continuity when the geese arrive en masse over the cold, winter, marshlands. In the distance Blackpool Tower may be seen over the Ribble Estuary. 

Incoming: a skein of Canada geese landing on the marsh ...

The cold days are growing shorter as we head towards Yuletide once more ...

Pat Regan © 

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