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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Selling on eBay – the good the bad and the ugly

Well eBay can be a very good place to sell what you wish to but it can also alas be a hostile environment, wherein a few belligerent types appear to take great pleasure making a plethora of trouble for others. This is just one small example here.

I recently sold a few of my hand-crafted fishing floats (in one package) and posted them the day after, via recorded delivery. I have done this countless times over the years and as usual tracking data proved that it had been posted.

Sometime later I got news that the buyer (no names mentioned) had complained that the floats had not arrived. So I checked the tracking status and it stated that a ‘Something for you’ card had been pushed through the buyer’s letter box.

Anyway, I did my very best to help this chap through many emails but he got nasty, alleging that the postal service  had not given him any card and then went on to say I had "not even posted them".

The tracking data was updated to say the item was waiting to be picked up at the buyer's local Royal Mail depot, yet he went on with more moaning and failed to listen to logic.  Both eBay and I had assured him that tracking data proved he was totally in error but he just wanted to shout at the world...

After that the PayPal payment was suspended and he went on to demand that I refund him. OK I thought, enough is enough, this guy needs to be reeled in pronto.

I informed eBay and very soon they had refunded my money and removed negative feedback that this man had unfairly left on my account. We can of course never be sure but presumably he will also have had a good ticking off by eBay Support too.

I was given a full week’s undeserved hassle just because one argumentative type would not listen, play nice or accept proper professional advice.

Was this guy just some ignorant backstreet clown, you may ask. Well no, he is in fact a highly – paid professional individual with the responsibility to run a company. My deepest sympathy goes to the poor people working under such an irresponsible type.

He is now thankfully blocked from ever buying off me again and this little tale stands as a warning to others to fight their corner when confronted with inattentive jokers like this one.

Many folks understandably cannot be bothered challenging such types and let them get away with their stressful tricks but now and then they meet someone who says ‘NO’ and counters their little game ...

Top marks go to eBay on this occasion for getting it 100% right.

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