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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Giant 16 foot spider attacks terrified shoppers

Southport shoppers understandably trembled in fear as Arachnobot, the giant 16 foot spider, munched his way down Chapel Street.

Nothing could stop this crazed creature from digesting men, women and children, as it rampaged into the crowds. Police, shopkeepers, chavs on mopeds and British army units failed to halt the monster’s deadly assault on the sleepy seaside town.

Politicians fled like rabbits screaming into the hills and became even more invisible than ever before, as the hapless public were left to deal with the chaos. Sefton Council traffic wardens also vanished in horror, leaving motorists on nearby Lord Street breathless with shock...

This alarming event was all part of Southport’s annual Halloween Festival, put on by Southport BID.


People on the street were remarking that some of the kids had fun but that the larger Halloween Parades of previous years were missed...

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