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Monday, 12 June 2017

The mysterious SS Chrysopolis, still holding her secrets in the Irish Sea

The SS Chrysopolis allegedly got stranded in February fog about 2.5 miles off Southport's Spencer's Bank, some time around the end of WW1.

Dates and reports vary it seems because some give the stranding as 14th February 1919. Other sources say it was 21 Feb or 28 and in 1917 or even 1918.

To add to the mystery, wartime reporting restrictions were said to apply to the press. Therefore, how confident can we be that it was even a straightforward standing? 

The Chrysopolis was 260 feet in length and weighed over 2,931 tons. She was  a two masted steamer with holds fore and aft and a center bridge. Chrysopolis  was built for the Straights Steamship Co of Dover at the Irvine shipbuilding Company.  

The following source seems hold  convincing data.

'On February 14th, 1918, the Italian steel cargo ship CHRYSOPOLIS, built in 1892 by Irvine's Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. Ltd. and owned at the time of her loss by Italian Government, on voyage to Liverpool with a cargo of iron ore, was wrecked, 15 miles NE from the Bar Lightvessel.'

One day she will rust away and be reclaimed completely by the Irish Sea. However, for now these images remain to give evidence of her lonely tidal existence. 

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