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Thursday, 20 April 2017

After John Pugh's extensive political reign, what next?

Southport Tories, desperately seeking a candidate!

With Southport’s prestigious political seat up for grabs, the local Tories are reported to be doing the Headless chicken act, via thinking about  'what' they are actually supposed to do next!

So, who will stand for the Conservative seat in the, jolly old, classic seaside resort?

As we all know, the hugely talented and educated Southport Conservatives have been highly active and popular workers in their respective wards over the last year. 

Will Duke’s Ward, Cllr Pat Ball, blind us with her great political know-how and resilience to take the prize?

Perhaps it will be previous Tory boss - Ainsdale's one and only, Cllr Terry Jones, who unfortunately had some slightly disappointing political misfortune in the past?

Or will the Southport Tories reprocess some older, defunct, political material (in the guise of 'Flyaway home' boys - Duckett and Hartill) in order to take the seat off the successful LibDems?

Will Anthony White return and go on to wrestle back into position to be our next MP?

Maybe it will be that jolly little campaigner from the Lancashire Superstore, Damien Moore?

Then again, will the bubbly (yet persistently unlucky) Jamie Halsall pop up, like the proverbial political 'Jack in the Box' to hit the target? 

Southport Tories and their proven track record never ceases to amaze us and it's well worth examining...

Yes, it's all to play for folks  and clearly time to get the popcorn out, as we watch the political fun and games  this summer in Southport.

Over to you... 

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