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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Official: Extensive immigration is killing our countryside and chocking up our towns – and it’s going to get worse!

Massive UK housing needs – basically to accommodate more immigrants. UK bleeding to death as the politicians look on.

Shallow-minded politicians with NO concern for Britain’s countryside and its native population continue to shout “WE NEED MORE HOUSES.” and our lovely UK green spaces vanish faster each day.

Why is it that they shout so loud about needing more housing? Who actually needs it?

Escalation of immigration means that Britain will need to accommodate as many as 243,000 new households each year for the next 22 years, according to the Department for Communities and Local Government. It has been projected that an extra 5.3 million new properties could be needed to meet the growth in population, and an extra 2.4 million of the new homes will be needed for migrants alone.

Migration Watch (an independent and non-political UK think tank) has claimed that the current forecasts are lower than actual net migration numbers, meaning housing demand from migrants has actually been understated. It was also discovered that new immigration controls will have to be phased in after Brexit takes place, raising fears that it may take years for the number of new arrivals to fall.

England is already highly overcrowded. This is a hard fact that should concern us all. 

Migration Watch says:  

‘If net migration continues at recent levels the UK will become ever more crowded. Projections of future population growth have to make assumptions about net migration, birth rates and mortality but, in the UK, net migration at recent levels is the largest driver of population growth.’

‘If net migration continues at around recent levels, (net migration has averaged 250,000 in the last ten years) then the population is projected to rise by 500,000 a year and so reach 73 million in the next 15 years.’ 

Estimates indicate that net migration plus births to foreign-born parents has accounted for 85% of population growth between 2000 and 2014.

Clearly, the alleged need for more and more housing with its affiliated loss of our UK countryside (due to excessive housing development) has been due to extreme migration figures and not native influences. Consequently, our politicians (if they ever wish to be taken seriously) must look to the future and protect the native population, because this insanity cannot carry on unchallenged!

The short-sighted authorities and their supportive politicians that we are supposed to trust are destroying our woodlands, meadows and wild spaces. Their seriously misguided (politically correct) actions are also cramming the land beyond its capacity with additional houses for frequently poorly understood alien entities.

Dangers of fundamentalism creeping in by the back door

Many immigrants today are deeply indoctrinated with fundamentalist dogmatism and harsh principles that will undoubtedly surface when fate permits. Many people have expressed deep concerns about extremist aspects of this situation before. Dark Age religious laws (like Sharia)  that most UK citizens would find outrageous come over with the mindset of countless immigrants.

For example, ritual slaughter methods (ripping open an animal's throat whilst it's still alive) that are even opposed by the RSPSA are demanded as a 'human/religious right' by the newcomers. Some of us may however ask:  'What about the rights of the animals themselves to be treated with respect and more compassion?'

Eager to pull in any and all votes, David Cameron previously invited ritual animal slaughter into the UK when he stated:

“Let me make it absolutely clear, that while I am Prime Minister of this country, halal is safe in Britain.” 

There is always grave danger for the rest of us when the more stupid politicians in our midst open doors to things they cannot fully control. Animal rights, women's rights etc - many issues are relevant. Other more timid politicians however remain  too scared to challenge such issues for fear of being labelled fascist! Some, in their ignorance, actually take the Cameron stance and welcome rampant fundamentalism into our communities with open arms.

This absurd mega-housing explosion will ultimately work 'against' the best interests of the native UK population.  It will certainly not help our wildlife and the natural environment, as more profit-grabbing development inevitably equates with more wildlife species loss.

Nevertheless, the migrant crisis will be music to the ears of greedy councils and profit-hungry developers with eager eyes to transform our green countryside into metal, glass and concrete structures!

If net migration is not reduced to a controllable and workable level an enormous house building agenda will have to remain in place indefinitely, along with all the costs and loss of amenities involved. This avoidable madness helps no one and is totally illogical.

It’s not rocket science to realise why we are in such a mess.

Since the millennium the population of the UK has increased at a quicker rate than any time in the previous 90 years. Unlike preceding periods of development, the foremost reason for this surge has been the high level of immigration. The key problem (massive scale immigration), has serious consequences for our UK population and for our over-stretched public services sectors that have to deal with it.

Rampant uncontrolled immigration = too many houses, loss of rural spaces/wildlife habitat, overstretched utility services, increased bills for all, overpopulation, more pollution, gridlock and less space for the native people. 

The country is bleeding to death and the apathetic politicians are allowing it to happen, right under our noses!

If you have a cup and keep pouring water into it, eventually it will overflow. At this point chaos will begin and the original good water that you originally had will spill out with the new water. The result will be total loss for everyone.

The next time they wave the condescending finger and shout… "We need more houses”, tell them that the real cause of this crisis is their collective political apathy in letting this outrageous situation run out of control in the first place for so long!

Our people and our amazing native countryside deserve much better than this!

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Advisory Council of Migration Watch

Quite a lot of independent experts are on the Advisory Council of Migration Watch, including the following persons. Claims by typical bullies with hidden agendas that this group are ‘racist’ in some way just because they present uncomfortable facts on excessive migration instead of politically correct hype, appear to be not only far-fetched but absurd in the extreme…

Dr Ahmed Ibrahim Mukhtar DL FRCP.

Retired consultant paediatrician and former Medical Director of an NHS trust in Northamptonshire. Member of the governing council of the University of Northampton. Associate of the General Medical Council. Member of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal. Born in the Sudan and educated Khartoum and Edinburgh Universities. Resident in the UK since 1972.

Mrs Kiran Bali MBE JP

A social entrepreneur and community leader, Kiran has been instrumental in pioneering interfaith initiatives. Kiran works around the world to train communities in interfaith co-operation and peace building techniques.

Mr Alp Mehmet MVO.

Arrived from Cyprus 1956 aged 8. Educated at Parmiter's Grammar School in London's East end and Bristol Polytechnic. Immigration Officer (1970-79); Entry Clearance Officer Lagos (1979-83); Diplomatic Service (1983-2008), serving in Romania, Germany and Iceland (twice). Ambassador to Iceland (2004-2008).

Mr Hazhir Teimourian

A writer on Middle Eastern history and politics. He was born in 1940 in the Kurdish region of western Iran and came to the UK in 1959 for his higher education. He stayed on and has spent the last 35 years in journalism, mainly with the BBC World Service and The Times newspaper. He believes strongly that if societies are to remain functional, they must stay culturally and emotionally cohesive. Large-scale immigration is likely to disrupt that and lead to political upheaval.

Migration Watch is regularly quoted as an expert source by the National Press. 


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